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Indian Railways Complaints & Reviews

Indian Railways - AC did not work in B1 coach during journey in Train no. 12724/Andhra Pradesh Express,

 narendar.1 on May 22, 2015
We are travelling in AP express in 3tier AC from New Delhi to Hyderabad on (21-22)May 2015. Our PNR number is 2305685796. We got B1/21 and B1/22 berths(Pravalika Reddy, Urmila Devi). AC stopped working in our coach from Nagpur. we have to suffer in this summer. Have tried for help but no assistance was provided. KIndly refund the ticket amount and also remember it is Indian railway afterall and you should not harass passengers travelling in AC compartments by providing such services....
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Indian Railways - Chart not prepared for morning train by 1 am midnight

 abhinift on May 20, 2015
I booked a tatkal ticket with PNR no.2305683965 for Delhi to Mumbai, I live in Meerut, I had to reach Delhi to catch this train but the chart is not prepared till 1:00 am. Should a person be awake whole night to get his status after charting? Plus the Premium Tatkal issued by Railways is harassing passengers a lot. We get premium tatkal rates similar to a air fare. New Delhi to Mumbai Premium special train is costing me 4000 INR if my ticket does not get confirmed. Railways have always been for middle class men, if we cannot travel even by railways, then what is the governement we have selected...
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Indian Railways - Indian Railway Parcel Complaint- not received my parcel booked on 13 th April 2015

 Dazzling Dazzles on May 19, 2015
RESPECTED SIR / MADAM, I am an IAS aspirant, I have booked two parcel on 13th april 2015 from NEW DELHI to TPJ-TIRUCHIRAPPALLI JN. ( PWB No. is 2000412929 ) ... till date 19-05-15 i have not received my parcel.. I would like to know the status of the parcel booked at NEW DELHI at the earliest & why the same was not reached . And moreover the Station Authority at TJP is showing their inability to trace the consignment. My parcel is very important as it consist of my books for civil service examination and as i have my exam on August 23th, i humbly request the parcel service of Indian railways...
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Indian Railway - Denial of ferry cart service to senior citizens

 salimathcs on May 17, 2015
Date of journey:10/5.2015 Travelling train:Rani Chennamma Express Departure time: 21.15 Platform no. 8 My wife and I came to platform 1 around 8 pm. We took the number from the display board at the exit gate and called the driver. He responded by saying that he would come and ferry us at 8.30. We waited but he was not coming. Again we called him and we saw him ferrying some passengers. He said he would return after 10 minutes. But, we saw him ferrying passengers mostly youngsters. Since the departure time was nearing, we hired cooli and left for platform 8....
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 sekarsadasivan on May 15, 2015
Hi, I had to send off my mother to chennai via 6am shatabi on 16-May-2015. But i reached the station 15mins before train was to start and when I went to buy a platform ticket, the cue was so big at the bangalore city junction (majestic) as both plstform n general tickets are issued at the same counter and also NO STAFF AT THE PLATFORM TICKET COUNTER, Also as my mother is bit old as well and she cannot walk fast, I was forced to ignore to buy a platform ticket. But after sending off my mothèr while I was coming out this checking personnel caught met. I told him this incident, but he insisted I pay...
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 Prashant Shukla007 on May 15, 2015
Dear Sir, I am Dr. Prashant Shukla, Assistant Professor in NOIDA (U.P.). I have booked e-ticket for my 62 year old mother seeking senior citizen concession on 16-Jan-2015 through IRCTC from Etawah to New Delhi for 24-Jan-2015 in 12033 CNB-NDLS Shatabdi Exp. Via PNR No. 2843207099 and Transaction ID: 100000154890393. The e-ticket was confirmed. But due to extreme fog those days on Railway Tracks mostly all the trains were running late. This train got delayed by almost 18 hrs on 24-Jan-2015. At last my mother could not travel during severe cold nights of January as scheduled arrival...
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Indian Railways - Charging more fare for circular ticket

 kirti610 on May 13, 2015
Sir, From S.K.Verma 610 Shreyas apptt Malganj indore 452002 I have purchased circular ticket and made reservations as follows:- Circular Ticket No 47 44 4811 dt13/06/2015 from INDORE PNR No 845-7950082 Indb-Bpl-SC-Ubl-Pune-back Indore Kms 3740 Reservation of these places:- 1-Indb to BPL PNR 863-5492264. 218 Kms 2-Bpl to SC. ". 210-5412027 966 Kms 3-SC. To UBL. ". 430-7923518. 661 Kms 3-UBL to Pune. ". 430-7923011. 558.Kms 4-Pune to Indore " 813-5669271. 972 Kms. total 3375 Kms Circular Ticket was mad for 3740 Kms which is more 465 Kms.Even if long route is chosen may not go 3400 kms. ...
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Indian Railways - Missing person

 bhartipaul on May 12, 2015
Tapash Paul is missing since Sunday early morning and we have no contacts with him. He was supposed to board Sealdah rajdhani from Delhi for Durgapur. Train was late by 9 hrs and left at 1.20 am. We have no clue where is he. Last time he contacted us is at 11.45 pm Saturday. Tapash is Gender: Male; Height: 6’1”; Weight: ~75Kg; Complexion: Fair/wheatish; Body type: Atheletic; Age: 35 yrs; with moustache. No addiction to any substance. Pls find pic attached. Please do the needful and help us. Pls contact at 9434237949 (India);
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Indian Railways - Parcel service problem

