[Resolved]  Tangent Software and BPO Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad — Complaint about Company which was Cheated me, my friends and many more

Dear Sir,
I was employee of Tangent Software solutions Pvt. Ltd. Which was situated at Tagore Towers Near Durgumcheru Lake, Near Madhapur Police Station, Hitech City Hyderabad. Before shifting here company has a BPO in Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad. This Company has taken 50000/- Rs. From each employee by saying it is company rule if you want to work in this company then you have to pay 50000/- rupees in our company. I and my friends has given Cash 50000/- each in the company. We have given this money in April 2009 by Consultant persons Mr. Ramesh, Mr. Venkat, and Mr. Kiran who is working in Nicco ventures Pvt. Ltd. S.R Nagar Hyderabad and company has given offer letter and joining date in April 2009 and mentioned that it will give salary 8000/- per month or 96000/- per annum. After joining the company has opened our accounts in ICICI Bank branch Madhapur Hitech City. After joining the company, we saw there was no projects in the company and company was near about to close. After near about 15 days we saw that company was closed. And on the day of Company closed we all the employees was complaint about that in the Madhapur police station but there Company owner Mr. Harish has commited in front of Police Inspector that he will return all the money to the employees . This news was also published in the news paper and in TV News. In this some employees were working in that company from 6 months and company owner has not given salary of that employee. After that incident we tried to contact the company owner but he was not responding on our call and he has given threat to me and my friends that I will not return your money do whatever you can do. Now I am trying to contact to Mr. Harish but he is not responding my call.
This company owner was cheated us. After that incident Company website and phone number and all other things are not present.
So, it’s my kind request to you to take all the necessary legal actions required in this regard, and to book all those who are found guilty.
I and my friends assure all our cooperation in any action taken for bringing the perpetrators to justice.
Name of the company: Tangent Software and BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Address of Company: Tagore Towers,
Near Durgumcheru Lake,
Near Madhapur Police Station ,
Hitech City Hyderabad
Name of The Company Owner: Mr. Harish
Name of the consultants: Mr. Kiran, Mr. Ramesh, Mr. Venkat
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Aug 14, 2020
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hi iam debraj, hail from bengal, i was also a victim of tangent bpo .
swapna palancha interviewed me and 2 of my friends.
by analysing her interviewing skills we thought company would be awesome.
but as all u above i was completely tarnished .
my friends felt cheated as the money meant a lot for each of our families.
she took 50, 000 rs each from 3 o[censored]s .
later harish and some of his broad members then assured us that pay package would be 60000 -tax deduction .
currently am working for IBM bangalore.
recently i happened to meet a guy who was the consultant of tangent bpo. who had quit actually and he told me the whole plan behind this scam.
very shameful that is !
after the scam happened we knew that there would be a case but we were already broke and thought should look out for a job immediately !
ofc the plan was to gather crores ! and currently that money is with harish's elder brother who ironically happens to live in bangalore.
sheeeeshhh...i was shocked !
and now harish p. and other guys of tangent are with new team who engage recruiting "only girls of red light area type" they train them professionally and send them to IT companies and u can imagine what? why ?
erghh...professional cheaters are on the run bro alert !
hi sir,
I completly agree with ths.
also many people are involved in this sir,
they are Annam.Rajasekhar reddy who is in UK now, and his brother Annam.Chendrasekhar reddy,
Mrs.Sapna jaison sister of Harish Palancha(CEO) and her husband jaison fernandes, and also Abhinav Gunda. These are the people who are involved in this and cheated nearly 200 -300 employees by taking money and dint pay at least 1 month salary also.and many consultancies in Hyderabad are also involved in this . i came 2 know dat harish is at guntur, n her sister swapna is at bhaglingam pally.
Tejachary3's reply, Sep 19, 2016

My Name is Teja I want information related to Tangent Software.

Please help me!!
Hello Sir,
I was also one of the Victim of Tangent Softwares and Bpo Services Pvt ltd which Duped/Cheated around 200-300 employees to a tune of 1CRORE Rupees.This was Located at Madhapur Hyd.Itz really shame on the part of the Management ppl(Harish Palancha, Swapna, Jaison, Rajashekar Reddy, Chandrashekar Reddy, and Abhinav Gunda).Harish Palancha, who was the CEO of that company, Was leading from the Front and he and his crew members(Management ppl) Nicely supported him throughout the time and escaped widout being faced any kind of SAZZA.
As pointed out by one of the Tangite in the above Complaint, that Even the consultany people are also involed in this Racket and Apart from the names mentioned, There is also One Lady DON named NANDINI is also involved. She was Behind the Scenes untill, that Happend. No one knws, who she is and where she lives and where she goes, but through some of the Sources, we came to knw that She is a Native of Guntur and She Runs a Consultancy there.Frds, i appeal to every1, that Who ever reads this, plz try to gather some more information on tangent and if any pics available of the Management, then paste them in the orkut .. so that Public may knw. that these are the ppl who is behind the 1 CRORE RACKET or Even more. I knw that nothing can be done now, but we will try to stop some other ppl who fall prey to these tactics often.. So frds, not only Tangent, But even there are some other companies, who are in a be careful frds...I wish, I could Trace them all and Shot them at sight, for doing this kind of Betrayal to us(Tangent employees)..One more thing, There are some other ppl too who are Indirectly involved in making the Employees join in this company merely for a Comission.. Those are Unfaithful dogs, i wonder, wht will happen to their deeds, if they work on a Comission basis.. They are termed as Brokers.. In other words, they are the DALALL'S. ..This sort of injustice should be stopped completely, pls save other people too. I need every ones support in this regard. We will try our level best to Trace atleast one of the management person.. Regards!
Tejachary3's reply, Sep 19, 2016

My Name is Teja I want information related to Tangent Software.

