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Dear Sir,
I am Vinod Yadav.I am graduated in engineering(CSE) from VTU .
Now I am under mental harassment in the working place.

Background :
I have signed 5 years of contract with the private firm in 2006 .
The company offered me to send to Overseas and also the salary in overseas mentioned in the bond Company send me to overseas they paid as mentioned in the bond. After one year They send me back to india telling that my performance is not good.

Present situation :

Now they are giving me salary less than 12000/-per month which is really unacceptable.
They are indirectly forcing me to quit the job so that they can get 5, 00, 000/- rs of bonded money.
They started doing this trick from the past 10 years. Since points mentioned in the bonds are appears to be good But those are actually Very horrible for the person who got trapped to this 5 year bond contract.

They are indirectly forcing me to work more than 12hours with less salary.I told the management that I can work for 8 - 10 hours daily and also ready to work 12hours whenever it is necessary, but I cant work 12hours daily. Then they started harassing me to reduce may salary 20-30%.They forcing me to quit the job for the 5 lack amount.

I cant quit the job without breaking the bond .few already left the company becouse of the Torture but they were rich.But I am not rich money which I earned in overseas all I used.Now I dont have money.

What should I do ?

Is there any legal help ? or Simply I have to work for less than 12, 000/- per month for 4 years ?
Please I need any kind of help
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Aug 14, 2020
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Hello Manzu,

I was also one of the most frustrated ex-employee of Nichi-In.
I was also frustrated like you for the JOB as I was not getting job for 8 moths after completion of my degree.
When I got a call from Nichi-in I was not aware of this dangerous company and their malpractices.
Even in the interview they keep on asking questions related to properties and my father job.There were many friends came for the interview some of them more talented than me but they were not selected.Still I was not able to understand about this company intention.

I joined nichi-in hoping that they will send me japan.At that time they were running this company in a small house.
When I went with my father for signing the contract even my father asked about the suspiousness of this company.But my temporary frustration for finding a job blinded me everything.
At that time some of freinds asked me not to join as this company was asking 1 year + 5 years of contract totaly 6 years.But I ignored thier advise.

My bad moments started the day I singed contract.

Later I came to know that this company recruits candiates who are rich or whose father is govt employee especially they prefer bank employee father as they can easily get the loan.

they wont recruit candidates whose father is related politics, police and lawyer.

Everyday I was getting a different news about this from the day they started japanese training.

After 12 months of training they exteded our training telling that still we are not fit and reduced our salary from 8K to 6k.
Among 12 members they removed 5 members reduced our strength.
At this time many of freinds who didnt found the job when I was signed the contract, they were getting almost 5 times of the salary what I was gettin in Nichi-in.My frustration starts counting.

Everyday I was feeling like a hell.I saw many people returing from japan just within 5 months of span.
This made me frustate more. I was not able to concentrate on any thing.Almost everyday I was seeing quarrels between the management and employees.
These were more than enough for me to take a loan and give 3 lack rupees to these money greedy people.

So Manzu,
I dont want you to become another unfortunate person.
dont be worried about temporary frustration.
They capitalize innocency and frustration of the freshers and later dominate with the bond and various torture techniques.

In the bond they mentioned 32 or 33 points none of the points are in favour with employee.It is totally one sided bond.I dont know how they were dealing from the past 10 years.

I heard that there are many other companies like Nichi-in doing and playing with the bond and contracts.

Always stick to the basics of Job search
Do research of the company, their employee satisfaction, work satisfaction.
How much they pay, how many peoples are working.
because all these numbers are very important.
Talk with present employees on nichi-in (If ther are any)
or ex-employees like me.These will Make you secure and judge properly not only your job but also your career.

