HDFC Bank Customer Care

HDFC Bank Customer Care

HDFC Bank Limited

Branch 542, Trade World, A Wing, Ground Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai City District
India - 400013
Landmarks:Opposite Kamala Mills Compound

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1800 425 4332
1800 221 006
+91 22 6160 6161
+91 22 2498 8484
+91 22 6652 1000
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Work days:
Mon12:00 am - 12:00 pm
Tue12:00 am - 12:00 pm
Wed12:00 am - 12:00 pm
Thu12:00 am - 12:00 pm
Fri12:00 am - 12:00 pm
Sat12:00 am - 12:00 pm
Sun12:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Additional Contacts

Andhra Pradesh
+91 99 4949 3333

Chandigarh, Kochi, Indore, Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna
+91 99 4616 0616

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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.
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HDFC Bank Complaints & Reviews

HDFC Bank — Revised hra arrears as per iba circular and census 2011

 Njaneswar V on Nov 27, 2015
From, Calicut
(Roll No.AA128)
(Retired Asst .Manager.)
Nambiyathu Vadakkathil,
South Of S.V Temple, Kayamkulam,
Alleppey Dist. Pin-690502

Deputy Vice President,
HR (Kerala)
HDFC Bank Ltd.,
Surabhi Building,
Ernakulam, Kochi-682 025

Dear Sir,

I am one of the IBA pensioners of HDFC Bank as retired from service on 31st Oct. 2014. .I came to know that...
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HDFC Bank — Holding funds from salary account

 aakshi on Nov 27, 2015
As HDFC had the full power of our accounts they made a hold of Rs 2707 from my salary account. I had a Jumbo loan which was to be auto debit on 25 Nov from my salary account but i thought it was on 26 Nov so the auto debit failed due to insufficient fund. In Oct the amount was debited only on 26 Oct and this was only my 2nd month payment so i was not aware of the date. On 26 Nov I made a payment through ATM to this Jumbo card account and received acknowledgement through SMS. I was asked to pay through ATM by HDFC customer care and also received email from them. But even then same amount was debited...
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HDFC Bank — Credit card resettlement

 Mayookh Sikka on Nov 26, 2015
I opened a salary account in HDFC when I was in Hyderabad and ordered a credit card. I left my job after a couple of months and therefore preferred to settle all my credit card dues. In April 2014 I cleared my dues. In August, while I was in Guwahati I got a mail from HDFC to pay my dues. I tried to find my receipt but couldn't. I ignored for a first two times as I was busy with my VISA procedure. Now, after coming to Germany I again received an email from HDFC with an increased amount (penalty maybe). I tried to call HDFC helplines, customer care, etc but nothing helped. Then finally I managed...
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HDFC Bank — Hdfc bank offer provogue watch on Nov 26, 2015
Provogue rolled out an offer with the HDFC bank in which any HDFC customer was eligible to buy provogue Watch/bag on the payment of Shipping charge only. I have purchased one Provogue watch with the provogue order #1113194451 on NOVEMBER 13, 2015 and made the payment with my HDFC Net Banking. I have sent several mails to the customer care team and the customer support number is not reachable at all. Also, I didn't receive any order status mail/call/sms nor getting no response from Provogue Customer care through either Contact Number or Email. This is the worst company service ever. I would request...
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HDFC Bank — Credit card payment torture

 Kaveetha Narayan on Nov 26, 2015
What an atrocious way this HDFC works, one time the credit card payment is delayed, I don't know how they get the numbers of all the family and friends and they call them and torture them for the payment. Who has given you the right to call our friends and relatives and torture them this is not acceptable at all. Just now we would have spoke to an executive and then another one calls within minutes. I really dont understand as how they work around it....
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HDFC Bank — Payment issue related and collection agent forced to make payment through cash

 mevishnu on Nov 25, 2015
My name is vishnu kumar I am the card holder of hdfc bank. Two days ago i booked the balance transfer from sbi to hdfc and you BT cheque will take some time to update. One of your collection agent call me and shouting on me and she was force me to make the payment through cash than i told her that i already made payment through bt of sbi but she was unable to i will not make payment throug cash you should wait for bt cheque and make sure i don't want any call from your collection agent...if possible than call me tomorrow after 5:30 pm.. Regards Vishnu kumar...
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HDFC Bank — Non transfer of amount (Rs. 200) which was deducted without recharge on 12th nov 2015

 arjunsundi on Nov 25, 2015
As committed by HDFC bank, 5 Days are gone and still i couldn't get my money back to my account.

