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Karnataka, India
My name is lohith today i am going to tell how the qspiders train the students and how there process goes:
First thing is you all might be knowing Software Testing has good market and now you will plan to do this course and try to build your career on the testing field now the thing is where i have to join for this course ? now you are little bit confused and ask your friends where i have to do this course the answer is Qspiders.
Now you will walk into qspiders for joining this course now the reception there he will guide that join this training it is very good 100% job will be provided and he explains the module by module :

1.Manual testing (2.5 Months) daily 2 hours weekends 3-4 hours
2.Sql 15 days 2 hours a day
3.Vb Script 15days 2 hours
4.QTP 2 months 2 hours a day
5.Load Runner 25 days 2 hours a day
6.Quality center (Waste of attending nothing they are going to teach 4hours that all)
7.Unix (They will not teach)

Now at this time you will be confused what do and what not do

So my suggestion is Qspiders a good training Institute but about the placement it is very difficult place there because they only get the requirement like : Should be ONLY FRESHERS with 65% in 10th 65% in PUC and 65% in BE or MCA or BCA most of them they will not be knowing about this till the end of the training and one more draw back is in a class room there will be around 200 Students you can think about the situation where they will not give individual attention and one more thing it is waste of Doing QTP and load Runner because for single user QTP or Load Runner license cost is about 4-6 Lakhs as fresher in the companies they will not even give you to touch the tool.IF are willing to work on Qtp or load Runner you should be having minimum of 2-3 years experience on this tool.IT companies are not foul peoples like opponenting the fresher and give them the costly tools.

One more thing if you site for 30 days with a notes on your own you can learn software testing concepts and apply for the job waste of doing Testing course that in qspiders there will be no place to site at all as for a class room there will be 200-250 people.In this 250 people as a freshers only 20-30 people can place. Remaining Students like 2010 , 2009 , 2008 , 2007 passed out students until at the end they will be thinking that they will be placed as freshers its totally wrong.In testing field the IT industry will not entertain the previous passed out students, if you have some reference you can get the job other wise you have to put fake experience, this part QSPIDERS people will guide you nicely.

Now the qspiders is having 4-5 branches in each branch for every two months there will[protected] students will trained on various Testing fields and left to market to search the job. As 2011 fresher with good academics profile some how with a great difficult you can find the job. But what about the students who have passes out 2010,2009,2008,2007 they all have to put 1,2,3 years fake experience and try for the job for taking Fake experience you have to pay 10,000/- to 20,000/- it depends.
With a great difficulty learning Software Testing Course in Qspiders and Then taking own risk and putting fake at same time cheating the IT companies and doing the job in a panic environment will be difficult.
In testing field if you attend a interview in the IT company assume there are 15 boys and 10 girls and 12 post and it is universal truth in testing inter views out of 10 girls 7 will be placed and out of 15 boys there will be only 5 boys placed the preference will be given to girls and more over girls will like this job as no pressure and more over there are no night shifts so most of the girls are coming to this field it is very difficult to compete with them.

So i finally suggest Qspiders will not be good place for those who do not have 65% aggregate in your academics for getting a job after your completion of the course it might depend 10 months or 1year or 2yeras or god only knows
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I agree,
Do not join this institute it is full of BUGS and please carry Bagans spray bottle
while entering and its my HUMBLE request plz spray this Bagans liquid to there tongue so that there tongue will be cleaned and i think they might speak Truth...

One more Guy by name karthik that guys tongue and mouth should be cleaned by PHENOL then only he will speak truth...
Karthik Hobby: chatting 365 days 24 hours a day with the girls...

Finally i Siluet girish sir for his excellent teaching...But before asking him a job
PLZ clean his Tongue with "ACID" because he will not speak "TRUTH"...
plz dont even think to go there guys coz they wont give any placement for mech students and the other thing is cut off should be above 65% then only u may get place.. otherwise they will ask to get fake experience and all which is possible for fresher.. better u may try in walk-ins or off campus...
i hope this would help...!!
Hi Anniyan,

This is Karthik. I don't know who you are? where are you from? If your a Real student of QSPIDERS you would have posted your name but i think you are from other institute spoiling the name which is #1 in South India.. Please i request if your a student please Approach so that we deffenetly help you its My Promise.. please contact me personally so that i will not disclose your details to anyone... i am like your brother i will help you in getting a job but one thing... you should come and meet me..and one thing i don't have a time to sit simply for 24hrs and chat with girls.. i have my own responsibilities to handle the branch. i may not be responded due to some work i apologies for that i will not repeat the same..And one more thing i am not the Fees Collector to Grab the Money from the students please understand Finally if you are true person please come and approach us.


