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Branch 542, Trade World, A Wing, Ground Floor, Opposite Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai City District
India - 400013

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Phone:+91 22 6652 1000
 +91 22 2498 8484
 +91 22 6160 6161
HDFC Phone Banking Number State wise (Phonebanking Number)
Andhra Pradesh – 9949493333
Chandigarh, Kochi, Indore, Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna – (Std Code)-6160616
Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune – (Std Code)-61606161
West Bengal, Sikkim, Andaman and Nicobar – 9831073333
Meghalaya, Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur (Toll Free from BSNL landline) – 1800-345-3333
Assam – 9957193333
Bihar, Jharkhand, Patna – 18602666161
Maharashtra (except Mumbai) and Goa – 9890603333
Haryana – 9996243333
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HDFC Bank Complaints & Reviews


 prakashkumarvb on Jan 31, 2015
DEAR SIR I would like to lodge a strong complaint against HDFC bank for holding my funds without any reason. I was shocked when I saw my a/c is NIL when I had been to ATM to withdraw amount for my mother medical expense. When contacted they say I have a credit card due to the bank, I don't have any credit card in hdfc bank, That was something which I found utter, unethical and not tolerable. With this letter I would like to lodge a strong complaint in consumer court against this robbers who are playing with many innocent lives in the name of Bank. I will be submitting my A/c details...
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HDFC Bank - IMPS amount deducted but not processed instantly

 NRB21 on Jan 31, 2015
I have used the HDFC IMPS facility to do an immediate transfer of money but the same has not been credited.Also I have received an SMS that this transaction could not be processed. If the facility is for weekends and holidays why the bank is continuing this service even when they are not capable of. I have seen complaints that this transaction does not even transfer for days. Need to transfer the amount immediately, Pls help....
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HDFC Bank - Credit Card Not Received & Charges Levied

 Himanshu Kumar Gautam on Jan 30, 2015
Company is only interested in sales not in giving services I have got lots of calls for issuing credit cards but I hv not received any single call while I am facing problem, nor I am getting help from any of the nearest HDFC Branch bank. There is no coordination among the various departments. I am using HDFC World Card right now, my card has been upgraded but not received till now, my previous card has also been blocked without any prior information, my SMS services has been bard without informing me, lots of charges has been levied. Is this the services you offer to your customers...
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HDFC Bank - Poor Customer Service

 justise21 on Jan 30, 2015
The worst bank i have ever dealt with...the credit of this company sucks to the core no benefits at all...i am working for a cop orate firm and they told me coz u working here u will get a lot of benefits on the credit card which is bullshit. the customer service of the bank and over the phone is pathetic.. the employees of the contact centre are not trained on customer service and talk like they are some loafers...interup ting and over talking is their forte, , , that prove that we Indians are good in talking but not bored typing anything more...bored with this bank....
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HDFC Bank - Refund of Amount in Card

 VIkrant Marwaha on Jan 29, 2015
I have been charged late fees on my card and my card blocked unnecessary.

Details Below:

1. Card charged with Rs. 44067 on Jan 1
2. I write a mail to HDFC and get a response the refund will be processed and no charges will be applied.
3. Also, assured no charges will be levied and also no need to make any payment
4. I pay rest of the balance and assume this is closed
5. Next Payment cycle I was charged 700 for late fees though the entire amount was credited back by 31 Dec as refund was processed by that date
6. Customer service told...
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HDFC Bank - Credit Card Charges and Negligence

