[Resolved]  US Tech Solutions Inc. — Massive Fraud

I was called for the US Tech Solutions walkin on the 30th of August,2009 at IITM,Janakpuri.After the presentation which was conducted hurriedly,they announced that the remuneration would be in the range of 8-10 K per month during the training period.I stayed on till the last round of interview.

They had shortlisted me for the the last and final round of interview at their office on the 7th of September.On visiting their office,I was told they would not pay anything to anyone for the first two-three months.

A case of massive fraud.Not only did they waste two days,but I also wasted money on my fuel and other misc. expenses due to this placement drive.

It was utter callousness on the part of the institution IIITM,Janakpuri as well to encourage this drive.Perhaps,they had their own interests too.

Anyways,the company is a disgusting place,both campus wise and otherwise with extremely unprofessional and insincere people working in it.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I really do not agree to the kind of comment made here. My experience with US Tech Solutions has been really enriching. Even i am a campus recruit by US Tech Solutions, but nowhere in the process did I feel as dejected as this guy felt. Also I would like to tell that its been 6 months and I have been working here and its not been a single month where my salary has been either delayed or not processed. So the accusations made here for not getting paid is absolutely baseless, rather I got a hike recently!! I know this certainly that those people who are not qualified enough or have some other reasons to fail to compete into this organization would have a bitter tongue. Also it may be the fault of the institution that couldn't clarify the things to the students and not the company which must have clarified all the details of the position they came to close to the institution. I seriously would regard this way of speaking crap about any organization as absolutely disgusting and denotes the low level of professionalism of the candidate and no regard for the organization where he went to seek a job. Had the organization been so bad why did he plan to start his career with such an organization?? The answer is pretty simple, its his bitter tongue that out of frustration of not being selected is speaking. So in a nutshell, I would like to say that in every organization there are some people who are not satisfied (can never be satisfied!!). Such cases cannot tarnish the repute of any organization and those who base their decisions on these cases should broaden their thougt process and try and reason out.
Completely agree with Suchi, i am also a campus recruit. Its been more than 1 year working with US Tech Solutions, and i have learned a lot. Its a great company to work with.
Such organsation of repute does not believe in such mischievous action. I disagree with the accused recruitees.
NKS Gahlowt
Horrible recruiters. Well, they are not recruiters, not professionally, of course, Not very good experience.
I am a HR/ recruiting professional myself. I was contacted by a recruiter with no so great communication skills. He never followed up with me, nor he ever met me. I would never hire them or use their services.
Scam or not? I don't know but there are many agencies like them in NJ that are not from the USA and they are definitely sketchy. I had several bad and a very unprofessional experience with them. There is something odd about them. Do not trust them!
I received a message from the company regarding being a part of their proposal. They didn't sound legitimate so I did a bit of research. So glad that I did check online first. Thanks to everyone who gave such good descriptions about this sketchy business.
SCAM!!! They just rip-off other recruiting sites postings!! I got the following email from Abhinay Kumar <[protected]> and was a shortened/verbatim copy of a posting on UTI job search. The UTI posting is here:

my email was as follows:


My name is Abhinay and I represent US Tech Solutions. US Tech Solutions is a global staff augmentation firm providing a wide-range of talent on-demand and total workforce solutions. To know more about US Tech Solutions, please visit our website

We are constantly on the lookout for professionals to fulfill the staffing needs of our clients, and we currently have a job opening that may interest you. Below is a summary of the position.
If you are interested in the opportunity listed below, please forward your updated resume along with current contact information, or perhaps you can recommend someone who would be interested in this position.

Job Title: Mechanic General
Location: Mesa, AZ
Contract Duration: 12+ months
Shift Timing : 6:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Job Description:
General mechanical experience with knowledge of associated hand tools and pneumatic tools. Sorting and organizing skills needed. Able to follow computer based and other specific processes and systems, including manufacturing planning and blueprints, as well as other forms of both written and oral instructions. Airframe and Powerplant experience preferred.

Education / Experience:
High School Diploma or GED

Additional Comments:
Must be Flexible for work hours - extended hours and potential second shift assignments.

