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Kinetic Blaze — servicing and spare parts

 gopal_agawal117 on Jun 24, 2011
I have a kinetic blaze scooter and since the time mahindra has taken over the company I am unable to get my scooter serviced as non of the spare parts are available at the mahindra service station. The mahindra company boast of to take care of kinetice vehichles but is actually promoting its own two wheelers.

I had bought kinetic blaze for almost 60 K and now I feel cheated as I cannot even get it repaired due to non availability of spare parts.

I had tried checking spare part at all possible mahindra service stations but no body is doing anything. If some one can help...
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Kinetic Blaze — No service available. No parts available.

 Ajay Goswami on Apr 17, 2011
I have bought Kinetic Blaze 4/5 yrs ago total costing R2 68,000. I run for some time and started failing for mostly elecricals. Exhaust failed which took long time to replace. Starter mtor fails occasionally now Battery can not be chatger due to its charging mechanisim faliure. Its fibre plates broken are nor available by the dealer.
I am not having satisfactory service suport by the dealer. He promises evrytime to get it fixed but ddoesn,t turn up. Spending so much of money now is lying in the corner of my house.

Pleae can some one advise me how to hadle this issue. Is there...
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Kinetic Blaze — Sudden information on breakdown

Dear Sir,
Its really a great pity that i had suffered huge financial losses due to my kinetic blaze.Ever since i had bough this bike on 2007,i had spent around Rs 25000 on its maintenance.Infact last week i had send my bike for a normal servicing to my bhubaneswar service centre,the authorities there demanded an extra amount of Rs 2000 for regulator besides my other check-up & servicing charges.By buying this bike,i have really become bankrupt & right now i am standing on a point of no return as i cant sell the bike(rs 65000)since it wont fetch even 1/3rd amount or i can afford to...
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Kinetic Blaze — no spare parts and tyres available

i had brought kinetic blaze from navelcar motors panjim in 2006 at the time of launch since the change of company take over there is no service center in panjim and the one in mapusa costa motors dealer for mahindra motors says they dont have spare parts even the rear tyre so how do we drive the bike i have kept my kinetic blaze in one corner of the house just as a show piece .,,,,,,,,,,, can we bring the company to court along with the new owner ( mahindra motors to court and pay us our money back )...
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Kinetic Blaze — poor service standards

byk no. up 78 1535
currently stationed in bangalore under cvs honda dealers
facing a lot of problems... pls revert bak @9008404938...
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Kinetic Blaze — Kinetic Blaze Grieved- Come Join Hands


I am Daniel from Delhi & i too was one of the first owners of the much Hyped Kinetic Blaze which i know realize was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. My one didn't run good for even 6 months and had a problem of oil leak from the gear box area from the very beginning. The company could not repair it and then it sold out to Mahindra. I have bought another bike after that and am using the same while the Blaze stands rusting, without anyone even interested to buy it.

I would this time invite u all (people grieved as me) to join hands and take up this...
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Kinetic Blaze — Support for Kinetic Blaze

 Sunil B S
Hi ,

I am facing the No spares syndrome. There are no spares available for my four year old kinetic blaze. For e.g.

When i met with a minor accident my vehicles front end was damaged a bit since it is a all fibre body they told me the piece has to be replaced but there was no stock they fixed it by tying the broken piece with a piece of wire to the vehicles body < :-( remedy was indian ingenuity on a italian designed scooter > Every month I am spending a lot just to keep it in working condition. Selling is not an option for a 3 year old bike best offer I got...
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Kinetic Blaze — Highly Poor after sales service and now service denied

Dear all

I would like to bring to your notice that i the Laxmi auto world, Andheri have closed down the service of the kinetic blaze.I have purchased the vehicle in 2006 after which i had regular and relatively poor service from laxmi auto.I was never satisfied with the scooter service.and now they have closed down the service and denying to help in any regards asking to contact the company. The company is very irresponsible as they have not ensured after sales services, spare parts are not available in market and local service people denying servicing it.I have now broken front...
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