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[Resolved] — According to the online research the company is a scam!

To all those who feel that Quest Net is a Scam ...

Check out the Link

Select Relation as ' Starts with' and Type Questnet ...

See the Search Results yourself ...


Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:42:05
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Dear friends,
Well I have just now read all the comments of people who have not done the business but I
have just now joined on dec 7 ,2007and I am under training in nassurs team ocean and I am fully
convinced of the bussiness and would like to go ahead with my future plans in questnet enterprises with full confidence and vigourand a positive attitude .

Mrs. Yasmin A.Subhani IR no.NF356574n Team Mumbai Ocean
dear friends.
when computer came to india so many employees and union was against computerisation. they where not knowing what they where saying.same way who ever is against not knowing the facts and talking.complaining can be easy many of you got an idea or any solution to hundreds o[censored]nemployed youths to get a job or fre start a buss is beyond imagination of these people.most of the system in the world become popular after the ist hurdle of objection of people and govt.
when the franchising started in america people and govt fought every aspect becz people called the biggest scam on the earth.but now even if you want to start one you cant becz big money reqd.
so dear friends all is effert from your side to make it one in the world will come and give to you.god also helps those who helps themselves.

thank u for reading my letter.
god bless u
david p.p
what curse my friend? Do u know the soap u buy to wash your , the profit company making???? I[censored] want to clearn ur u buy otherwise use water only... same thing u asked u to join quest.. i[censored] want to join and change ur life u join... otherwise leave it... Dont balme company ... Questnet is a reputed and very good company..
I[censored] dont want to be cursed, just sleep at home. dont do any work... the time u r stepping out o[censored]r house u r making somebody rich... wheather u like it or not.. think ...

Do u know the restaurant owner how much profit he is making from your meals ?????????????? Why dont u stop eating ?????????
Please do not use words like [censored] and all here...
i am the only earning person at home, i earn my living from questnet. its really helping to promote employment. i have performed good, it gave the help of training me. it has good products. and is also having good compensation plans.
so you need to be smart to earn plz be hard working. questnet is one of the good mlm companies.
Checking Online research is foolishness as i feel people who have invested foolishly in Questnet thinking it is a quick money making business, have invested, not given the required efforts, Have got de motivated and are blaming Questnet to be a Scam. But this is not true as I am working with them as an IR and I am very satisfied with the experience. I am earning well and I am satisfied, just have to give the required efforts. I would suggest don’t trust the online research for MLM business because many dissatisfied people are doing this bad job.
I totally agree to what Wreek has to say, they are too big and can not be frauds, they in fact are very supportive to all the IRs. Active in social cause. THe Irs who join only need to remember that this is not a Quick rich firm.
The most important thing in any business that one needs to do is to understand how everything works and then accordingly invest their time and money. If you get into that business blindly, then you do the mistake of wasting your time and money both.
I would suggest you to actually work with the company to see what a beautiful place it actually is. These are fake posts, the working attitude with Qnet is just perfect!
QuestNet is a completely legit business with an evolutionary business model. In India, however, the initial people who joined QuestNet, got very greedy and told every type of lies to the innocent people to make down-lines. They didn't explain the business model properly and made people believe that they just have to invest once and they will get good profit without working. I have been working with QuestNet for 2 years now and am doing well in my life. I hate the IRs who give wrong information to people. QuestNet is god sent and very honest company.
I am not sure about the originality of this report. I have worked with QuestNet for a year now and nowhere I felt that the company was fake. I posses all the original documents. Some groups of goons pretended to be from QuestNet to capture people into their own fraudulent schemes. QuestNet is 100% original and gives results if people work hard enough.
I think, the people who are making complaints is the one who doesn't want to face hardships.i am n questnet for 3 yrs.i bought one vacation packages which we went last yr and also bought a wellness product.i got this product within a month after i buy the beginning i felt difficult becoz i was very trainning and seminars helped me to improve my communication skill and confidence and i am earning well through this people who are blaming this business pls stop this!
Questnet is a reputed company; I am working for them since last 2 years. It has been a good experience and each day is a new day for me. I work hard and probably that's the reason for my happiness. Inner transformation is necessary to perform good at Questnet. I have always received my products on time, if you haven't contact the company they will surely help you with it.
Well using QNET's name without being a part of it is serious injustice to the company. The people who took the advantage of QNET's name, were collecting money in the first place, which is not the normal mode of doing QNET business - which is all online transaction based. So collecting money in the name of QNET is not instructed by the company. So don't blame the company.
Qnet is the world best co. if somebody has no bolls to make it big, than qnet is not for them..qnet is a Ferrari of Network Marketing Industries... who come from Middle Class mentality they don't understand Money...because not every one digest dear Failurear persons on earth(Fake post maker) wack up and smale the coffy and go to your JOB/Profession to build your debts...even this Internet is not for you... when you post your third class comment, you used E-Commerce... we are [protected]% proud to be with Questnet/Qnet.

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