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sdfsdf - online payment charges

Recently ( effective from 1st Nov 2010 ) HDFC Ltd. introduced a new "convenience charge" of Rs. 100 for Home Loan customers paying the EMI via online payment facility. The reasoning given in the website ( to encourage the customers to pay via other means like PDC/ECS so that they do not have to pay penulty for forgetting the dates ) sounds very lame and it looks they have done this just for their own assurance and control over the EMI payment. This is unfair treatment for the customers and I believe this needs to be taken back ASAP. There is no extra expense from HDFC to maintain this...
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sdfsdf - Increase in the Prepayment Charges without any notification.

 Sachin Patil
Increase in the Prepayment Charges without any notification.

I have requested preclosure report on 14 Feb 2009 (at that time charge is 2%) and i was told to collect it after 7 days. I reached to collect document on 21 Feb 2009 and found that bank increased rate from 2 to 3 % from 16 Feb 2009.

But as I put the request on 14 Feb which rate should be applied?

Bank is fooling the customers.

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sdfsdf - interest rate charged

 Sonika Pasan
Private banks know exactly how to suck the blood of the customers. They have no conscience and do not leave an opportunity to extract unfair money from the consumer.

I had taken a home loan of 27 Lakhs at 10.25% on floating basis from HDFC. First EMI started on 15th May 2008 and the original tenure was 240 months. Since then interest rate was raised twice and the current interest rate being charged is 11.5%. HDFC. The revised amortization schedule shows the current tenure of loan to be 372 months despite of paying 8 EMIs of Rs. 26505. How can they increase the tenure to 11 long years...
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sdfsdf - Unethical practice by hdfc

HDFC is a treacherous lending company.Their sales team will not tell all details regarding loan, but are eager to take processing fee quickly.Then they will start asking for un necessary documents and delay loan process.Before taking processing they will keep mum abou documents.

Their customer care and sales team is the worst among private sector bank.But their service charges and interest rates are very is better to avoid hdfc...
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sdfsdf - Chit with me

 Kamarujamman Shaikh
This is to inform you that I have applied for HOME loan from HDFC homeloan section in Grindlays House, Kolkata-700 001. After receivind the processing fees of Rs.4800/- they have told that the pemises having the legal problem so that they can't disburse the loan. On the same building another bank (like SBI, PNB, GIC Housing ) already disburse the loan. I have submitted the all disburse documents from other bank but the disburse executive refuse to disburse the loan. I have also told that guys that why thay have taken the processing fees as the property having the legal problem(as per HDFC).
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sdfsdf - Unfair Trade Practices by HDFC

Hi Guys

I am tired of paying high rate of interest to HDFC for my home loan & I am sure that you guys are as well. When the interest rates go up our floating rate goes up in a flash. when they come down our rates still remain high. We have two options
1) Sit & cry over it. Think nothing can be done.
2) Get together & take the fight to HDFC.

We stand a very good chance. We can go one by one to HDFC they will talk about the prepayment penalty & make it difficult for us.

If we get to 500 & negotiate with HDFC either they...
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sdfsdf - For closure charges.

I visited HDFC on 14th Feb 09 & I was told that foreclosure charges are 3% effective today. Then I called customer care on 16th Feb 09, i was told that foreclosure charges are still 2%. When I actually took foreclosure, they charged me 3%. I still dont know what are exectly fore closure charges. HDFC & its customer care telling different rates.
Also HDFC is charging on balance amount + prepayment made in current year instead of only balance amount....
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sdfsdf - HDFC Home Loan Interest

 Shiyam Hussain
I have an home loan from HDFC since 2003 on a floating rate of interest basis. When ever I request a statement on my home loan, they send only the amount I paid till date. Recently I asked them to send a toal break up of loan with the balance of principal amount to pay. On receiving such a statement, I was shocked to note that I have to pay a lot more than what have been initially planned for the 60 months loan period. In short HDFC increased the interest rate without ever intimating us. Since the EMIs kept at the same rate we never realised the impact of increase in interest. In order to...
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sdfsdf - Horrible experience while purchasing resale property

I am in then process of availing a home loan from HDFC Ltd(Baner brqanch) for a resale property. I had submitted all my documents on 6th of June and they gave me a sanction by 25 June. That is 3 bloody weeks. When I went and asked them before starting then loan process they were happy to inform that the sanctioning will be done in 7 working days and it will take 3 working days for disbursement. I think they should not fool the customers like this. It has been 3 weeks for sanction and God knows when will they disburse the amount.
They will not do a follow up at all. I think...
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sdfsdf - High interest rate for Old customers

Do you have plans to equalize Rate of Interest for OLD and NEW customers. OLD customers are paying very high Rate of Interest.

I am having a home loan with HDFC with interest 10.25% interest, I request to advise the banks to reduce the interest rate to equialize with new customers interest rate i.e, 8.25%

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