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 Abhijit Ashok Sawant
Dir Sir,

I read Hardware & Networking job in MID DAY news paper & i had gone for interview in Pandayan Seven Seas manpower recruitment they took my interview & told me u r selected for the post of Hardware Engineer & took 30,000/- DD on behalf of company name (Pandayan Seven Seas manpower recruitment).
But i had paid money in January 2009. But still i have not received any call from them. They told me that u r name will be listed whit in 3 list but 2 list had already listed but my name was not in list & i have searched in Google website about this recruitment but i saw it was a fraud company.
So plz help me in this problem and send me a mail on mail ID. Plz reply me on mail.

saandyy's response, Aug 12, 2014
myself Akhtar Shaikh apply in Sevenseas Seaport & Airport services india pvt Ltd. for the post of Mech Eng.,i saw in ad in news paper and then i went in office for interview.. then they told me to give Rs.200/- for registatrion and then i attend interview n that time i went fir medicle by paying 12500/- n then as they say me to pay Rs.44,000/- and that amt also i paid by them by way od DD,they told me to wait for 90 to 100 working days, i waited for more than 120 days. atlast i think that they vil not give me any job bt unfortunetly i received calld from their office n i also received call letter on my home address for job,i went in their office with that call letter.firstly they send me for CDC training for 15 days n after training done i received CDC licence from their office,n more after 25 days i join my job in cruise ship n nw i m doing job their only n i ma happy alot...thanx sevenseas..this company is good bt take time to give appointment
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Suraj madarchaud gand me dam he to mujhe phon kar ke bata ki wo madarchaud logo ne 1.5 saal ke bad tujhe kanha hilane ke kam diya he.
Hi, , frnndz

