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Dell Inspiron 1525 Not Charging Battery - Plugged in, NOT charging

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  Faye Sullivan
Yes, like everyone else, I was dupped by the Dell (yet again) I was not happy with my desk top from a few years back and I should have not repeated the same mistake, ordering from Dell AGAIN! So, I am partially to blame! But I was in a bind and had to purchase a laptop fast and didn't have neither the time nor the resources to consider another alternative (or at least a little more educated before making a costly commitment like this)!
Anyway, the problem with this "Expensive Piece of Junk" is what plenty other people have noted: Right after I ran out of warranty, the battery (which was noit fully charging before) depleated to 85% (even plugged in) and from 85 to 50% and soon after I am looking at 29% and it is going down 1% everyday. AGAIN, please bare in mind that the computer is ALWAYS plugged in and never on without external power.
I am so concerned and don't know what to do, as I have heard the replacement batteris are mostly refurbished and do the same thing after couple of months! So, that means even if I buy another battery, there is no guarantee that is going to last me any more than couple of months. Plus with today's economy, I can not effort buying a "New" batthery and pay for installation and check run, etc.. etc.
so, please take this as a complain, from a very frustrated Dell consumer or venting and my little way of expressing my HUGE disappointment with Dell (with their hurrible INDIA -based customer support) and if nothing can be done about my problem, at least someone could be saved from making the biggest mistake of their life: Buying A Dell Notebook! or Dell of anykind!

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windows vista home - ordinary guy

Bill, I' m a Huge fan of windows 1.0 even thought it took better than 12 hours to load, on a I can't even remember and I had to upgrade the memeory. However after using XP Professional for 3+ years I got spoiled now I have vista at home and it freezes in between using my yahoo.messenger and vista I 've never had problems between camera being live and anything and I 'm confused all the upgrades i'm getting are slowing vista down that's not what you promised, I also take you for a man of your work and word if you tell me to hang on I will but.../ I'm not happy you can do better one of your fan's. If you were me would you fire you?

No Resolution of Complaint for 3 Months - DELL Inspiron 1525

Service tag :FW1J1BS
I have bought the above mentioned Laptop from DELL in May 08 and for the past 3 Moths I have been facing a problem of my laptop randomly shutting off .
I have been constantly calling up Dell for the resolution of the problem but to No awail .
In the calls I have been making after the average holding time of 20 Minutes I get a cluelss Customer service executive who tells me to try something new
Some of the things I have been told to try out in my numerous Conversations

1. Run Diagonostic test
2.Formatt and reload Vista
3.Change the battery
4.Run computer on Power without battery
5.Run Computer on Battery without Power cord
6.Remove Ram and run Computer
7.Update Bios

I am really fed up for dell giving me a junk machine and what is more Frustruating is calling up Dell and trying to solve the problem which is of No Avail .

I am interested In getting a full refund for my machine if the same problem is not solved . I have repeatedly asked for the Postal address where I can Send a Legal Notice by registed Post but all I keep getting by email is a complaint resolution form !!!
I have repeatedly filled the form stating the complaint has not been resolved but again to No avail

Some one Pleas suggest what to do or its Rs 50, 000/- Down the Drain for me !!

Dhruv Puri

Already given a complaint but no response yet. - Dell-Vostro1000

I have already given a complaint but there is no response from dell side.
The customer care officer put down the phone without listening to the problem,
they give the incomplete information.
My service Tag no is-9p37r1s
My complaint no is- 1927683
My Quotation no is - 790501544682

I am really dissatisfied by the service of Dell, I think i made a mistake purchasing dell laptop
i am having important work to do and waiting since 2 weeks for my problem to be resolved but no response yet.
They say within 24 hours your problem will be solved.
This is really irritating and wastage of my time and money.
I am ready to pay the money everything but the problem is to be fix soon.
This is not accepted.

