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 pintuprasad on Jan 20, 2011
Dear Sir/madam,

This is to inform you that I have joined thriven marketing India ltd on 22nd july 10 as STM, siliguri branch west Bengal, with monthly salary of Rs. 25,000 , company has rules to provide salary at 10th of every month
I asked our Asst regional head Mr. sanjib sarkar regarding the same, but he denied to reply me contradicting that I need to justify my salary, as I have not achieved my stipulated target my salary was deducted, further I showed him the offer letter issued by company that nowhere it is mentioned that I need to justify my salary for 90 days which my training period, hence when I raised this issue to Zonal manager Mr. Mrinal Dutta , he neglected me and said me that he is not the concern person to resolve this issue our salary sheet was made by Asst regional Head Mr. sanjib sarkar and he would resolve it, further when I requested mr . Sanjib sarkar regarding my salary he advised me to Speak with CEO Mr. Mustak Ahmed an HR, when we spoke to Mustak Ahmed he assisted to forward a mail to HR regarding this issue and they would look into this matter even mustak and sanjib sir assured me that my salary would get released within day or two, even I wrote a mail to HR and sanjib sarkar on 18th sep10 , but till date we have not got any response neither we have received our salary till date.
Furher one more important issue I would like to raise that the business we have submitted none of our customer has received their Bond or Membership card as company assure that the membership card would be issued within 15 working days but its almost 2 month none of my customer has received their card as I am getting massive pressure from my clients, even our advisor (RM) those who are in commission basis have not yet received their commission till date.

Therefore, I request you to look into this matter and take necessary steps to get my issue resolved
pintu- [protected]

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mr. pintu complain that comany can say that i know why he r saying coz he got a salay but dedect salay.yes compay have some rule of regulation if u r a a.b.m and u have 5 s.t.m in your r not handle proparly on his team compay how can gave full salay with out work if some busniess gave to company then u can say i m also a.b.m in that compay i and my team and also r.m commision and salay come to on time never dedect our salary.and commision on time
i think enough that if any problam call me ok bye
suhail perwaize A.B.M
I am also join as a Sr. Agency manager, Patna. but i do'n know what is future... i hope company should be clear.

Raj kumar
it happens in such organisations as the fundamental struture is weak... i suggest raj to change yr job asap as i have also suffered with another such organisation.
suhail your english shows your designation and Employer... you are perfect chap for this type of local fake company... wish you all the best for your failure
Absolutely Pintu, Sohail, s English vocabulary shows his capabilities and the capabilities of those who hired him, I got an offer from thriven marketing India ltd, so I thought to google it out and reached this page. Now I've made my mind and you know what.
i am also make an idioy by sunch an company..
as i have puchased bonds from these and i dont think i would get anything back by this.
as sum1 taken money from me by saying that it will go double with in 5 yrs of a time period so what should i do can u suggest me out...
sir im Rakesh kumar das sir i want to know aboyt your hospitlity and health so kindly request you please solve my queary9
what is plan of hospitlity
Kindly forward this type of doughtful company details to R.O.C they will take proper action against this all.Wheather company have proper Reg. No. 'or' not.
Around 45 customers has filed a complain in consumer court as they have not yet received their bonds, thriven has closed their office in siliguri and had looted many customers hard earned money, requesting you guys to immedeatly file a complain in ur city against this type of cheat company
Infact my team members had not got their salary so we filled a case in labour tribunal office, human rights, n HRD office, hopefully we will receive salary with compensation as assured by labour department, those employees who has been victim of this type of fake company may submit their complain to regional labour office,
Dear Pintu,
This is to inform you that you have arranged your thinking in your own way. But this is very much true that when you are expecting something from an organization, on the other hand that organization has to expect a remarkable contribution from your end.
But from your comment it is clear that your performance was below standard, during your employment in "Thriven Marketing India" which is not acceptable at any point for that position in which you have recruited. If you have such potentiality to proof your self as an appreciable personnel, you go for achieving your stipulated target & justified your designation.
In any profession "data is the ultimatum that talks" So try to make your data strong not your excuse.
I had also been worked with Thriven for around 1yr.My experience was very good with them because I justified my responsibility with my designation & also with my salary.
Dear Monalisa,
Good to hear that you have been stick to this company, if this company is not fake why did they closed their office in siliguri, why customers are not getting their bonds and discount as the company has promised them, i guess you are not aware of my performance better consult with the HR, i was the best performer in entire North Bengal with Highest number of Business, so plz first evaluate then comment, why this cheat company has ho;d my sales managers salary, even the coward Mrinal Dutta and the HR neglected this issue, even the panchayat office people are more qualified and hold a leadership skills than the management people of Thriven,
Guys infact i forgot to share a reason behind this Management, a HR official Mail in Bengali to his Employees... now u can decide what this companys profile.
Dear Team,
My self Mr.Mirnal Dutta, would like to say that i left Thriven today as on 04/06/2011, due to some interpenetration with Mr.Samir Dhara, iam no longer at thriven Office Kolkata.So for more query and related issue regarding pending Bonds of Kolkata & Assam please contact Miss.Lucky and Momi, Madhurjaye.

Thanking You all for support
Mr.Mirnal Dutta
Dear friend,
I am Priyam Mukherjee from Burdwan. Today(18/06/2011) I got one sms for interview call for the post of Sr. Accountant on 21th and 22nd july 2011. But as far as your comment I could not make my mind that what should I do. Whether I would go or not. So friend I request you to help me for taking any decision . I hope your decision will be the best decision for my future.

