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[Resolved]  Hope Entrepreneurs Pvt Ltd — Pyramid Scheme in Disguise of MLM

Sir, i have been through a company named Hope Entrepreneurs Pvt Ltd, its being controlled by Darshan Somaiya and Director is Shahnawaz Sumrani. In one of his speeches Darshan Somaiya claimed this company is a Multi national company, while I could not find its existence anywhere out of India, Secondly the products provided at the price 5959 are not worth it, the dvds have videos with pathetic annoying accents, we can find such videos free of cost on websites like youtube and with better quality (source : Personal Experience). And when i tried to claim information, these guys started making reasons and asked me to travel to their office which if far away, i asked them to mail the information and they denied it. My over all experience with this company was worst and I would never recommend it to anyone else, and would request the officers to investigate the company in depth, I have more than enough evidences to prove their irresponsible acts. See the attached pic, even the spelling their company is wrong on their smart card, this clearly proves how irresponsible this company is. They can take their product back, a repay will be appreciated.

Pyramid Scheme in Disguise of MLM
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First of all thanks to consumer complaint and secondly to the CEO of the Company Mr, Sumrani who personally took this matter into hands and gave us refund, which assures that the company is running a legitimate network marketing rather then pyramid scheme. I apologize for creating such a huge misunderstanding, and wish all the best to the company with its progress and thanks to Mr. Sumrani for being nice and generous.

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[May 12, 2014] customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by Mehdi Rizvi May 13, 2014
and recently i got confirmed that the certificates issued for courses done is not recognised by any public or private body, while Hope Entrepreneur's Associates had misguided Me and My friends by telling that Certificates are valid and recognised and later they said you should had read the terms and conditions. Why did they provide false information?? Associates are part of a company and did they not read the terms and conditions before claiming that Certificates will be valid dont worry and buy it. Courses are only for self satisfaction and with an annoying accent that i cant even listen to.

So now we are at a situation that the Product of this Company is pointless and you can only earn by increasing chain (pyramid chain). Why would i suggest anybody to buy such a pointless product just for my little profit???

sir please get me a refund.
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Hello Sir,
Thank You for showing Highly interest in our Organization. First of all Mehdi Rizvi has not purchased any of our products from us. So there is no question of refund. Secondly we have a return policy of 30 days stating that if any customer is not satisfied from any of our products, he/she can claim refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. It is clearly stated in our terms and conditions given on our website . Regarding Information about our Company, We asked Mehdi Rizvi to visit our office. Regarding nature of the business there is a vast difference between Pyramid Scheme and Network Marketing (legitimate, legal business model).
Pyramid Scheme (illegal scam)

A pyramid scheme can be defined as a fraudulent money-making scheme that is based on a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme without a legitimate product or service being delivered. Eventually the number of new recruits fails to sustain the payment structure and the scheme collapses with most people losing the money they paid in.

In a more practical sense, probably the easiest way to identify pyramid schemes is firstly there is no legitimate product or service involved (ie you do not get a legitimate product in return for your initial investment). The second way to identify pyramid schemes is that you do not get a financial return unless you have successfully introduced a number of new recruits into the pyramid. Basically, pyramid schemes concentrate on the money that you could earn by recruiting new people into the pyramid and generally ignore the marketing and selling of any products or services.

Network Marketing (legitimate, legal business model)

The concept behind network marketing is a distribution model that allows a company to sell their products directly to the consumer. Choosing to use a word of mouth approach (networking) instead of advertising through traditional streams (eg media). Therefore instead of paying the media for advertising, network marketing companies are structured to reward distributors through commission in return for selling their products and finding new customers.
Therefore the main focus of a network marketing company is product distribution. In fact, in a legitimate network marketing company, distributors are not required to recruit new distributors in order to earn a commission, they can earn money purely by selling the company’s product.

Although distributors can choose to sell the company’s products to earn their commissions, not everybody wants to be a sales person and therefore choose to recruit more distributors into their organisation as a means to build their referral base. Not only does this create a group of loyal customers, it also allows you to leverage the efforts of others to create a residual stream of income.

“I would rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”
- John Paul Getty (American Billionaire)

Therefore the recruiting element of a network marketing business is merely a way of distributing more products and helping to build a leveraged income.

Why do distributors in network marketing normally receive a commission when a new recruit joins their organisation?

To join a network marketing company you have to purchase an initial start up kit. This kit usually includes training, some sales and management tools to assist you to build your business, and a certain amount of product. Because there is a certain amount of product included in the start up kit, the sponsoring distributor is now entitled to a commission. For example, when becoming associated with a network marketing company there are normally a number of different business options available, what’s the main difference between the cheap business options and the more expensive ones? The amount of product you receive in the package, that is the more you spend up front, the more product you receive as part of your initial package and the greater the commission the sponsoring distributor is now entitled to.

