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 Krishan Khilnani on Aug 20, 2011
This is regarding website www.FreeToonPornTubeHD.com. The site says that for Age verification they need credit card details of the customer and nothing would be charged, But when you register and provide your credit card details US$ 39.95 is billed on the credit card statement.

I have immediately complain for the above and got the reply that :
Please note that a pre-authorization was made for the free trial membership on Jun 27 2011 - 3:20:48 AM for the amount of $39.95. A pre-authorization is a temporary hold and not an actual charge. Your free trial membership is cancelled and the pre-authorization or temporary hold made for the free trial will automatically be released back into your account. Pre-authorization are usually released within 2-10 business days. However, the actual length depends on when your bank or credit card company releases the hold. For more information regarding pre-authorization, please contact your bank or credit card company.

Then I again send them a mail requesting for refund after 12 days as the amount was not refunded from the site. I again got the same reply. I also requested them to cancell all the further auto generated membership and got the reply that it is been cancelled. Then after 1 month i.e. on 27th July again US$ 34.95 was billed to me.

Kindly advice how can I get my money back?

Krishan Khilnani

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how do i delete the account???
i want to cancel and am not succeeding
go to www.customercarepage.com. you may have to contact the phone number which is[protected] or you can chat live over instant message. they will be able to help. Hope this helps you out so you can cancel this membership
I can not login in 2 my username and password?
I dont have a credit card either.
best bet would be to contact them by phone or live chat, i couldn't locate my account from there either, i had to talk to someone in live chat
This is an obvious scam by false advertisement. Something should be done to these people if they are in the USA. If not American, we are screwed royal. They got me too with this con job. I s there a way to report this scam to AOL or some other official entity? Give me my money you thieves.
has anyone been able to have the account canceled?
This is depressing, what do I have to do to get it cleared? Dear Sir/Madam,

We have received your email request. With the information you have provided, I have located the current active memberships you are able to access at anytime with the following information:

Name :
Email :
Username :
Password :I
P Address :
Website names: www.FreeToonPornTubeHD.com

We have cancelled your memberships to stop the recurring charge. Your cancellation confirmation # is "some numbers"

If you should need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at[protected]. Our call center is open daily, 5:00AM-6:00PM Pacific Time. We appreciate your interest in our website.

Thank you,
Customer Service

On Sun, 05 Aug 2012 05:24:16 -0700, questions@acessacct.com wrote:
> Site: acessacct.com
> Email:
> Subject: Where did this charge come from?
> Question:
> Greeetings, just wondering where this charge of $39.95 came from? All the information I have regading it is this ACESSACCT.COM [protected] GBR on 8/2. Just tring to recall what it is I bought then. Thank you
I cant even get into the website so they took my $40 after say saying it was free and cant even get in.
I wanted to see some great tubes. I was of course lured in by some false contents, got in, saw they were only posting the same low quality content available for FREE at their advertiser website and cancelled my membership as soon as I turned my... Euh... Toothbrush off.

I have a confirmation page for the cancellation but, no email contact or confirmation number. Let's give it 30 days and see.

Timothy Nyun's reply, Apr 16, 2017
Did they still charge u after one month?
They took £39.95 not dollars, and had the cheek to say cannot find membership or e-mail, or card details. but sent me an e-mail stating membership had gone through. Bad lad. 1/7/14.
cancel my membership
This site is a scam.There are no free cartoons, only a Premium Site which you will pay for. The money they take/charge to your Credit Card, may or may not tally with the amount advised in the Email you will receive from them advising acceptance of your membership.

I contacted my CC people within the 48 hrs to find that they had already charged my card! Email stated 39, 88, but no currency denomination is given, they charged GBP47, 50 to my card. The CC company realises this is a scam, and the money will not leave my CC account. In turn they, FreetoonporntubeHD have been advised they will not be able to collect this or any other amount from my card.

There is no facility to cancel membership on the site, whereas a bona fide site would give you this option.

Emails to Freetoonporn etc. only result in an automated response stating they will contact you within 24 hours, they will not, and this is simple obfuscation, designed solely to buy them time, and no doubt hope the subscriber will desist from pestering them about cancellation.

The only way to cancel is to contact you card provider, give them the details and let them put a stop to it.

This is a scam, credit card fraud, fraudulent transactions, fraudulent and misleading statements about content and serivices. this last has been put in in the hope that search engines will pick up on this, and spread the word about this company.

My CC provider did tell me that this type of fraud is on the increase.
Signed in for interest.
FREE account! So why the charge.
Which was duplicated.
Unreasonable please refund and cancel account.
Thank you
Delete my account please it's driving me crazy I can't even get on the site! My email is wrong apparently but it's not... I don't no how to delete the account and its taken more and more money off me I not even used it yet!!! Help
Also I tryed to login to delete it but can't even get into it to do that I feel so ashamed of myself for signing up to this and I need help to get off it!
beuruthing that succeeded is that u took our credit card lnfo. and charge us the $39.00 i asked my friends to help get evidence against you by enrolling themselves onto your site.Each person was billed and the money was taken out of the bank account. One of my friends father is the deputy distict attorney for the state of california. we will be submiting this evidence to them because of the way you conduct buisness. all we wanted is what we paid for and we got nothing. we will also be submiting to the better buisness bureau.
Faithfuly yours, Rick Martinez
I want to cancel my account and refund any and all funds take and please do not contact me anymore my attorney wil be in contact with you.

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