above statement is not absolutely right, ,
I M Deepak frm nagpur, I also lost my 10000rs for medical check up I had gvn interview on 19th aug 2010 after such along time I coud get the job through sevenseas
here is my contact no [protected] in u wnt to contct mne call on this number
Guyz!!!, you can take placement frm seven seas bcoz it is not a fraud company nd y r u paying too much money to ather company when you gatting a job from sevenseas in less payment4u don't need to pay dis much money bcoz we just need to medical charges Rs-6250/-1 mor thing if they say dat u have to pay medical money den asked frm them it dis medical is dg approved by govt of india or not if dey said yes den ok done ur medical aftr dat D person who alrdy have CDC they knw evrything abt shipping company but pupil who don't have CDC nd applied 4 job in pandayan 7 seas and they say dat we will apply 4 CDC give us money CDC it will be come wid in few days there are many kind of CDC 1st panama 2nd liberian 3rd bahamas etc etc this CDC charges start frm rs15000 to maximum rs25000 and its take maximum 3 months to come but pupil who really want to join cruise there are so many other companies in mumbai do not hier any agent but guyzz according to my experience you can take placement from sevenseas..
glad to inform you guys i got the job from sevenseas so i am inform you that i am working in ship after 6th month i came at my home it was gret experience i want to say you that pleas dont care above comment becouse i also applied and got the call later my suggetion you have to take your owne decision
I read Hardware & Networking job in MID DAY news paper & i had gone for interview in Pandayan Seven Seas manpower recruitment they took my interview & told me u r selected for the post of Hardware Engineer & took 30, 000/- DD on behalf of company name (Pandayan Seven Seas manpower recruitment).
But i had paid money in January 2009.befor one week igod the positive response from there side. They told me that u r name will be listed whit in 3 list but 2 list had already listed but my name was not in list & reson was delaying is a verification of my document whatever the reason but now I got the job and I am so happy i have searched in Google website about this recruitment I seen so many complaint was there that complaint only because of delaying actually iys a genual company .
thank you ……
Dear job seekers we are Mr sanal, Mr reji, Mr litto, Mr jomon writing from mumbai, kerala and Delhi. 7 seas pandyan is a fraud agency so beware of that agency which is in chembur mumbai. we 12 male nurses were cheated by this pandyan agency in march 2012. our story is that last month we so an add in mumbai mirror paper that their are vacancies of male nurse(not only nurse but also caption house keeping staff, and many) in domestic shipping company in India and the salary is[protected] Indian rupee/month. when we reach their for interview 7 seven seas turned to pandyan seven seas( 7 seas is a Dubai based company and they don't have any relation with pandyan 7 seas so this pandyan is giving add in mumbai mirror 3 times in a week name of 7 seas so beware) first they asked us to pay rs 100 for registration and go for interview in up stair on same day at the time of interview (their were no shipping company Clint at the time of interview) she told us that your salary is rs 50000 to 60000 per month but you have to pay for your medical that is 6250 that is in vashi mumbai and we should pay 21000 after 3 month when received the offer letter from the shipping company and this 3 month for your police verification time and the name of the company is cruises liners we poor chaps trust them and done medical in vashi soon after our medical they called us and told us to pay 21000 to them otherwise they don't start our processing or cancel the contract we feel doubt we had searched in inter net and we found that their is no shipping company name of cruises liners in the world more over, their are 5000 complaint against this fraud agency in net so we started to investigate about this agency finally we collected astonishing information that is Mr pandyan is owner of this agency who is from Tamil nadu and he is a leader of a duplicate party called dalit party in mumbai more over he is a criminal and a gunda were ever he goes 6to 7 criminal go along with him. and he has some influence in mumbai police because of his duplicate party. so nobody can do any thing against him by the help of police he is paying to them every month and he will come to the agency after 5 o clock for collecting each days cheated money then he will go he don't know any thing about ship even he don't know English because he is a gunda so i request every one to write a complaints to the Indian president and prime minister for a CBI investigation otherwise he will cheat hundreds of people sin future those who seek job we already complained to the president against this agency we don't have other solution because mumbai is that much corrupted and he has got both police and gundas (The president address is to the Indian president, rashtrapati bhavan new Delhi, you can write both in English or Hindi any quarry call us jomon-[protected], sanal-[protected], reji-[protected], titto-[protected]
In December 2009, I had seen '7 seas' ad in mumbai mirror. When i reached the chembur office near congress house, it was not '7 seas' but 'Pandayan 7 seas'. I paid Rs.100 for the registration form and they gave me a card which they call 'White card'. My interview was taken by a female called 'Tanu' (She did'nt even know to speak proper english). She told me to do my medical at 'Ashirwad Clinic' at vashi within 2 days after interview. She also told to pay Rs.22, 000, I did not have that much money so i informed that 'Tanu' that i cannot pay. She told me that she will put my application for 'Free recruitment' and the charged will be deducted from my first and second salary, i agreed to this and went for my medical at 'Ashirwad clinig' Vashi. I paid Rs.4750 for medical. Later when i contacted Tanu, she told me that the free recruitment is not possible and i have to pay Rs.22, 000 within 3 weeks, or else my file will be cancled. I was a bit tensed as im from a middle class family ad could not afford to loose such a huge amount. One of the HR person named 'Richard' asked me if i could pay Rs.5000, and i agreed. He told me if i pay Rs.5000 the procedure would be little longer and slow, i was ok because i needed the job but did not have Rs.22, 000. He told me to come at 6 o'clock on satuarday to pay the money. When i reached there it was their closing time and all were in haste. I met Richard and told him that i have come to pay Rs.5000, he said i have to pay Rs.7000 as the charges have increased. So i paid Rs.7000 he took my 'White card' in his cabin and at the top right corner he wrote 'Free'. I asked him that i paid money, y have u written 'Free'. He told me that the Rs.7000 is for the file processing and other procedures, and the rest Rs.15000 which i could not pay is for the CDC, since i could not pay the CDC amount, he said that is y he wrote 'Free'. I waited for 3 months and then called them. They told that it needs 90 working days. i called after 4 months they told the first list will come next month then they said my name was not in the list. they told me to wait for next 2 lists. I went to their office and met Richard, he told me that since mine is 'Free' recruitment, it will take some more time, he gave me his personal contact number. Later when i called his cell number he said he was on vacation at Goa, vacation at Chennai, Busy in some other work... etc etc etc... more than 2 years have passed and i stopped bothering about this thing... On 16th Apr 2012 i again saw the ad in mumbai mirror. When i called them they told me that Richard has left the company and that he has taken away your money. He told me to come to the office and talk about it.. they were not ready to speak on the phone.. more over he was mocking and laughing at me that i got cheated... This is a FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD company...
Mob : [protected]
Email :

check out this link... It has listed the fraud companies... Pandayan is one of these fraud companies.
hi frnds i also apply for css post they told me to give 44000 what should i do tell me on my no. [protected]
hi.. am Datta i wanna apply for job in dis company but, is it fraud company or not just give advise.that what to do?Plz... help me.
pandayan sevenseas company is a fraud company they telling we are sending your file to our head office in mumbai to check ur document but they dont send that they make us full so friend plz visit there site and complete information about that company then if u think right then only u it is my personal experiense i have also fill 200 rs for file and etc 7000 for medical and mubai fees this totaly fraud