Please help me!!
I am a Tangent Software victim. I took the money from my landlord to give it to the company. Some brokers are involved.
I appeal to the Govt of India to save me...
annam chandra shaker and raja shaker was cheeted 30members in his previes company named as "dolphin" which is in dnsr and he started new company tangent
Tejachary3's reply, Sep 19, 2016

My Name is Teja I want information related to Tangent Software.

Please help me!!
I completly disagree with what my frnds have written above .why do you blame any other indivisual for your mistake? It is your selfishness and greed that brought you to such a position today when everyone knows that todays IT market is very low in business how and why did you ever think and take such a step to make your careers. are you not educated? are you a fool to pay such a huge amount to some indivisual without any verification or proper authorization ? I know you ppl r frustrated but think once what you have done is right or wrong. BRIBING someone for a JOB is a CRIME first of all and it is completly YOUR MISTAKE that you have done something like that. SATYM was a multi level company but even in SATYM ppl pay money but as share holder because they will make money if SATYAM makes money its there greed same what you did just by paying some money if you think you can earn a good CAREER then am sorry frnds its useless and a person doing such thing is called a big FOOL one last thing before you blame any one think what you have done cuz blaming is easy but accepting your own mistake is hard. even my frnd paid some money to some consultant to get a job in tangent he infact got and he was paid salary also when he was onto some project but think once what has happend to tangent when salaries for not paid for 3 months all the empl's destroyed the furniture computers and the office I want to ask all the empl's by doing this what did you get the company was collapsed you ppl and the whole management is on roads now. today you blame the C E O of the company but when tangent was running good nobody ever said a single word about him, so thats the difference when you get paid everything is good but when you dont get paid you start blaming not fair frnds. Think the mistakes what you have done before BLAMING anyone and DONT TRY TO BUY A CAREER BELIVE IN YOUR TALENT AND EARN IT...ALL THE BEST
i agree with the complaint, suresh, hhahhaha this is posted by harish am sure of it,
i joined in august and they took 40k and never gave apenny as sal till feb,
and when asked for they only gave some 1500 INR at a teastall for 20members at yousufguda checkpost...that is the level of the management of Tangent Softwares and Bpo Services Pvt ltd .
HARISH was a big time cheater along with rajshekar of bnreddy nagar(hyd), abinav gunda of suryapet, and let me also inform all u ppl that they hav built a new building at madhapur with the same tangent orange color, which is there lucky color both for dolphin and tangent solutions...

no 1 will come for our rescue as they have already bribed the required officials.
all the best for ur career and am sure the management is checking this too,
let me inform that tangent has recruted 327people, i got this figure for hr srinivas who was given 2month sal in 11months...
tangent management also cheated people in[protected] as dolphin software solutions,
this is not a new task for them.
and they are very professional cheaters..
harsih palancha, swapna jason, jason fernandes are livin in madhapur,
abinav gunda is still in suryapet,
rajshekar left to UK,
his brother chandrashekar is still here in hyd,
nandini is still recruiting, i got hernew number but she changed last too last week,
and prem who was with harish during last few weeks of shutting the company is stil with harish for protection and harish is growing fatter and fatter day by day, happy man right,
madapur police dont care about all these, , , they got what they need

suryapet lo abinav father college lecturer(govt.)
bnreddy lo rajshekar familly gurunchi chala varaku telusu
so i[censored] r in badly need of money u can go and check
u vl get atleast something o[censored]r hardearned money back
Tejachary3's reply, Sep 19, 2016

My Name is Teja I want information related to Tangent Software.

Please help me!!
and suresh above commented that emploees destored office as they didnt get paid for 3months...good joke dude, i joined in august 11 and got 1500rupees,
there are loads of people who didnt even got that,
what the hell are u talking ah...
harish never even put a lock for the office and left it like that for 2months waiting for someone to do some1 to do something, IT WAS ALL PREPLANNED.
they knew what they were doing exactly, last sal they paid was for july and then watever they gave was under pressure, which was 1500, 2k etc etc which was given on roads under pressure
and we never got a project for the information...

Bpo care solutions — Cheating money

Hi Dear All,,
Please very carefully with captcha fruad and big lecture fraud, before selling capthca they giving more to more lecture like teacher,, after taking money then she do not attend the call , so please give me one more day, if they send the details then all are wrong details plz very care fully,,

Its better they sale to her sister and mother then she can earn more money from the bpo industrya, she eat my money i dont have any sad, but please very carefully my dear friends
send me detals form filling process
hi sir
this is responding in this totol and every one totol telling in this postion all of harish and they friends are cheated to more of my self and my friends to totol of members are 200-300 members we are to truely complaint of the policestation and they are not responding in that postion all this caharecters are to and that person was Hrish was cheater of the my self and to target of lose so many people to very loss of the 50000 to 100000 in that position of the loss of my friends
If anyone has got similar problems about the person described above ie "sasi" or sasikala with [protected]
Please contact me. I am also facing same problem.
Thank you
Hi i am chakri, i am also one of the victim of tangent software company, and my frnd also name chenna, we came to know abt this company through aplomb consultancy in dilsukhnagar, which is running by mr. arun(fraud person), right now this fraud guy wroking in wipro, . we paid 40k, they even pay single penny, i agree above my frnds comments, SURESH AGDU, AKUVA CHESADU, VADU ANTA COMMISION TESUKUNADO ELA RAYADANIKI,
hello pinky here...both swapna and harish and swapna's husband are staying at baghlingampally...
Hi, what action have you all taken. Is anyones issue resolved. Please contact if you want to take any action.

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