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 lakky255 on Sep 25, 2012
Breaking your head to judge whether it is worth paying 10. 000 / - to damodaran?
He is a lier who promises all his students saying that one can win the share market with his simple tricks whichhe invented himself. But in reality, there is no such simple tricks or magic calls, as he claims, that can win the market. Even for the paid class or the paid daily levels that he delivers he does not guarantee. He repeatedly appears in tv and says his techniques are 101% winning let the market fall or rise, that is immaterial. He does not take any responsibility for his own students who lost their capital using his techniques. Because, apart from his lies, he does not teach the full technique. He will just sprinkle here and there and make the people run after him for the next class with another amount. If you take the ratio between the winning prople and the losers, the losers are much more high. The winning people are the ones who are already in the market and who know the up and downs of the market and with sound financial background. Rest are all new and innocent people. These people are searching high and low for the ways to become rich in their financial crisis. They are breaking their heads to judge whether it is worth paying 10. 000 / - to damodaran? In order to make this information i am taking this little effort and dare to say that it is utter waste to attend his class. As usual he blames all other analysts in the worls. He finds fault with everyone. He himself is a useless fellow.

Moreover he claims that he got the patent rights for his techniques. In fact, what he has done is, he has chosen some good technical theories that yield profit and claiming that he has invented them and also claims that he has obtained patent rights for them. How can the nse authorities give patent right to someone else on already existing theories? So it is a false statement to fool the public.

Even the paid levels that he is giving are very false. There are many times, the levels given with his own voice in tv contained gross errors upto 100 points in nifty, think about the state of the people who traded on those levels. He is thinking that it is all childs play with money matters. He has all readymade answers for all that you ask him back. So desist attending his class and making yourself a fool despite so many warnings. This is a place where you cannot catch hold of him responsible for the loss because he is making you poke your eye with your own finger.
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I totally disagree this.
He is really teaching well. The students should practice properly (like paper trading) before apply with real trading. He asking the students to come in afternoon time in the next classes without any fee and clarifying the doubts. I saw many people come and get cleared their doubts. The technical which he teaches is perfect; we have to put our efforts also. Nobody will give you lifelong free service. He is teaching the techniques for the fee which you have paid only. Apart from this, he clears your doubts in the next classes free of cost too. What else you want more than this? No other Technical analysts or teachers not doing like this types of continues support.
You mentioned that, “THE LEVELS GIVEN WITH HIS OWN VOICE IN TV CONTAINED GROSS ERRORS UPTO 100 POINTS IN NIFTY”, how do u know, it is error? It may be technically the breakout comes after 100pts, how do u decide it was error? Did u trade on that day? Did u meet any loss on that day? Do you the all Technical analysis? If you are the perfect technical analyst, then why do you using his tips & technical’s?
You mentioned that, “EVEN THE PAID LEVELS THAT HE IS GIVING ARE VERY FALSE”. Is he force you to buy levels? Is he showing knife and ask you to get the subscription? Never. He just told, if u wishes, u can take a free trial, then if u feels it is worth, and then u can pay & get the paid levels. What is the wrong in this? Normally free tips given by anybody are the clients can check the success ratio. If you not feel it is not successful, you can avoid, why are you going for paid tips?
He is teaching in all classes in live market only and showing the success of the techniques, IF there is no success means, how he can do in live market classes continuously for several years.
He is giving free tips & many programs in TV like JAYA TV, KALAIGNAR TV and MAKKAL TV. Now doing in CAPTAIN TV & MOON TV too. IF he is not successful, how can he do this for many years?
He is the only person to explain the all risks for the new comers in the stock market; this is helping to many people to avoid the risks carefully.
As per your writing, I understood one thing.
You went to his class, not understand the techniques or not practicing properly (Maybe due to your inability to understand), then lose your money in wrong way, and now blaming about him. You try to make his initial for all your losses.
This is not fair.
So, I request you; pls don’t misguide any people like this.
I totally agree with this complaint.I attended his class three yrs ago in Tirunelveli.After a long practice and lost money till date I couldn't recover the class fees Rs 3500/- at all.Totally Stock market is Gambling.If any one have Good technique then why should they conduct paying classes.They can become a Buffet themselves.All are frauds.beware friends.
Thank u friends, I try to attend the class. Thank u very much for ur experiences. I want one clarification, Damodaran always says MAGIC 2 techniques, only 10 entries in month. R u hear this level or r u teached. What is MAGIC level?
I suffered huge loss in stock market, First I have attended his class 2-3 years before, but not followed his technical properly & made loss again. After that I have attended again in January 2012 that time only I came to know that some changes in the techniques because market timing changed etc… This was the reason for my losses after my 1st class with him. Now I realize the fact and following the chances correctly. Really he showed me a great way to earn. Nowadays I am using magic calls technical for my trades, it gives me a good profit. Important point to note: I followed 100% rules, discipline and technical which he taught, this gives a great success. In the beginning I was not followed technical correctly and got loss, Once I start strictly following every points of technical, rules and discipline I got success. I am gradually recovering my losses now. My personal experience & suggestion is Pls using these technical in the right way you can earn good money.

Thank you and wishing you all goodluck.
I am new trader in MCX. What main basic fondamental in trading
hello dhamu...y r u teach your own tecniques to others for paid classes...u r fraud, u tecniques work well u c trade first, y always u come to paying tv programmes, and teaching classes for all week days..because he is not trader..he is fradu, cheat etc...
There are some facts in both the arguments. The market as of date is not under the control of anybody and there is no fool proof method or
formula to win over the market. Everybody is trying to get some easy money from the market but practically it is not that much easy. Such training programmes all over India have proved that u can gain some and loose more. From the past experience the small investors should understand that it is better to avoid day trading and switch over to medium term / long term investment strategies. There is no use of blaming any training methods. Pl understand.
Hi guys,
I have attended 3 classes of him. He teaches a few techniques which he has derived from trading in the markets. Those are good, but dont give profits always. He gives us money management rules, which we utterly don't follow. Not only his, any technique will succeed in the market only when we follow strict, disciplined, well designed money management rules.
I have attended Damu classes and found he is one of the frauds who is teaching people All my friends pl. *PHP Spellcheck Trial* that if some is able to make money by his own techniques why he should run after people to take classes. He will sit and trade and make money.Since he is not able to make money in trading he is calling U to attend classes and he is making huge money. Ask him to show his contract note he fill make U fool with huge cry.Pl. learn yourself and trade. Vinzen
Well said lenamohan!
Actually the golden rule to trade is this.

Point Number 1, no technique works when the market is volatile/at peak/at bottom/ or when the market gets a big news like loksabha election results, budget announcements, corporate result announcements etc. You should trade only when the market rallies normally. This is what the big difference is. Dam would not have given this simple idea to any of his students, but always bluffs that his techniques are most powerful, works at any time - just to promote his market. Any technique will get washed away in such Tsunami. ...
Damodaran technics if you following his technics target 40% and stop loss is 60% if you a fter book your profit after brokarage you will get 20% of profit if you made stop loss hitting after brokarage you will loss 80% hince damodaran technics slowly gradugly loss and losses money will losing every day if u made 2days profit on 3rd day stoploss hitting 2days profit is loss so damodarn technics is 100% fake technic any innocent people dont watch his program

New trader learn swing trading . Small stoploss big profit.
damodharan is a fraud. he doesnt have any copyrights. friends dont follow him. i request you. nothing in share market. if you spend 3 months in charts. you can be a master in share trading. with simple moving avg system. thats more than enough. believe me

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