Fraud Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt Review — fraud astrologer vinayak bhatt review

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 danishkhanj on Jul 31, 2017
Fraud and world Waste cheater astrologer.
Fake astrologer, money minded astrologer Vinayak Bhatt.
he always encourage other and his customers to post false reviews about other spoil reputation of other astrologers.

Don't consult him at all. Poor service and bogus knowledge.

Don't waste your time and money on him.
I am really unsatisfied.

And Mr. Vinayak Bhatt don't post fake reviews. Not recommended to any one. Totally fake astrologer.. And all the predictions are wrong. I had a very very bad experience... He told me all the negative things... So that I will get scared and will do whatever puja he will tell me to do... Please don't visit him at all. Be aware.

fraud astrologer vinayak bhatt review
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My name is Nikhil. I must admit that I had posted all negative reviews on this forum for all competitive sites for R K Shastri. He had hired me from my college for the digital marketing job. For the past 2 years, they had pressurized me to do Black Hat and they had not given me 8 months’ salary. As I want to experience and I do not have any other choice and thus I indulged in this wrong practice and had to do the black hat for promoting websites by putting negative reviews for all other competitive sites.

Now, my consensus is not allowing me to do this dirty SEO promotion and I must confess that R K Shastri is behind all this dirty game and never ever believe in his predictions else you will lose your money and mental peace of mind.

He is having 30-40 sites with different names like, and there are numerous SEO's in the said company who are indulging in bad tactics to promote their sites and do negative postings on other forums like Quora, Yahoo groups, complaint forms for competitive sites

Kindly, share this comment on social media sites, forums, blogging sites such that maximum people can benefit and do not fall prey to crook R K Shastri

He is totally fraud and liar and his main aim is to extract money from peoples in distress in the name of astrology. Because of this kind of persons, people nowadays do not want to believe in astrology and thus it my sincere request not to even view his site for your betterment

Even at the centers, so many persons are coming but his main aim was to extract the money for his betterment. For ex- one lady had come to confirm whether she is having Manglik dosha or not but this R K Shastri had claimed that you are having dreaded Manglik dosha and if you do not get puja done, then your husband might die and after that, lady was so frightened that she had tear in her eyes . He does not even bother to look other parameters that whether Manglik dosha is getting neutralized or not and straight away he had told to get Manglik puja done without even looking at the condition of said women. He just loves money through bad means and does not have any concerns for poor persons.

My 2 years had gone in vain and wasted and what I had learned is how to get money through bad means by putting false allegations on competitive sites. If this is the SEO techniques to promote business, I must confess that I am in the wrong field but fault is not in the SEO but kind of persons like R K Shastri who are in the field of Vedic Astrology who are giving bad name to 4000 years old science

I just want to say that please, please do not even visit his fraud site else, later on, there is no point in weeping. This kind of the persons should be behind the bars and their sites should be banned by the cyber crimes department.

Please share this views as much as possible on What’s App, social media sites, newspapers, forums, blogging sites etc such that more and more persons come to know about his wrong tactics


People beaware !!!

vinayak bhatt astrologer bangalore and Astrologer Vikas Sharma with phone numbers+91-[protected] and +91-[protected] ARE SAME. DOnt go gor any Homam / pooja they suggest and dont pay any amount to them. Those are fraud people.

Vinayak bhatt reviews

vinayak bhatt is fake astrologer. He takes money from people in the name of astrology reading and never ever gives you the service. He is just a road side parrot wala and pretends to do all homam for you to get rid of your dosha.

He is spamming all the internet with fake positive reviews. He is now operating from Delhi NCR. He put all fake reviews and upvotes for his self made answers in the QUORA site with dummy profiles. He is also maintaining with another name Vikas sharma astrologer to cheat more people.

You can check in Quora site who is best astrologer in some XYZ city then the answer will be vinayak bhatt / vikas sharma astrologer is best with some pseudo profile. How can a person be in Kerala and Germany in one time. But vinayak bhatt astrologer/ vikas sharma astrologer/ vedic grace foundation can do it. He is trapping gullible people with fake positive reviews. People must be wise enough to do background check before transferring any amount.

Vinayak bhatt and 2 employees are doing this kind of work in the internet. They can just do begging than cheating innocent people in the name of divinity.

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Please don't fall as prey to these quacks.

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I did an over the phone reading. It's a fraud. Money was transferred in advance. Then he didn't pick the phone at the time provided. Kept on ringing and later answered. I was sure he didn't have my horescope and just told whatever came to his mind. He said he will email the predictions along with remedies. Never did and didn't answer my calls.
This is a fraud. I think he and his friends put reviews saying best astrologer. Please don't get caught.

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