All the best and always make right move.
Hi Vinod,
Present situation is realy unfortunate for you.
Bonded labour is complex issue, majority of the cases company has the strong hold .But the Mental harassment is serious issue.
I think you may take legal action if you are seriously harassed.
In india there is special wage act for Indian IT standards.
It is better for you to get the details of Memorandaum and Articles of association of your company
before taking any legal action.
My friend i can really understand your problem. u r true about that company since i was also a ex-employee. somehow i managed not to give 5 lakhs and got out of that company. I was under heavy mental pressure and torture. they had given less salary and it was unacceptable. god is great after being as a prisoner in that company i managed to settle well in one of the reputed software company having good salary package and less stress. I hope you also manage some how to get out of the company.

If possible please help Vinod . My sincere regards to this forum.
hello vinod i am the employee of the same horrible company
even i had a very bad time with these people.
Try go for some good training or a course to get a good job somewhere else
and many of them are jumping frm the company without paying
i am counting my days here in this company.these are testing times to us and we need to win this race
And once come out we should never forget wat they did to us.

have hope i am with you
And always the dumma is a big looser because his badnasibi is that, no employee thinks abt the well being of this company but all o[censored]s are trying to destroy this horrible setup

I had a dream to do my best in the job and to improve my skills
This company has shaterred my dreams but i have hope that good always wins over BAD
So i hope u will come out of this company some time
Be strong and dont pay any money for these money thirst parasites.
They are worst than the worst scavenger the hyna.

What i want to say you is that you are not alone.

And i advice you to fight back, dont surrender we did it once while signing the bond.
Dont worry abt the salary now because even if you do they are not going to increase your salary
we need to play this card the other way by not really working what i mean is work for getting a job(New job) dont work for the company.Try to be the master of wat you do. but dont give anything to the company
Then they dont have any other way other than giving your certificates.

all the best
my best wishes with you
Hi Vinod,

I agree with your view point.
>After one year They send me back to India telling that my performance is not good.
The management has not got nuts to send you back to India, they would have got un-satisfactory reports from the clients even though you have put your full efforts.

About the bond: Didn't you know that there was a 5 year bond before signing it !

Even we have worked for more than 12 hours, in the IT sector when the company has to meet the dead lines, they have to extract work from the employees.

The mental harassment that you are talking the trick used by many x-employees to come out of the bond. I wish you all the best with that.

Sincere suggestion is instead of cribbing about the work environment, please try to learn the work (by learning i mean to say excel in the work that has been assigned to you ! ) n improve your Japanese n companies are waiting to hire the guys with the bi-lingual skills. So hard work n bit of good luck can take you to new heights.

I wish you all the best for your future.
I completely agree with you Mr vinod. It is not a company and it is a HELL.

To the previous response:

About the bond: Didn't you know that there was a 5 year bond before signing it !

Yes, offcourse he knew about it, but you know they dont mention that you will not be sent back from japan and even after coming back, your salary will be 12k +(think that is including tax) so take home will be 10K. For a guy, with 1+ yrs in japan, that salary is too low. If the company think that the employee is inefficient they should let him go free. This company's bond is one sided.

Even the parent company in overseas(japan as my previous replier) is big cheat. They expect indians to be overtime for free where as for japanese they pay the overtime.

To vinod:
Just try to skill up yourself. Just neglect there orders because anyway they are not going to remove you. Take there salary, there space, there PC . install what ever you want, learn what you want to do. Any way market is in low now.Prepare yourself. The first thing what they do is just lower your confidence without teaching you any technical skills for one year. So dont lose your confidence. There are lot people who have come out of that hell. (There r few people(factor N) who want to rule that hell. ) Be ready, neglect them. Instead of feeling the pressure, take it easy or start giving tension to them. Simultaneously start working hard to improve your technical, language and confidence. Thats it.

I am also an unfortunate employee of this dumma and kulla's dynasty,

I sincerly ask this forum people to give us some legal solution to come out this prison(bonded labour).

If necessary I shall post the agreement details.

