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[Resolved]  The Principal, Fatima High School, Vidyavihar, Mumbai — Corporal Punishment to students & demanding money without issuing receipt from parents & students

Sir / Madam,
Do you know of any investigative journalist who can expose the malpractice, corruption & dictatorial style of functioning at Fatima High School, Vidyavihar by the school management run by the capuchin priests.
I give you a summary of the malpractice happenings.
- Corporal Punishment is openly practiced frequently by the teachers & the school authorities viz; the Principal & the Vice Principal who are very arrogant & dictators
- The Principal collects money in the form of fine for trivial matters with no receipt
- To pay the salary to Primary Teachers, the Principal has collected money from the students of secondary section without any receipt & makes it compulsory
- Sends the students home if found coming late without giving the student a chance for explanation
- A don't care attitude for the students & the parents
- Does not send the minutes of the matter discussed in the PTA meetings to the parents
- Has sent unsigned, unjustified & baseless circulars to the parents with a request to be signed & returned, making it compulsory confirming the hitler style of functioning

Our daughter has been a victim in this school & when approached to the authorities, they crudely confirm their don't care attitude by saying, "We don't care, do what you want".
We have tried to keep our cool for a very long time, but matters are turning bad to worse. We have also intimated the Principal's superiors viz; the Provincial & His Eminence Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay who is incidentaly the President of ABE. (Archdiocese Board of Education).

Now we feel helpless since no action is being taken & the authorities are functioning as if it is no body's business & no one can touch them.
Therefore, if you can help in this matter, it would be a great favor to me & my family as we have been undergoing mental stress due to the atrocities & problems faced by our child in the school.
We would humbly request you to give us the contact details of any of good investigative journalist who will pursue this matter intently & do the necessary enquiry & investigations from their part so that they are confirmed of the truth in the case.

We have copies of the email content which I can forward to you if you revert back & let me know if it is possible for you to help me in this matter.

We as helpless parents now look forward to your help & reply via return sms, mobile or email.
Also please do mail us your contact number to get in touch with you.
With best regards,
Mob: [protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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such malpractice & atrocities by the religious priests should be discouraged with immediate effect & such an institution should either be shut down or the arrogant misfit dictators should be transferred or thrown out for incompetancy & adequate stringent action should be taken against them as they are shutting the door to right to education to the child & instilling fear into the young minds thereby causing fear & mental trauma

It is indeed shocking to know of such inhuman unjustified acts practiced by the roman catholic religious capuchin priests heading the educational institutions, supposed to shape the future of tomorrow. On the contrary the students & parents will have no regards for such dictators & hard hearted religious priests who continue to function with a "We Don't Care Attitude".
May their stone hearts have a transformation & the school have a revolutionary change with those at the helm.
As a member of PTA of Fatima High School, I totally disagree with what you say. If what you say is true, then there wouldn't be more than 2000 content parents, who are very happy with the discipline and the policies of the School. Fatima High School has such high standards of education and discipline that many more just wait to get into Fatima High School... The allegations seem baseless. It's so sad that your own Catholic priests have become soft target from you yourselves. It is better if you look within for your problems then just blame the School for the poor performance of your child.
I disagree with your allegations against the Management of the School. I was present for the PTA meeting wherein the issue of collecting money was raised. The money collected was not to pay the salary to Primary Teachers but it was clearly mentioned that it was to pay the arrears accruing thereon. As regards issuing of receipts for this money collected, the Principal had informed all parents about the transparancy of accounts and that any parent desiring to see the same were welcome as it was practially not feasible to issue individual receipts. Announcements were also made that if any parents wanting receipts for this amount could approach the school office and collect the same. I have collected my receipt from the school office so u can do so too. When we are getting free education for our child can't we make this small contribution ???

The issue of sending students home when they come late is a part of discipline of the school and which should be followed strictly. The very fact that our children are in this school is proof enough that it is one of the best schools known for its discipline and we need to follow the same.

