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Branch 542, Trade World, A Wing, Ground Floor, Opposite Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai City District
India - 400013

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Phone:+91 22 6652 1000
 +91 22 2498 8484
 +91 22 6160 6161
HDFC Phone Banking Number State wise (Phonebanking Number)
Andhra Pradesh – 9949493333
Chandigarh, Kochi, Indore, Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna – (Std Code)-6160616
Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune – (Std Code)-61606161
West Bengal, Sikkim, Andaman and Nicobar – 9831073333
Meghalaya, Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur (Toll Free from BSNL landline) – 1800-345-3333
Assam – 9957193333
Bihar, Jharkhand, Patna – 18602666161
Maharashtra (except Mumbai) and Goa – 9890603333
Haryana – 9996243333
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HDFC Bank Complaints & Reviews


 SURENDRA HADA on May 4, 2015
No third party (Payment) activation from last 2 months, sir after done all formalites in your branch but still we are not able to make govt payment. Everyone is assuring that you will able to make payment after 2 - 3 days from last 2 months, we have to make payment of Direct & indirect taxes, if within two days we are not able to make payment, we have to think about move to other bank....
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HDFC Bank - Name Change

 maheshmahalingappa on May 4, 2015
I have savings account in HDFC bank. In the emails that I am receiving from the HDFC bank my name is mentioned wrongly. My name is Mahesh Mahalingappa but it is mentioned as Magesh M. i have filled the name change form and submitted to HDFC bank but still name is mentioned wrongly...
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HDFC Bank - EMI not available for my Credit card

 Umesh Srinivas on May 4, 2015
Last month i got a new HDFC times card credit card, and two weeks back i bought new SONY TV it cost 76 thousand, planned for 6 month EMI option, everything is fine, after that HDFC customer care saying that you are not eligible for EMI like that. They are giving shock for me, I got so many calls from HDFC customer care regarding Credit card, please take credit card it will useful for you and we will give plenty of offers for you like that and brainwashed me. They said, u will get EMI option for everything, After purchased they are saying you are not eligible for anything like that, I need...
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HDFC Bank - Imps Transaction timed out but no refund

 Rabhishek Abhishek on May 3, 2015
Yesterday I transferred an amount of 5000 Rs from my hdfc bank account to my brothers South Indian Bank via internet banking, but my money got debited from my hdfc account but the beneficiary didn't receive it I got a message saying the following: "Your fund transfer for Rs. 5, 000.00 on 02-05-15 is timed out. Please check with your bank(IMPS Ref no. 512208387679)" Please help me out I'm in a urgent My account number: 50100073721468 My contact number: +91 9841548121 From . Arun Goutham....
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HDFC Bank - Forex Card problem

 haritha.b on May 2, 2015
I have taken a forex card on 15th of april 2015 and when i used this card to withdraw money from a bank of america ATM the money have been deducted but i dint receive any cash. However it has been reflected in the bank statement that my balance is 683$ later but when i try to withdraw my money next week it shows only 83$ as balance and online statemnt shows that i have withdrawed money which i dint....
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HDFC Bank - Forgery & Cheating by HDFC Bank against NRI Customer

 chaterjis1 on May 2, 2015
I was recently in India and found myself a victim of high crime by the HDFC Bank in Mumbai and Kolkata. During my stay, I watched your channel putting out some fraud and cheating news based on your investigative journalism. I was impressed by your presentation. I am now turning to you for help, if you are willing to look into this major cheating case by HDFC Bank. They have stolen about Rs. 1.5 Crores from my Fixed Deposit investment in this bank. If you would like me to provide full details, kindly let me know. Thanks. I shall also furnish you the forged documents and details when I hear...
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HDFC Bank - Cash not received from ATM but Debited showing in My Account

 dayanand Vishwakarma on May 2, 2015
Account No. 3928659185 My Name: Dayanand Vishwakarma Complaint Reference- C/12032015/36970 Dear Sir, I'm followup with the Branch and customer care that amount of Rs. 2000/- which was tried to withdrawal from HDFC ATM Near Check-post Aland Road, District Gulbarga. 12/03/2015 12/03/2015 05002 ATM WDL/5044370871422626 601610810146 00000MPZ01312 2000.00 4944.00 CR Our Central back people saying we have already given complaint to HDFC bank but they have rejected. On 11.03.2015 i have done two time translation one in the morning from bank of india which was received Rs. 2000/- and second...
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HDFC Bank Credit Card - customer care not attend calls

 vermakalp on May 2, 2015
Dear sir i had applied a credit card of hdfc bank and received the same on 2 day before since then i have made calls at give numbers for customer care 05226160616 and 18004254332 first of all, that numbers are chargeable and there r too many recorded messages come before talk to cutomer care person after 4 minutes when we got ringtone for person to talk then suddenly call disconnected and hence we can't talk to any person kalp narain verma 9305198508...
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HDFC Bank - Delay in disbursal of loan amount

 Gaggasingh on May 1, 2015
Hi, I've made a blunder by requesting HDFC to sanction loan(Home loan) for a property for which I will be getting possession after a fortnight!! These people took good 2 months to complete documentation... Now when its time to disburse amount they have new issues growing like mushrooms out of no where!! When I paid whole payment through cash, why should I give n number of supporting to you?? Ive given transaction details and on top of that my slary account is also there in HDFC. Will sort this legally! Gross laxity! Gagan...
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HDFC Bank - Request for salary slip for R9298

