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I am a student of wlc college India,for PGBE course, i am in 4th semester i exams will be over in June. this college promised me that i will have a placement when i will walk out of my college and along with my course they will provide me trainee-ship in which i can earn my half of the course fee, but all promises where not kept and now no one in India related to this institute or b-school is ready to provide questions to my answers , they gave me 100% job grantee not warrante that i will get the job , now they ate my 4 lake rupees and not ready to provide me a proper placement. They are asking me to join a job in which i will get 8thousand per month. why should they lie 2 student. i came to you people 2 help me and please stand along with me against this college so that i can get placement in the next one month and save rest of the students for spoiling there life.
this is the words from the CEO to a news paper on Saturday, Jun 14, 2003
Mr Vinay Pasricha, CEO and Director of Wigan & Leigh (India), said the college offers courses on business management, fashion technology, advertising and graphic designing. Media studies are offered both for graduates and undergraduates.

"We are here to make money but not at the cost of the students' future. Our students are successful because we teach them what industry demands. The promoters have not taken a single penny out of the company. Instead, profits have been continuously invested back into it," Mr Pasricha told Business Line.

but now they are just not seeing anything creating a situation for student to suicide ..plz help me i am a student and frustrated for my job.

plz close this school so that other peoples future should not be risked.

Indian Poor Student

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WLC College India is not Wigan and Leigh college India and as a student it is expected that you would know that . You forgot to mention your name, campus, roll no, etc .

WLC College provided traineee-ship to 94% students last year - and this is during recession, when companies were cutting on jobs .The college has solid reputation which can not be tarnished .13000 students have made careers through WLCI and can vouch for high standards maintained by their faculty.

Throwing bricks on your institute will not do good . Good talent does not go un noticed forever and even IIM does not promise jobs to 100% students . they have to earn it . Will you keep a person who does not even know the name of college he is doing his course from ? Of course you will expect some intelligence !

Career comes at a price and its not about money here. It is about dedication, hardwork and a will to make things work.

Its time to do improve your skills .Co-ordinate with your faculty.If you have done well in studies and have a good rapport with them, you will certainly get a job.
Mr. Supporter.

Its not WLC College India... It was Wigan & Leigh College, India and I have the damn certificate which was offered straight from the UK so you better get it right there. Probably you changed it now.

To talk about the placements you guys have never kept up the good work and its all that you have 94% students placed last year.. So actually which last year you talking about.? Its very well about the money here because people who can't afford to study that go for the education loan by trusting you guys that you will give them a good job and they can repay the loan. But you being a college fit for nothing was never able to do that. What bloody reputation you talking about, as far as my knowledge you never had reputation. If you guys really had the stuffs within you then people from all over the industry won't hesitate or will not have secound thot to come to the college to pick up students for theit respective companies.

By the way to add up one more infomation you guys never gave me my money which you took by saying refundable amount. Being a college you will take so long to give back 10, 000 is it?

So please all you guys stop advertising and boasting and better start getting use to the criticism.
It's all about advertising and marketing of the college. Whenever, you take admission in college, you should inquire about the college in the detailed manner.
Again, Indian education system is although criticized on many grounds, still all the post graduation courses are as per the industry requirements. So getting admission in Indian institute is better than taking it in some fancy institutions.

I don't want to hurt the complainant but from his English I can say he/she is worth of only Rs.8000 to Rs. 10000

No doubt everybody here is to do business and business here means profits. So consumer should be very careful. I know people who are studying in WLC, their opinion about the college was also not good.

Hence, prevention is better than cure. People should find information from authentic and reliable sources and then decide where to take admission, otherwise one will repent.
If you did not get refund, you might have caused losses to your college . The college has the right to claim damages caused by you .

Honestly ! try and answer .. If you were good enough, won't you be employed already ?

It can't be simplified further .
Hi all,

I completely agree with the complaint posted above... I suppose Mr.Sameerherenow is someone employed by the college to adress to such complaints as the college is damn sure that there will be lots of such posts...
I[censored] feel the complainer's english is SO WEAK that he is worth 8000 only, how did he got admission in WLC... How did he clear WAT???? Is the level o[censored]r entrance exam so low???? nd u proudly advertise it as ONE OF THE LARGEST B-SCHOOL IN INDIA, STATE OF THE ART INFRASTRUCTURE, bla bla bla... nd the entrance exam of such a GR8 college is so bull ????

