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Dear sir,
I was issued Rly. warrant from mumbai to Delhi and back, to attend some urgent official meetings, at mumbai it was exchanged but when I went to the ticketing counter at Sarai Rohilla it was not honoured saying that since name of station written in railway warrant was Delhi to Mumbai and it was told by booking clerk that there is no rly station by the name of Mumbai hence it can not be honoured. but it is obvious that all the station (Bandra, Dadar, Mumbai central, borivali etc) comes in mumbai only. Even I met Supervisor Mr. Surender singh who also refuse to honour it saying that if we will honour it there will be audit objection . Eventhough everything was okey but they refused to honoured even the destination was clearely written. if there are multiple stations in a particular city then any of the station will serve the purpose. Due to the refusal by the railways it cause a lot of invonvienence to me. This was due to foolishness of that particular railway staff. I have faced this kind of problem in delhi only, hence i hope necessary instructions will be issued through ur good office in this regard . Thaks with regards MC LAKHERA

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[Mar 28, 2014] Indian Railways customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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i undersingn farid nawab would like to make complaint against mankhurd(mumbai) station master sri sb verma,i am absent with there behaviour and refuse to give me the complaint book.
and i am always ready to say abt the matter in your judicaiary area.
please informe me what ever action is done againts him and i also send one email to mr director of indian railway abt them,
thanking you your faithfully
respected sir,
i undersign farid nawab live in c/f1/12 cheeta camp
trombay mumbai 88 is the passenger of mumbai's local
my nearest railway station is mankhurd station
i would like to file and objectionable complaits
against your station master sb verma on of saturday13
january 2008 i brought one complaint againts your
windows cashier(who sale the ticket) then on 13 jan
2008 at 4:15 pm i went to the station master cabin and
asked about the complaint book the i surprise with
them behaviour which is done with me at the time and
he was refuse to give me the complaint book and he
saids"whatever you want to do you can do so"
my name is sb verma and nobody can do anything aginst
sir i am a regular costomer and i expect lots
of thing from our nation's railways service and with
some worst peoples are make disgredation of our indian
railways name
please take some neccessary action against them
and i am ready to facing him in any where to say abt
the matter & hearing in this case
my name is shaikh fareed nawab jahan
and my mobile no is 9821318584,9820866317,02225502500
thanking you
cheeta camp trombay
mumbai88 your faithfully
farid nawab

Fans were not working. - Indian Railway

While taking journey from Patna Jn.( Railway Minister home town) to Bina Junction by train Patna-Indore Express, on 14/03/08 found that Fans were not running at all on coach number S3, S2 atleast. Though verbal assurance has been given by TTE that fans will work at Lucknow station but no mercy shown by railway staff inspite of repetative request. You can imagine how passengers cope up with heat and humid climate of north India in trains.

Sub:-Goods not received

had good send by laugage on 2918 challan no. 180 rail Receipt no. -B- 191878 to .
Shri Ashutosh engeeniring industries village Javar Hirapur Raipur. Our good were of iron equrment of electricity. the good is not received to our handle party yet. the worked is in not progress. There loss of great deal. Pleas check DRM - office at raipur and take necessary steps to find out why the goods is delaverd. it is urgent .
I request to respose immediately.

General Forging and Engeeniring Works
MOB. 9323805125

Sub:-Goods not received

Had good send by laugage on 2918 challan no. 180 rail Receipt no. -B- 191878 to .
Shri Ashutosh engeeniring industries village Javar Hirapur Raipur. Our good were of iron equrment of electricity. the good is not received to our handle party yet. The worked is in not progress. There loss of great deal. Pleas check DRM - office at raipur and take necessary steps to find out why the goods is delaverd. It is urgent .
I request to respose immediately.

General Forging and Engeeniring Works
MOB. 9323805125
Dear Sir,
This is regarding Summer Concession offered to students. I wanted to book a ticket for Return journey from Nagpur to hyderabad in AP express Dated 05/May/2008 for my Wife and daughter who is six year old child.

