Gokul Ayurvedic — Cheated with ayurveda medicine charging 1.7 Lakh rupees

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Pune, Pune District, Maharashtra, India
I'm a married software professional living in Pune. My wife had a brain tumor and was operated multiple times for various health issues and she has facial paralysis on her left-part of the face.

On September 22, 2012, I went to Star Bazaar at Phoenix Market City Viman nagar Pune along with my wife to purchase some items. One stranger (Deepak) suddenly spoke with me asking whether my wife had some illness related to brain tumor as he observed that my wife had facial paralysis. He told that his sister also had the same problem about 10 yrs ago and was cured by ayurveda medicine and she is very healthy now. He told that if you want the same for your wife we can help you out and we don't want any single rupee. Willing to see my wife healthy I said yes and asked for more details of the medicine. He said his brother (Ajay) knows better than him about the medicine and gave his number and took my number and said that I will get a call from his brother in the evening.

Later in the evening, his brother (Ajay) called me and explained the story that their sister had Brain Tumor & facial paralysis 10 yrs ago and none of the english medicines cured her. One day they happened to meet a phakir and that phakir after looking at his sister suggested a ayurveda medicine and assured that it will be cured in 3 months. It has some process mixing Roses, Badam, Elachi, Haldi etc.,., in a boiling coconut oil. He told me that if we are interested he would come to our house and prepare this oil and tell the instructions for usage. We said ok for that. He said that the you will see a difference in the patient in 15 days but you still have to continue this for 3 months. He also told that it should not be revealed to anyone (as told by phakir it seems) other than your family otherwise the medicine will not work

Next day, Ajay came to our house and we got the items ready for that oil. He prepared the oil and told that we need to go to Ayurveda shop in Bund garden to mix the ayurveda medicines in this boiling oil so that medicine is ready and mentioned that he doesn't memorize the name of the medical shop but knows the location. So, I took him in my bike carrying that boiled oil to the Gokul Ayurveda shop at Ashoka Mall, Bund garden. We went inside the shop and he (Ajay) told a list of 7 ayurveda medicine names each 20 gms total costing around 1.7 Lakhs. The medical shop guy also gave a guaranty of 80 % of amount refund if it is not cured in 3 months & 15 days (have a receipt as well mentioning the same). Since it had a refund and guaranty as well so I went ahead and purchased by paying the amount and mixing the medicines in the oil. They gave me a receipt mentioning the names of ayurveda medicine and their respective amounts and also said that I will be getting a main bill from their main office in a month or so. Also said that a ayurveda doctor from their office will be visiting my home 2 times after 1 1/2 months & 2 1/2 months to check whether the medicine is curing or not.

As suggested by Ajay I had started applying the oil alternate days before sleep at specified locations of my wife's body from Sep 23, 2012. On Nov 1, 2012, I called up the ayurveda shop to find out why the main bill is not yet sent and was told that they will check the details and call me back next day. I never got a call back. Next day, I called up again and was told that bill is dispatched from the main office and should be delivered in few days.

We were out of town for couple of weeks but carried that medicine with us and continue to apply. Once I came back in the 1st week of December, I called the medical shop to find out what happened to the main bill and also there was no call to schedule an appointment for the doctor visit. No one responded to my calls. Either the phone was busy always or no one picks it up. I had tried for 2-3 days like this and got the same response and felt something is definitely wrong with this. I went to the Gokul Ayurveda shop at Bund Garden. I was surprised the shop was closed and there was no shop with such name anymore. I spoke with the adjacent shop keeper and was told that this medical shop was vacated about a month ago. I immediately called Deepak & Ajay multiple times but even their phones were switched-off. I spoke with multiple people in Ashoka Mall and couple of them told that the medical shop was a fraud and couple of people like me also visited for the same and they heard that medical shop was shifted to Connaught place in Bund Garden. So I went to connaught place immediately only to find that even from there also they had vacated about a week ago. I don't know what to do.

I'm cheated and none of the medical shops contact numbers are responding. Please help me I have saved that money for my wife's health and now everything is lost.

Let me know if you need additional information to proceed

Contact # ([protected])
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Attached are the scanned copies of the medical bill that I had received from Gokul Ayurveda when I purchased the medicines
Attaching bills
Similar experience with me also I met a person in bigbazaar and he recognised me having backpain but today the person contacted me for making oil but Luckily i checked your posting before going ahead with this. It looks like it is big network of chaters. Please advice the public regarding this kind of strangers
I got also cheated for RS 145000. We all should come together and file complaint.
Please be aware all. Inform your near ones and dear ones across the country.

Oh wow, I had a similiar experience in hyderabad in Dec 2011. I was with my family doing grocery shopping in a mall. My grandmother has knee pain problem and walks with a limp. A guy came and offered to help since my grandmother resembled his mother with same problem. Apparently his mother was cured via ayurvedic medicine. The medicine was supposed to be a combination of coconut /castor oil along with few herbs. I gave him my number and he told his brother will contact me. His brother contacted me and insisted that he will come and administer the oil. He was not willing to give the " secret recipe " over phone.

I got suspicious and told him that we will call him later since we are busy this week. Within few minutes the guy from the mall called up and started to convince me about his brothers visit to my home. This doubled my suspicion and he started to get angry when he realized that I am not buying his talk anymore.

