[Resolved]  Orange Properties — Fraud, cheating and Harassment

Guys Even I am facing the same problem, I have Paid the around 38 thousand on 05th may 2008. They promise us to give the delivery after a month. Now they are not ready to deliver the same good what we have chosen, they are saying you can choose some thing different and we will deliver you on same day, so we went on 03 Aug 2008 after a huge frustration and we came to know our things are not there and I got a response you can take the money from MG road Office or take what ever you like or Go to Hell. The people involved in this group are

Namrata: She call herself a in charge of showroom
Vinay: He call himself an official personal to treat with customer
Amin: He call himself an Factory in charge

Customer Care Person:
Binoy, Shaji Thomas and Suman Nambiar, shameless executives "Bhavya", "Geetha", "Annu"

Guys Can you please come and join hand with me to go to Consumer Forum, where we can share and Hire a good lawyer to put up the case.
I enquired about the details from one of the Editor of Leading newspaper, he said you just find out some people and file a case and then forward the Xerox to us and then I will take care from the news front.

Guys if you are ready please mail me on shanu.[protected], [protected] or can contact me on [protected]

“Come and fight against injustice together we can make difference”
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Aug 14, 2020
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I gave advance of 2 Lac to orange properties to book a flat behind KR puram lake. I cancelled it within a week of giving the advance. Initially they (Ameen marketing guy who landed me into this ) said if we cancel we will get refund in 10 - 15 days. Finally the builder Manjunatha Developers gave a check after raoming around him for almost 2 months. He kept on calling us and postponed the date on which we had to deposit the check. Finally he accepted for 5th Aug 2008. The check bounced. Then I went to his office and came to know it happened with 4 more people. He then gave a date as 22 Aug and again the check bounced. My woes have not come to an end. I feel I should goto Consumer forum but If this fellow says there is no money with him then what?? ALl this is happening because of Orange properties.
EVEN i BOUGHT TWO SITES FROM ORANGE PROPERTIES NEAR KR Puram. But recently I hard that these sites are not BDA approved as advertised by orange properties.Even they have not submitted any papers to BDA for approval. I am very much scared how to get my money back, and now they are asking for 40% money more.
You do not need any lawyer for filing a case in consumer fourm.
Take the lead as you are the sufferer and file the case, you can also file a FIR in the nearest police station as the money is more than Rs 500.
Just you need to have a little courage and you can take on these frauds .
All those who have been given a cheque for presentation..

since the cheque is bounced, it amounts to crime under criminal law. customer ( i.e. holder of the cheque) can lodge a criminal case against the person who has given the cheque in the Court.

as per the law, Court has to issue orders for arrest of the defaulting person. normal compensation to be paid by the defaulting person is double the amount of the cheque. ( he is subject to jail term also).

friends, dont keep wasting your time by posting your views on this forum. u should immediately take action. go to a nearby police station along with the bounced cheque and the cheque return memorandum given the bank, and lodge a criminal complaint.

but dont sit idle after this action. u should constantly follow up with the police authorities about their action. it is quite possible that these police people must be party to the nexus. so they may delay their action. one should immediately sense this and take up with consumer forum and lodge complaint on both of them i.e. the defaulter of the cheque and the police.

