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This company people are mainly targeting students to cheat. On every sunday this eBIZ people are conducting seminar's on service which the students have to do for them. The particular student who has been interested must pay the amount of Rs/-7229. Then he will receive a CD from delhi. The student have to join 3 student or any other person in the eBIZ , so that he will receive amount of 1800Rs/- after 3months. If the particular person doesnot join any person then he will not receive any amount. I have lossed 7229Rs/-(as i have not joined any person in their insitute or company).Not only there are many students who are cheated by this company. Please take action on this company.
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D Jul 8, 2012 by
puneeth budda  
Best Review
might u people dono abt ebiz properly quitters because it is changing every life of our students who r alone in there life its is the BEST THE BEST platform for all the people u didnt get success because u r nt winners ...so oly wid out knowing u people are simply telling fake n all...lol thing to tell tat ebiz is fake...ma family n my friends family are enjoying we are in good position now bco of ebiz.com pvt ltd...plssssss don again say tat ebiz is fake...by telling so u r oly one idiotic people in world going in wrong way...:P

cheated - Student

I am getting insulting calls from this no. 9874563413. If possible send me the name of the person who is doing so.
stop tht ebiz plz plz plz plz, they r fooling people
GOOD MORNING...friends m really very happy after joining ebiz...people had different experiences in ebiz...some had gud while some had bad...people who join ebiz only to earn money will surely never be successful in ebiz...bt yes if u join ebiz wid an aim to develop...u willl surely succeed...ebiz is nt a profession...it is a platform where you can nurture yourself...after joining ebiz i have brought lot many changes in my self...thanks to my friend who introduced me to ebiz...i am really satisfied by the product...!!!
if u really want to know if ebiz is really a fraud or something else, then check this site which have the answers of all ebizzers...http://sites.google.com/site/antiebizel/home
fraud, cheater, haraami,
ebiz.com = eblis.com

dont invest a single paisa in ebiz.com
D May 20, 2011 by
Jai Kumar22  
LOOOOSEERSSSS! You negative people are actually biggest losers of the universe, eBIZ is the best platform arrrrrrround the UNIVERSE for those who want to achieve goal of his/her life... If you people can't do these mind work na, Then there is NOOO work arround the world that can make you successful, There is a example for these BIGGEST LOOSERS...
Suppose we have to take admission in any college or university, If you will meet dropper of this college, He will tell you only only and only disadvantages or de-merits of the college, But IF... You will meet the topper of this college, He will prefer only good things abt the particular college or university... Hahahah!
eBIZ gave me a new way to see this beautiful world, I just started living my life just after joining eBIZ,
I'm feeling very pity on these looooosers and feeling very PRRRRROOUUUDDD to be an eBIZER... JAI eBIZ...
A Oct 19, 2011 by
Yes This eBIZ company is totally fake and fraudulent company, I gopi, still i am studying I - M.B.A in Tuticorin Tamilnadu India, i got a new friend his name is Mr.Muthu Vijayan He is plan to cheat the friends to join this company But once upon a time i believe him but still i'm realize, he hv a Yamaha R15 Bike now he is booked New Ford Figo car, but this is totally forgery to the students so one small request no one join this company and dont waste ur precious time and money also... So Plz concentrate your studies only!
A Oct 19, 2011 by
Ebiz is totally fradulant company so dont join this company
N Feb 6, 2012 by
ebiz is not for you...
i must say winners never quit, quitters never win...
you joind ebiz as an ATM machine, but this is not a scheme, this is a globel mission... to promote financial education..
or kisi ne sach hi kaha he ki bachche carorpati nahi bante...
N Mar 9, 2012 by
jaa bey bhenchod..., maa ka bhosda teri ebiz ka.
D May 31, 2012 by
hahaha...stop it ebiz supporter guys:))
losers are frustated people...they wont understand even your single word since they are people without visions!!
kichad me pathhar maroge to udkar tumhare upar hi aaega...people will keep talking bullshit...you keep doing your work!!
your success counts...these explanations wont count!!
negative minded people will allways remain the same..alwaz!!
ebiz jesa bhi hai sabka baap hai waqt aane pe inhe khud pata chal jaega...dont spoil your character gettinng into these kinna debates!!
N Jun 25, 2012 by
Hey ebiz supports can U tell me Ur father who ever I don't know his name who organized ebiz. is provided some courses...
So which university has approved this courses...
This courses has null value... no one allow U by this certi...
OK So cheat Ur friend and family for money...
N Apr 15, 2013 by
vinay bhatia  
You can be only have Success in ebiz if u are rich and have ability to fool peoples.
N Jun 29, 2013 by
All Ebizer are cheatter ok...thay r all mother fu***..., plz don't join ebiz friends...plzzz
N Feb 22, 2014 by
Who the cheater from E-Biz..
who the Bangalore people..contact us

Samaya News 8197888312
N Jul 8, 2014 by
That's Right Bro...
I am also cheat of it.
N Mar 6, 2015 by
Ebize spporters are big fukers in this world. Pawan Mallah is asshole and all ebizers are his fukface.

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