Bajaj Electricals Customer Care

Bajaj Electricals Customer Care

Bajaj Electricals Ltd

51, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort
Mumbai City District
India - 400023

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Registered Office
45/47, Veer Nariman Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400023
Tel: +91 22 2204 3841, +91 22 2204 5046
Fax: +91 22 2285 1279

Company Showroom
'World of Bajaj Electricals', Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021
Tel: +91 22 2202 3626
Satisfactory Rating
So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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Bajaj Electricals — Bajaj platini food processor

 suraj sahs on Apr 29, 2016
I have purchased a bajaj food processor last year 6/7/2015 and they written down on this product 2 year warranty provided by bajaj to customer. Today i call to customer care about steel jar not running properly they said to me your complaint booked . After few hours bajaj service center member call me and said come to our service center. I gone there and they checked jar and just solved my jar problem without any product changes and asked me to give 50 rs . So if bajaj written down 2 year warranty on that product so why they taken 50rs for this solutions.
I never purchase bajaj product again....
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Bajaj Electricals — Bajaj product no dc 2016 and forgery and cheating by dixit a staff of maharaja electrical adear firm of agra (up)

 pooransingh on Apr 29, 2016
(For Kind Attention of Mr.Shan)
Sir I had purchased above cooler from M/s BEE PEE ELECTRICALS Sanjay Place Agra on 20.4.2016, from Ist day when I started the cooler, I could not sleep due humming novice from motor, apart from this whole the water from tank spared on floor of of the room, also there is no cooling of cooler. These 3 complaint have attended by the Cooler mechanic shri Dixit of Maharaj Electricals Agra. I had all the 3 complaint to the said mechanic, who without attended the complaint got signed the Job order, , not told me what is the from, what does mean ? I had completely...
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Bajaj Electrical — Bajaj cooler

 pradeepKD on Apr 21, 2016

My self pradeep d kamble, residence at room no 3, lane no 28, private road pune, i purchased a bajaj coolest tc 2008 cooler from vijay sales pune station branch on 4-april-2016. And received this product on 5-april-2016.

However vijay sales guys showing one product and selling another one (Faulty one ) at the time of delivery. And also bajaj electrical company selling like this without checking properly . How to treat your customer like this.

When i was received this product from seller on 5-april-2016 its not working properly . I raised a query...
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Bajaj Electricals — Microwave oven - mwo30cgr

 Gaurav2908 on Apr 17, 2016
Hi, i have purchase microwave oven in jan 2014 and the product was covered under warranty till jan 2016. The product developed problem in feb 2016 and a complaint was registered with bajaj electrical under ref no mum190216009290966-1. However as the product was out of warranty the problem has not been addressed for last two months despite multiple follow ups.

My contact no is 9899465724. Look forward to speedy response....
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Bajaj Electricals — Complaint

 sahithi reddy on Apr 15, 2016
I bought a cooler from the local dealer in march 2016 and initially I have pumping problem we have dropped a complaint and engineering came and rectified the issue it worked Fyn for 2weeks ...and again I have issue with low cooling...i need product replacement or refund or at least resolve my problem asap......
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Bajaj Electricals — Complaint lodged for home appliance (water geyser) is pending for more than a month..

 raje.gupta on Apr 12, 2016
Complaint logged for home appliance (water gyser) is pending for more than a month despite multiple follow ups and repeated calls to customer care.
The bajaj engineers visit the home and provide some lame excuse and go away saying they will come back with the component and replace it.
Later no body turns ups and also the customer care people keep taking the complaint without seeing whether the earlier complaint is been resolved or not.
They have charged me with visiting fees and still the issue is not been resolved. Its also causing leakage in bathroom a metal harassment to...
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Bajaj Electricals — Cooler

 uttam86 on Apr 11, 2016
I bought the bajaj cooler sb 2003 on 31st march 2016 and it's pump is not working anymore. I registered a complaint regarding it at bajaj electrical helpline number. I was said to wait for 24-48 hrs and service technician will shortout this problem within this period. But no technician came to solve the problem and today i got a message from bajaj electrical that my problem has been resolved. But my problem is as it is.
The complaint number i got is pat100416009567616-1. My cooler is in warranty and action has been taken till now to resolve my problem....
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Bajaj Electricals — Bajaj coolest pc 2000 dlx

 Krishna Kudloor on Apr 9, 2016
Dear sir
Have been using thus air cooler for past 3 yrs was good but now the cooler mesh portion ( the part that gets wet with water and the mesh layer over it ) has fallen off . I tried from my local dealers to get the replacement of the same but was not successful
Kindly make arrangements for the same...
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Bajaj Electricals — Faulty ceiling fan

 Devagyamuchhal on Apr 8, 2016
One of my employee mr. Brijlal lodhi had purchased a bajaj ceiling fan from shop named "rajesh trolly and naresh electronics" from indore on 20th march 2016. Initially the fan did not work and it was faulty, it was taken back to the shop keeper, after a lot of arguments he gave another piece, but mr brijlala was shocked when the fan did not work the second time, when he went back to the shopkeeper, owner denied of any help and told him to go to the service center.

Mr brijlal is a poor man and needs help from consumer forum.