form a group. group dynamics will have more power than individual action. so lodge complaint on same time and in group so that each time only one person can follow up saving others time and energy.
Pl note the following:
Reg Chq bounce, plz represent the chq (within 6 months of chq issue date) and on rebouncing, immly send a legal notice from a good criminal lawyer. Make sure you follow up regularly, with the lawyers. Indian Courts are notorious for there delays, though some are trying their best to change things. However, they are improving. Police case is not required. However, if you delay more than a month after chq bounce you can file a civil case upto 3 years from same date. Best thing is to do it immly. If already you have wasted time, represent the chq if it is still bankable. In future, always check on the net, abt these types of companies, and observe their executives and others when you go with them. Look up the company on or just google them. Stay away from companies
Good Luck.
This is what happens to people who get enticed with greed, any business deal which is a shortcut to ensuring quick money will lead to huge losses and disappointments. I have been following this orange properties ads for months now and have always wondered how any builder or developer can promise such high returns or property which can be sold with high promises, well it is also stupid for customers to be allured into such deals. A simple question is to find out if such fly by night operators can give such deals why cant big developers and buiders. To answer such questions we need to ask ourselves why did we purchase such properties with out due diligence and proper financial rational.
All you people who want to complaint against Orange can contact the fraud MD'S WIFE AMRITA AT [protected] .He lives behind coffeday at banaswadi.
All you people who want to complaint against Orange can contact the fraud MD'S WIFE AMRITA AT [protected] .He lives behind coffeday at banaswadi.
Big thanks to everyone ……. I was planning to buy from Orange properties but after reading this ? no way … We five friends were planning to buy their five properties……. thank god we saved our money …… can anyone tell me the name of THE MD of this kind of Bull **** organization
Big thanks to everyone. I was planning to buy from Orange properties some flats ( 1 buy and 1 free ) but after reading this ? no way … thank god we saved our money
The names of the main people behind this fraud are Vijay Tata and Raghu Tata (cannot really believe their surname is Tata, but it is true). This is not their first fraud. They are also involved in a big fraud of crores in the name of Bombay Bazzar in year[protected] in Mumbai. It is surprise how they find new ways to dupe people.
yes true vijay tata is the main culprit of Bombay Bazar case year[protected] .he cheated appx rs. 7 crores to give franchise in delhi in name of bombay bazar. why the bloody cheaters moving here and there and cheated people boldly?
Hello every one i want to buy a flat from cscreality.Any one has idea about them?They do their sites promotions at big bazar out lets.Are they trustworthy?If any one has idea about them pls...
Where is this news on major news channels. There is a nexus i believe between these guys and Police / and politicians, .. THIS A MULTI CRORE SCAM, and no one is covering this story, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM. People have invested crores of hard earned money and these guys have duped everyone and absconding ..

These guys should be hanged in PUBLIC as no one can cheat people like this in the future

It is sad to hear but orange properties is closed now. They have cheated all the people.
Case against them is with CBI. Register a complaint with the xerox copies of all original Orange Properties booking documents to Central Crime Branch, Bangalore.
Some representatives who gave me useful information on how, if and when we can get can expect some money back can be reached on[protected] on on their Dubai number +[protected]
u fool have u booked bathroom or whole flat for 38000

people like u give more opportunity for cheats like them
kindly let me know the details of cases if any, filed against Orange Properties for cheque bounce, as I too intend to add my case along with you. A joint case will give strength for the fight. Kindly let me know whom to contact and the mobile no.
Orange Properties is now Ginzer Infra and their new address is:

Ginzer Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
# 482, 2nd floor, 80 feet Road,
HMT Layout, R.T.Nagar, Near R.T.Nagar Bus Depot,
Above Cuppa Restaurant, Bangalore - 560 032

All the best to you all...
VIJAY TATA- This Old Fraud next is becoming the owner of SAMAYA TV CHANNEL want’s... as NEW HOME MINISTER!
This person has got nothing to do with the famous clan of entrepreneurs of India. His real name is Vijay Ravipati and he is from Andhra. He is a conman and TATA is the name he took to lure the public. He has cheated to the tunes of some several hundred crores and now he is in the safe heavens of Bangalore. Thanks to so called supercops turned politicians of Karnataka and especially Mr. Bidari a new entrant to the political scenario. To know about Mr. Vijay TATA, his modus operandi and how he manages to escape from clutches of police please read the news paper reports below.
A Report on Midday on 23rd of june 2009
Police allegedly in league with realtor

By: Suresh M R Date:[protected] Place: Bangalore

People reportedly shortchanged by Orange Properties suffered more anguish as the cops refused to take their complaints till yesterday

For the past month, victims of a mismanaged property deal have been trying to lodge a complaint at the Ramamurthynagar police station.

