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Hi Myself Prashanth and was with Vertx Solutions based out of chennai.Company is owned by a person called dev.he had given me assignment to take care of Bangalore Branch.He has not paid my salary regularly even after several reminders.I want to know how can i get my dues from that company.he has not even settled my F&F.He is a very big fraud.
His email id is [protected]
Contact number :+[protected].
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Aug 14, 2020
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Srinivasa — Illtreating


Respected Sir,
we are studying in SRINIVASA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING, we have some complaint about our college.
There is A Pt sir, whose name is Dhinakaran. he is not treating the students as Proffesional students.he use to best the students, scold in bad words...
we have all saturdays as working day...

high thinking — make lovely world

I m ashish pruthi. i have aulity to change others thinking.
I totally agree with prashanth.Dev has not paid salary for many people in the company.He is not fit for running a company.he abuses employees with flithy language.even am a victim of the same treatment.I want someone to take action on this guy.friends, colleagues and victims of dev, vertx.please put your comments and lets make a complaint to labour department.request you all to support on the same.He does not follow any labour rules.he makes people to work on government holidays also.he makes women to work till 8.30.offically he has given office timings as 9 to 6.30.but he usually makes everyone to work till 8 to 8.30 and the office location is in a very scary location and very difficult for women to reach home safely.he has also not maintained any PF and ESI records.
Some one by name Steve replied to my complaint as External Resource in complaint form, But there is no one Associated with Vertx Solutions as Steve, This is a self written mail by Dev or by his Manager. This is really sad to see such comments put by Himself that "he is a tough Business man",

copy of the mail

{Old[protected], 03:56 PM

Posts: n/a
Hi, I worked with Vertx too as an external resource. Mr.Devanathan also known as Dev, was never as you mention. I think you can talk to him and get this settled. I know for sure, he is a tough Business man...}

I would like to share the mail conversation with all the people associated with Vertx Solutions.Have recorded all the conversation, he still haven't paid my pending dues after several reminders.Actually he is threatening to put a case on me, But i don't know on what grounds he can put a case, When i am the victim of Mr.Dev's ill treatment. I am very thankful for Mr.Suresh to put comments and his concern. Hope he will support me to take it to the next level.

Who ever this Steve is i would request you to mail me your contact number and your real identity.If there is really a person by that name.please do not give fake identity.

I would request the labour department to take action on Devanathan.I am getting in touch with other employees who have left the company because of Dev's ill treatment.And we would appeal to labour department to take action on him.

His email id is [protected]
Contact number :[protected].
Url :
Devanathan has sent me out from vertx in a disgusting manner.i some how found this compliant form to fill my grievance to all the viewers.he is not even a human.there is one manager he has got who makes everyone to work in holidays also(government hoildays).I have been humiliated by viral who is one waste guy in the office so called as manager.

santhome employment office — not responding,treating the people not in good manners

Hello sir/madam,
iam a normal person,i went to employment office to register my details.i went in the morning to the office.there i couldn't find any sign board of direction to go which side,lots of people get confused because of no sign board and the people over there.who r working in employement office,they are not treating the people who come to register.they r shouting and pushing us.lots o[censored]nwanted words they r using.i[censored] ask to many people from outside , regarding this employement staffs activitys.u will come to know there behavier.lots of people will come to register there details.when they come to that place and when they r returning back to home,they will not feel happy,because they have been tourched over there in that office by the staffs in different manners and speach.

Pls do the need full to all the people who come for register

thanking u
from s.yuvaraj

which ever employement office may be, they should treat the people in good ways and good words and proper guidence to the people .do the needful .thank u .
this is very very gud to the public, very useful to all of them, this web site is not the web sight .this web sight is called as revival site are called as correction god.
vey fast action taking web site.and very gud attitude with this site
Hi Prashanth / Suresh:

I guess you guys are mixing a lot of issues. Well the basic fact is you hadnt been paid your salary. On the time of movement, i guess you would have collected your relieveing letter, experience letter, etc. You should have sat across the table and got the update on your Salary.