Pansy Pradhan

HDFC Bank — Non transfer of amount (Rs. 200) which was deducted without recharge on 12th nov 2015

Statement from Bank:
HDFC Bank Customer Care Verified User on Nov 16, 2015 Verified Support

Dear Customer,

The transaction has been successfully processed at the Bank's end.

We request you to allow 5 working days for the merchant to get back to you with...
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HDFC Bank — Amount deducted

 sumit4756 on Nov 25, 2015
From my Hdfc bank Account No. Amount of Rs. 143.15 is deducted with out informing me & customer care is also not providing details. Please refund me the amount which was deducted.
Awaiting for your positive & prompt response.
Thanks & Best Regards,

sumit choubey

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HDFC Bank — Closing the account

 vip vip on Nov 25, 2015
I have three account 14041050039833 salry account 50100025125490 saving account 26651930000885 . I am not interested to continue with HDFC bank. I tried to close the account but they say you have to go home branch which is in different city altogether 600 km from here for the closure of the accounts. kindly close all my accounts. Email mobile: 7549595891...
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HDFC Bank — Denied credit card

 ron wilson on Nov 24, 2015
I have an account with hdfc bank for 4 years and when i applied for a credit card they denied my request after few months. i checked with them for the reason never got a reply after few months i got to know that i had verification failed i visited branch and asked them my address i check they put my address which originally was A-9 sham nagar opp wah shah ji wah new delhi 18 as A-6 sham nagar oppw sham ji new delhi 18 .. i gave them my election id when i opened my account and they put the wrong address which is obviously a wrong address and they denied me on the basis of that this...
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HDFC Bank — Two false transaction 1 resolve another pending....& not responding

 Chidam Bar on Nov 24, 2015
Gmail chidam bar RE:'HBL=025-508-707' Cardholder Dispute Form chidam bar Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 3:22 PM To: Cc: chidambar Dear Mam /Sir, Please refer the trailing mail. I want to highlight some incident which is a cheating done to me and the companies are: 1. Divine Technologi IVR 2. dealsncity_Payzippy Description of incident: I got 1st call on 13/06/2014 on behalf of HDFC bank credit card department, HDFC bank introduce holiday package and told that they have tie up with Divine Technologi IVR for this type of package. Under this package...
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HDFC Bank — Mentioned wrongly contact numbers or address on your website of udaipur rajasthan

 sanjeevchaturvedi on Nov 24, 2015
I'm searching the udaipur rajasthan branch contact numbers but there is mentioned by you worng contact numbers and also wrong std code numers . i want to know what's happening there .

my courier from hdfc bank lying with u from yesterday at udaipur branch, its getting too much late as per delivery schedule, AWB No.:D991Q8028189....
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HDFC Bank — Cheque misplaced!!!

 sudipto.banerjee on Nov 24, 2015
On 14th Nov'15, in New Alipore, Kolkata Branch, I dropped a cheque # 594302 belonging to Alipore SBI Branch, Kolkata, amounting to Rs 3, 15, 000. I dropped the cheque in the attached ATM counter cheque drop box, after completion of all documented formalities.
On 16th Nov'15, I met Ms Lipika, the same branch Manager, since the amount did not get credited in my account. She said to wait for 2 days for the cheque to be cleared.
On 21st Nov'15, I met Lipika again, as the cheque amount was yet to be credited, she made me write a detailed application, narrating the incident,...
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HDFC Bank — Salary account kept hold