The opposite is also true, most network marketing companies now offer a very low start up option where you do not have to purchase any product to get started, just the training and business tools. In this scenario the sponsoring distributor does not receive any commission in return for you joining their organisation, they do however now have a new distributor (and customer) who they introduced to the business and therefore any future product that is bought or sold by this new recruit is eligible for commission.

In summary, when trying to understand network marketing, distributors are paid a commission - not for recruiting new members, but for the amount of product that is sold through their organisation. Therefore recruiting new members into a network marketing company is purely a way of expanding the distributor’s network and customer base. Any commission made through recruiting new members is a result of the product sold in the start up package and not for the recruiting itself.

Another big distinction between pyramid schemes and network marketing is the fairness of good maths. To prevent network marketing companies from falling over like pyramid schemes (where people at the top make all the money and people at the bottom lose everything), there are restrictions placed in the network marketing company’s compensation plan that limit the number of people who can earn a commission off any given sale. Basically there are only so many ways you can split a dollar, therefore, network marketing commissions only travel so far. This not only makes the business model sustainable but also makes it fair in the sense that it doesn’t matter if you got in first or last, you have the same opportunity as everyone else.

Please bear in mind that every network marketing company’s compensation plan is structured differently. To learn more about the basic structures please refer to the compensation plan chapter after finishing this page.

So in summary, despite the fact that network marketing and pyramid schemes share a few similarities (i.e. the pyramid shaped business model shown in figure 1, and that in both you can recruit new members) network marketing is a legitimate business opportunity and one where you can earn a substantial legal income. You don’t have to take our word for it, network marketing is now being endorsed by a number of leading businessmen worldwide.

“If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work!”
- Donald Trump (David Letterman Show)

A word of advice when looking into a network marketing business opportunity - unfortunately some pyramid schemes have tried to mimic the network marketing business model before being discovered as fraudulent, therefore you have every right to be initially concerned. For your benefit we have put together a list of questions that you can ask yourself prior to signing the dotted line to help you identify a legitimate company from a fake one.

website referance:
Thanks this Company at last Replied over here properly. With a name HOPEENTREP! I am not even sure that these are the right people to talk to!! OR AS USUAL THEY DO NOT KNOW THE PROPER SPELLING OF THE COMPANY AS ALREADY WITNESSED ON THEIR SMART CARDS!!!

Evidently the reply by this company has nothing to deal with my complaint, the company is trying to teach me something when even on their smart cards they failed to print company's name properly with regards that even their website has many errors, I have screen-shots for evidences and one of my friends has already complained regarding that as well. (Despite of the fact that professionals and youngest millionaires work behind the scenes)

To whoever it may concern did you not read the update where it says the product is pointless ( do I have to write it in brief that the product provided is not legitimate and worth the amount paid?! ) and I can earn by a successful sale of product!! tell me one thing WHY WOULD I SELL A PRODUCT WHICH IS POINTLESS?? and that too by giving misleading information as your associates did, they all claimed that the certificates provided will be recognised (did they mean recognised only in Hope Entrepreneurs on Earth and all Other Planets?!!)

And could you give a single reliable evidence regarding Donald Trump's saying "If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work!”" mentioned in your comment? it has to be true just because its on many Mlmer's websites? Just like your Director Mr Somaiya said Hope Entrepreneurs is multi-national company?

To Clear more facts check

Here is a a whole google search where no one could provide evidence about Donald Trump's Saying regarding Network Marketing!!

Hope Entrepreneurs should be sued or questioned for misusing the name of such a High Profile Personality (Donald Trump) just for supporting their mlm business. Such an Heinous act.

and one more against it.

( Please don't ask for sources as you have not provided one!)

Now about am I product holder or not.
Here is the name under which i have product "mahammad husen". He is my friend and bought the product on behalf of me. I allowed him to have the so called privilege of business in your firm.
And to your facts I only brought this product because your Associates said the certificates provided will be recognised and helpful. So I have brought this product under the influence of misleading information. Whatever the terms may be, no one has the authority to provide false misguiding information for sale of products and at circumstances it is even considered Crime.

I have some more friend who bought the product just for recognised certificates. I have even influenced them to write a complain and get a fair outcome.

And if you say did you read the terms, then i would say "DID YOUR ASSOCIATES READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE PROMOTING IT WITH FAKE PROMISES". now again such an irresponsible fraudulent promotion of a product.

I still stand on my words. A repay and I will mark this resolved.

I don't care what you guys are running whether it is legitimate or not etc etc.

I need my hard earned money back and that's it.

And if i am not eligible to take refund directly please provide it to the person who bought it for me "Mahammad Husen" I will get my hands on it indirectly, It should not be a problem to me or the company.

And thank you for your advice, as I can clearly feel a pyramid scheme doing mimic of network marketing business model right in front my sights, (source :recent experiences and observations.)

I would highly suggest the company and its associates not to write or speak something that they cannot claim or prove with evidences.

Thank you.
This guy stays in my town and is being bribed. Suddenly changed his words and that too in the favour of company. Visible evidences above. Dont trust him.

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