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[Resolved]  VTU - Belgaum — NFTC

Subject: - extension of course completion period for v.T.U (Karnataka) of the scheme 2002.

To: the person who may put forward this matter to india govt./karnataka govt./ vtu/ human

We the student of v.T.U belgaum-2002 batch, have 8 years for course completion. Other wise we will be awarded with 'not fit for technical course"(Nftc). Most o[censored]s have alredy spent six or seven years of our golden period of life in vtu, and now we are said to be nftc.
Reason of nftc are;
Not passed in one subject of iind sem
One lab back
Due some 5-10 marks or one subject ,
The whole carrier is going to be ruined, just because of limited period of 8 years to complete the coures.

However we would like to bring this in light for person concerned that the period to complete the same course was ten(10)years for 1998 batch students of vtu.

But today we are the unfortunate who bill not be able to complete our enginering even after giving 6-7 years of golden period to vtu. Today after getting nftc we will come to a stage, where we were before 7 years i.E. A 12th pass candidate.

7 years is equivalent to 14 years of imprisonment i.E life term sentence.
If a student could nor passed in one subject , then is this crime so serious that he should be penalized with 14years of life imprisonment????

We are representing a small group of students. If we account all student who are suffering with same conditions in various 250 colleges under vtu then the figure will shock any sensible person.

In view of above we request vtu or the concerned person(Who may put forward this matter to karnataka govt/ india govt /human right or vtu) to extend the period to completet the engineering within ten(10) years similar to 1998 batch students.

If today 15,000-20,000 student will become nftc or will be sent 7 years back from their life, then tomorrow definitely it will going to affect india and india's future.

An action may be taken at the earliest, as examnination form has been issued for fill-up.

This forum is the last hope for us. Our future has come to the edge of end if we will get nftc.
Kindly do something .Today your one responsible step/suggestion will save carrier of thousands of students.

We will await your response!

We are giving aou usn no below:-
4ai02cs028 4ai03cs069 4ai04me071 4ai05cs118
4ai03ip012 4ai04cs021 4ai04cds049 4ai03cs111
4ai03cs031 4ai04cs026 4ai04cs048 4ai02ec026
4ai02ec078 4ai02is004 4ai03cs070 4ai03cs084
1ay04cs004 1bio4ec100 1bio4im027 1bt03ec060
1cg04ec055 1ds03ch007 1ds03ch010 1ds04cv044
1hk03is016 1ms04me135 1rl03me009 1sj03me090
1vk04ec074 1vk04ec056 2bl04is070 2bv04is027
2gi04me026 2kl04cv351 3rv03ch012 3bc004me351
4kv04me017 4kv04cs053 4vm04cs036:

Our contact details are
We belongs to a.I.T (Chickmaglur) .Contact no:- [protected]: [protected] : [protected]:

Thank & regards
V.T.U students
(A.I.T chickmaglur)
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Sincere Request-
Any student who want to fight against VTU
leave your reg no. and phone no on this forum
If the no will increase, initiative will be taken.

your response is awaited.
Hope we will make history for VTU.

We have to show the student power to VTU management now; come ahead!
Muzzu..........'s reply, Jan 4, 2018
1tj10is021 mohammed muzammil i am in NFTC condition plz help me..
Problem of these guys are very much correct. We make the rule for giving good future to students not to ruin their carrier.
My ... are limited.

I request to all concerned oficials and VTU top management to come ahead and help these students. It will be a really great move in indian study system...
Now its a high time to change!
Plz come forward who can do any thing for them...
I am scared with the steps they may take after confirmation of their NFTC.

Himanshu Prasad
(Under Ministry of Defence)
i think there are many problems with
1) year back with 5 backlogs
2)year back due 2 only 1 paper
3)tough checking
4)difficult papers
5)high fees for challenge reval and reval