 vinod22singh on Nov 22, 2015
Dear Sir
I having salary account No. 50100123891956 with HDFC BANK Noida branch which is kept hold due to some credit card (5243 6810 0125 1654) payment, which I want settelment but from there side no response & demanding that much amount which is not possible & also harrassing by using abusive lanuages.
I have registered a written complaint to MD Mr Aditya Puri, Legal Manager, collection manager, grivience redressal one is bothered to respond my complaint.need valuable sugesstion shall i register complaint in consumer court or banking ombuds man.
Kindly let...
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HDFC — Repeated and abusive calls from hdfc bank credit card department for delay in credit card payment.

 gaurav.kumar68 on Nov 21, 2015
The situation has gone completely out of hand now. I cant believe such behaviour from HDFC. A person is allowed to forget or be caught up in weddings or deaths ... and hence miss the payment date, telling the callers that you are out of town with limited access ... and hence will take a while to pay also doesnt seem to work. Inhuman. Absolutely inhuman. And the kind of language that is used. Cant even repeat it.
Literally threatening and verbally abusing.
I am ashamed of being your customer now HDFC. My entire family is going to withdraw all our investments and accounts and credit...
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HDFC Mutual Fund — Stop the sip (S) without informant to the client forgery in signs

 RajSIP on Nov 21, 2015
Are you seriously mad Mr Harish or same you are trying to make me fool : it’s clearly mentioned that this is “ stop the auto debit of Rs. 2000 from my bank HDFC bank account no nd so… with effect from April’15”

Refer the form pasted below nowhere mentioned “ stop SIP (s)

You don’t have a single evidence to show that why SIP (s) are not deducting month after the month, even you don’t have capability to calculate the calculation from March’15 to June ’15.

Trust me Harish I will not let it...
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HDFC — Net banking direct pay

 goutham0903 on Nov 21, 2015
Due to OTP in net banking direct pay for irctc website most of the time my takal ticket goes to waiting list. I know that irctc have made OTP mandatory for direct pay. But if you are keeping a service active then it should be accessible all the time without lag. Please address this problem ASAP....
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HDFC Bank — Non-receipt of redemption gift vouchers of credit card points

 Swarup Kumar Basu on Nov 21, 2015
I had requested for redemption of my HDFC Credit Card (ending 8523) points as flollows: Date Redemption order No. Points Quantity Remarks 18/9/15 18091500701 3085 1 Philips Juicer-Citrus Already received. 18/9/15 18091500701 9900 12 Not received. Several e mails regarding this has not yielded any results. Since they could not provide the Gift vouchers for such a long time, it was suggested that Redemption may be revoked and 9900 points may be credited to my Cridit Card account. But they are reluctant to do even that. Every time I write, they reply after 3/4 days to say that give them time...
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HDFC Bank — Lapsed policy

 kiranmayi kiranmayi on Nov 21, 2015
This is Kiranmayi.Mandali In the year 2013 i have taken one HDFC sampoorna samriddi policy(16039355) which is of not market related.Quaternary mode:6256/-per 4 months.Upto 2014 October i have paid.After that i coulnot pay the premium.So i want to cancel that policy.Its a 5 Year policy.Please help me to get back my premium amount.Previously they told your policy is in lapse status.Previously they mailed me to revive my policy but now they kept me one mail to reinstate the policy.So please help me to come out of this matter. Previously i have taken policy at HDFC Hyderabad.Now at present i am residing...
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HDFC Bank — Make false promise and loot people

 lofty khanna on Nov 20, 2015

I have purchased HDFC ergo policy on my credit card. I got a call from HDFC bank, and asked me to buy a policy worth Rs 11231, for 2 years on credit card and they said if I want to cancel the policy I can cancel it anytime within 15 days of receiving the policy and full amount will be refunded.

I requested for its cancelation, few days after buying the policy. Now they are saying they will refund around 4000 Rs. as 7500 is deducted for some service charge, courier and processing fees.

They are torturing me and forcing me to not to cancel the...
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