Misty It Services Private Limited — Data Entry Project Scam

I joined as a business associate and Misty it services private limitedwith this company on 4th April 2021and payed 2, 20, lakhs as security deposit for getting offline data entry work for 5 workstations. (Medical health insurance form filling).

Project Manger - Rohit and their operation manager gave lots of false hopes in the beginning that this business will be beneficial and all. They gave a accuracy slabs according to which they said they will pay for the work we will submit.

The data is full of [censored]. Words you can even understand from the image. The data they provide for demo work is much sorted than the actual data they provide to work on. After a lot of struggle, we managed to submit data by 3rd June (They give 1 month to complete 4500 forms per workstation which is nearly impossible after you see the kind of data they provide). Now comes the time to get the so called "QC report" which is the worst part.

I had to run after their life to get the QC report which i got almost after 15 days of submitting the data. Now they told me i have accuracy of 22% very low accuracy level which is not accepted on which i get huge loss form this small amount i cannot able to give my staff a salary office rent also i need to work again so i accept the small amount after fighting 1 months they sent it.

When i checked the qc report, they were all sorts of stupid errors like where we typed i as seen in the image file, they say its actually l and like this they lowered my accuracy to the point where i get low billing
Second time i taken again my 2nd project work well and submit the data on target time they problem start again.

When i checked the QC report, they were all sorts of stupid errors like where we typed properly as seen in the image file, in qc report showing wrongly type and like this they lowered my accuracy to the point.

After submission the data after 4 days Mr. Rohit is calls me and tells me taht your data is not opening i want remote access on your center i thought OK take it then the real game start they replace my actual type data and manual feed error data (Cut paste) cheating work.
I kept some screenshot of fill form from their i compare the data i get doubt on them so i checked my submission data from their which is correct type by my employee. I identified they actual data is been replace in the remote session.

After fighting for it for almost 2 months, they give my proper work accuracy amount which he agreed as per the accuracy because i really needed the money to pay to my employees.

I decided not to continue with this fraudster company so i went back to them and asked to terminate the agreement and provide my work amount also.
Since then, none of them are picking up my calls and no reply on the emails i am sending. They just keep saying that it is our fault that we did not give accuracy.

I just want my work amount or else i will file a formal complaint with the registrar of companies and the police so that they can close this company like they did with social trade to avoid any other person from being duped by these fraudsters.

One thing more, they themselves give 5 star ratings to their company on google so that people think its a good company. All reviews on google are by their own employees and family and friends even their director has submitted a 5 star reviews for her own company.
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मै तुम्हारे साथ पुलिस स्टेशन चलने के तैयार हु तुम कहा मिलोगे
हम गरीब लोग है इनको छोड़ेगे नहीं
We are private limited company, we came in bpo and digital marketing sector in late 2022. We are from Andhra Pradesh. While looking for a project for our company, we came across a BPO project advertisement on the internet. We contact the person with whom advertisement is included his name is rohit singh his company name is misty infotech he is from lucknow after contact he told project cost around 3 lac and ask us to make online payment Said, instead we told him that we are going to visit Lucknow and after that we took 2.80 lakhs from him after mutual consultation. After joining our project, but even after continuing the project for 1 month, he still has not paid a single rupee for the contract. Instead of not paying, he is treating us like he will send goons if we ask. For money. Later we came to know that he has collected a lot of money from various centers in the name of projects. We suffered a loss of around 12.80 lacs in billing matters and also received criminal threats because of him. Also when I tried to do FIR this cop asked how to file FIR, I have proper legal gathering, mail, discussion, call recording, chats on payment. Please help me how to sort out the things through legal action and how to file FIR on that. The policeman is asking me on what parameter can they file an FIR. Please help me how to file FIR and help me to take that person from police man.
Hey guys, simple people are not born like them.
They have a habit of eating haram,
God will never forgive them; they will definitely get punished for their sins, if not today then tomorrow.
They looted our hard earned money by fooling us, even if we get a call by mistake then tell us that no data entry is required brother. I will give 140000 to them, after that 130000 to those who got the work done, then rate 35000 for light 15000 and total loss
4 to 5 lakhs after that we are not able to work on any project
After working day and night, everything was wasted, these ### looted everything, and we were ruined by smooth talk. It hurts when dreams break

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