First of all try to understand that you got into the company, The company has not
requested you to join. Do you know of any other company which trains you
in Japanese and tech skills for 1.5 years at its own cost, without you
working and earning for them. I think your career is made by this company.
you should have at least some gratitude. Even if you can find job outside,
it is due to this companys efforts. Off course, I am also one of the
people who were sent back. However, I know that my performance was
not good and also the business situatiojn is bad globally. Now, is the
time to be patient, having some sort of gratitude to the company and
prove to the company that you are worth more by being hungry to
get more work. Show your capability. I think the mgmt will definitely
recognize since I have seen people getting recognized better when they
perform better.

Well wisher

Is there any bond system exist in the Company act of India.

The Symmetric technologies ltd, Sanjay nagar, Bangalore asking two years bond from their employees along with their all educational certificates.

Is it approved by Indian companies act...?

And they give cheap salary and harass them...

This one comes under what type of violation of company act...?

Many employees are struggling inside the company...

Can you suggest a solution to this problem...Immediately.

with regards
HI All,

I would like to have a look at the agreement and the bond. Kindly send me a scanned copy or a soft copy of both. I am a trained lawyer and the whole issue has got me interested.

In UK there is an Act called as Unfair contract terms Act which checks such malpractices. Unfortunately there is no such Act in this country.

We should remember that there is always a remedy against such harrasment, mental torture notwithstanding anything in teh the contract. Please send me a Copy.

Regards. Sachin.

There might not be any legal law (Act) against bonded labour for IT employees... this comes under Commercial Contracts Act. If you want to opt out of the contract, penality is not the only way. You can always prove that other party is not keeping with his side of the Act.

Catch hold of a good lawyer, you can come out of this with some efforts.

As for as the company is concerned ... few days back while traveling on ring road near banashankari, I saw that they have built a new office of their own with the money swindled from you...
Hi vinod,
Could you send me the details of the contract.
If possible I can help you or atleast I can aware court about this kind of malpractices.It is really interesting case.
So I request you send the details please.

Hello all hope u all r doing well, I just wan to know is any laggle action to take,
I had taken a MBA degree from some university even i piad some cheques to them which is on my dad account and signuture but i can pay any more for these cheques because they told me that thy will conduct the regulre college but thy started distance class, even i do not have mony to pay for these post dated cheques, thy are warrying me if i dont clear that remining cheques thy will take action on me so please help me on that what shuold i do in this suggesstion,
this is mohammed.
Hi, thanks Vinod Yadav, i was about to give the interview to this company and i was goggling about this company thank god ur post helped me a lot and i made my decision clear that i will not join this company

nanda kumar
hi thanks friend, your experience helps me to avoid that company from attending interview and i request the lawyers to give your suggestions to breach the bond without paying money. Please friends, Don't join this company...

your friend,
hi vinodo this is manjunath i have interview on suday, , so i want to attend the test, , , , , , pls tel me is it gud to join or not, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , am frusted from 6 months coz not getting job, , , , , , , , how can remove unemployeee tag, , , , , , , , , [protected], , , , , , , , , , , , ,
i think only one complaint from this no problem to join is it?, , , , , , , , , , , , coz its very horrible to live without job, , , coz of neighbours comments
i got selected in nichi-in n nw dy r telling me to take medical test but nw i'm scared after seeing all des comments, wt i've to do nw? plzzzz help me
Thank you vinod for the post,
u saved my future.

I supposed to write the test for this company. but now I decided I should not.
Actually the number of employees in nichi-in software at present are considerably very less even less than 10 I think.Also I heard that they torture like anything like reducing salary without any reason and asking them to work on saturday and sunday which is horrible. Interestingly I also heard that they remove the internet giving some silly reasons so that he/she can quit the job and give 3 or 4 lacs rupees.
that is the reason why there are very less employees in nichi-in.

I too desperate for getting the job but not as bonded labour.
I think it is better to work without money than to be bonded labour...
hi vinod,
i got selected in nichi-in n nw dy r telling me to take medical test but nw i'm scared after seeing all des comments, wt i've to do nw?
my suggestion is u better to give a police complaint

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