Thanks and regards.
Dear All,

Thriven Marketing India Ltd is a Geniune Company, is a big question mark.
Why I am telling -
1. As per RBI rules, no entity can collect money from individual people without prior permission or licence from RBI.
2. Think..., How can a company gives 50% discount in their membership fees and after 5 yrs they will return 100% of membership fees. Okey.., for the time I agree that thriven invest in real estate, media etc. but what is the gaurantee that company will make profit after 5 yrs. If company make loss, will Mr Mustak pay from the pockets. May be Mustak convert his black into white money. Say if yes, Will you think Mustak is such a big fool that he spending crores of rupees to membership fees just to convert black into white?
3. This company can't gives you transparancy of their investment. (Anyone can share, then please share).
4. Today, Mrinal Dutta is moved, the count down is begin, I believe, very soon this company also move or declare themselve as sinking company and the date is very near, once they complete 5 yrs sinking symptomes starts. Now, will any BM and below BM profile employee of Thriven can say that Mrinal has the quality of Zonal Manager ? Why a company kept such person in Zonal position who has lack of people management. And probably, those people who just under him hardly have the knowledge of people management. My believe is that Mustak knowingly kept Mrinal in that position so that he saw and reap whenever he wants.
5. Look at the bonds, Is anywhere its written that "membership fees will refund".
6. Don't think that thriven will launch their Ambulance. If anyone see than plz share reg. no. the vehicles.
7. FYI, tie up with an organization(Hospitals/hotels) is not a big deal. Even you can also do that. (For Expl - Say if you have a travel agent. You can go for negotiate their rate and tie up with hotels, motels, caps in a particular places like Gangtok). Now where is the income, here hotels/motels/caps wferill get their customer regularly by giving some discount and customer have to pay lesser amount.
8. Most Imp. if this a geniune company then why they deduct salary of their employees(ARH and below). Are employee of thriven who are in sales verticle recruit in commission basis, if yes then why they don't mention in offer letter. FYI, no geniune company can't deduct salary even the employee has ZERO business. They can fire but can't deduct salary.

So, my advice is not to join Thriven Marketing India Ltd. Because you and your team selling these membership cards to your family members or relatives or close friend of yours or your parents and at the time refund if the company will not able to refund then your or your family relationship will be effect.

Big Brother.
Big Brother thats for you...

In my image you are absolutely right, But on the other hand your comment is markable, as because, to convert black money into white itz very simple for 21st century ex-;purchase land.s.l.nbr 2-:In your comment you mention that ---

Think..., How can a company gives 50% discount in their membership fees and after 5 yrs they will return 100% of membership fees. Okey.., for the time I agree that thriven invest in real estate, media etc. but what is the gaurantee that company will make profit after 5 yrs. If company make loss, will Mr Mustak pay from the pockets. May be Mustak convert his black into white money. Say if yes, Will you think Mustak is such a big fool that he spending crores of rupees to membership fees just to convert black into white?
3. This company can't gives you transparancy of their investment. (Anyone can share, then please share).

Iam totally agree with you and i will inform all my colleague and friends regarding your message.
Mr.Parash Pratim Mazumdar
Guwahati, Assam
Dear All
Today I would like to disclose my identity.
It has been a long journey from March on-wards that I have been chasing "Thriven".
I have tried in vain to bring bad name to the organisation.
I have wasted my money and time in doing so.
I have lost mental peace in doing that.
I am almost bankrupt now bribing this and that Department and giving money to many Unions.
All in vain.
I should have known it long back that I cant do anything to harm Thriven.
My ego has killed me.
I really want to say sorry to all those who have been mentally tortured by me.
Kindly forgive me, I am sick and I really need your support.

May God bless you!
Gagan Kr Deka
Hi Frens
I am very sad to see all the allegations put on Thriven Marketing India Ltd.
This organisation has made my life.

"Ye Company Meri Maa Hein! Koi Meri Maa ko galat ya ganda bole, mujhe accha nahi lagta hein.Isliye mein yaha aap sabse haath jod kar prathna karta hoon ki aap sab apne niji samashyao aur swarth k chalte, Thriven ko galiya na de.Aap apni galtiya dekhe ewam unhe sudhare."

I am one of those employees counting whom Thriven started and now it has spread like anything.I am grateful to the management and all the seniors who taught me so many management skills on the basis of which I have started a small organisation-MRS Agrotech Ltd.

My success as one of the directors of the above mentioned organisation is only becasue of Thriven.

When I decided to start my own setup, not only with tips and guidance but financially also, my ex colleagues have helped.

I am ever grateful to my ex-Boss and colleagues.Though I am not associated with Thriven anymore but its a fact that the days I was working there, were the golden days of my life.

Āmi kr̥tajña thriven thēkē. Ē'i āmākē Puruṣa bana diẏēchēna. Āmi thriven ēkaṭā karmacārī Kintu bartamānē āmi ēkaṭi bikāśamāna pratiṣṭhānēra ēkaṭi paricālaka. Āmāra sāphalya r̥ṇēra Thriven yāẏa.

Āmi yē prītikara khārāpa mantabyasamūha ēbaṁ bibr̥ti thriven birud'dhē pradatta biśbāsa karabēna nā anurōdha.

Kichu mānasikabhābē birakta mānuṣa ē'i āchēna. Tārā sēkhānē kāja thēkē kāraṇa tārā anaitika jinisaguli dōṣī pā'ōẏā yāẏani bahiskāra karā haẏēchē.

Adhika bibaraṇēra jan'ya kalyāṇakāmī, āmākē@ [protected] yōgāyōga



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