 Santak_SDM on Jan 29, 2015
It has been 3 months now, yet the dispute regarding my credit card payment has not been resolved. Kindly provide me with the contact details (phone numbers) of any HDFC supervisor/managers with whom I can talk directly. This level of carelessness is not expected from a leading bank such as HDFC. The card details shown in my Netbanking Account are showing balance as zero, my mail id is not being updated correctly and the faulty charges are not being reversed. Despite my rigorous attempts to call Customer Care/Grievance Cells to provide me the payment amount, card against which I have to make...
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HDFC Bank - Not getting the status of my money

 abizake on Jan 29, 2015
This is with respect to the DDA housing scheme .. I had paid online using HDFC net banking .I missed the Draw. Payment Id : 11066350 Application Form Number : 3079692 The money was sent through DD using the speed post to the registered address . I had gone for leave and thus there was no body to receive the speed post and as per the speed post services speed post was returned from where it came from. Now I Do not know where is it and what should I do so that the DD should be sent again to the registered address so that i can receive it this time. the HDFC phone bankers say that it...
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HDFC - Harrasment by collection agents

 Rb Shreya on Jan 29, 2015
Dear Sir,

As i am your Credit Card Customer Holding The card No : 2893770800037186,
My card Limit is 35000 and now the balance had gone for 620000. where i have paid the interest of 32000 from past 1 year. so that after this i got a call from a collection agent that for Settlement and they collected a letter for 35000.

After this i have informed them i will be making a payment after 7 days as i need to adjust the amount of 16k . as my father was Death last week itself we are also in problem.even till now i have not received a settlement letter also.
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HDFC Bank - Reg:Home loan Processing fee

 govind raj v on Jan 28, 2015
Reference:Home loan application vide File no 611046804 With ref to the above cited loan, i have paid the processing fee prior to the loan approval. The loan was sanctioned and the loan disbursement was not possible due to my personal reasons. However the processing fee shall be refunded as by the Branch which is not happening since April 2014. Several follow up with the branch has not helped. Kindly do the needful...
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HDFC Bank - No consideration by the bank and caught in chicken and egg problem

 PuneetKhurana on Jan 27, 2015
I have been holding the HDFC credit card for many years and have never missed a single payment. Then all of a sudden the bank decides to change the mode of statement delivery and start sending the statements on email. All that is fine, but the real duping starts later. At the end of the month, since I am not aware that the statement is not delivered to me physically, I missed the payment and obviously got the call from the credit recovery team which informs me that i need to pay X amount. I make the X amount payment immediately. Later I realized that when the credit recovery team calls, they dupe...
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HDFC Bank - Relatives and friends and myself getting threatening calls

 Padmavati Pathak on Jan 27, 2015
I Padmavati PAthak residing at Nerul in Navi mumbai with an old HDFC credit card no.5289 4560 0194 0985, am facing day night mental trauma as your department has shared my data with some so called collection agency that is breaking all rules. They have been calling my friends and relatives all over the country and threatening them. Now what about customer confidentiality? and your bank has received the best banker award? My lawyer has advised to sue for mental harassment and defamation against HDFC credit card department. They are calling us from the following no.s- 022 40028010; 022 60606406;...
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HDFC Bank - Deductions without my permission

 Swagat7171 on Jan 26, 2015
I saw a deduction named "3RD PARTY CASH TXN INC ST & EC". I have not authorised this transaction in any way. What for is this transaction made. I wrote to HDFC but no response. What is going on. Are these banks looting us? Please check it.. Hoping for a positive response. Regards, Swagat...
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HDFC Bank - Non receipt of 5% discount on using HDFC debit card

 Yuvan Sridhar on Jan 25, 2015
My father had seen an ad in the HDFC bank ATM in Sept 2014, which stated that a 5% discount/refund is offered on using the debit card for purchase from Snapdeal and a few other websites.I contacted the HDFC bank in Sept 2014 over the phone and confirmed the 5% refund for using the card. My father purchased a LED Tv and a Stabilizer using the HDFC card in September 2014. But till date, there has been no refund as mentioned by HDFC bank. We contacted the bank via phone and was told it would take 75 to 90 business days. Now it is more than the 4 months and yet there is no refund. We contacted the...
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HDFC Bank - NOC of Loan