regarding the response for the complaint - dell - laptop inspiron 1525

dear sir,
I "Uttara Sakuntala Simhadri" is one of the customers of dell. i had taken my laptop in august 2008 and still have the warranty period till august 2009. my service tag no is "B3VZ1BS". i had called amny times and no response and finally these people picked up the phone on 03-03-2009. actually my problem is i got sound blasters cd which is used to increase the sound quality is not working as such i had installed once and i had to format again then it didnt get installed from then and telling some internet connection is required and with the interent connection also i tried but it is not getting installed. when these people are answering hey are telling that the sound blasters are taken from creative by dell only but i should call creative to solve the problem. but i got it from dell whe laptop but they are telling that they are not responsible for that i should contact creative. but dell has givne me ok sir. please solve the problem as soon as possible before my warranty expires. i have put many amils also but i didnt get any reply from them past four months.please kindly oblige the request and sorry for causing inconvienece if any.

thanking you

tours truly
uttara sakuntala simhadri

Out of date product sold - Crax

Purchased crax from Paryavaran store situated in paryavaran complex, ignou raod, saket, new delhi - 110030. It causes me health problems, vomitings etc.

Warranty issues - DELL Inspiron 1318 laptops

I have bought a dell 1318 laptop, the Service tag number is 54S86G1 and the express service code is 111-731-872-33.

I wanted to buy a Dell so I looked on the site however the site did not give any options of Customizing the Inspiron 13” laptops, instead I was advised to check with a reseller, I then called up the dell call center (Bangalore) and asked them if the same could be provided to me over the product customization, but they refused that as well advised to check with a reseller again.

I then checked with Com care (reseller) and they confirmed that the product is available and I can purchase it directly.

So I purchased the above mentioned laptop from Com care (reseller) on the 10th May 2009 but when I checked my warranty on site it said that it is only left for couple of more months (180 days only). I was shocked and very disturbed.

I being a customer and as per Indian Consumer Protection Act, 1986 I have right for full one year warranty from the date of purchase and that is not given

Its been more than 2 weeks now and i have still i no responce from these people, i will definately take this up.

Enormous delay in supply of Dell batteries - DELL

First the batteries for our Latitude D630 laptops died as soon as one year was over and then when we ordered new batteries and even made the payment in advance, the batteries were not delivered. It has been more than two months since the payment was made but there is no trace of batteries or even an estimated date when we will get them.

Seems like recession has hit Dell pretty hard and that has badly affected their customer support. Never expected such lousy service from Dell even in my dreams.

- Disappointed

not replacing the part under warranty - DELL

I have bought the dell laptop the indicator light is not working. Dell technical support is saying since it is a minor problem so we can not solve because for solving this problem we have to change the keyboard

Not Replacing battery which is under warranty - Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop

Respected Sir,

I have purchased the dell inspiron laptop 1525 in month of july 08. they have given me one year warranty. now the laptop battery is not working properly. it is at end of its life. i have told them to replace the battery, as my laptop is under warranty period. but they are saying that they won't replace the battery and we have to purchase a battery from can i purchase a battery if my laptop is under warranty period...?
I fully agree with Faye Sullivan observations. I also have the same problem. I bought a DELL Inspiron 1525 laptop in April 2008. The warranty has expired in April this year and I am having "Plugged in, not charging" issue. I called DELL and DELL is asking me to purchase a warranty by paying Rs. 16500 for servicing 1 year old laptop with outdated configuration and known DELL Design Issues.

Are there more people having these issues with DELL laptops? If yes, can we all initiate legal action (consumer court??) together against DELL?


I'm having the same issue (and many others) with my Dell Inspiron 1525. I'm so frustrated. I will never order a Dell again (I was even iffy about it at the store). They have such horrible customer service. I'd be all for initiating legal action against Dell if it were possible.
hi guyzzz
same problem with my lappy too
i purchased inspiron 1525 in april 2008
now after warranty expired, its not charging, just plugged in
can u ppl tell me if this problem is related to charger or battery???
thnxx n regards

