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Recently, I went to KMCH, Coimbatore to consult Dr. RenukaDevi, Gynaecologist. My first 4 months of pregnancy was in abroad and after coming to India my mom took to her. We got token number 8 in the early morning at the Out Patient section of Dr. Renuka Devi. There will be 3 lady nurses. They only will talk more about pregnancy and give advice for a group of 5 to 10 women. Doctor will usually attend over 70 patients per day and 4 to 5 labour or delivery in one day itself. The doctor won't even tell enough information. I had a slight increase in blood pressure that was due to temporary external situation. When I told her about this, SHE SIMPLY SAID, Ï CAN"T DO ANYTHING FOR THAT." ÄTHUKKU NAA ONNUM PANNA MUDIYAATHU". Then for what she is sitting as a doctor. She can't even hear what our doubt is. She asked to come every 5 days due to this temporary. She prescribed steroid and high bp tablets till delivery just for one day slight increase in bp. We spent total day from morning 7.30 till evening. So my legs got swelled. She is saying that the legs should not swell. I may have edema. If gents sit in that chairs from morning till evening will get their legs swell. I was walking the corridors of blood testing, scan, imjection, doctor's 3rd floor op section, and sitting in that chairs from morning 7.30 till evening, I got swelling in legs. Previously I had no such swelling problems. After sitting in that hospital I got swelling of legs. Even sitting is giving back ache. I think it is the best way to turn all their Out Patients into regular Inpatients. Also it is a good way to induce leg swelling, high bp, prescribing bp medicines, creating infections by making pregnant women to spend a whole day in their hospitals and making them to eat food from their hotel and finally say that the woman is slightly in oedema, then high bp, then pre eclampsia and finally eclampsia. After this I think they can induce artificial labour pain and go for cesarean. Wow... Well planned Management Protocol to loot more and more money. There is more crowd in KMCH from areas like Palladam, Tirupur, Erode etc, saying that she is a good doctor. But how can a single person look more than 70 pregnant ladies from afternoon till evening. In the morning she will go to labour. We will give sugar and blood test in the early morning(fasting) at about 7.30 am itself. Even if you go first, you will get your reports only at 1 PM. Then you have to eat in their canteen or cafeteria. After that we have to go for scanning. They will charge Rs. 1650. It is somewhat okay but for the first few times a woman doctor scanned me. After that a male doctor is about to scan and I refused scanning and came out. They are charging this much, why can't the KMCH appoint a female radiologist. Really they are doing business. There will not be any privacy of information with this doctor. The nurses sitting outside will call upto 10 woman names and make crowd and measure weight and blood pressure and will ask from our mouth, what is your weight. We have to shout that I am 75 kg, I am 80 Kg. Usually pregnant women will gain weight. Also the gents accompanying their wives will crowd around the door and peep into each and every woman's info like weight, cases, month etc. Just disgusting. The infrastructure of the KMCH is like hotel lodge. Only it is fit to run lodge and not hospitals.The scanning center is at the basement, blood screening center is at the 1st floor, gynaecologist at the 3rd floor. The pathways are very very long, even gents are saying that they are tired by walking like this. Thinking about pregnant woman is really pathetic. I undergone that. In the gyn doctors area itself we can see many stretchers with pregnant women being moving here and there. The infrastructure is really poor and horrible. Pregnant women have to cross all type of infectious people in the scanning and blood testing and the hi fi hotel. FInally at 1 o clock we had lunch. Then gone to Renuka Devi and waited waited waited. She gone for lunch, then the nurses gone for lunch, then again Doctor gone to attend a labour. We met her at 4 PM. My token is Number 8 as we put in the morning itself. She prescribed me 2 doses of steroid injections for my temporary bp. Which is 130/80. The other dose should be put on the next day. The beautiful nurses said me to go to near by hospital with steroid. The doctor didnt mention . the date of the second dosage. They said to buy from their pharmacy only. So the next day, nearby hospitals said they wont put such steroids. Then we run to KMCH with steroid medicines. The injection will be given in a special room called INJECTION ROOM which is present in EMERGENCY SECTION in a dufferent floor. There the nurse said that she will not put as the info is not clear. She can mix only 2 vayals instead of 3. She asked us to go to Renuka Devi's cabin itself. Really really it sucks. We were walking the long corridor of the basement, 1st floor, 3 floor, injection room and pharmacy and returned home at 8 pm after having dinner. Better KMCH can also run a tourism or travel to their hospital, indirectly making their patients to enjoy sightseeing inside their hospital. They are successfully running hotel business, giving blood reports before lunch time and consulting doctor after lunch. There is only one pharmacy in the first floor. There all kinds of patients will gather and the workers are so lazy. Even the newly appointed doctor girls(New Freshers from Kovai Medical College). They are playing with my steroid injection vayal with one hand and operating mouse in t he same hand watching monitor and laughing. SHe got nicely from me. LAter I enquired her name. I came to knew their names are Keerthana, Saranya etc... I thought of complaining in their greivance number displayed at the lift entrances. But I want to give exact difficuty to whoever seeking help. Especially pregnant women avoid this hospital. Recently I went to another private hospital for 2nd opinion with KMCH reports. That doctor is really kind and cleared all my doubts. She sent me to another specialist doctor for her opinion with KMCH reports. Finally I am feeling that I am in right track. Even if my second doctor suggests me to go for induced labour, I can trust her and say yes. If I continued in KMCH then Renuka Devi will do only C section. Finally a word to KMCH. Getting more number of patients in a single day, doesn't mean that your services are good. It really lowers your quality of service. You are doing only business, not social service. Getting this much money. Make your doctors to answer properly. Give proper infrastructure. Just think from the view of patients and their comfort level . You are running a high fi hotel for visitors comfort then why not care for pregnancy sections.
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Aug 14, 2020
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God damn... I thought of choosing this hospital. Thank you so much for writing off almost an article to describe your experience with the ill-fated hospital.
Dear Friends,