Thank you for your time.
My experience with US Tech Solutions has been really disappointed.
I got a phone call and an email, about openings with Cerner Healthcare skills: VC++, MFC. It’s from US Tech Solutions the person’s name Anjali Kashyap +[protected].

Over Phone Conversation:
First Call: she asked skills, experience, current location and CTC, etc… and finally she said coming July 23rd 2015 F2F discussion happening at Cerner Bangalore, I told her right now I am in Coimbatore so I cannot travel, then she said if you are attending then we will provide travel expenses and arranging for refreshment also. Then I said if you are providing travel expenses I am ready to travel and attend F2F Discussion.

Second Call: Again she called me and she asked me to please book your tickets and send the duplicate copy to us we will reimbursement the fare then I told exact fare also its around Rs.1930/- she said ok better you book your tickets because you know better in your place.

Now : There are not ready to settlement the traveling fares. If I call also they are not responding simply cut the call. Till now I made more than 50 calls no response even I called her personal number also which she shared me before. No use switched off or disconnects my calls. Here below the caller info.


Anjali Kashyap
US Tech Solutions
(CMMI Level 3 Company)
Techno Pearl
Plot No: 6/2, 5th Floor
Hitech City, Hyderabad,
Desk: +[protected]
scam/spammmm, i got an email from someone at US Tech Solutions along with getting an email from them about a position, i emailed them back to say that I was not interested in working with a company outside of my metro area and to remove me from their database. That was yesterday morning, since then I have gotten 8 more emails (some from the same person) and 6 phone calls all about the same job. 1st off I wouldn't work for/with them even if i did want the position, 2nd I wouldnt for/with them because they don't do what I have asked and keep spamming me on the same job (that i dont want). POS company.
Any people that are mad saying this is not a scam are probably connected with them...I have had 3 emails set apart for the same job and what made it odd is the pay they offered me. I know they were pulling my leg. but they keep calling me and wanting me to send them my last 4 social and birthdate and to sign an agreement to legally represent me. Really the form they sent me asks for my legal name. The number they call me from is a New York number and they are Hiring for New York life here in Corpus Christi. They went as far as to match the company to look legit. You would think they would of hired someone already for the pay they offered.. SCAM! People when it sounds to good to be true ...GOOGLE them.
This is the form they want me to fill and send[protected][protected][protected]--

I acknowledge that my legal name is ……….., I give US Tech Solutions Inc. the right to submit my resume to New York Life. The location for the job 5350 South Staples Drive, Suite 101 Corpus Christi, Tx 78411. I have not submitted my resume for the same position with the job id: #104562 (Receptionist) for this client and I agree for the pay rate of $14/hr. US Tech Solutions Inc. has discussed this position and the opportunity with me, and I have given them exclusive permission to represent me and submit my resume.

I warrant that all of the information on my resume and those facts that I shared with US Tech Solutions Inc. concerning my education and work experience are true and that all dates of employment, degrees, and certifications are true to the best of my knowledge; and that I will provide copies of verification documents as required.

I understand that this is not an offer for employment, nor an offer to contract. I further understand that this authorizes US Tech Solutions Inc. to submit my qualifications for this position and does not constitute an employment contract or contractor agreement.

Candidate Application form:
1. Legal Name (as appears on i-9) :
2. Current Location :
3. Open to Relocation and Travel :
4. Reason of Looking for Job/ Job Change :
5. Last Four Digit SSN :
6. Date of Birth (month and day) :
7. Visa Status :
8. Notice Period / Time Needed to Start :
9. Interview availability :
10. Relevant Experience(in years) :
11. Have you worked with New York Life before? :
12. Highest Education degree :
13. Do you have a copy of your HS Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree? :
14. Are you willing to go through a background check and drug test as a part of pre-onboarding process?:
15. If yes, would you be confident to clear the background check and drug test?:
Please let us know if you feel anything could impact the outcome of the result. :

