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[Resolved]  Wasika Placement Services — fraud cruise job scam

Hello people,
This is to notify you that there are many fraud agencies which are not physically present and the agents will not reveal their picture to the candidate. They do all the transactions through phone only,
They conduct fake interviews, develop fake documents using original company's name and details such as logos, address. Just to create trust and ditch the candidate.
Plz keep one thing in mind, no cruise company will ask you for money for the employment..!
There are many pre planned ways that the agents use with their in their conversations with the candidates. This is the main tool they use to make the candidate wait for long time awaiting a job in abroad.
Recently such agencies have came into light
They are
1) fast track travels, vashi mumbai
2) wasika placements services, pune,
3) rewa consultants, pune,
4) imprexsis travels, new delhi

The main agents of this agencies who are the big frauds and kamaal ashrafi, sameer alias, rehamatulla alias joseph john, satish jaiswal, kavitha, arvind kapoor
All these are in the same team and operate at different locations in name of cruise jobs in abroad.
They ask for nearly 3lac for the process along with the original documents and passport to be surrendered with them without giving any acknowledgement for the process.
The candidates blindly submit the documents and wait for the interview call.
This has become a massive job scam worth 50 lacs and police complaints are being filed on these criminals.
Think before you reply to any of such mails from these fraudsters.

fraud cruise job scam
fraud cruise job scam
Complaint marked as Resolved 2018-03-11 11:36:43
Legal proceedings will be initiated with the cyber crime Mumbai and local police station against Fast Track travels, vashi, navi Mumbai to resolve the issue and to get justice for the all the candidates suffered from the fraud. As wasika and imprexis seems genuine and would expect co operate in solving the fraud case against Fast track travels.
Updated by Ferrari_AS Mar 11, 2018
A fraud case will be raised with the Mumbai police and cyber crime for tracking of the fraud company owner Mr, Sameer of Fast Track Travels responsible for the cruise job frauds and documentation by all the candidates. Wasika will be part of the process of filing the complaint against fast track travels and helping the legal proceedings to succeed in arresting all the members concerned for fast track travels.
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Amith Shankar, It is a matter of serious concern that because of one persons misdeed (Sameer alias Rahmatullah) you are trying to blame and spoil some other genuine people's and company's image and life. Despite repeated verbal & written communication with Sameer, we haven't got desired result hence we have already filed a Police Complain against him.

Fast Track Travels is the only culprit against whom legal action has already been initiated however do not blame Wasika Placements Services, REWA Solutions, Imprexis Travels etc unnecessarily.

Please treat this communication as a warning for your unacceptable behavior and stop sending me threatening whattsapp messages, SMS and even do not email me unnecessarily.

You very well know who has cheated to whom and on behalf of all my candidates, I have already put a Complain to Police considering your all concerns. Now I have left with no choice but to put complain against you for this unethical behavior. I expect you to rectify your follies and observe good conduct from hereon. Do not blame those who do not have any role in this mis-happenings.

Kamaal Ashrafi
Amith Shankar, Ajinkya Lad & Team,

Your defamatory internet posts on

We are Imprexis Education & Travels, a registered firm based in New Delhi working mainly in Global Placements, Visa & Job Assistance & having a channel partner in Poona Mr. Kamaal Ashrafi (WASIKA PLACEMENTS SERVICES). We have evidence to prove that the posts shared by both of you on website contain serious, untrue and highly defamatory comments towards our selves & our Firm, some of which contain malicious falsehood. In doing so, defamatory comments are being communicated to lakhs of people throughout the world, posing a serious threat to the reputation of our business image, personal identity and which is also directly harming and hurting to our registered business.

These comments seem designed to damage the reputation of our nature of business, its true identity, causing on losing our Clients in the market place.

The defamatory threads are as follows:

The allegations which will be the subject of a possible action are in summary as follows:

4) Imprexsis travels, new Delhi

The main agents of this agencies who are the big frauds and Kamaal Ashrafi, Sameer alias, Rehamatulla alias Joseph john, Satish Jaiswal, Kavitha, Arvind Kapoor
All these are in the same team and operate at different locations in name of cruise jobs in abroad.
They ask for nearly 3Lac for the process along with the original documents and passport to be surrendered with them without giving any acknowledgement for the process.