They were able to do it only yesterday.

"When we approached the police, they refused to take our complaint, " said Anand Prasad, one of the victims.

Vijay Kumar (left) at the Orange Group Press Conference when it announced the project
He has been going to the station for over a month.

"They filed the FIR only yesterday after local MLA Nandish Reddy intervened, " he said.

Last year, Vijay Tata (also known as Vijay Kumar), owner of Orange Properties, had taken money from over 400 people assuring them sites at the European Township on Old Madras Road. The buyers did not get their plots.

Angered, some had asked for their money back, but the cheques Vijay gave them bounced.

"My son-in-law and his father paid nearly Rs 17.4 lakh, " said Ramurthy, a retired government official. He was the first to approach the police on May 27.

"But the police were refusing to take action against Vijay, " he said.

Another victim, Varsha, a techie, said, "I tried to lodge a complaint on May 30, but it was not taken. They took it only yesterday." She said the cops even insisted that she change the date of her complaint to May 30.

MLA Nandish Reddy hopes the police will now act fast. "I am also trying to procure all the documents regarding the fraud and will raise the issue in the assembly, " he told MiD DAY.

Cops' excuses
However, N Narasimhaiah, assistant police commissioner, said, "Since the company is still working, we have to verify certain things before taking action. Also, the accused are easily available for inquiry. We should not be in hurry to take action against them."

"If the customers want their bounced cheque cases heard soon they could move a court, " he suggested.

When contacted by MiD DAY, Vijay Tata said, "I will sort the whole issue within a week. Those who want their money back will get it, and those who want plots, will be given theirs."

However, his customers said he had been giving the same assurance for over a year.

A report on MIDDAY on 24th of june 2009
Staff not paid for 3 months
By: Suresh M R Date:[protected] Place: Bangalore

Some were given electronic equipment instead of salary last month

Forget customers, Vijay Tata, owner of Orange Properties, hasn't even paid his employees.

On Monday, MiD DAY had reported how Vijay Tata (also known as Vijay Kumar) had taken money from over 400 people for sites, which they never got.

Yesterday, around 100 employees came forward saying he also owed them their salaries.

"We were already feeling guilty for working in a company that was doing something wrong, " said an employee. "On top of it, we are not getting our salaries. We are also being cheating, " he said.

Apart from land dealings, Orange Properties also runs electronics and furniture shops.

Some of stores' marketing executives were given electronic equipment instead of a salary last month.

"I don't know what they have done with the crores of rupees collected from customers, " said an executive. "I wonder why they are not able to pay our salaries."

He feared the company was clearing out goods before it shut down.

"Everything was fine at the beginning, but all hell broke loose when they could not keep their promise, " said another employee.

"I could not bear being abused by the customers, and finally decided to quit."

He is looking for a new job. "I don't want to talk about this anymore as I don't want to put my life under risk, " he said.

Don't pester me
Declining to comment, Vijay Tata said, "Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. I said I would sort the issue in a week and that is final. Don't disturb me with persistent queries."
Vijay would drop the names of politicians to his customers. In fact, the vice-president of the company, P Prabhu, would be seen in the company of a supercop-turned-politician during the recent poll campaigns.
Vijay's customers now fear his political clout may ruin their chances of getting their money back.

Articles published in media about Granity/Orange properties
August 11, 2009‘Accept+refund+only+th...
http://epaper. dnaindia. com/dnabangalore /epapermain. aspx?queryed= 9&username=&useremailid=&parenteditioncode= 9&eddate=7%2f13