there must be always a second chance for the student which this university does, nt gives.they must not waste precious time of students
Hello friends now its time for VTU to take some serious steps.Even my friend is under NFTC bracket.he just need 4 marks to get eligibility for 7th sem.He applied for revaluation but of no use, now he applied for challange revaluation and waiting for the results.he even not attainding the classes also because of tension.please guys do some thing...
Its really inhuman.6 or 7 years is an important period of life.After studying 6-7 years i[censored] are told that u are not eligible for higher semesters, how one will feel.Colleges are for making careers not ruining careers.We have been given many fundamental rights by the CONSTITUTION.As for 1998 scheme, duration was increased from 8 to 10 years then why are they not increasing for 2002 and 2006 scheme.Its a serious issue and i request my colleagues to come forward and contribute to this cause.I strongly favour this opinion.I also request VTU officials to to something in this matter.Its a matter of life for we students.
Problem of these guys are very much correct. We make the rule for giving good future to students not to ruin their carrier.Because some of the students were committed suicide just because of NFTC.
there is also problem regarding to the RV, CRV...BECAUSE there is not a single increment in the marks of the subject...
I request to all concerned oficials and VTU top management to come ahead and help these students. It will be a really great move in indian study system...
Now its a high time to change!
Plz come forward who can do any thing for them...
I am scared with the steps they may take after confirmation of their NFTC.
I hope,
The complaint would have been forwarded to VTU through proper channel.
VTU may contact the students representetive through the contact details given in the complaint itself.

This is type of complaint which require immediate action by special court and human right commission. The decission can not be waited even for six months.
Delay of 1-2 months will ruin career of 20, 000 students, on which future of our society depends.

I request to the person concerned to do the needful at the earliest.

Himanshu Prasad
Please do something!
we can not ignore this complaint just like that!
Whether these students should contact CM Karnataka or PM -India?
The concerned colleges should also come forward to help them or to give some guide lines atleast
Great move Mr. Onib. Your decisin to register the complaint with Human Right Commisiion of India against VTU+AIT is appreciable!
This seems to be so unfortunate, that till date no initiative has been taken!
I hope VTU may have to pay a lot towards playing with career of students, just like that!
We have decided to lodged the complaint through, civil court.
Whoever wanted to include their name in the file... send your detail with contact no. at this forum.
We will meet and decide...
Contibution towards court and lawyer fee will be intimated in advance.
Plz contact who all are interested to fight case against VTU.

Spread the above article on facebook using a simple button on the link to given above to reach more pppl..
i agree with mr himanshu. though we study.. the papers r tough n as well as correction is mighty.these people out there are stealing our life and robbing our passion within us. sort of like slow poison. i would like the authorities to help out us in this matter. as we will be the part of future india. and the future is deciced NOW.
I might just be one of the hundreds who have had their share of traumatic experience with VTU.I agree with everyone who has had their say until now.We all know of the system our university works, be it with exams, fees, regulations...not one of them signify healthy prospects of the students' academics.They are all tainted and maligned for their own personal greed.Its regrettable that we are under such anarchy and being cattled away.They who are not working for the benefit of the student, shouldnt be treated as a educational organisation less alone a university.Its a very strategical idea to have the university headquarters at one end of the state, so that their atrocities would go unchecked.This is nothing but a crafty ploy to disintegrate the student body and to kill the passion o[censored]nity.To feed us with despair and bring us to state of helplessness, is but a saddism they love to indulge.If there is one thing they have taught us, then that would be tolerance.Tolerance to stop chasing rewards in life, tolerance to injustice, tolerance with our diminishing this how we ought to live, like sheep on the way to the slaughterhouse.We are students of this country and we know our rights, and its best for both, , if VTU exercises the right to humanity, like the motto itself..."modalu manavanagu"... With all this said i give myself totally for the cause and benefit of each one o[censored]s.
i completely agree with the above mentioned problem regarding nftc.even my own cousin brother who was very bright in his school days is terribly struggling since last six years in vtu still unnable to get through second year.He is getting backs in lab exam evry year and now he is frustrated.vtu is heartlessly ruining the lives of vtu and it will be no surprise if student from nort will stop taking admission here in vtu.
i really appreciate this move.i really cant understand that wats the motto of vtu-to produce more and more failures..I seems that students are paying money to ruin their own career here...and i am quite sure now people especially from north will think twice before taking admission here..
Thanks for your brave approach my friends. I am happy that even our juniors are joining hands with us.
My life has completely gone in a different way, where my dreams did not even tried to knock the doors of the reality.
These are the situations where the Universities, the Govt, the Officials, the Society etc indirectly sow the seed to grow a brilliant, excellent, hard working ANTI SOCIAL ELEMENT like Terrorists, Rowdies etc in our own country.
Rules should be strict but it has lead a new path for us we dont know if that path is bright or dark all that we now need to depend on is LUCK.
I still remember the day my parents and me went to Counselling for the seat selection with smiling face and sweets in hand when returning home but now TEARS is running down my eyes as I lost 8 full years of my beautiful life.
Now I am 26 years old have to search for a job with just my 12th certificate in hand.
We all have learnt the subjects full 3 years of BE subjects but no damn papers to prove it.
Thanks to VTU for making our lives so wonderful.

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