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Medicine Complaints & Reviews

Medicine - wrong drugs

 kushi naveen
dr.manju lund giving poision and charas and other posion two husband sunil soneja.dr.manju lund loves sanjay joshi.she is filing false complain that sanjay joshi is sending messages,police dont regesiter any of her complain.her father parabhudas is aware of al this....
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Medicine - Medicine Bill

 Inder12345 on Aug 16, 2012
Sir, I am Inder Singh Solanki s/o Jayram Solanki. I have purchased some medicine from Sahyog Medical Stores In front of Anoop Talkies Gate New Dewas Road. Sir I told him that plz. give me Bill of Medicine, He told me I have not bill. I called them to complain, he said that you have made ​​it. SAHYOG MEDICAL STORE Ph. No. 0731-2554459. Sir. Please as soon as take action.
Thank you.
My Mob. No. 8827859762...
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Medicine - return of medicine

 ysy on May 8, 2012
As prescribed by one doctor I purchased one medicine named LIVIAL tablets from Dhanwantary Medicare & research centre P Ltd (chetla central road kolkata 700027 branch).After taking medcine it didnot suit me .I contacted my doctor she advised me to stop the medicine.As the medicine's cost was 1129/-,I went to med shop to return the medcine,but they refused to take it because the 3-4 med have been consumed.Without eating medicine how can one know that the medicine will suit or not.Is there any way to solve my this problem?I have cash memo Dl No 855S/8566SB A-96055 DSF0913 dated-26/03/12...
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Medicine - no reduction on MRP and no proper bill is being provided

 PULKIT PAHWA on Dec 29, 2011
the doctor has prescribed my mother some medicines which are not available at any of the stores nearby or farther and are available only at a shop which is inside doctor's clinic itself and is also not registered and the shopkeeper donot give any deduction on mrp rather if the mrp is like Rs. 35.43 then he charges 36 rupees for that

Doctor name is: Dr. Sharad Jain

please help me by telling me what i can do

my email id is:
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Medicine - not delivered

 pankaj kumar dayal
Status of courier number : 299669559
The manager
Customer Care
Blaze Flash

I was to recive a courier 3 weeks back as per the delivery time of 2 days at my residential address in Pune.But nw its been 3 weeks and i have not received the courier yet.Above all i m trying to get information about the courier but i didn't.
All the 4 number of customer service are unavailable.
I need the courier urgently.

Kindly provide me with the status soon and let me knw the date whn i can receive the courier safely.

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Medicine - bill

 Ruchin Sharma
I was having a throat infection and for this I went to doctor for cosultancy he charged me 80/- Rs. for his consultancy and adviced me to take some madicines written on his letter head, but the madicicnes was given by his own medical store. When I asked to the store person to give me a bill for the same so that in case I feel any problem related to madicine then I can ask to you on behalf of bill and also I can have a reiumburesmebt from my company against this bill. He deny to give me a bill for the given madicine and said I will not give you any kind of bill you can take these madicines from outside...
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Medicine - wrong medicine by medical store

 aikansh jain
dear sir/madam,
Mira drug store located in camp, pune (maharashtra) gave me wrong medicine other than what was prescribed by the doctor to saying that it was same as medicine what doctor has prescibed. later after doctor told me that the medicine given by the medical store has adverse effect and was completely different than what he precribed. i am under treatement for my eyes by doctor JB taswala in yerwada.
when i asked for refund from medical store, his behaviour was rude me asnd with the doctor as wel.
i have the bill, prescription and complaint letter from the doctor.
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Medicine - Medicines are not being saled properly as per required quantity by patient

 Sameer Gandhi
I have been advised some medicines named 'T. Veloz (20)', 'T.Bplex Forte' etc by a doctor. It was 5 number of tablets I wanted as per my prescription, but when I tried to get this much quantity of medicine
all Medical Stores in Charai, Thane - West (near by Sent john school and Jambhali Naka area), they decline to give me that medicines (as 5 tablets) and forced me to take the whole packet (consist of 15 tablets). This is happening every where by giving excuses that some of the medicines are not being saled frequently, so they only sale the whole packets else they will...
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Medicine - Non Delivery

To The 05-10-08
Manager Speed Post India
Sub: - Non Deliver

Dear Sir

We booked our 2 consignment No. EEP E11 079702665 IN and 67 from Bahadurgarh-124507 to Burthwan (WB) on dated 22-09-08 One consignment NO. EEP E11 079702665 IN reached at destination but the 2nd consignment No, EEP E11 079702667 in not reached at destination till to day please look in to the matter and let us know when the consignment reaching at destination

We are very much surprised that, when both consignments are booked same time from same place for same destination...
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Medicine - Not selling medicine in less amount

 MohitKim on Jul 13, 2011

There are Some pharmacy in Secor 41 Block C market noida - JC Medicals, Guardian Pharmacy. Whenever I will go and purchase medicine, and I ask for some medicine in amount say 5 tablets, these persons will say - we cannot sell less than 20 tablets or less than 30 tablets. This is creating so much problem because in case I need only few tablets, I have to purchase complete set of 20-30 tablets. This is wasting lot of money.
Please take some action against these fake dealers otherwise poor people will not even be able to purchase medicine. This is very urgent. Please some...
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