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 Kajal Das on Jun 2, 2011
I am an NRI planning to move back to Kolkata from the USA. To settle my family in a decent housing complex we booked an apartment at Unitech/Uniworld Kolkata in April 2006 with a commitment for possession by summer 2009. We have already paid 95% of the amount and last 5% pending which is due during possession. Till today we do not have the apartment, neither there is any clear communication on delays or possession from Unitech. Each time I call/email end up getting a vague answer or delivery commitment which never happens.

Recent media about the company clearly indicates Unitech's bigger plans on looting their buyers. To build credibility and trust among buyers Unitech cleverly offered on the agreement to pay a compensation for delays @ Rs 2/sq feet. My decision for buying Unitech apartment was not due to Rs 2 compensation but to won a place for our move.

We live outside the country, therefore, don't have the leverage to visit their site frequently, now only dependent on communication from few buyers who've also bought in the same project and formed a group for discussion.

Due to Unitech's delay we had to take several losses and make changes in our family which is extremely inconvenient.

I would highly appreciate and be grateful if someone can provide some directions on how to deal with this situation.

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Fresco Kolkata buyers, please join me in facebook "Unitech Fresco Kolkata Court Case Group" to fight the case with unitech.
c b chatterjee's reply, Apr 1, 2017
Please let. Us join to fight with Unitech kolkata project.give ur contact#.

Delay in Possession — Delay in Posession

Dear Sir,

I have flat (House No. N-704) in Jaipuria Sunrise Indirapuram Ghaziabad (U.P.) & have done my registry in the month of May and till date i do not get posession from Jaipuria despite of my regular requests. Every time the managment tell us it will take one week, some times 15 days.

Please give some advise that how i can get my flat as soon as possible.

Waiting for your postive response

Thanking You

Shobha Tomar

Nation Techno Pest Control — Ch not clear

Ch No. 130336

Ch.Dt. 26/08/2009

Rs. 200000

Bank : Pimpalgaon Marchant co-op bank
Ch. No. 130336

Ch.Dt. 26/08/2009

Rs. 20000/-

Bank : Pimpalgaon Marchant Cooperate Bank

DELHI APARTMENTS — Flat booked not handed over from last three years

Dear Sir,

I have booked an appartment at Haridwar with Delhi Appartments at SIDCUL in Sept. 07 and 100% payment is made on the basis that the appartment will be handed over with in 6 months (No written committments) as the basic structure was ready white wash was going on. But the project is stand still from last two years and not even a single brick is fixed since than. We as joint has taken up the issue with state CM. local DM also but there is no improvement. Every time the builder is visiting the site and giving another committement that work will be started and will finish by this time and no work is started. I am a sallary class person and payning my 50% of sallary for the loan installment and also paying huge rent and no compensation is given from builder. Please look into the issue which is affecting my kitcehen expenses now and my kids study is also getting affected.


Kamaljeet Singh

dear sir
i have prchase my uncle house 9 year before .i have taken a loan from bank we have made the agreement
he sold me 360 sqft rcc work house .he wrote in agrement that he is givining me 360 sqft RCC work house
now he is comming to me and saying that i have not sold u terrace i told him to show me NOC letter from
court than only will allow u to enter in my primmises
i have gone to police station the police told her to bring NOC letter from court but after the police complaint
he send some raudy boys to my home the roudy boys bit my father, mother, brother, my brother in low
my father was bitten by bamboo in his head and he get 11 stiches in head and other were person were injured
i have given the complaint to police station in sangvi (pune) the arreset those pepole but in one day they got the bail.
we all are working person i have one son and one daugther with my wife and my father and mother are to week person .i am totaly scired i don't undestand what to do so iam writting this letter to u with lots of hope
i and my family is totaly distrubed
i am and my family kindly request to u to take some serious action againts them
so they should not do this rawdy thing again in feture with us
Hi Kajal,