Let us work together for the betterment of the school in general and in the interest of our children in particular.
if with out calander beats like a mad person any where and takes his bag and dose not return it
I agree completely with the complaint.
I am an ex-student of fhs. I passed out a year ago. I have been witness to all the malpractices n dictatorship mentioned in the complaint.
I would like to describe my personal experience.
When i was in class 10 we had a free period once. The class was making noise and the monitors could'nt control it that well. Our vice principal walked in and decided he would punish the whole class.
He gave the whole class 10 cuts on our knuckles with the duster.
Is this the way you teach discipline ?
I protested and he paid no heed to it. It just gave rise to a rivalry between him and me. And he would snub me in every way possible.
We had our exams in that week, and our hands were so hurt by the cuts. How are we suppose to right exams for 3 hours ??
Besides, when u collect money for every little thing, the child does not learn a lesson.
eg. i[censored]'re absent u pay a fine of and that's all.
So even if a child remains sick, he has to pay a fine.
Is this fair?
It is definitely affordable for the privileged one's but what about the other's ?
Fhs has always had an amazing reputation for discipling children, but discipling the in right ways.
How can we expect students to respect such dictators ?
I hope we can bring about a change in the autocratic system and bring back our school's earlier ways of discipling children. This will surely make children to respect their Teacher's and Principal's .
i agree most of the people may think its not true because the victims are 2 capuchin priest. parents should know by their children wats going on in the can they ask money for the payment of fees of primary teachers .the other nuissance was that previously the g bus which was specially for sports student was free for them and now he charges rs 1000 per student .come on men we play for our school not for ourselves and y was this free before he came to our school.
* Having gone through the content of the child who received 10 hard cuts on his tender knuckles prior to writing his exams, I pity the students who are being mentally & physically tortured by the school authorities of Fatima High School, vidyavihar, by corporal punishments & unjustified, unaffordable fines without receipt.
* These heads fail to understand that they are just the acting heads of the institution who can show off for a temporary period.
* Discipline need not necessarily be maintained by corporal punishment & unaffordable fines.
* It has more impact when achieved with love and affection.
* Students will also have high regards for such a person even after they pass out of the school.
* You can’t bully students for long.
* It is high time that the education inspector in charge of the school ward acts upon the same & fine the authorities for such unjustified acts.
* Lets work towards bringing Peace, rather than hatred among the student community.
**Peace to All** - Students Grievance Cell -
there are a few teachers in fathima who need to be set right the hard way which has been done by x-students from time to time for eg. gopalkrishnan sir
albert jussttt mot--- ----er
rupesh is mad 8th std black
acccording to the first comment i dont think thats right b cause from almost 13000 parent only 2000 parents like
not only that i think that 2000 have not to pay any donation
i actually am a student of fatima high school vidyavihar in std 9th.the fathers collect fines for talking in class, for being late, etc.i too think that these malpractices should be stopped. they are still collecting money from my sister and all other classes of primary section for paying the teachers.
Follow the group in the link which we students who have suffered his bruises have created on our part, as even we were helpless to do anything huge. Being a priest he can't hit a student on minor issues embarrasing him in front of the whole class, until the student feels mentally frustrated.[protected]&ap=1#!/home.php?sk=gro...
It may be true, even one school in Miraroad ( RBK School )collecting late fess but not giving receipts for that, even innotice board nothing mention about late fees
I fully agree with Mr. Gomes. The corporal punishment is still continuing in the school. The school is just trying to test parents patience. The school should remember that children are like god and no religion in this world has ever told about giving corporal punishment to children. Teachers who are incapable or incompetent land up giving corporal punishment and should be kicked out from school as these few teachers spoil the name of the school. Its a high time that the school management should wake up and bring some discipline in teachers first than trying to discipline the children.
It is sad to learn about such untoward happenings associated to students in catholic institutions run by the religious. It is also shocking to know that some of the teachers humiliate the students by compelling them to carry their heavy bags & stand in the class as part of the punishment, thereby humiliating the concerned student amidst the whole class... We wonder if these who instil such punishments are ever happy in their own life, wanting to jeopardise the life of students... --anon--.
Hi A.Gomes,
I think these priests are getting more and more hungry for power and money.
They preach to us Christians, that we must not be materialistic.
I have been a victim where the principal and office staff have been demanding donation for admissions at Lourdes School Kalyan.
My complaint is at:
Someone should conduct a sting operation on all christian schools and expose these priests.
I certainly agree with what Martin Luther King fought for.
Email: [protected]
Hi sir
I have fill online application form for jr kg & save in a pc, but unfortunately that form is delete can i get admission of your school.

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