We had same experiance what goutham has written in his very first comment.. They had cheated us for my Son.. They took 50k from us ...
There is a racket (or may be rackets across the country) who cheat people with same modus operandi. The name of the medical shop does not matter because it is a fake shop opened by these quacks. There names too are fake. Police had busted these gangs earlier but they get free soon and again try to cheat others.

Some real names from this gang,
Durgappa Golar
Somashekhar Shetty
Ravi Shetty

Please check these news items



Attention from Fraudsters posing Ayurveda/Herbal remedies. Also published in TOI dated 29 Jul 2016.
There is an organised racket in Maharashtra and Andhra particularly in Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad. The modus operand is simple; to trap innocent victims by befriending them on their visible physical ailments in public places like shopping Malls, Temples, hospitals and then once they figure out the problem in more details (if the victim talks to the stranger), the 1st crook builds up a story that they had a similar ailment to one of their relatives and they cured it with Ayurveda/Herb treatment and tells that his brother can offer assistance for free as they are doing a social service. Once the target is taken into confidence and phone numbers are exchanged, the 2nd crook calls up and tells that he got a secret remedy from some saint/Godman and would do a “Paropkar” by offering his help free of cost. Initially he will tell to get inexpensive raw coconuts, roses, Turmeric powder etc and offers to come at your home for preparing the solution. Upon the victim’s concurrence, he then comes to your home and prepares the solution and once done asks you to take him (along with the piping hot oil) to a Ayurveda shop as he needs to add herbals. At the pre-designated Ayurveda shop mostly around FC Road, Bund Garden, Shivaji nagar Pune, He pretends to search shop for long and then once inside the shop he lists the herbs which are around 6-7 in numbers and are very expensive (around 100 to 10000 per 10 Grams) . The designated shops are adequately staffed (read bouncers) as well. There is no estimates/Yaadi and the medicines are directly poured in hot oil and the billing has already started. Any point, if you try resisting, the shopkeeper assures that you can pay later by cheque as one of his associate (read bouncers) can escort to victim’s house to collect the booty. On a case to case basis they will even push Swarna Bhasm which costs 30, 000 per 10 Gms. The bills goes up and up and sometimes even cross 1, 00, 000. The victim usually accompanies the fraudsters with no idea on what he is going to lose and is shell shocked after the entire episode. The bouncers accompany the victim to ATM or his/her house and collect the dues. No Invoice is issues and the transaction is listed in an Estimate / quotation. The job is done and the 2nd fraudster leaves telling the victim to apply the oil for 2-3 months and then report back the progress.
Poor victims have no idea on how much they lost in dealing with these unknown fraudsters who have blatantly fooled which resulted not only in loss of large money but also the fact that most of those medicines are mere chalk powder. Before you recollect yourself and ponder on what and why this happened, the fraudsters have already changed their cell numbers/shops and have already been in hunt for a new victim. You are just left with a can of adulterated coconut oil
All the drama is done with so much of perfection that you still have some reason to believe that might be that this might be genuine and someone has really tried to help you. This organised crime has been happening in Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad since 2010 and I have read sorry tales of various people over the web (Google “Ayurveda fraud Pune”) .
Prevention is better than cure; follow the simple rules, do not entertain strangers especially those who are pushing a little bit extra in approaching you. Secondly, there is nothing called as Paropakara (selfless service) and no one does it for free. Make use of your intuitions / Judgemental skills and stay safe.
Friends, please spread this across to masses to educate and alert them that such organised crimes are happening where big Ayurveda business houses collude with commission agents to lay trap the innocent victims giving them false hopes and minting money out of their misery.
Just had a similar experience with exact story of 2010 where person approached in Seasons mall on 30th Dec 2016. Don't fall prey to this. Got saved as amount was issued via cheque and they feared due to police complaint.
Yes, Can we do something to stop it...

My brothers are now following one person...and I feel they are fake...

I am in Pune, and some Devi Singh approached me for my father treatment, My father had a brain stroke in 2014, and last week 23 May 2019, we went to ruby hall and one man approached us... and gave Devi singh number.
We called him and he came to out home...
he said he wll check whether your father us curable or not...some yatra he used wch shows some boil water going up and down ..and then he said to bring few buti from ayurved..Panchwati (Dapodi) nr to Kirloskar.
Amrut Kalash (1 Gram), Calcium butty(1 Gram), and Tila Tel.(4 Gram) It cost me 15500 for all.
Then he mix all these ayurvedi medicine and gave to dad...and then after 10 min he again used his yantra and shows the improvement of nerves...then he said bring 4 Grams for each..next day.

4 gram each cost us 54000 Rs. Brother bought yesterday (22 May 2019), and he mix and prepare the medicine.
He gave one bottle to drink..(It smell like a Grape Wine) Home made...

Now today he came in morning and said that your father body is not accepting the medicine, its going out from urine. he did some experiment and said bring Amrutkalash 1 gram...my brother went to same shop in dapodi wch cost 15000 for 1 gram.

Please help me. I am not able to convince my brothers. i know they are fake people and using our money. we all are very immotional for our father and expecting that he should stand up on his own leg and walk...

If someone can do sting operation/ Police contact please contact me..my id:[protected]@gmail.com

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