Fight against Qspiders corruption doing all the course on all the modules no job nothing even a interview after paying 16, 000/- fees
v have already joined tis institute nw!! wat next???
hv joined wid the intension of getting a job thru qspiders.
nw totally confused n also scared!!:(:(
Yes even i agree..

Bali_Singh Ba-li hogaya qspiders join ho-ka
Do not worry my friend keep bucket for Karthik, Santhos HR that is the only way to get the job but if you are a BOY no use you have to be a Girl to do this job
they will only fall for Girls Googly...
Sir i did the course in qspiders and now i have no job and i am in a plane to switch to another field
my request to qspiders Management can you PLZ refund my money because i do not have bus charge also to return to my native...A help from your said will be appreciable.
I joined qspider's in sep 2010, i am 2009 passed out. coaching is good he teaches well, bt they assured placement for all year passed out's and also insisted tht if we join Qtp then only they ll help for placements only manual testing is nt enough, me n my frnz trusted them n lost money still we r jobless. later wn we went to ask them they told i[censored] r current yr passed out then only we can help, if tht is the case they should hv told in beginning itself. mock interview's n all conducted by them is just an eye wash. waste of time. this branch is opened in mys also, so all mysoreans dnt be in false hope n join qspider.

present situation is lost 16k n other P.G charges for 3 months inspite of all these still jobless..
i have joined n qspiders.. i cant find any mistake with them. there are very deticated with their work . so i[censored] were also ike that. evrybody will get job. dont try to spoil their name. nobody will beleive
what percentage of getting a job after joining the course if I have already 3 years of experience in IT industry I mean pass out of 2009. Can I be expert in QTP so that i can crack the interview easily when I go for walk-in itself?
what are the percentages of getting job after joining the Qspider for QTP if I have already 3 years of experience in IT.

Can I crack the interviews after joining the course or I can prepare myself?
hello guys.., dont blame on others ok..., till 2day thy hav not assured 100% job for each one, it depends on u ok.., look at girish sir i[censored] hav done all the assignments wt he said and askd u do.., i[censored] hav done, go nd ask him ok.., he'll surely get u job.., if not dont simply spread rumours or somethin bad.., NO ONE IS 100% PURE ok..,
Mr. Lohith_Helper, whoever you are...
I just happened to read your comment. I am in the industry for more than 10 years, and have been into testing since. I have contributed individually, and lead/managed teams across different companies. I am not sure where you got the idea of
"" the preference will be given to girls and more over girls will like this job as no pressure and more over there are no night shifts ""
As a matter of fact, testing has more pressure than development, and everyone, yes, everyone might have night shifts. Stop spreading . if this is your attitude towards Software testing and Quality assurance, then, better donot get into testing.
i agree, in begining of evry batch they announce fake req so that evry student shud join their institue listening, , , have u evr notice how the req always be there .. eg.sslc(60%) puc/BE shud be 65%.. or throut 60 bt BE 65%, all nonsense ... and students from non-it backgrnd shud forget abt job after joining, in begining watever they wil say, they never rely on that... most imp (coming to new batch they will ann the req for qtp such that new candidate dont have choice to try with the req bcos student have just started doing the course then why the hell they will annn i have answer just for show off so that evry person sitting for demo class shud join... they have all such tricks to fool students, , , so smart ppl will nevr join there... pls dont waste ur money and time .. min1.5yrs u will trusting him...
Hi All,
My name is Anu, have 6 yrs of exp in IT industry ( Mainframes ) . Due to some personal reason took a break in last yr end. I am planning to back to work, but opportunities for Mainframes are very less and wish to do a testing course. Is it worth in doing course in Qspiders for getting a job bcoz i am already experienced?
To all those who are reading the post here.. don't blindly trust these fellows. Yes, i[censored] do well, study well in this institution, doesnt matter which stream you are form, they will provide u lots of interviews, also train you on it, although getting job is your skill. Yes they do delay the course a bit or a lot :P 3 and half months they said still 5 and a half months still 1 more month to complete the course. This is the one and only thing i didnt like about the institution. Though I feel its not possible to learn so many concepts withing 3 months. But I will tell you, this is the best training institute for testing. I am sure you will be called for interviews only by the way they teach you to write the resume. wow ! just join ! dont worry . chillax
Dheemanth(student at qspiders)

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