U hav the % of student who got placed as traineeship, but do u know how many students have been REJECTED admission in college???? NONE... every one walkin in the campus gets admission... the college's slogan shud be : WLC - A threat to ur future... or : TUM MUJHE PAISE DO, MEIN TUMHE DEGREE DUNGA (ooops... sorry... not DEGREE, DIPLOMA... That too PGDBE *with terms and conditions applied)

When we took admission in this college, we never saw our seniors for 2 months... when our juniors joined the college, they never saw us for around 2 months... Because the college is SO SURE that the existing students will give only and only NEGATIVE feedback about the college... If there is a real man in this entire institute, come forward and deny these charges... If the college management feels their rules are so impressive and targeted towards the improvemennt of students, why dont they disclose it during admission...
Why is the student handbook which comprises all the rules and regulations given to student AFTER admission???? And Mr.Sameer how can college suspect students might cause losses to college??? I'll tell u the actual reason in case this esteemed organization has not told u themselves, they take security deposit coz they know once the students get to know all the rules and regulations, they might not be in a position to pay the charges and hidden costs levied by the college...

Answer me, WHY DOES A STUDENT AVAIL LOAN TO STUDY???? simple reason, he does not have money to afford his studies... Now once a student takes loan and joins college, he is been told about the money he has to pay apart from the fees... Before taking admission, the college will give the prospective students tea, coffee, offer snacks etc... once they take admission, they will have to pay even for the tea they take in cutting edge camps...

U answer to these questions first, then i'll ask u other questions... and trust me there are tons of them... and i know, u wont answer to any of these...

For all the students planning to take admission in WLC, please its my request, JUST REJECT THE IDEA... neither do any research on it (I have already done enough) just dont take admission...
Hi All,

I read all these comments and I can only sympathize with students like Frank Lucas and want, if at all they have been real students of WLC college as both sound to be very fake ones. Well coming to the real topic WLC College, I also am one of the ex WLCite and know more than 200 such students who have passed out from WLC college in last more than a decade and very well placed in top reputed companies.

I have no clue what tea and coffee thing Mr. Frank is talking about, see I only understand one thing that education is a business and nobody is here to do charity and if the CEO of WLC College has mentioned that he has put his profits back into improving the education system then it is true since its not all the time of advertisement campaigns or infrastructure where the money is pumped but the other side of the story is too big and too real which most of you might not even bother to know about.

You only see that college has charged 4 Lacs rupees from you but never see the quality of education WLC college has provided you. There are certain set of people who always complain and divert student's minds and crib even if you give them the best of both the worlds.

One thing I will like to clarify that nobody in this earth can guarantee a job even if you do a course from the best of the institutes unless and until the student puts his or her genuine efforts.

Sorry to say after reading Sir Frank Lucas's comments I guess he is some competitor of WLC college or is a full time employee of such college who might be finding WLC college to be a direct competition or a threat.

One more thing one you point a finger at someone there are three fingers that point at you. I would like to ask you Mr. Frank Lucas are all of your batch mates are job less (or did not get traineeship)? Wait wait wait... I will answer before you bother yourself and open up your mouth to around... the answer is NO.

Since rest of them are actually busy and spending there energy and time in right efforts and not wasting their quality time in brainwashing kids and spoiling there future.

The life is too long my friend, lets not spread negative thoughts every coin has two sides lets only talk about the positive things WLC college has done in the past and has geared up for many years to come.

Last thing, if Sir Frank Lucas and Mr. / Ms. / Miss / Mrs. Want have their real names then come up with it and discuss their real issues rather than beating around the bush and talk about 4 L rupees.

Sameer I think these guys are better treated when they bloody spend 20 L rupees and work like dogs for 10 or 20 odd hours and get abused by Firangis - real Sir Frank Lucas. I would like to ask a simple question to both Want and Frank Lucas that how many leading colleges or universities in India or abroad guarantee or warantee a job, it is very funny how can someone warantee the job, Want dear you need to work upon your writing skills and trust me work upon it and the knowledge you gained from WLC will certainly land you up in a great job and a very good career ahead.

I wish you all the very best, and by the way I am not a paid employee of WLC College and am doing social work by guiding few misled youngsters.

All the very best

An ex WLCite
Dear All

Hi Harpreet I completely agree with your views about WLC college, one of the best insitutes one can find in this country, what if someone goes to UK and spends million of rupees and gets nothing but here he gets to know the same education quality in less than 25% of actual fee he pays there.

What if you have to pay 10 bucks for your own tea or coffee, what the heck about it.. why does it bother you about the same tea or coffee which you had for yourself.

Harpreet, I again agree with your comments which college overseas or in our country does guarantee or even hahahaha warantee about the job... nobody can do that just for the sake of admission, but WLC college not only gives quality internship but also the final placements. I did.

I am working with one of the leading job portal currently, if anyone needs the name of the portal, I will surely share the same but with someone who shares his or her real name.

COming back to WLC College, best college, best institute, GOD BLESS WLC COLLEGE... LONG LIVE WLC COLLEGE


I completely agree with you Harpreet, these kinda comments which are being posted by Mr. Frank Lucas and Mr. Want. are making rounds against WLC College on various social sites and I am 1000% sure that some competitor has hired such full time employee to talk crap about WLC college but let me make this clear to all the students visiting this site that there is nothing true in any of these anti WLC posts, the WLC college is really one of the best colleges one can find.