Please take all the points from above review, its only one person's experience.Even my wife consulted with Dr.Renuka and we had a good experience.The only thing from the above review is time, its acceptable almost we have to wait entire day on every visit.Apart from that everything is ok.they never forced to take food from their hotel, on every visit we used to take breakfast and lunch for 3 members, even we are 80 KM's from hospital.During labour my wife and myself requested doctor to go for c-section but she never agreed and waited for till the due date, finally it was normal delivery.So depends on your own experience dont blame hospital facilities and doctors.I never visited this hospital before we started to consult here and we were in Chennai till months and we had same time delay in that hospitals too.Even we waited midnight 1 o clock to consult a doctor in chennai.
KMCH is good as far as inpatient is concerned, good Doctors, very caring nurses and supporting staff and a very reasonable expenses too - room rent, food etc., Very good food and they ensure that it reaches on time. As a process, they don't allow patients outside, if it necessitates, they ensure that you are taken in a wheel chair and a nurse accompanies you. Very good maintenance too. My family met with an accident recently and we were coming with Kulithalai to Coimbatore late in the evening, we reached hospital at around 10 pm. My friend had informed the hospital about the accident and to my surprise, the GM Mr. Narayanan was continuously tracking us till we reached KMCH and made all arrangements for my wife and family to be taken care. There was a guest relations officer Ms Kavita waiting to receive us and took care of all formalities. She ensured that she left us only after all tests were done, insurance formalities were taken care and we were admitted to the hospital. Then she ensured that she followed up with us every day on our health and ensure that all our requirements are met. I agree that the biggest drawback is their outpatient department, extremely poorly managed and I think their Gynaecology department is notorious for such delays. Though I have not gone to Dr Renuka Devi, we have approached Dr. Athima Pathak who is also a gynaecologist and have noticed the same type of behavior. Looks like they have too many OP's, not properly managing the appointments and it is time that they give only limited patients to these doctors and have more doctors appointed. It is better to not give appointment for patients unless it is an emergency case rather than giving appointment and making their life miserable. Otherwise KMCH is the best hospital in Coimbatore.
dr vivek pathak.op system very bad.

who heare md or ather chk ther system
patiant desterbing. i have 3.4 time wait for docter prescription 7.8 hour wait for him

his patiant. each one have same cumplaint
Actually I think it's not a genuine review, as we have done near to 30 delivery for all of our relations with Dr.Renuka Devi, the only cos is waiting time other than that we have not experienced any bad experience, in our area she is famous for normal delivery and in Kmch c section and normal delivery both are charged same fees only. And we people's are from tirupur. As in medical industry waiting time is not avoidable, she must attend labour, in patients and out patients. As for my sister's delivery in u.k is more painful experience for same sister second baby was born in Kmch and Dr is Renuka Devi, we are so happy with her. Surely it's a competitor's post.
Yes you are correct. I met her she is answering like i can't do anything. Please dont go there.
sankari siva's reply, Dec 28, 2016
Not only doctor mistake and this is Hospital mistake. They are apointing more than 80 patient for her. And she is looking for 5 to 6 delivery a day. I am requesting to hospital management for improve service.'s really shocking to read such is my experience with Dr.Renuka Devi..I recently delivered a beautiful baby girl by normal delivery..I was consulting for first 8 months in Bangalore and I started consulting in kmch only from 9 the month..even though there were so many patients, Dr was very kind enough to answer all my questions and she was super relaxed after seeing so many patients..I waited til on my first consultiation day..but still she appeared to be calm n saw every patient very patiently..she asked me to take a scan in a centre near my home so it is convenient to me and also didn prescribe any medicines apart from what my Bangalore doctors suggested..she was very pleasing and I was fully satisfied with the doc on my first visit..during my subsequent visits doc said my baby would be weighing more, but still we can try for normal.during my labour ..I requested to go for c section but doc didn agree and waited to see if I progress and finally I delivered normally a baby of 3.7 kgs...I had a contented and peaceful delivery with doc..thanks doc for making my first delivery so special..
When I begin to pendown's been 21 days I have reborn as mother...

