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 Ramyaanuradha on Nov 20, 2017
Karthika deepam serial intrest ga ledu hero heroine ni chinna reasons ki istapadatam antha baledu konchem love feel unte bavuntadi konchem bold ga chupinchsndi sravya character ammayi ki makeup custumes daridram ga undi konchem ammayni manchinga choopinchandi hero heroine madys lov track untey bavuntadi vallu iddari taste principles okkala unnatu okariki telikunda okaru telskune la scenesdesign cheyandi plz serial ni exite ga tension feel ayela tiyandi plz ippudu ippude maa serialskonchem better anipistunayi a opinion chedagottakandi hero heroine madya love feel ni create cheyandi heroism villanism anni equal level avakunda alage imbalance avkunda tiyyandi idi"order kadhuu heartful request because we love love angle romantic serials"serial lo romantic angle chupindi enthaniki jaali daaya vitinay target cheykandi chusi chusi bore kodutundi real heartful love with romance kavali and inka okati antante romance anedi beautiful couple madhyane kadhu beautiful hearts madhya ani proove avvali konchem intrest chupindi plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz inka intha varaku maa tv lo message and lovely feel good serial levu dhini naina oka classic la thiyandi plz plz plz hero heroine ni thana minus valla pelli cheskunnatu undi love angle romantic zngle feel levu serial lo
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Papam deepa ki kuda dress marchukone room ivvachu kada
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Worst serial day by day this serial becoming so irritating. Entertainment is totally off so boring. characters are changed a lot. Karthik character is so irritating being a DR he behaves so foolish. Monitha’s plan always works. Ever ending sad story for Deepa. Director script is so worst. I should say I wasted my valuable time for this serial. I am decided not to watch this Any more. Proved Telugu serials are boring. I suggest please don’t watch this serial it’s waste of time almost all MAA tv serial are worst. I hate this director.
Please change this soundarya mentality.This is so sad to see someone insulting so badly.I don’t see any message..This is really injustice to treat someone like that.Being Indians we are talking about skin color.seriously it’s so heart touching don’t feel like watching at all 😒.Please give importance to Deepa.She never had anything significant in her life.Please treat her like a human 😩
I hate this serial..i hate soundharyas vulgar behaviour with deepa and deepas father..y should he bear those stupid words..bad vulgarity words...kartheek is not protecting deepa n deepas father from soundharya bad words..kartheek character is waste husband..soundharya husband character is waste...cant he controle? What type of messages do u want to give the society by this serial?..when ever i see this serial i really gets more angry about that stupid characters..
Chiiiiii Evaru deeniki director urgent GA story Marchandi Leda mahila sangalu act avvalsina avsaram undi..
Skin color is not a beauty heart is beauty...
Idi story kadu lust... By lesbians...
What is happening to MAA TV. Behind one married man there are two women plotting. As if there is a dearth of men in this world. And it is not only in Karthika Deepam, even the same thing with Lakshmi Kalyanam. And women are shown in such negative characters. It seems horrible. Please change the plot of the serials and show some dignity to women. Why don't we have normal women in serials. Either we have the crying type or the negative plotting type. Show some normal women Please...
I like karthikadeepam serial but don't bring suspecting concept in serial. It will be horrible. Only Karthik supporting his wife we can see not suspecting track
Hi Karthika deepam serial lo EMI message evvaliani anukuntunaru meeru Deepa. Character ni endhuku chinnodu chesthunaru. Aameku respect evvandi. Eepudu. Thanaku. Edusthune unte Deepa eppuduvallaki. Manchi. Lesson esthundhi. Ela continue ga vasthe serial flop avuthundi. Please change this pattern ladies edipinchadam Kadu society. Ki a. Ammayi nundi problem Ela face cheyyalo Deepa ni support chestu serial ni high pitch ki thisukuvellandi please please please please change the story.
What is the serial concept, not at all acceptable, all the serials are encouraging second marriages and mother in law as villain. We stopped watching this serial now a days. I thought hero had some social service and ideal goals for heroine but now only this serial confined to house not beyond that. He is a doctor can't he knew his condition. Need lot of improvement or end the serial.
Juvvu Damoder's reply, Jun 12, 2018
I agrèe with u..karthik being a doctor can't he doesn't know that he can't be men for making pregnant of his wife Deepam...

