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[Resolved]  SATVA ( GETRIM MILK SHAKE ) — Skin Allergy by consuming it

I recently got this Getrim product from the market manufactured by SATVA company. I had it once & it had reacted very badly into a skin disease called URTICARIA i..e it is skin infection which is all over my body & has occurred into burning sensation, itching & pink wheals all over.

I am going through a lot of pain & anxiety as it is bothering my Family.I have two kids who are in school, but i am not able to take care of them as it might be contagious .

Therefore i urge for a complaint against the said company.
Skin Allergy by consuming it
Skin Allergy by consuming it
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Its clearly mentioned in the product that i[censored] r allergic to milk, chocolate, ... it will affect ur body.

do u have any such allergy????
I have bought Getrim and am using it for 1 week, cannot really say if I lose weight but it does lessen my need for rice. Getrim contains whey protein which is basically dahi and related to milk, so it seems you are lactose intolerant, you should try a soy-based health drink and do a RAST test which costs about 6000 Rs and consult an allergist and know which foods to avoid. We Indians neglect things like allergies, some people are allergic to tomatoes. Please read about allergic urticaria and it is not contagious. Knowledge is power, read the labels.
I think you had an allergy from sucralose, the artificial sweetener in Getrim. Sucralose can cause skin problems and gastrointestinal problems in some people. But it is way better than aspartame, which is used in Diet Pepsi (India) as of June 2009. I haven't tried Getrim yet, but since I use Sucralose as my preferred sweetener, I do not think that would be a problem. You could also be allergic to milk or cocoa used in the product...i am not sure on the complete list of ingredients on the product as the website mentions only a vague details of ingredients, not a comprehensive one though...i think they should add all the ingredient detail son their website.
Urticaria is an allergic reaction caused by any allergen. Getrim contains a variety of ingredients including soy, milk, fiber etc. Anyone can have an allergic reaction to any one of the ingredients. In 3 years, we have had very rare cases of food allergy. This was explained to this customer and the money refunded.

All the ingredients and the nutrition profile are completely disclosed on the Getrim tin. So anybody who has a history of allergy to any of the ingredients should avaoid taking Getrim.

Getrim is recommended by leading nutritionists, and is a safe and natural food product to aid in weight loss.

Karthikraman, Satva
I had taken just one tin of Getrim and I did lose some weight, around 2 kg or so but i really dont know if it is due to the product or due to reducing my consumption of sweets, I have again ordered for another tin of the same product after a gap of almost two months. I hope it doesn't have any side effects.I am not allergic to milk but at times some comments are really scary.
I would like to know if this product will eventually help in flattening my tummy. And also if this product has any side effects in the long run.
hi i am gorak please help me i brought the tin and after learning complants iam sared.raply me
Ladies & gentlemen Relax, I dont think this product really is a reason for allergies. if you can digest so many different kind of 'Mithais, farsaan, & all other junk food which causes weight gain then u easily can digest Getrim. Dont keep the Phobia in your mind. Keep the phobia of junk food & u ll reduce. & even if you feel irritation stop taking it & consult your dr.( All Gujarati items are very heavy junk & yes avoid Samosa)
Putting weight can be of so many reasons. for reducing weight also needs different approach for different people. some hormone imbalance also contributes some times. some medications for a long period of time may cause over weighing situations. Do not go for self help methods. Usually advertised products cost more.
prepare a diet chart according to the advice of physicians or homeopaths and adhere to it for months together. aerobic exercises can help but muscular exercises may aggravate the situation.

Avoid sweets with white sugar and oil. Have plenty of fruit servings. milk shakes cannot help. avoid white rice. avoid too much of milk. have lentils beans and greens in food. add liberal dose of pudhina and corriander leaves in cooking. avoid sleepless nights. go to bed at 10 pm and get up at 5.30. Late night sleep and late day rising may impair the functioning of Thyroid and Adrenalin.