Delays have been inevitable in the real estate sector in India from past few years. There have been many factors causing the same including recession and market up-downs. But I am sure Unitech is a safe bet as it is India's second best real estate developer and a very reputed company. I am sure whatever setbacks they must have been facing, they will deliver your apartment soon. So i would suggest you to be calm and take the matter a bit more patiently.
hi kajal,
i am too planning to buy an apartment in uniworld, kolkata. need your wise comments on it.is it worth to buy there with a price of 4200/sq feet and can it be easily sold to others in future time in case i will move to other location out of kolkata?
Hi, All,

I booked a flat in Unitech Fresco (Kolkata) in Feb 2012 and now Unitech is asking payment for completion of 4th floor casting of Fresco Tower 6 in Kolkata. Last few payments they asked in quick intervals (app 2 month). I wonder whether every buyer has same experience. Unitech's official website doesn't even show the photos of the construction for which they ask payment. I am a buyer from oversees and unfortunately I couldn't send anyone to their construction site to verify construction status.

Somehow pace of this progress doesn't match with their schedule with earlier towers, most of which were delayed and Unitech aid customers penalty for late possession.

If the pace of Fresco continues in this way, they will be completing much before schedule handover Dec, 2014.

Is it their policy that they try to complete initial phases faster so that they can get substantial portion of the payments as early as possible.

Unitech buyers' experience will be helpful.

Unitech Fresco buyers please join google group " Unitech Fresco Kolkata".
I have a similar experience with Unitech. I booked with 95% in 2008 DEC with a promise to get in 2011. And all I see is photos which remained same for quite long and I have doubts when this will be actually done.
People talk about they are second largest, but we have seen how the brand is associated with 3G scandals. I have no place to stay in Kolkata - infact no assurance either when I will get this.

All my hard earned money looks to be at risk and it is no more a safe bet.

Can anyone guide me on how we can get help from consumer court on this?
Dear fellow NRIs - we all are on the same boat.
I booked a flat in Cascade in 2006 with a promise of handover in 2010. Whenver I send an email, I get a revised comiitments with a deferment by another quarter. Lat year they said handover will take place in Apr 2013, yesterday I got another mail ( of course after my follow up) that it's now deferred till end of 2014 barring unforseen circumstances. I see Unitech group is investing in new projects in Kolkata and other cities, hence lack of funds is not an issue. I guess they want to keep our projects in complete since we are already 'locked in' with them and can't step out. This is nothing but a rfelection of a poor attitude to their existing customers Is there anyway to build pressure on the builder here please...
Raajesh Tiwari's reply, Nov 6, 2016
I have a flat tooo at cascade any help?

As its delayed and delayed

Rajesh Tiwari


In a recent update from Unitech on cascades (post my phone calls), I was informed that tower no 9 in which I have booked a flat will not be handed over before the 1st quarter 2015, while tower no 2 n 3 are handed out. Unitech informed the possession of Heights, Down Town, Cascades has also started in a phased manner. The basic amenities pertaining to road, water, electricity, sewerage, security, housekeeping, pest control, power back up, elevator service, Retail stores etc are all operational. There are residents residing at Uniworld City & we have provided amenities viz., pool table, carom, chess, family lounge (with TV room), Multi court with Tennis, badminton, basketball & volley ball, skating rink, Swimming Pool, Club House with Banquet facility, Gym, Spa, Pool Car service etc. Pls visit the website for construction photographs. --- this is from UNITECH

If things are happening and funds are not an issue then why is there a further delay of another 24 months! After paying 95% in 2007 I fail to understand Unitechs consumer commitment. They on papers had commited to deliver by Mar 2010.

We need to step up together to handle this situation
Raajesh Tiwari's reply, Nov 6, 2016
I have a flat tooo at cascade any help?

As its delayed and delayed

Rajesh Tiwari



I am planning to buy a flat in UNITECH FRESCO in June 2013 in tower 8
Please advise since I live abroad and have no time to visit the property whether this is good option because the reviews are not good.
I have booked in UNITECH Cascade in 2007. recently visited their site. Facility is kind of coming up. But it is going to be delayed, posession will start in 2015 for cascade. Any legal action can be taken against them? My name is Debraj (contact 07816982247, UK)
Raajesh Tiwari's reply, Nov 6, 2016
I have a flat tooo at cascade any help?