Note: The reason we ask for the last four digits of your social security ID and your date of birth (month and day) is to allow us to represent you to NYL by creating a unique id number for you on their system. This avoids duplication and false representation.
I am in the USA and I have been working with US Tech Solutions for almost a year. I have not had a problem. The pay was what they said it would be, etc. The above comments come to me as a shock.
I was contacted by Monica today on 8/5/2016. I spoke with her and explained to her that you are targeting the wrong candidate for the job. She rudely continued talking to me. When i told her to remove my information from their database then she hung on me 3 times. I asked if i talk to her supervisor, she did not give me supervisor's contact. She said she does not have a time to talk to candidate. Finally I spoke with another colleague (May be Monica's supervisor), she also hung on me. US Customers, please be careful this company is scam with very rude customer service, please do not provide to personal information they can misuse your information very easily. They need to learn how to do business the American way. Please watch out!
I was contacted by Shiva Rai at the NJ office. After I sent my resume they never contacted me again. They even said they wanted to schedule a phone interview. I emailed twice, left a VM and tried calling several times and no one answers the phone. I called the CA office and a lady name Jenny Parker answered the phone. I requested to speak with a manager and you could tell it was someone telling another person the reason of my call. They are deceptive, shady and I hope this people do not use my email or name for any purpose.
Suffering from identity theft with these people if very possible...
I requested my email and all contact be removed from their databases. I will contact FCC if they don't do it. BE AWARE that these people are not who they say they are.
I was contacted by this company...their entire modus operandi is on the shady side...they pretend very well...very underhanded operation...Please do not provide them your social security number or any other private information... If you do, please contact your credit bureaus and place a freeze on your credit info...shady shady..
Same thing with me. I was called for a contract position because my skills appeared to be a match. I was then asked how much I needed to earn and I told them and he quickly stated the same amount for the position when I asked what the range was. He then asked me for the legal name and email address and then asked for my date of birth (month/day) followed by my last four of my SSN. I told him no and he stated that in order not to be presented to the client multiple times they would need that and the company would legally need that to even interview me. I have been on enough interviews to know this was a scam. I told him no and he gave me all these excuses. By the way, it sounded like a telemarketing agency calling me with 5, 000 people in the background and the gentleman calling me had a very thick Indian accent. Hmmmm then when I asked where his office was located and I would just go by, he couldn't answer me and quickly asked for my email again. After that he sent me and email to which I quickly deleted. Then about two minutes later another email came in stating it was a 5 month contract position and it had another person's name on it, of Indian decent.
Too sketchy for me. Thanks but no thanks.
I received a cold call from a recruiter at US Tech Solutions Inc about a position with the State of TX through a secondary agency, the recruiter asked some normal questions about the position, mixed in with some suspicious questions, for example "can you tell me the last four of your social plus your date of birth". I declined to answer the suspicious questions, but answered the remainder politely.

A little later still received an email a little later with details about the position and requesting a resume. I replied with my resume. Then in reply I received a form which was "required" to be completed about the position, which had questions about my experience (already documented on the resume I had previously sent), and questions regarding personal contact details for references plus an "exclusive right to represent" which stated that if I applied for the position through anyone else I would be excluded from employment.

This all had me a little worried, only small red flags regarding "requiring" too much information before even applying, but enough of them for me to do some research.

I searched the state of TX job website for the particular department, as well as the general website, and was unable to find the position, so I emailed the relevant department asking about the position and their relationship with this recruiter, as of today I have not yet heard back.

The recruiter's email address domain was "" which leads a dead website, whereas the official US Tech Solutions web address is which leads to a live website. According to the email addresses found on the actual US Tech Solutions website an official email address would use "", for example [protected]

Seems to be a scam. If it is an official branch o[censored]S Tech Solutions then their web presence, company mail policies and information policies are poorly implemented enough to make dealing with the company untrustworthy.

From Cathy Musser

I received a call yesterday from a Stone Riddle at 12:02 pm. He wanted to send me some updates.

That is not possible, as I canceled the entire agreement on 4/3/18 at 4:12pm.

Please update your records and stop calling me. I am not interested in your 'service.
I am currently employed with them. They are constantly lieing. I would love to get out but because i signed a contract is hard and i do like the company i work for. hoping they hire me permanent.

Back in 9/2018 i ask to use sick time and they didnt pay, i went back and fourth with them until december 2018, Ashkur said they will roll over to next year 2019. They didnt roll over at that point they said the state had made changes in which in should have not matter they promise to roll over since they didnt give to me. Thay are a scam and will get away if thwey can.

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