 Upadhyay Ajay Kumar on Jan 24, 2015
Dear Sir, I was given two lone from your bank in 2006 from HDFC Bank Grater Kailash New Delhi One was for Bike Rs.39000/ from HDFC bank. Instalment Rs.1450/ per month for 18 month. Second was personal lone amount Rs.200000/ from HSBC 2005. Instalment was -Rs.5079/-per month for Five Year But it was paid up to 2007 I change my Job in 2007 and shifted at Varanasi. Before shifting I could not get NOC of these two lone. Because I was not aware of NOC importance in another lone. Now I am trying for another housing lone from HDFC Bank Varanasi. For another lone...
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 abhiamar9 on Jan 24, 2015
Namaskar, My name is Abhishek Amarnath I live in Lucknow. I had two Home loans with HDFC LTD-Account- 510845539 & 519360329 for the amount of Rs 500000 lacs approx from lucknow. Being an honest customer I have been paying my Emi on time . My interest rate for 1st loan was Initially 9.75 %, which HDFC increased from 9.75% to 14.25 % & my interest for my 2nd loan was Initially 8.75 % which they have increased from 8.75% to 11.75 % . As I was repaying them through ECS I was totally unaware about this cheating. As there was no intimation from the bank to me that the Interest...
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HDFC Bank ltd - Salary settlement regarding

 ANISH KABOOOR on Jan 23, 2015
Hi sir/madam i am anish kaboor my employee code is 125188 . . I quit my job in september till i didn't get my settlement. Pls take some severe steps and help me. . Gpoinath appu is branch manager ...Mohan mahadevan is bom.. . Hdfc bank ltd, trichy road main branch, coimbatore-641018.....
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HDFC Bank - OTP not received for the past 10 days

 Liggy on Jan 22, 2015
I am a customer of HDFC.I use net banking extensively. I have been unable to add third party beneficiary or any transaction that involves OTP to the mobile.The issue has been raised with HDFC consistently.Afetr sleeping on this issue for 3 days, the guys agreed that there was indeed a problem.They contacted the 3rd party provider and requested 3 test OTPs to be sent.The test were all received.However, OTP initiated through net banking is still not received. The problem started after the new Web site was put in place.The amount of idiosynracy that I have had to deal with is phenomenal.They...
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HDFC Bank - Regarding the Cash Limit... on the my credit card ending with 0222 Titanium Master Card.

 Manish_Kamble on Jan 22, 2015
Respected Sir, This is regarding the my credit card mentioned above for the Cash Limit is Zero the credit limit is 30, 000/- however the card was paid in full in year 2013 and did not used in year 2014 however decided to use the card in 2015 .. when i received the card i was told by the customer service agent that the cash limit is zero and she is going the raised the request for the same, this conversation had on 13/01/15 and was told it will be done in 2 working days however almost 10 days are over but still nothing is happened about it. mean time i spoke to the supervisor named KAUSAL and...
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HDFC Bank - hold on funds

 Amit2k8animator on Jan 21, 2015
im amit yadav holding an account in HDFC bank and the problem is that bank have put all of my amount on hold not know why i have a ( credit card ) of hdfc and the due date is 26 jan 2015... I open my Net banking account to pay the ( credit card due ) but there was no amount in my account then I come to know its on hold because of my card due but why when im paying my due on due date ever month ...can u explan it plz why it have put on hold sir im having lot of problem as now now i not have any money in my pocket so im going with lot of problem sir when im going to play the amount why...
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HDFC Bank - HDFC Worst banking Service

 vinoth090 on Jan 21, 2015
Hi All Public, I am Vinoth From Chennai. I would like to share my experience often i am having with HDFC Helpline Team. As we all know they helpline is HIGHLY CHARGED with our money. before connecting to the support team, we are wasting lots of money may be 10+ Rs. After connecting the call to the person, they are in confused state whether they are responsible for the call to solve.We are calling the helpline to know the details about the problems that are facing. When we try to explain the situation of the issue, they not even understanding the issue, and tends to transfer the call to another...
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