As its delayed and delayed

Rajesh Tiwari


Any legal action can be taken against Unitech for their false promises?
Unitech project in kolkata has been mired with controversies ranging from false promises to low quality materials and horrific finishing.

I am eyeing for a unit in Fresco. I heard that T1 - T4 is six months delayed which falls in line with the Unitech game plan of taking 80% of the money and then delay the progress to utilize the fund elsewhere. T5-T6 is still on track since they haven't reach that 80% cut yet. While for T7 1 floor roof casting is going on.

Cascade / Harmony has been the worst hit project and I really feel bad for these extremely unfortunate cases of buyers waiting for 3+ years upto 5-6 years to get what they are entitled to get much much earlier. Vista was the fastest project owing to the price range it was offerred for.

I really hope Fresco will not go in the same direction as Cascade since the apartments are very costly compared to other options available in the area. Having said that, notwithstanding with the builder credibility the area should see good progress in the coming years in the span of 5-10 years. I know this for a fact that, the AA-1 till the Techno India Newtown building has seen spurt of activities as in shopping malls / banks owing to IT growth. Also, given the pace at which the whole Uniworld project is moving I don't see Uniworld getting completed before another 10 years passes by.

Area after that including Uniworld is not well developed at this stage and will take some more time. I think the most important question to ask yourself before you book an apartment in this project should be:

- Are you ok with the fact that the project might get delayed much beyond what you expected? If yes, go for it else look for cheaper / ready to buy apartments in the same / other projects.

- Are you buying this as an investment option or living option. If investment option then you have to think really long term as in 5-10 years. If living consider this even if there are ~300 families living in the complex the area still lack basic amenities.

The way I see it this kind of big ticket investment should not be based on builder reputation or any other cosmetic factors and must be driven by fundamentals and fundamentals only e.g. your cash flow / your personal situation / future plan / the growth prospects of the area.

hope this helps,
- c
Raajesh Tiwari's reply, Nov 6, 2016
I have a flat tooo at cascade any help?

As its delayed and delayed

Rajesh Tiwari


I have also paid 95pct of money for my unitech cascade, 9th tower flat, but looks like it is going to be delayed by another 5 to 8 years .I suggest that all cascade flat owner to get together and then pressurise unitech.
Capt Prasanta Poddar
I agree with you. I have made 95% payment in 2008 for tower 8, cascade. We should all get together and demand an explanation and firm date from the developer. What is the way forward.

Sipra Thomas
I found this while searching internet . The national consumer court has given this judgement . I am willing to join a consumer group contemplating legal action against Unitech .

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another recent court order against Unitech to pay additional penalty on delay
In a judgement delivered by the National Consumer Commission on May 29, 2013, penalty was levied on Unitech for delay so far in delivering Harmony project. Penalty goes up if project not delivered within 6 months of judgement.

Case CC/314/2012 in the National Consumer Court.

Read full text of court ruling at

It is a slap on face of Unitech from the highest consumer court of the country. This order can only be challenged in the Supreme Court, but it is highly unlikely the Supreme Court will take up appeal on such an obvious case of gross fraud committed by Unitech against consumers.
The need of the hour is to create a group to protect our collective interest. In case of Cascades as most of the buyers have already paid around 95% of the total due amount, Unitech is taking advantage of the situation and delaying the delivery by prioritizing other projects. We should go to consumer court for taking up right action against Unitech. There should be severe penalty for delays beyond 6 months, which is now more than 3 years for Cascades.
Raajesh Tiwari's reply, Nov 6, 2016
I have a flat tooo at cascade any help?

As its delayed and delayed

Rajesh Tiwari


I have booked an unit in Unitech Fresh T-6.

I agree that we must form and join a group to step up pressure on Unitech. Meanwhile, suggest we continue to mount pressure on Unitech authorities by sending regular mails on delay and quality finishing. We cannot have only faster possession without quality workmanship. We need both.

Regds, Kumar ( kumargautam@yahoo.com)

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