No one would like to work on free of cost, at the same time, you need to understand, No one can be employed to warm chairs and desk. So be it, i guess there is every right to reserve, to termination and then F&F.

I guess its imperative to have this sorted out by discussion.

With regards to other details mentioned by Jai / Suresh / Prashanth, its a business needs, where in you are racing against Numbers and No factory workers.

I guess if that the situation, you wouldnt be working in a Corporate Enviroment / MNC Company. Please do go and check how other IT MNC Work. No shift allowances, No drops, No Incentives as well...

Not that a call which you need to take, NO PAIN..NO GAIN...

PS: This is an individual independent reading of the email... Not be associated with any thing else..


office used Chair — Not functioning properly

We bought an office used comfortable chair from Yerwada Home Town on 17th July 2011 of Rs.12700/- after installed we found that its not functioning properly, your engieer has also checked and confirm that there is some defect in the chair provided to us. He told us that some one will come and replace the chair. We are calling on the given telephone nos but not getting proper response. Kindly look into it and help us to get a good chair since we have already paid product amount to you. Kindly revert on priority
thank you.
Umakant Fulzele
First it was steve and now independent reader ... heights of stupidity ... you have guts reveal who you are or else ******** ... before even you know to spell corporate i was working in one... coming to warming the chair ... you do better than anyone ... entire day you are on facebook and twitter( known fact) . do what you are suppose to do. and for your kind information it was not termination ... it was a game played by dev and his friend .pls wait for your turn...Company without ethics and you are without proper experience.combo pack.first ypou think your past your were asked to leave from your previous employer and on what grounds...
Hi Mr.Prashant,
I am sure you are fit for nothing otherwise people will not leave Dev easily.He is a tough manager but we learn a lot through him.If you are a person who can deliver the output, then he pays more than commited and that is how it is running so far.Vertx is not a company with only Prashant as a employee rather it is running with amny good proven employees.For your kind attention, I am a person with 12 years of exp and seen almost all corporates.Company have taken their employee paid salary because company is not eprfoming well.Luckily there is no such issues with Vertx and in my opinion Vertx is a company with high ethics and if you a person with good capabilities, it is worth working here.Talking about timming etc etc shows that you want salary without working on anything.I am sure you will not be able to work anywhere in this world with good attitude.
Hi I got an interview call from VertX, but I am not going for the interview after reading this.
Hello Guys. I went to Vertx Solutions on last month for a business development manager opening. The rude guy name called DEV he doesn't know how to speak in the interview very very harsh & rude activity while in interview also. So i said to sujitha {hr exe} in Vertx about his mis behaviour activity & stepped out from that indiscipline place. Also no bus or train stations located in that area. U will find a old house in that the office is located with a small board which you cant see from out. Matured graduate people will not work in that office.
i agree that the company might be crooked as one Mr.Murugesan Business Development Manager was planted by Mr.Dev to our company under the disguise of job change in the month of October 2011 (name confidential) and Murugesan tried to take away our clientele database but fortunately prevented the theft. HOw ever Mr.Murugesan had approached our client for business and we have found out that fraud done by Mr.Murugesan. Be careful in dealing with this company vertx the Cunning and crooked no 1.
No one in their right minds will complain as Prasanth Kumar has done if the allegations are fabricated by him. Agreed that Prasanth Kumar was inefficient, but his salary cannot be retained. There are a lot of people in Chennai who has changed overnight on account of MNC's targetting Chennai.
I know of one Robaat and one Mona darling. Looks like this Dev can be Ajit. Remember Ajit saying " Rabaat, Mona ko thanda paani pilao!
Another company is there called Emplace India in Alandur. Its an one of the richest fraud company its not even registered also the ceo Srinivasa varadhan its an ultimate fraud who will not pay the salary for almost many people & sent them out with in 1 or 2 months.

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