I did my own research before I took admission in this college, I forgot to mention, I am one of the current students of WLC College and one thing for sure I got my traineeship within the 2 months after my classes started and am really happy with the way college staff, management, faculties have responded and conduct classes.

I again agree with Harpreet that none of the names, viz., want and frank lucas are real names. I am studying at Noida campus and tell you all the WLC college is the best in the entire country and offers the best education.

Anyone would like to know more about college can actually go to the website of the college rather than reading comments written by Mr. rank lucas oh sorry sir Frank Lucas...

Come all aspirants join WLC College and build your future and make it brigter.

Hey Harpreet I am not paid by WLC College rather I have paid my fee to the college and one more thing I pay for my tea and coffee and even samosaaaaasss


This is Sonam. I am really shocked to see how people have written crap about WLC. I am at present a student of WLC and I am highly impressed the way the career manager guides me at every step. I am in my 3rd sem right now and have improoved a lot after the cutting edge program by WLC. I visualize things in a different manner and have learned a lot. The course content of WLC is unique and very helpful. Most importantly I have knowledge about the course that is most important rather than any foreign tour.

Friends this is high time you should see the real scenario. Any big celebrity who talk about big companies is certainly not going to give job. If I am getting pre-placement I beleive that company.

All the people who have written crap about WLC certainly need a reality check.

Sonam Khanna

What is this? People are speaking crap about WLC and I am seeing some of them have compared WLC with iipm. To all the people who have spoken non-sense are certainly out of their mind. I completed my PG HR from WLC and am working with accenture as HR manager. I am highly satisfied with the way WLC has changed me so couldn't stop myself when I saw this. Please guys if you can't do something good for your life then please do not distract others who are serious about their life.

Richa Mitra
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Dear All,

This has been posted by the user with the specific intention of maligning the good name of the college - also it contains several statements that amount to character assignation, slander and defamation.

This individual is neither a dissatisfied customer nor a genuine person - he is carrying out a calculated campaign against the college on various forums, we believe he may be paid to do this by someone.

We have already filed a police complaint and have lodged a criminal case against this individual - since we are not able to trace his whereabouts the authorities are unable to arrest him.

The cyber crime department of the Delhi police is seized of this case is trying to trace this person.

We are proceeding along all legal channels to bring him to justice.

Would request you to immediately remove these comments with intimation to us

WLC College India
Dear All,

This is Neeraj Locha an ex WLC-ian from 2002 Delhi SF campus. I would like to this opportunity & try & relate to each & every complaint put up here.

Dear Want & Frank Lucas,

If you truly are dissatisfied from the college you should bring it up with higher authorities. Seems like you both are knowledgeable about how to point fingers. Take a step back & revert to yourself. Analyze your self worth.
Frank, even if sameerherenow is an employee he isn't trying to hide it. he's providing you a solution. If every student (as you claim) is getting admission into WLC College you should see it as a good thing. More people will get educated, its good for economic growth.

Dear santhoshrajbhandari,

You are a part of this institute if you have the certificate. Stop bad naming it. I agree with sameerherenow & Nachiket.

Dear Harpreet, Priya, Sonam & Richa,

Glad to see such happy people coming out in support of WLC College. Iam sure we can find many satisfied students & alumni in response to these few dissatisfied one's.

Mail me on [protected]@rediffmail.com for any further complaints. I will happily stand by my college !
hi friends or respected sirs/madams im willing join in wlc what will be the suggestions for me..
hello bujjjbabu9 i found one of wlc college's blog on facebook & put in a problem regarding admission & they contacted me & i was completely satisfied i suggest you try the same http://delhieducationnews.blogspot.com/
Guys check out the name of student ""INDIA POOR STUDENTS""", poor student atleast you might be having some name...he he.!!! I think you are the same pratrx, who is himself posting the blogs and himself commenting negative about the college.Come on man, , , , it is pretty clear dat your are only one who is using students name and making blogs and again commenting on hem.I hope WLC team soon catch u for all this, as written by the college above.

hehehehhehe...geeta kapoor sahi bol rahe...kehne ko desh tariki kar raha hai...bt this persons mentality is so bad that he dsnt want 2 grow ?? wlc college helps gain knowledge & experience at d same tym...im really hapy wit der traineeship also...im doing gr8 wit kotak mahindra bank...mail me i[censored] need details u cn mail me :)
Hi friends, my name is Arka Dutta and am enrolling for the executive MBA programs from December with WLCI . Based on the comments above am pretty sure am in the right direction, does anyone of you have any further suggestions for me, please feel free to comment and guide.
Thanks and regards
Arka Dutta

I too the student of WLC from batch Feb-2007, i agree totally i agree with the comments what my friend made,
not only that they were completely BIG FRAUD

In terms,

Gust lectures,
placement and finally till now they have not given my PGDBE certificate yet, i keep calling them and but staff also keeps changing in Bangalore

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