U bloody ###; director...
Dear team,
try to elite deepa as good and intelligent lady, how she respect family, she can do anything with her knowledge, physical beauty is not important. Always crying crying and crying please check Hindi serials and their trp, you will get an idea.
The most n worst serial never ever seen in told karthik to marry deepa. N hez total family is harassing at deepa.monitha cheap role in the one in the traditional homes gives dat much ryt to the women but soundarya s beyond her limits.n her husband role no am speechless completely worst.aditya no machurity.tym waste.yukk n this serial karthika deepam
Became completely worst serial chi what a direction, who will accept monita in house and givingblot of freedom you made deepa and karthik as waste roles. Meaningless karthik a deepa m. Give as ideal husband role to him and now made adithya also a waste fellow. I will stop from today. I had given complain on 25th May and now no improvement in this serial today I have seen chetha ga maripoindi ee serial.
I am disgusted by this serial these days. Its not a good thing to get negative reviews, seeing so many complaints i am guessing you guys are thinking it is causing sensation and you are gaining popularity but it is very disappointing. I generally dont watch telugu tv soaps or movies but since i am free these days started seeing this and i am thinking i will be better off without these.

If telugu movies or tv soaps have to make a mark nationally and internationally you should come out of the village mentality and write some women empowering story lines. the world is moving ahead even telugu ppl are moving ahead but you guys are hindering this growth. Use this medium properly. we should feel proud that we are telugu ppl and our creation should showcase it to the world. By showing the storyline like you are just showing the world that we are still backward, concentrating on color, name, fame, money, power, position what nonsense. these days it doesnt happen in real life also.

YOU HAVE JUST LOST A VIEWER. unless you dont care losing one viewer because you have so many others.
Pravinqqqq's reply, Jun 2, 2018
Yes yua absolutely ryt I agree vit yu avanthi chandra garu
Hammmmmaaaa karthika deepam!!! PTha routine ga kakunda konchm different kuda ledu fed up vit ds serial.society ki meeru m chepali ankuntunaro artam avatledu.
Arey kuyyyaaa director gaaa...nek enduku ra serial dash lo story veskonii...avaru chustaru ra alanti story luu...current poyindi antaa...june-12 episode loo...appudey apudey mounitha karra tho kottindi antaa...deepa appudey a karra teskunadi antaaa...apppudey current vachindi antaaa...entraaa nuvvvvv...enka aa pani ledaa nekk...velli bajjilu eskoo intlooo 😈😈👊👊
###...karthika Deepam is becoming trash...

Earlier it was bit a interest on circle of deepa...but its too much don't make too much foolish..

mohitha how mANY TIMEs can she escape...I think now a days Karthika Deepam is trash...

In a family 1 outsider is spoiling the rapid of all the family members and no body till now realised, , , , it's bull shifts stop making fools the audience...

From today I'm not going to c this F###amp;amp; serial
Waste chetha serial tym waste bongulodhi complaint chests e serial pina antha tension pdte heart patients unte chastaru sod i ga.karthik oka doctor deepa ki baleka potbe vadu chuskovachu kada monitha ku enduku chepali.avarana cheptara.m concept ra sod i mokapoda
Arey o director chaalu inka nee chittha twistlu
Atey o mental director appraisals mama ani anna vihari correct ga kartik rahane maanna ani sanatan emi twist chettha la undhi. And karthik oka doctor e kadha he can chk about his wife's health kadha cell aa chittha monitha ki chepoatam enti.
Arey o director pls inka chaalu maama ani appatiki daaka ani anna vihari karthik raagane nanna ani anatam enti kathik deepa health gurinchi monitha ki cheppatam enti oka doctor ayyundi kuda.chaalu babu chaalu.okka role ki inki negative characters aa.monitha role stop cheyandi inka.
Asal em message ivalani ilanti Serials telecast chestunaru, every time monitha edokati chestadi adi deepa chesindi antaru konchem concept change cheyandi. 12th June episode chusi inkepudu ee serial chudadu ani decide ipoyam.
If you want to give a messages to society than pls give a messages that how to maintain a faithful and affectionate long life relationships between the families not negative and suspecting characters pls do try to implement Indian culture in india not other and moreover we feel grt as a Indians as other countries appreciate and respect our culture of marriage. Don't let us down.

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