police top brass are soul mates of VIJAY TATA. When for the first time Mr... encountered a cheating case of Mr.Vijay Tata, polic came to know about this conman’s modus operandi and also about his enormous ill gotten wealth. Vijay Tata was introduced to ... by another notorious land grabber Mr.Marasandra Muniyappa (In the guise of a Dalit leader and also president of state BSP) Birds of same feathers flock together and a deal was struck. Since then Mr.Vijay Tata is very much safe in Bangalore. This was around 2009. By then Vijay Tata had floated several con companies like Orange Group Bangalore, Orange Group World, Orange Properties, Orange Electronics, Orange Furnitures, Orange Woods, Orange Events, Orange Holidays etc. and swindled crores together. Even after deceiving the public for crores of rupees he was not even arrested even once! An apartment in Diamond District(old airport road) is the hideaway for this gang and vijay tata who is also a hi-tech pimp(who has connections in jammu .kolkata, Nepal, philipines and also with Russian traffickers) make available his services. This SOFT SKILLS of these SMOOTH CRIMINALS is often used to lure politicians, bureaucrats, Media bigwigs and also sometimes to blackmail them

PAST OF VIJAY TATA (SAMAYA TV OWNER; Mr.Marasandra Muniappa, and Mr... may know how this fraudster Vijay Tata has duped bangaloreans and cheated them to the tune of some crores. Since 4-5 years they may have been joined hands in his crimes, even then they may not be entirely aware of his past. Before landing in Bangalore VIJAY KUMAR RAVIPATI aka VIJAY TATA had a notorious past. Just read the below mentioned details!

Case filed against Bombay Bazar
TNN Oct 31, 2002, 01.22am IST

MUMBAI: A case has been registered at the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Crime Branch against the alleged multi-crore scam of Bombay Bazar Ltd. on Tuesday.
"Earlier a case was registered at the Andheri police station, but it was transferred to the Crime Branch because of huge amount of over Rs 25 lakhs, " a officer from the EOW said.
The directors of the Bombay Bazar Ltd, a chain of retail shops, have allegedly duped their franchises to the tune of crores of rupees.
When the company was launched, people who wanted to become franchises were asked to deposit an amount of Rs 2 to 5 lakhs and in return the company was to supply them grocery items and other general provisions.

Mumbai cop's son denied bail in cheating case
Bhadra Sinha, TNN Nov 20, 2003, 10.25pm IST

NEW DELHI: Son of a senior Mumbai police officer was refused anticipatory bail in a cheating case in which he duped investors in Delhi of over Rs 4 crore.
Ranjit Chaudhary, son of the director-general of Mumbai's CID branch, allegedly started Bombay Bazaar a year ago. He invited investments between Rs 5 and Rs 10 lakh and promised monthly returns to its franchisees. Chaudhary and his partners committed a guaranteed return ranging between Rs 33, 000 to Rs 75, 000, but failed to pay up.
Justice S K Aggarwal of high court rejected Chaudhary's bail and conceded to the Delhi Police's plea that his custodial interrogation was required to unearth the conspiracy.
Although Chaudhary was not named in the first registration report (FIR) registered at the Connaught Place police station, investigations by the crime branch revealed his involvement.
Counsel for the police, Anil Soni, told the court that Chaudhary promised security on the investments by claiming that he is the son of a senior police officer. Chaudhary's father was additional director of police, railways.
The company also tried to gain importance on the ground that one of its partners, Vijay Tata, belonged to a high-profile business group. Tata is on a transit bail which he got from Bangalore.
Chaudhary reportedly started his business in March last. By April, the cheques which he had given to the investors started bouncing. After allegedly cheating his investors of over Rs 7 crore, Chaudhary and Tata shifted base to Delhi.
The two reportedly issued advertisements inviting investments. The Delhi Police have claimed Chaudhary had malafide intentions when he started the business in Delhi.
''They did not open the bank accounts here for depositing the money which was collected from the franchises. The money was deposited in a Mumbai's bank, '' a police officer said.
About 80 franchises deposited money with Bombay Bazar. Several did not get articles to furnish the shops.
''Each distributor had deposited money ranging from Rs five lakh to Rs 10 lakh, '' the officer said.