We have included a small sample of the posts within the aforementioned threads to illustrate the defamatory and actionable nature of the content. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but merely a token sample to illustrate the nature of the discussion.

Section 499 and 500 of the Indian Penal Code provides an opportunity to the victim to file a criminal case for defamation against the accused.

Show Cause Notice and immediate Legal proceedings

In order to protect our business image, personal identity, we are considering proceedings against you in the Delhi High Court. These proceedings would seek remedies including but not limited to the following:

• substantial damages;

• an injunction to restrain you from publishing the same or similar statements in the future; and

• costs.

Our Jurisdiction is New Delhi.

A defamatory statement is published at the place i.e. Bangalore & Mumbai and from where it is read, heard or seen across the world and not only where the material was first placed on the internet.

Need Action:

We are not against freedom of speech and recognize the value of fair comment. At this stage we have any desire to issue legal proceedings against you however we are keen to do all we can to avoid litigation where possible.

However, in accordance with the pre-action protocol for defamation, we will desist from issuing legal proceedings provided within 3 days of the date of this letter you agree to do the following:

• remove from publication in their entirety the defamatory threads to prevent harm to our personal identity and business image.

• produce an apology and a declaration that the allegations referred to are false and defamatory and cause such apology and declaration to be published in each of the forums which have given or could give reason for our complaint (such apology to be approved by us prior to publication);

• provide details of recipients of advice or comments made of this nature, together with contact details for each recipient;

• provide details of the number of posts made, together with website addresses;

• make proposals for the payment to us of damages for the harm caused to our reputation; and

• undertake to actively monitor and delete any newly published defamatory content relating to our Firm and our personal identity.

If the defamatory threads are not permanently removed and the above undertakings are not complied with immediate effect, we shall revert to issue of proceedings without further notice.

We await your response by return.

Wasika placements is fake job consultancy. Do not trust. It’s 100% fake
New Bee's reply, Mar 2, 2018
Their reply is also fake and they trying to cheat people. They are making crores of money. Collecting money for jobs is illegal. Wasika placements is totally fraud. Do not loose your money. All Muslims only.
Guys I m having recording of Kamaal and Samer the real name is different mehmudola and he is just playing with our career I m having 5 candidate including me are victim of wasika and fast track travel they are fraud biggest fraud is Kamaal who say to pay money to Samer then say as monetary transaction had done with samer so he is not culprit raise the concern to social media so that non other candidates bcom victim and teach such people a lesson
My name is Krishna I have all details and bank transaction of that ### plz call
Wasika Placements's reply, Jun 8, 2018
Krishna Mishra... I have already shared Police Complain copy and also the asked you to visit to Police station for further action. However as you are not understanding it hence I have been forced to file Police complaint against you too copy of which will be sent to you through email. Do not try harrase or threat anybody as it is illegal. You are contineously doing it hence be careful your all email, whattsapp and SMS will become evident against you.
Thanks Krishna Mishra & Amith Shankar for your valuable comments and efforts . i was looking for reviews about wasika placements services and found lot of bad reviews in social media and other websites ...


Dear freind's

Still iam waiting for my amount 50 k It's been a very long time 1 yr, Kamal from wasika placement is not responding to my messages nor calls.

As per him he is trying very hard to get back my amount but ...

It's my life's biggest mistake to trust on Kamal wasika placement and sameer fast track travel.

God will defenetely punish them in this world.

Because not only me they duped lot's of innocent people's.
Hi freinds today had a word with kamal wasika placement, he told me that police is saying sameer flown out of country and all his mobiles are not traceable because its switchedd off, so i cant get money back.

Iam very much disappointed.
I am updating on this Complain further for everybody's information that complaints have been lodged against the main culprit Sameer of Fast Track Services in Mumbai and Bangalore also.
Ultimately what's the result we people are ### and smart people and run away ultimately what's the result matter people fly away with notice when complaint is already lodge kamal what to say now hats off to you and what a master strock. Kahavat hai na saap bhi marjaye aur lathi bhi na tute

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