My pregnancy for exactly 280 days is beautiful journey and it's made even more wonderful by my doctor Dr. Renuka Devi maam..

Thanks to Almighty I have kept the first step of my pregnancy right..guessing what..yes..choosing the doctor..and rest all fell in place by itself..

My first impression was on scan reports..
My first trimester was in Bangalore and I had corresponding reports to show here..
Doctor mentioned scan reports are in detail and no need to take additional report... It's super cool because many hospital they simply ask us to take again..

Secondly on every checkup I will be said whether I am on right direction and baby growth and water level is perfect...only when I ask any doubts in mind I will get additional information.. initially I had feel doctor doesn't spent sufficient time with patients..As the checkups increase and I get familize with doctor, I realized that they don't want to stress us with much information and their focus is to have peaceful and healthy pregnancy period for women and doctor take responsibility for all medical conditions.. Thank you, Renuka and Soumya (assistant doctor) for travelling with me on my pregnancy..

Sometimes they are hard in words..and that's only to make us realize the importance of being strong; healthy and that ofcourse reflects during labor.. I am surprised to see completely different Renuka inside labour ward..she is supercool, polite, so friendly and ready to give all moral support to women. Being women she understands every girl's mental stress while giving birth..

My labor was almost ~13 hours and blessed with princess..
Grateful to everyone in Dr.Renuka Devi's medical crew for giving me safe delivery and healthy baby..

Her words to me after my delivery:

I take every decision on pregnant woman considering if she were my own daughter..
- Dr.Renuka Devi

I am 66 years old and .diabetic .I am also taking bp medicine.five days back my bp dropped to 67-120 and I felt giddiness.this is happening second time.I called cardiologist dr.mohan who adviced me to continue the medicine .then on monday I went to the hospital to take echo test for checking my heary as hosital is advicing the paitent to check every year.but dr.mohan was angry and asked why you come here as already discussed over the phone.he refused any more discussion and asked me to vaccate his it the way of treating a senior citizen who is diabetic and taking bp medicine.they are intrested only in patient for taking huge amount of money.not in the opd cases since it is only fees is better we should take test and consult private you cannot expect any decent behaviour as they are money minded.
The reviewer's perception of the happenings in the hospital is what I can understand from the lengthy review being written. The intention of the reviewer is more towards ranting about KMCH, Renuka Devi and stuff. The reviewer should have mentioned about the other hospital where she found satisfactory service if the intention her was to help people who read the review.

My wife has been visiting Dr.Renuka Devi for more than 3 years and now. Infact it was Dr.Renuka Devi who referred us to a doctor in Chennai, Mr Kurian Joseph ( Joseph Nursing home) for Fiberoids removal through laproscopic myometamy. She had the best intentions of her patient in mind and said that doing laproscopic surgery would need less recovery time than doing open surgery. If she wanted to make money for KMCH as said by this reviewer then she would have done open surgery in KMCH than sending us to Chennai.

Coming back to the review. Yes she attends 90+ OP patients, lot of deliveries on any given day. So please do not expect quick visit to hospital for your check ups.

If you have a external situation which causes high BP then doctor cannot do anything for that. She would have laughed and told avoid such situations.

Most hospitals do not allow outside food. KMCH is not different. They run 3 different canteens to cater to the demand from OP patients and visitors to hospital. No one forces you to go eat there. Just opposite to the hospital there are so many famous hotels like Annapoorna, Anandas, etc.

If once you visit her as the last patient for the day then you will understand. she will attend to you the same way she attends her first patient for the day. She has that much patience.

If the scanning person is a male then you request them to change and you need to wait for a female person to scan you. You cannot dictate who the hospital can appoint. If that is the case then do not go to male doctors for anything.

You got to be assertive with the nurses and other hospital staffs to get your work done. If you are timid then they will take you for a ride ( not every staff). This is applicable for all hospitals.

Understand that alot of people hear good things about this doctor and only then they go her. It is not that hospital is assigning this doctor to any patient. It is the visiting patients and relatives who crowd around the nurse table and do not provide the privacy for you. The nurses keep asking then to go sit but no one listens. So blaming only the nurses and hospital is of no use. Also no one peeps into your medical file as everyone are more worried about getting their checkup completed and get the hell out of there. If as a pregnant women you are bothered about such things as telling your weight loudly to a nurse, etc then you seriously have some problems. Mostly pregnant women are treated well by other patients and attenders as well.

This is from my experience so far. It is not always rosy when visiting with my wife to KMCH for check up but we go prepared (both mentally and physically). Its been good so far with few issues inbetween like scan delays, doctor held up in OTs, etc. But it is part of life. Concentrate on the purpose of your visit and let other things slide, life will be smooth.
Hi How much cost for a c-section in KMCH

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