battery - DELL

I am having dell laptop in that charging of battery and discharging done properly but one dialog shows that battery no battery is detected
Yup, same problem here. Can we get some more people and start a class action suit. I just want to give them a hard time because they sell such a piss poor product.
My Dell Inspiron battery is also showing not chargning. Shows only 0% charging.
I purchased Dell Laptop because heared that Dell is good company but now i say Dell is worst company. Please dont buy Dell notebooks. My Laptop is only about 6 months old. My 3 Years old Compaq Presario still gives backup of about 40 minutes.
I am sorry to say this, but there are other forums that discuss this problem occurring on other laptops, from other companies. The problem is not the Dell, it is a problem with a driver error in windows vista. Chances are there is nothing wrong with your battery at all. I'm having the same issue right now, I thought I had it fixed when I tried some stuff awhile back with a 35% not charging. That was about three months ago. Good luck to all of us, Vista seems to have been the experiment before the release of Windows 7 and we were the guinea pigs. I wish they would just release quality instead of getting so wrapped up in quantity. I guess there is always Linux, but I don't have time to mess with all that right now.
Hi All,

Even I am facing a similar issue with my dell inspiron 1525 which I bought in May 2008. The battery icon shows a 'No Detected', 'Plugged in, Charging' and 'Plugged in, not charging' turn by turn. Not really sure if its battery issue or motherboard problem or a Windows vista problem.. If anybody has any insights or solution to the problem would request to write back on this forum. But one things for sure won't recommend anyone to buy a Dell product...
I've bought dell inspiron 1525 on feb, 2008 after two months I notice a crack on palm rest. I called customer care and they told me that I mishandled the laptop which was totally wrong. Then they told there are only two option now 1) I should purchase new palm top (which was costly also) or 2) I should buy complete warrenty for a year. Here also they told me one condition that warrenty will end on one year from originial date of purchase of laptop not from current date and the complete cover price was 3 times higher than normal purchase time cost. With no other choice left I purchase the complete cover and they change the palm top. After six month palm top again got crack which I reported back to dell and they changed the palm top again. This time engineer told me that previous engineer did not fixed the screws properly. May be due to that it happeed. After he left when I was using the volume buttons on top they've stop working normally. When I check those people they said this is normal. I don't know this is normal or previous was normal This time they asked me to take next year warrenty also which was more then some 16k bucks. Now in feb, 2009 my so called one year complete cover is over and again crack on palm top and suddenly battery is also gone. The some feature so this product is good but QUALITY OF THIS PRODUCT IS REALLY VERY HORRIBLE.

Regarding the Replacement of my DELL Inspiron 1525 - DELL

Hello Sir,

I have Purchased the DELL INSPIRON 1525 about 9 months back.
Since the time of purchase the Laptop is having some problem like Over Heating, Hard Disk, and other.
After some time I replaced my Harddisk bcoz of its was crashed.
After some time my Laptops LCD screen, Speakers, Touch Pad, Mother Board were also replaced bcoz of Problem.
After the Replacement the Over Heating problem was also not solved and my CD Drive is also now not working Properly. Same CD is being readed by Friends Laptop but not by Mine.
I launch a Complaint to the company o 4th June 09 for the replacement of my Laptop as every thing is changed in this but the Problem remains the Same. Company replied me by call that w'll be replacing ur Laptop in 15-20 Days, but after all most 1 months of Complaint, my laptop is not being even taken by the company for the replacement and by that time my Mouse is also giving me some Problem.
My Laptops Service Tag no. -- 31562BS.
Complaint No. is -- KMM7717722I23241L0KM.

I want some help from ur side in this matter as i'm a student and my vacations were going on so i launched the complaint as it will take 20 days for the replacement and by the time my Laptop is replaced my colleges will be open and i won't face any Problem in my Studies, My classes are going to start within 2 weeks i.e. by 13th of July so Plz help me so that i won't face any problem in my Studies.

Hoping for a Positive Responnse from ur side.

Thanking You
Nikunj Bhasin
i too have similar problem with dell 1525 inspiron battery
it has stopped charging after 6 months of purchase

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    Dell Inspiron 1525 Not Charging Battery - Plugged in, NOT charging