Name: mr.Brijlal lodhi
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Bajaj Appliance — No service after 3 months

 shivaprasad on Apr 8, 2016
I had submitted a bread toaster for repair, to the Pai Agency, Udupi where I purchased they inturn sent to the service agency 'hyland' Udupi, Karnataka. I was denied of getting it repaired and the engineer says new software problem, and harassed me for buying the product. I called area head Mr. Ramamurthy-Blore and narrated the problem. He assured me that it would be done within few days, still it was sent back to the dealer where I purchased. I had faith and trust in the India Bajaj co. product. B'coz worst service I have decide not buy any Bajaj products. Prof. Shiva Prasad H C...
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Bajaj Electricals — Bajaj coolest dc 2015 icon

 nsb sastry on Apr 3, 2016
Unfortunately i have purchased your product under the impression that it works on invertor. But it is not at all useful for me, i have purchased on 05/04/2014. Now its pupmping system is not functioning! in purchase bill dealer has not mentioned any waranty period. I have used hardely 4 or 5 times. Cost ihave paid was rs. 11790/-let me know the guarantee period for this product. Is there any chance for replacement as it is very small and not even covering single person completely. I will be very happy if you can suggest me some other best product available with you and give me special offer to me...
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Bajaj Electricals — About a complaint not resolved from about 10 days. [Resolved]

 Rohit Chandoriya on Apr 1, 2016
Respected sir,

i bought an induction cook-top from D-mart Bhopal. on 10-3-2016 on the time of purchase it was in working condition, i did'nt used it untill 18-03-2016, when i used it on 18-03-2016 it gets fouled, and stopped working i registered my complaint on bajaj electricals on the next day 19-03-2016. the company representative told me it would get fixed in next three working days after about 5 days an service executive of bajaj electricals came to my house to check the appliance and told us that they dont have the part now so he has to go back and get the part to fix it. we...
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Bajaj Electricals — Standard auto iron

 Shashank71 on Mar 29, 2016
Since last three months I am trying to get repair my iron box which is under warranty from the service centre (a franchise one). They are not able to repair it nor able to give any explanation. When I contacted there customer care head Mr. Sujoy then also nothing worth has come. They don't even bother to take the phone. The customer care number of Mumbai head office is not working / or nobody picks up.
Twenty years back we use to say hamara bajaj but i don't have that opinion regarding this. My complaint number MUM060116009049045-1 is closed with out discussing with the consumer.
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Bajaj Electricals — Complaint regarding mishandling of my newly bought food processor by your company's representatives

 Aaryan Harnot on Mar 25, 2016
I bought bajaj food processor fx 9 on 18th march 2016 from mumbai showroom( pic attached ) and called up bajaj customer care ( complaint no : 9457657-1) to send someone to my house for a demo..Next day this guy who's name was kamlakar came to my apartment for a demo.The way he was handling the processor and was trying to place the liquidizing jar over the processor body, he seemed totally unprofessional.Anyways he was trying too hard to place the jar and it got stuck badly and he was not able to remove it thereafter ( pic attached ).Well the excuse he gave that its normal and jar get stuck sometimes...
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Bajaj Electricals — Bajaj majesty water geyser - 3 ltr

 sudeepnevatia on Mar 22, 2016
I had purchased 3 Ltr Water Gyser of Bajaj on 25.04.2015 vide Sr. No. 10540814 & Model 26855 from Akola, Maharashtra.

I had made complaint and the service engineer came and told that the Coil is not working and as the coil is not available, you have to wait for 10 days. I had told him that if the coil is not available then you can replace with new one but he refused to do it so.

As the product is under warranty the Company should replaced the gyser immediately but who cares, if the customer is suffering.

My request is to ask the dealer to change the gyser...
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Bajaj Electricals — Disgusting after sales service

 savio67 on Mar 19, 2016
I had purchased an otg of bajaj electricals and from january 25th till date no one has been able to rectify the over heating problem with the otg . occasionally i do get a call but no qualified technician to rectify the same....
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Bajaj Electricals — Web order not delivered or amount returned

 kemparaj565 on Mar 15, 2016
I had placed an order on bajaj electronics website on 14-feb-2016 for water heater and amount was charged. Product was to be delivered within 7-10 days . The order was canceled by them and i was not informed. Everyday i call but i get hypocritical replies. No money nor product is refunded or delivered. Order number is bel001b1318181. No reply to my mails also...
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Bajaj Electricals — Water Immersion

 DipeshK on Mar 14, 2016
My water immersion is not working and I am following with Bajaj customer care from last 8-10 days. Complaint # MUM050316009370921-1.

First time the technician visited with out informing on the working day and calls after leaving my location. Upon speaking to him I asked him that he should inform customers before visiting so that customer can give their convenient time or will be available at your visiting time. His reply "HUMLOG CALL NAHI KARTE KISIKO JAANE KE PEHLE. AAPKO CHAHIYE TO AAP GHAR PE RAHO" I requested him to visit later all his other appointments since he was nearby area...
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Bajaj Electricals — Steam Iron

 neeraj1992 on Mar 12, 2016
My name is Neeraj. We have purchased this bajaj product on ones recommendation. Today we are not fully satisfied with this iron which is purchased in sept-oct month shows lots of manufacturing defects in steam iron in this short period. We have registered a official complain by calling your customer service number, they have registered my complain and ensure that technician will solve technical problem. In first complain is registered for no steam and heat, second complain again the same thing, third complain which is registered recently this month is of extra heating which burns clothes. And fourth...
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Bajaj Electricals — Storage water heater - geyser not working

 Abhishek1905 on Mar 11, 2016
I have raised a complaint to Bajaj electricals as my 15 ltr geyser was not working, their engineer Venkatesh K visited my place on Jan 8 2016 and replaced the coil and told there will be warranty of 1 year for the coil, however withing 2 months the coil again gone dead.
I have raised complaint no 9384602 on March 08 2016 where the customer care person has given me local electrical shop contact number to contact however that was 30 km far from my place so he denied to visit and fix the issue.
I raised another complaint on 10th March 2016 No -9397230. the engineer visited the house...
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