My name is Nilesh pillay, I am very thankful for saving my money. By reading ur comments i was shocked,

I also paid 200 rs for form, after interview she told me for medical check up, but i refused her and said that i will come tomorrow, i checked the website then i came to know. i am with u friend, i just want to ask u that these all comments are of 2009. after 2009 till 2012 there are no comments on these company. friend we will fight for other people who r going to trap by them my mob no-[protected]/[protected]. pls contact me.
hiii friends,

this is totally confusing some say it is genuine some say its fraud...i cleared my interview and done medical as per their requirement now they ask me 19, 101/- for deposit for CDC now please tell me what should i do??????
R R PANDAYAN is a super Chor. they also run People co operative credit society which is now known as Seven Seas credit company. and the biggest chors are Sachin Gaware and Vijay Mohite. If anyone has excess money flowing please pay these CHORS. I have called them and given badwords as we were in desperate need and they had given us hope of loan getting sanctioned. They are biggest on earth.

these are their mobile nos. call and give gallis to them

sachin gaware - [protected]
vijay mohite - [protected]

its absolutely true, this is fraud company giving attraction of high salary package and stealing hard earned money. i don't know how this company being running from so many years and why mumbai mirror is advertising them.
+[protected] this is india tv number, if any one being cheated can contact this number hope you will recover your money.
Hi friends this is prashant, on 21/01/2010 i read the add about this company for a vacany in Mumbai Mirror as a Computer Operator on Ship Cruisses & Cargos. On second day ( 22/01/2010 ) i went to their office at Chembur which is near Congress House they took Rs.100 from me for filling the form, i asked them for receipt for the same but they refused to give me receipt for the same.The HR person named Tanu took my interview & told me to pay Rs. 2750 for medical checkup & also they told me you are eligible for free recruitment because i had provided my caste cetificate. but more than 2 and half year passed away but again they telling me wait for 25th of current month for appear the coming list... if any suggestion plz callme on -[protected]...
Hi Friends same thing is happened with me. I paid 22060 amount for CDC & 6250 for medical check up dated august 2010 AND still i don't have any call or any mail for response. Between August 2010-January 2012 i called them may times & i visit chembur office many times but every time they told me your name will come in next list.

Also i have applied for refund my money dated January 2012 as they told me we refund you 17000/- only after 4 month in May 2012 i received Rs.17000/- Cheque by couriers but post dated that means cheques date Sept 2012, when i deposit cheque in my account after 4 days i had call from bank your cheque has stopped by sender.

Again i went to the chembur office dated they are Shouted on me like GUNDAGIRI with bad words and they told me to go Vashi Head Office where all CHORS are sitting, Again i went to the Vashi Office with all hopes, when i mate the officers they told me to come after 2-3 days because of the concern person is not here in the office so request to them then they again told me to go GOVANDI in the PEOPLES CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY & show them the Cheque and collect your money.

Again i went to the Govandi, i show them the Cheque then they told me to fill up account opening form and come after 6 days to collect your cash. when i called to vashi headoffice to discuss with the concern person, first time they answer the call when i told them so and so they told me call after 10 minutes, when i call them once again THE NUMBER WAS DED.

so finally i filled the account opening form, Hope "ABHI TO PAISE MIL JAYENGE" i will let you know.


Pandayan 7seas — fraud

Hey gays if u all want your money back than support me because they have also chited me thats why i am going to media n i want more gays with me.
call me sunil [protected] its urgent..
Hi my name I shashank and I have paid 33, 000/- + medical 5, 500/- in 2011 so far no job or any refund. As I have been to there office many times finally they gave me post dated check of October 30 2012. Which have been bounce twice. I want to take this further trough media.. lets get our money back from the frauds.

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