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sdfsdf Complaints & Reviews

sdfsdf - High charges

 suman singh
I took an NRE Home Loan of 24.5 lakhs fm hdfc, whose paperwork i beleive is faster than other public sector funds.However i am having quite a few complaints against it, namely
a)There is no online/net customer support.I had request of certain of my papers to be returned.However it took almost 1.5 month of continous calling, e-mails, messages.Finally i had to raise my voice to make them listen.They have system of writing complaints on their web site.
(a)There is no acknowledgement of complaint.Hence no generation of complaint number.If no acknowledgement, then any no. of mail you write...
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sdfsdf - Home Loan Interest Rate

Dear Sir,

I have HDFC bank home loan from last 2.5 yrs. Right now as every bank have down their interest rate which is around at 9 %. But HDFC bank still charging me 11.75% of interst rate.
Therefore I called their CCE & asked my query like why they are charging this much of higher interest rate for a old customer.

On this I got reply as I can decrese this interest rate by paying 0.5% on the principal outstanding amount. so my query is why bank is asking to customer to pay an extra amount for decresing the interest rate ? Why should I pay any extra amount...
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sdfsdf - Increasing interest rate thrice without informing

 Skand Saksena
I had availed a home loan from Centurion Bank of Punjab in September 2006 (home loan number HHSG60070000036549) at a floating rate of 9%. The bank was subsequently acquired by HDFC. The bank has increased the rate of interest thrice without informing me even once. The rate was increased to 9.75% in three months, to 10.75% in another three months, and to 12% after another 6 months and not once was I informed by the bank. The loan saction documents clearly state that the bank has to inform the customer on changing the interest rate. This increase has resulted in serious increase in interest payments...
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sdfsdf - Cheating the customers

 Manikandan B on Jan 2, 2012
I had applied for Home/Land purchase loan to purchase land in Coimbatore. Submitted all the required documents and processing fees of approx Rs11,500. HDFC initially said they will fund only 70% of the total land cost as it is a "Land Loan". Only for "Home Loan", they give 80% for the value more than 20Lakhs. Since I said, I cannot afford to proceed if I have only 70% and was about the cancel the Loan, they confirmed that they will give 80% of the cost. HDFC did confirm the date of cheque issue and we did fix the Registration date and called the Seller, purchased the registration...
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sdfsdf - Very Very poor service, lying, cheating, not refunding the whole processing charge

Hi, I had taken a home loan from HDFC. The file no is 600224439. When I had applied for the loan HDFC told me that the project is already approved so need to bother about any approvals. They charged me Rs 8237/- and sanctioned the loan fairly fast. But when it came to disbursement of the loan they started all the fuss. They withheld the disbursement saying the housing project is approved but the housing phase is not approved because of some documents which they need from LIC. They kept this disbursement on hold for more four months. I was promised an interest rate of 8.25% when I applied but in...
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sdfsdf - refund delay

 Sunit Nevatia
I had taken a loan from HDFC for a project, and it was stalled and i had to cancel the loan, now that the builder has refunded the bank amount, I handed over the cheque on 12th jan '10, till now I have not got the refund cheque back, and when I call the bank the staff, nothing can be done, go and tell anyone, and says the cheque should reach me today. When I delay in paying the EMI even for a day, they smartly put penalty and interest on the same. NOW HOW IS GOING TO PAY THE INTEREST ON DELAY OF MY REFUND.

Please look into the matter.

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sdfsdf - 8.25% HDFC Home Loan - Exisitng Home Loan Customers Harassment

 Sandeep kumar
8.25 % Home loan from HDFC :-
Its just a way to lure new customer in their their TRAP...
1.5 yr back I took Loan from HDFC at 10.25% and after that RBI slashed the rates BY 4% FLAT but even then I am paying 10.50% as interest i.e. instead of decreasing the rates by 4% they have increased it.

In year 2008 Bank cried that Financial crunch have hid them hard Even then HDFC profits increased Double fold. ITS A LOOT OF CUSTOMER MONEY. Now they are saying that they are giving 8.25% offer because their cost of money has decreased...
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sdfsdf - prepayment penalty

 niraj jain
Dear sir,
i'm having hsg loan with hdfc in nagpur which i had taken last year for rs. 15 lakhs at floating rate . now when the bank is refusing to bring down the interest rates as per the current mkt rate, i wish to repay the whole loan with my own fund for which the personal at bank are asking for a 2 % penalty. I want to know does it go hand in hand with your co.s policy cauz if newspapers are to go by, hdfc charges penalty only in case of refinance unlike icici.
kindly clarify upon the same....
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sdfsdf - HDFC Home Loan Repayment charges

I have taken home loan rs. 6 lacks and it was taken Oct. 2005. I have decided that I have to repayment my due home loan to HDFC and I have confirm to HDFC account dept. in our local branch and they told me that "if you pay by your Saving bank accounts and you have passed above 3 years then we do not count any prepayment charges 2%". but if you refinance from others bank like take over then they are count charges 2%.

So my self I have arranged fund from other, and that fund is transferring in my Saving bank account then after I reached at HDFC and I told them I want to close...
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sdfsdf - Unfair Practices

 Jasbir Singh Sohi
Dear Sir/Madam,

I had taken a Loan from Bank of Punjab original no being 3ELA4007235, which was merged with Centuriun bank and later taken over by HDFC Ltd.After which my loan number changed to 91463640 and customer ID being 91542323.
I had submitted a letter at your Kandivali Home Loan office at the SV Rd, mumbai 2 months back requesting for the list of documents in the Bank custody and a statement giving details of the EMI Payments.
Surprisingly till date neither I have received the Statement and the letter nor there has been any one who had called me regarding the...
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