I got a railway concession form from her school filled in all respect and handed the same to the booking clerk Mr.G.A Ansari on Date 03/04/2008. He bluntly refused to take th same and asked this cannot be honoured and started speaking nonsence whether this doc is correct or you have forged it ...etc. After heated argument he asked to meet supervisor Ms. Bharti. When contacted her she said to fill the form correctly. I dont understand what was to be filled up.I found only the sign of the student missing. Can you explain How can a six year old child sign a document when it was attested from her school. Again we stood in the lengthy queue and came to the counter where Mr. C.V.S.S Prasad honoured the document but said no concesssion can be given in AC 3 TIER. Again we went to supervisor and surprisingly she had to confirm the same from her collegue whether the concession can be given or not. After some time she also said this cannot be given.
We spent four hours running from one counter to other like fools.
1. If concession on AC is not given to the students then why so much propoganda about about student concession and "Garib Rath".
2. Rude behaviour of the booking Clerks. They respond as if they own the Railways. They shout on passenger as if we have committed a crime. Stupid people does not even know about the policies.
3. Non competent upper staff asking other colleges about the concession details.

looking at the quality of service, The saying goes True " Mera Bharath Mahan, Railway mein Sau (100) me se nenyanve (99) baiman."
1-at kalyan station local passengers are gathering hugely due to there is no planned shedule of platforms for fast / slow locals also anouncement happening after the train arrival .it suffers all passengers need to run & catch the train
2-local trains should be passed first than outside mails but it is not happening due to same passengers not reaching destination as planned
3-no idicators on kurrey rd station after 10.00 pm
4-monthly passes given at all counters / on kalyan st it is not happening counter person not agree as the above counter intructions are given that all type ticket & monthly passes has been given

worst staff in ladies counter - Indian Railways

today 7.10.08 i went to chennai central ticket reservation counter(ladies counter number 42 in 2nd floor, 2pm-8pm), my cousin is a female and she was standing in the counter, the staff working in that counter today behaved in a cruel manner, as my cousin doesn, t know train number i said the number to that staff since i know it, i am a male so i dint stand in the queue...Is it right for a staff to say me get out to some other counter, even though my cousin is a female who doesn, t know train number, as i said it..

i am very guilty of that lady, , ,

Name Not In the Chart. - Railway Reservation

Dear Sirs,
I had made a reservation For 07th October 2008, for four person from Tata Nagar ( Jamshedpur) To Delhi by Train No: 2875 Neelanchal Express wide:-

PNR No:- 621-9536673 & Ticket No.10918133 for 3 people i.e

1.Krishna Shekharan----------F-48-------cofm birth no. 5 in S-1
2.Meenakshi Shekharan------F-19-------conf birth no. 6 in S-1
3.Meghna Shekharan----------F-15-------RLWL/39. No Track as to what happend to this reservation

PNR No:- 641-7219774 & Ticket No.10918134.
1.VBS shekharan-------------M-50-------RLWL/40 Later became RAC 55 in S-6
But there was no trace of RLWL the CHART displayed on the board. When I went to Enquiry counter, the person on counter told me to go to the compartment S-6 the TTE will check the chart & tell you.But that will be happening after one hour when the train comes, means Authorities at tata Nagar railway station have washed their hands & shook off their responsibility.and A 15 YR OLD GIRL WAS LEFT ON THE MERCY OF DESTINY...?
When we boarded the train &after an hour or so when the TTE appeared, I explained the problem to the TTE, he was also unable to find this name in the entire bunch of reservation chart, he moved away saying he will see what he can do in this case.We waited on our conf seats. After waiting for one hour when he didn't do anything i started searching for the TTE, somehow i found him & asked for my birth...after half an hour's struggle he gave me a birth no 24 & said officially he was not supposed to do this & AB AAP BHI KUCHH KEEJIYE...TYOHAAR KA SAMAY HAI & finally he settled on Rs.100/=.
Now what i fail to understand is " who is responsible for the tough time we had to go through inspite of having paid full charges.& how are they going to compensate it and also see that it is not repeated.
I marking a copy of this to the Honorable minister of Railway.
Looking for an appropriate & suitable action from your end.


VBS Shekharan.
this is not a compaint.

I request you to send the WEB ADDRESS from where I can
down load the student concession forms

thanking you

issue of tickets to Touts at the counter - Personal

On 22.10.2008 I went to Reservation Counter at Moore Market complex of Central Station to book a return ticket from BZA to MAS. I stood in th Queue of Counter No.18. The Reservation clerk issued more than thirty tickets to a single person who is a Tout/Agent. The next one inthe Queue was also a Tout who was having 20 to 30 reservation forms. I was the third person waiting in the Queue to buy single ticket for half an hour. The time was around 4.30 pm. Beacuse some of the resevation clerks are having dealing with Touts the genuine passengers have to wait for hours together. Moreover, the tickets in the busy routes are blocked by Touts in benami name to make windfall profit. It is learnt that the teservation clerk earns Rs.5 to 20/- per passenger from Touts. This illegal issue of tickets take place in those counters where male Clerks are posted. In fact I protested the issue before the Clerk immediately. When Travel Agents are entitled for reservation separately, why the Touts are encouraged by The Railways? To prove the fact, the application forms issued by the said Clerk may be verfied as the forms carried the Rubber Stamp of the Touts/Agents and may be linked with the Serial No. of the Tickets. Further no proof is required if CBI officers stand in the Queue as a passenger as they can catch every male Clerk of Railways hand in glove doing malpractices openly. It is suggested that the male Clerks may be replaced by women clerks to prevent such mal-practices.Even though I am aware nothing will happen after this complaint, as many people are involved in such rockets, I would like to register this complaint.