 RAJ INDER on Apr 30, 2015
Dear mam/sir My name is Rajinder Singh, I had worked in your organisation from 5feb2013 to employee code was R9298.Further i state that for my future endeavours i need my salary slip so i request you to send the same on my personal email id which is i will be realy oblized to you for your copration .your truly....
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HDFC Bank - telecaller say bad word if we are not interesting

 piyush jethva on Apr 30, 2015
Today's 11:58 am one call comes in my cell number 9016957071 from +911409570102 one telecaller is there from hdfc bank health insurance, department she pick me health insurance but I'm not interested for that finally telecoller speck bad word n disconnect the call its culture or show nature of hdfc bank reality...
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HDFC Bank - Someone using my email for their HDFC Credit Card

 shravankumar147 on Apr 30, 2015
I don't have any credit card even I don't have an account in HDFC Bank. But i got few mails from HDFC related to credit card. I complained them online, and they said "We ask our customer to give us correct mail " . But I got another mail 2days ago. Take an Action on this Issue. Thanking you...
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HDFC Bank - Extreme Harassment by BANK OFFICIALS

 Girish Nair2010 on Apr 29, 2015
Hi, My name is Shruti Mehan & I took a HDFC credit card in the year 2011 and I've never faltered in my payments. I've always paid my outstanding, at times, even more than that regularly for 5 years, after which circumstances were such that I could not pay for the last 1 month. I have been telling them that I'm willing to pay but in small amounts as I do not have a job & I'm looking for one. My intention is to settle the account. But the bank officials Anand etc from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, have harassed me mentally!! They call me from different numbers.. 9984062661, 05224011500....
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HDFC Bank Loan Department - Assurance of loan at 0% interest for ten years

 mdsalmanb on Apr 29, 2015
I live in Delhi. I received a call from Amit Agarwal and later Rahul in early March 2015 who told me that they were from HDFC Bank and would get me a loan of INR 300, 000 on 0% interest provided I agree to pay 30, 000 every year for ten years. I was foxed and asked how that was possible. I was told that there was lot of idle capital with the Bank which needed to be loaned out. But I would have to buy a life insurance from HDFC for the same amount to begin with and then I will be entitled to loan against it. I will have to forgo the benefits that would accrue to me after ten years. I would have to...
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HDFC Bank - HDFC Credit card calculation issue.

 Skm Prabhu on Apr 28, 2015
I am Prabhu, today I have got a call from HDFC bank about my credit card due. They mentioned my credit card number as 4346 7810 1580 0998 and my due amount is around 6700. I could not understand whole mess of things around credit card payment. Firstly, I had closed my account long ago(around 3 years back).I paid full amount at the time of closure. I had discussed with customer representative about my account closing and they asked me to pay due amount. Since I didn't have online access, I had requested the customer support to send representative my home ( Note : I was in Hyderabad). They sent...
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HDFC Bank - No feedback

 keyurrupareliya on Apr 28, 2015
Hello sir I apply online personal loan last Thursday but no feedback when I call customer care that told me we can not accept your complain so what can I do how to know loan application accept or reject please send me feedback if possible please arrange call my cell number is 9724329074 soon as possible Many time I call customer care but they cut my hone and put on hold I ask him for nodal office number but she said u can't give u number please help me...
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HDFC Bank - Rs. 1000 deducted from account

 deepak.parmar on Apr 28, 2015
Amount 1000 is getting deducted with the description NWD LBAR008 event hough my account was opened as salary account and was said there will be no sur charges for any no of withdrawals from ATM other than HDFC. There were no intimation regarding the policy change if any also. This is very bad and unprofessionalism as a reputed worldwide bank shouldn't be doing this....
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HDFC Bank - Unauthorized Transaction/ Unknown Transaction On my Credit Card of Rs.45000.

 monicasingh26 on Apr 27, 2015
My name is Monica Singh(Credit Card Holder), Credit Card No.-52XXXXXXXX1203, R/o B-3/118-A, Keshav Puram Lawrence Road, Delhi-35., DOB -31-07-1986., Registered Email ID-, & Mobile No. – 9990168686. As I received my Credit Card on Dated – 21-04-2015 and after two or three days received the credit card Pin. On 26th April 2015, In Evening when I first time used the card then it was showing Decline. After that I Immediate the same concern discussed with Customer Care, but as per their confirmation the transaction amount of Rs.45000/- has been made on the same day @...
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HDFC Bank - harassing for recovery

 shafaq on Apr 27, 2015
I am 29 years female. I was working in Indusind Bank & I left the job 3 years back due to some health reasons. I am now jobless. I had a credit card of HDFC bank & I was not able to clear its dues. Now I am getting so many recovery calls from Mumbai based e-nxt Financial Limited. They are calling not only me but also my neighbours & acquaintances. They misbehave, talk rudely & threaten me. I told them that I am not able to pay back the full amount because I am jobless & my health is not good. I can pay in easy emis but they are not ready to listen. I am very much disturbed with...
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HDFC Bank - OTP (one time password) not received from last 2 month

 madythepassion on Apr 26, 2015
Hi, I can not login into netbanking, if i try to generate OTP to change password I'm not at all receiving the OTP message. I'm not even receiving the transaction messages from bank know. It is been almost a 2 month since I'm facing this problem. Dont know how many times i called customer care to resolve this issue. they say that it is network service provider issue. I changed my service provider through number portability. But still it is the same issue. HDFC customer care is not at all responding properly on this issue. enough is enough please take action for the same.. KUNAL MEHTA 9998890238...
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