TNN Apr 2, 2003, 01.37am IST

KOLKATA: Bombay Bazar fraud victims on Tuesday sought redress from city police commissioner Sujay Chakraborty after all the arrested accused got bail.
Detective department sources said that more than 35 persons were swindled of crores of rupees in the name of offering franchise of a departmental store chain.
On December 31, the Bombay Bazar "authorities" suddenly disappeared after closing down their Kolkata office, leaving the franchisees and dealers in the dark.
Gayatri Bhattacharjee of Swiss Park, who invested Rs 3.5 lakh to become a franchisee, said, "The Bombay Bazar authorities promised to provide us with stock display racks and computer. To gain the faith of investors, they started five outlets at various parts of the city early in November."
Another victim of the racket, Manab Roychowdhury, alleged that one Ranjit Chowdhury, son of a senior Maharashtra police officer and one R.Vijay Tata used to run the racket.
Deputy commissioner of police (detective department) Soumen Mitra said, "We are trying to nab the kingpins operating from outside the state."
Earlier, on the basis of a complaint lodged by the victims with the Shakespeare Sarani police station, Bombay Bazar vice-president Gautam Dhar, retail manager Debasis Chandra, general manager Mahitosh Hazari, business development manager Argha Pramanik and zonal sales manager Sumit Ghosh were arrested.
They, however, managed to obtain bail

Thursday, June 19, 2008
THE ASIAN AGE (Nov 2002)

By Skimmy Gupta
T.K Choudhary, additional director general of police working under state director general Subhash Malhotra has been receiving flak from the franchisees of Bombay Bazaar Limited, the chain of supermarkets over his probable appointment as the next Police commissioner of Mumbai.Ranjit Choudhary, T.K Choudhary’s son is the Managing director, Bombay Bazaar Limited involved in the alleged multi- crore scam.Also the franchisees feel as they have been duped by Ranjit and appointment of T.K Choudhary as Commissioner might stall the investigations in this scam and they would never get their invested money back.One of the most senior Maharashtrian officer in the ranks, T.K Choudhary has served Mumbai crime branch, as deputy commissioner of police and also joint commissioner of police(law and order).

Shahir, partner of SAS trading Co, a franchisee of Bombay Bazaar Ltd located at Juhu Lane, Andheri told The Asian Age, “This is clear case of cheating and fraud scam worth over Rs.50 crore with 200 odd franchisees. Ranjit occasionally flaunts his father’s police rank to his franchisees.Thus if T.K Choudhary becomes the next C.P, even my slightest hope of recovering my deposit of Rs.5 lakhs would be over as his son is involved..Thus appointment of T.K Choudhary seems unethical and inapproapriate at this hour.Since my store opening six months back, I have not received even a single commission cheque wherein it was agreed to be given on monthly basis as per the franchisee agreement .”

Vinay Kulkarni, a Bombay Bazaar franchiser at Sena Bhavan Path, Dadar told, “I feel it is because big people like Ranjit Choudhary are invlolved, I will never get my deposit money back.If they settle all the claims and money of people, then appointment of T, K Choudhary can be justified .Otherwise it is wrong, as the Bombay Bazaar franchisee experience has been fairly bad as many have lost their peace of mind and money.”

T.K Choudhary, additional Director General of Police said, “Bombay Bazaar controversy is an altogether different matter and civil in nature, in which 5-6 people along my son who started it.And I have nothing to do with it. I personally call it a dispute between the company management and the franchisees.And the problem is that both the parties are adamant.If the franchisers want their money back, they should file a recovery suit immediately .Honking for publicity will not get them anything.It is absolutely a wrong notion that if I become the Commissioner their case might be subdued, infact I might be able to help them.”

Most franchisees in the city from past couple of months are facing hard time due to non-supply of stocks, no-commission cheques given and highly unprofessional, irresponsible and maligned attitude of the Bombay Bazaar officials.There have been instances of few franchisee owners even trying to eat poison following the highly careless attitude and fraudulent motive of the company. About 70 franchisees filed complaints in the Andheri metropolitan magistrate’s court and Economic Offences Wing( EOW) has already begun their investigations in this scam.An officer, EOW investigating the case was unavailable for comments.