I had applied for PAN card with appln No.007655290 and coupon No.005428111 on 31-03-2004 at UTI service centre KOLKATA. The PAN NO. is AXYPS6442F but havnt recieved it yet. Kindly look into the matter and do the needful.
This is a complaint.

I booked an e-ticket with PNR 8323568439 from Kalyan to Lucknow (Date of Journey 24/10/08) on 28/08/08 and I cancelled the ticket on 23/10/08 but the amount for the ticket has not been yet refunded to my account.

It has been more than two months and I am continuously following IRCTC helpline but no action has been yet taken on it.

Everytime I had to call IRCTC and customer care people will ask to wait for a week or two. But no concrete action has been taken yet. I had already called up IRCTC helpline about 25-30 times and have spended around Rs 200 for ticket of cost rs 441.

Could you please help me on this.
My Kids want to go at my native place in summer vacation but school dont have railway student concession
form i contact to near railway station at vridachalam Tamil nadu, simply they pass to meet Divisional commercial manager trichy.
school management is not showing interest in this matter. How i can avail this facility ?

Arvind Garg
Dear Sir,
I had booked a ticket from boisar to dadar from Saurashtra Express Train No: 9216. And I had confirm ticket of coach no S1, seat no 72. But when I boarded the train there was somebody already occupying my seat I tried to expalin him about my reservation but he was not at all listening to me neither giving up my seat. The person was travelling with pass and he was saying that he travels by this train very often so that was his seat. we had a little fight for seat. The prblem I faced are as follows:

1) There was no Ticket collector on that train on 06 March 2009. The TC didnt came for Checking.

2) I was standing for 3 hours.

3) This type of malpractise happened two times with me at firozpur janata also.

I hope there would be strike action to be taken for the TC in charge. We are awaiting for your better service for good tommorow

Dear Sir,
I am very much disappointed with the service of local trains between Kalyan and CST. I am frequent traveller of First class but I dont even get the facilities of paying such a huge amount.

No fans working properly, Heavy rush, Ticket less traveller in First class, People from second class boarding in first class. The fans are very much old. I suggest you to purchase good branded fans which has no problem through out years. The fans available now are of M/s. Shankar. God knows which is this company..

Kindly look in to this matter and take necessary decision on this...

Jithu S Nair
Mb: 9987515119
Kindly arrange to send me a draft application through net for availment of Physically handicaped facilitied from railways.
Sub:-( Mentally and financially Harrassment )
Dear sir/madam.
I booked a ticket on 02 april 2009 from sarojni nagar reservation centre at 10.35am for 02 april 2009.its PNR no is 245-9292137.i filled a reservation form for same day ( 02 april 2009) but she couldnt treat me well and made a ticket for 16 april 2009 that time i had not time to see the ticket properly and whn i reached on railway station to catch my train at 16.00 whn i saw the reservation chart and chk my ticket the number was same but the name for some one else, then i came to know tht the ticket made wrongly by the reservation ticket D1 54, but its issued for someone else, whn i checked my ticket its issue for 16th april 2009, but i asked for my ticket for 02 april 2009, i was so disappoint for the railways bed job, unfortunately tht time i was not carrying money on tht time.i borrowed money from other passangers and i ran to rilway ticket counter to buy a journel ticket, no.(1306 1578) because i was having short time to catch train.i was so disappoint mentally and finaceially harrassed by you. i hope you ll take a appropriate action against tht irresponsible employee at sarojini nagar reservation counter (new delhi).so tht no one can be harrassed like me.
waiting for ur appropriate action must welcome.

harrasment by ticketing staff - Railway Ticket

Dear Sir,
I got harrased by your ticketing staff by name k. ravinder at Begumpet Railway station on 02/05/09 by 2.40 pm. He stated using abused language and he was demanding that he will not give ticket. Due to him i lost my time and journey. i want serious action to be taken against him.
Pls take action againts him or else he will create huge loss to the organisation by lossing the customer.
I boarded the train no 2030 (Shatabdi)from Amritsar on 2nd May and found two of the passengers openly drinking near the toilet, my wife reported the same when she took my kid to the toilet. I also saw the same and complained to the police officer on round. Instead of taking any action they also joined them and were seen cracking jokes. I felt like a fool and suddenly realized may be I was wrong in our country you can buy any one for 250 ml

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