Only the life style change can bring result.
I have been purchasing Getrim for my husband for a while now and, except for one incident of it reaching me in a damaged state (the tin had collapsed & contents spoilt), no complaints about the product. He follows a very balanced low fat/no sugar diet & is into exercising in a big way. After using it for about a year, he had discontinued and has just re-started. Unfortunately, this time he has gained weight - 1 kg in one week!! He is horrified!!
Any idea why??
i was going through the entire discussion and comments mentioned above...i would like to contribute few things...firstly im from the indian armed forces...of course that doesnt make me a superhuman as far as stamina, fitness and physicals is concerned...i would like to share that trying to shed weight and trying to achieve physical fitness through artificial substitutes is not may only give you a temporary feeling of shedding weight and controlling your hunger pangs...instead its much better to adopt a healthy diet plan which one can sustain and couple it up with a little bit of brisk walking at anytime of the day and see the magic far as diet planning is concerned just try to reduce carbs fromm your doesnt mean that you finish it...ill give you my own personal and my family do not add potatoes to any veggies that we cook...for example most o[censored]s eat cauliflower as aloo gobhi ki sabji...we eat as only try and adopt this...twice a week we make alloo sabji to take care of our desire to have aloo...also make sure that u dont take any carbs at night...instead like i have an omelette along with dal or is filling and it doesnt cause the oil carb slush n the body...ofcourse i walk briskly for one hour each day...but i only recommend half an hour to all those working late...what i have shared is my own way and in no way im the authority on the subject pls...
otha badu...i really dissaprove all the comments on this free website. this is not a place to discuss.ppl give false and positive comments as they wish. but indirectly or directly affects the product. God has given you eyes to see, brain to think, hands and legs to work, then why do u need this website. come on, go and verify the product, if you find interesting buy it. dont believe this site. a from maharastra owns this website.bledy bucker
A statement from the company that makes Getrim.

This complaint was posted in 2009 by the customer because she had an allergic reaction to one of the food ingredients in Getrim. The customer did not establish that her allergy was indeed due to the consumption of Getrim. There might have been the chance that the customer was allergic to one of the food ingredients such as milk and soy which Getrim contains and which is clearly mentioned in the label. The Getrim tin even carries an “allergy warning” that warns people with food allergies to take care before consuming the product.

Still, when the customer called us and brought this to our attention, we contacted her, explained it to her, and resolved the matter to her satisfaction . Despite resolving the issue to the satisfaction of the customer, this post continues to remain on the website and even today, three years later, customers are misled into believing that consuming Getrim might carry the risk of skin allergy.

Let us reassure all customers that Getrim is made entirely from food ingredients. It does not contain any medicines or drugs or herbs that “melt” away the fat. Getrim can help people in their weight-loss efforts by serving as a nutritious replacement for regular calorie-laden meals. When Getrim is used along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it is possible to control your calorie intake and to lose and maintain weight.

Please visit our website and email us at [protected] or [protected] in case you have any queries about the safety of Getrim.
I fully agree with the comments that GETRIM is only a supplement which enriches your diet with required elements there by avoiding all junk you get from your normal diet. I had tried other supplements and was s uccessful in reducing 10 kg in a year but hit a plateau so now trying GETRIM . hope it works with my regular gim cardio & weights.
I liked the comment by shashawant... that 'if one could have digested all that junk food which resulted in wait gain...then you can digest the Getrim also'... :) . Really...people wont mind eating all that TASTY junk food but w, hen it comes to this kind of product they think a lot unnecessarily.
GETRIM Product is very bad... very poor taste... i bought vanilla flavour... Huh!! Wasted 800rs on this...
hi, I reduce my weight from 85-77 using getrim and some diet plan for a couple of months. But then I stopped using getrim for a month but I continued my diet plan and some physical exercise too but now after a month, my weight has been gained again to 83. I don't know what to do. My doctor said though I stopped in taking the getrim milkshake results in weight gain again.

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