Raju Jadhwani, another distributor and franchisee in name of Sangeeta Jadhwani at Kandivili said, “The defaulters should definitely be punished .Being a senior citizen, I have invested my entire savings.Many times I have been asked to wait for 4-5 hours for my money and on 2-3 ocassions I have also fainted.My 12 lakhs rupees are pending but have only got Rs.50, 000/- till date ?

"We have stopped the franchisee couple of months back as our Rs.4 lakhs are already lost.The company has not cleared dues till now and if T.K Chaudhary becomes C.P, I doubt we will get our dues, "wonders M.Todi, another franchisee at Film City, Goregaon.

Plea to probe store fraud
Five businessmen on Tuesday met city police chief Sujoy Chakraborty at Lalbazar with an appeal to expedite investigation into a Rs 1-crore fraud involving a retail outlet. According to Manab Roy Choudhury of Salt Lake, who had deposited Rs 1 lakh for a franchise, Ranjit Choudhury, son of senior Maharashtra police officer, R. Vijay Tata, and Rahul Raj ran the company. They advertised about a retail departmental outlet called Bombay Bazaar and collected between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 4 lakh from each of the 38 franchisees, Roy Choudhury said. Gayatri Bhattacharya, who claimed to have deposited Rs 3.1 lakh, said the company, with a plush office at Auckland Place, promised to equip their showrooms from January 1. But on December 31, they found the office locked. “We complained at Shakespeare Sarani police station, ’’ Bhattacharya said. Deputy commissioner, detective department, Soumen Mitra said the accused are said to have fled the state. “We have arrested the company’s four senior executives. Efforts are on to track the kingpins, ’’ he said.

His Modus Operandi is similar. He has connections with top police officials in his earlier crime too. In BOMBAY BAZAAR fraud case his partner was Ranjit Choudhury, son of T.K Choudhary, additional director general of police. Maharastra. He gets Transit Bail from Bangalore!... and in Bangalore he once again manages to garner direct support from the super cop ---, befriends the and state BSP president Marasandra Muniappa.
Yes, We strongly guess (99%) that crafty conman Vijay Tata has new trick up his sleeves for Bangaloreans. He has come out with a different color but almost the same game like what he did in 2009 with the name ORANGE PROPERTIES. Now the color is GREEN. The Project was launched amidst the elections and he (and his gang) was waiting for this opportunity. Last march 22nd A company called INDYA ESTATES (without any proven track record or without any completed projects) had come with FIVE FULL PAGE advertisement in Times Of India
Just read below content
Indya Estates will be launching a new township ' The Greens ' on 21st March-13. The township is planned to offer 2500 units and Phase 1 of the project offers 1278 two and three bedroom units in 12.5 acres on Anekal - Attibele Road.

2 BHK unit sizes range from 695 to 890 sq.ft and 3 BHK units range from 1118 to 1202 sq.ft.

The builders have been aggressive on the marketing campaign with full page ads on leading news papers without disclosing the price, a clever strategy to build curiosity among potential customers.

We've reached out to he builders and undisclosed sources from the builder has confirmed the project to be launched on 21st March-13 and likely to be priced between ₹ 2200 to 2400 per sq.ft. The base cost of an entry level 2 BHK likely to be priced around ₹ 17 lakhs and 3 BHK around 26 lakhs approximately.

This was the review on a real estate website. Accordingly the inaugural ceremony was attended by kannada film stars Like SUDEEP AND RAMYA. The then Social Welfare minister A. Narayanaswamy and BTM Layout congress MLA Ramalinga reddy were other chief guests. In whole 5 page advertisement no one could find the name or Photo of the President, CEO, Promoter, Owner, Proprietor of the company INDYA ESTATES. Nor even the company website did not reveal the boss of the company. But a COO by name Sathish.M.Kharkanis and Vice President by name Mari Gowda were shown. All the employees- including this COO and VP were recruited just 2-3 days before inauguration, and now total company was doing the transaction under their name!. At the same time INDYA ESTATES were advertising in various websites, just see the dates of interview and dates of inauguration…below….

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