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Intas — Wrong amount sent/ paid hundreds in fees

This is a copy of the complaint I've sent to intas
Dear sir/madam
Firstly I would like to apologise about the length of this complaint, but so many thing's have happened it had to be documented and I hope that the level of customer service I receive from you is better than what I've currently received which I can only describe as being absolutely terrible and unacceptable.
On the 23/5/20 I paid 116gbp for an order of 6 boxes of zolpidem tablets after discussion with one of your sales managers Gajanand haresh.
The order was shipped on the 26/5/20 with the tracking number provided
The parcel landed in london on 1/6 and was still sitting there 4 day's later, so I contacted the courier and was told that I had to pay 72gbp for tax clearance and insurance, which I was shocked at as I've received plenty of parcels from india before and never had to pay any fees before, so I paid the fee and the next day it arrived at Edinburgh airport but was put on hold again, this time I was told by the courier that I had to pay another fee of 132gbp for a yellow tag clearance .
I emailed Gajanand for advice about the fees and he basically insisted that I needed to pay the fees, so I paid that fee aswell.
On the 9/6 the parcel arrived at Glasgow airport and again was put on hold, this time because the invoice didn't match the amount that was in the parcel, I had to contact Gajanand to get a new invoice sent to the courier company.
This is where it turned out that instead of 6 boxes being sent out 60 boxes had sent instead, which is a massive mistake to make !!
Because of this Gajanand said I then had to pay 518gbp for the extra 54 boxes that had been sent so that the correct invoice could be sent, so I basically even at a reduced cost had no option to pay for the 54 boxes that I didn't even want and what was originally 116gbp order had so far cost me a fortune with no help from anyone
I expressed how unhappy I was about this to Gajanand but all he kept saying was to pay the courier fees
I was then informed that the only way to get the parcel delivered because of the quantity that had been sent was to now pay 384gbp for non objective clearance which I again paid, so for what was originally an order costing 116gbp had now cost me 1222.00gbp which I had been paying from my savings and I was told that was the final fee and it would now be delivered .
During all of this I have been in contact with Gajanand and although all of these problems and fees are 100% the fault of intas I received no help and had now spent all of my savings !!!
I was then informed that the top officer would not release the parcel even with the non objective clearance, because of again the amount that had been sent and fined the courier 798gbp which again I have been told to pay by Gajanand even though I have told him many time's he says there's nothing he could do to help !!
He offered to refund 50% of the fees once I had made the final payment. But he knows that I don't have the money to make this payment and that I believe intas should be making the payment as I did have the money to pay it then I would still get back 50%, so by intas paying this fee then no money would be paid back to me and I would finally receive the parcel.
To be honest his attitude during this whole situation has been very poor!!
Do you think it's fair that a first time customer I should have paid all this money and still have nothing to show for it ? Do you think that what should have cost me 116gbp has now cost me 1222.00gbp and has now left me in a serious financial situation and has caused me a lot of stress and anxiety ?
Even though Gajanand knows that I don't have the money to pay this fee which will allow it to finally be delivered he keeps telling me to pay the fee and there's nothing he can do even though all of this has been caused by sending out 10 times more product than I wanted !!!
I personally find it disgusting that a respected multi million pound company can treat a first time customer this way when I've done absolutely nothing wrong!!!
If the 6 boxes had been sent then none of this would have happened and I would have received them on time without any problems
I really hope that you take this complaint as seriously as it is as I've been left in a complete mess financially and mentally because of a problem caused by intas and have received no help at all
Gajanand never gave me an order number but the tracking number is DG07352271H.
I look forward to receiving your positive reply

Complaint Status

[Jun 24, 2020] Intas customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by Stuartyp Jun 28, 2020
It's now been 10 days since I contacted intas with this complaint and still no reply, does anyone have another email address to contact them on ? I'm UK based so can't phone them because of the cost
Updated by Stuartyp Jul 04, 2020
Now tried to contact intas over 10 times now, and still no reply, absolutely discraceful for a company of this size !!!
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