 Suchithra Harindran on May 11, 2015
We have sent some household articles from Ahmedabad to Kottayam, Kerala at 30.4.2015.But it didnot reach Kottayam till this time.We contact with KTM railway parcel office everyday.Today we ask for the information about our parcel.But they did not give any thing.We don't have the number of Ahmedabad railway station.So please send the information about our parcel....
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 iyushsingh on May 8, 2015
Dear Sir, I was travelling through DANAPUR HOWRAH EXPRESS on 6th May 2015, in coach no. S5, Seat no. 25 In the midnight when train stops at Mananpur station, Someone Snatches my Gold Chain from window . I could not trace them since it was night and I was in sleep . I asked for help from RPF, But they are unhelpfull. Please do the needfull. Thanks, Narendra kumar Singh 9903914738...
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Indian Railways - Parcel Bike from Indore to Kanpur centrsl

User on May 7, 2015
Dear sir, I had booked my bike in the same train in which i was travelling but my bike was not put down at Kanpur station instead carried away i dont know uto where? Indore Patna Express dated 06-05-2015. Bike name suzuki- MP 09 QK 7161. And railway does not have anything online or offline where i can atleast track when i can get my bike back. Ph- 9453 9483 92....
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Indian Railways - Non receipt of bike(two wheeler) booked through parcel service, Indian Railways

 srinfra on May 7, 2015
Sir, I am a defence employee transfered from Hyderabad to Tirunelveli and reported accordingly. My bike Honda-Dream Yuga AP 28 DN 9770 was booked through Railway Parcel Service, Kachiguda on 20 Apr 2015 vide way bill/receipt No. 1099390 and as confirmed by same office that the bike is uploaded on 22 Apr 2015 [KCG to TEN). But till date the bike is not received to Tirunelveli or Nagercoil as checked personnaly on daily basis. Also none of these office has a phone No. and neither they give their mobile No.. Personnal checking on daily basis is very hasardous and no advice is being given....
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Indian Railways - Train missed due to weong information on train enquity system

 HARISH PILLAI on May 6, 2015
My wife and children had to travel by train no 09310 on 6-05-2015(PNR Number 8734578620) .We checked the status on train enquiry system and found that the train is late by 1 hr 29 min and was not reached at vadodara.We confirmed it with my friend who is residing at vadodara .We postponed the departure and waited for next update.At 7.15 the train was expected at Surat was 8:40AM .We started to station at 7:40 to Surat and reached at 7:58 at station.I parked my car and reached station the coach position was there.We waited for some time and found that train was already left.Sir we...
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Indian Railways - Corruption In parcel Section Of Chennai Central Station(No.7)

 mike hashley on May 5, 2015
There is massive corruption in the parcel dispatch section of Chennai Central Railway station located just behind Platform No.7. All the officials right from the Senior-most person to the havildar of RPF posted outside are involved in it. There are double charges imposed on the clients in-spite of valid receipts from the station of origin of the journey.Even foreigners are not spared making use of their ignorance of the language and the local rules and regulations.Double taxations are made under the pretext that the laws are different for the different states in India and that the Central Excise...
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Indian Railways - parcel misplaced

 anandwa on May 4, 2015
Sir i booked my 3 steel trunks in train no 15631 barmer guwahati express on 28/04/2015. I traveled in the same train in coach b1 seat no 63. Ticket pnr no 2202705918. On reaching patna jn when the staff of parcel office of patna jn opened the luggage van they told that the trunks can't be taken out because luggage van is fully packed and to remove the 3 boxes they have to empty the whole luggage van which they said is not possible(parcel office staff) further parcel office staff said that the boxes will return by other train from guwahati. Now till date on regular enquiry from parcel office they...
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Indian Railway - Household Items booked through Indian Railway not received even after 1 month

 kanika17 on May 2, 2015
I booked a bag containing household items from PUNE to CHANDIGARH on 4th April, 2015 . It was sent through JHELUM EXPRESS according to the Pune Parcel House staff . Train Details are as follows : Train No - 11077 SLR No - Cr94730 Date - 9th April Rear Break second compartment I have not received my parcel till date ! Please help in finding my parcel ASAP....
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 prabhulee on May 2, 2015
Hello I had booked for Howrah Express (Train # 22663) on 01/05/2005 from Tambaram Chennai to Srirangam. My coach is S12 - 41 and 44. I travelled with my wife and daugher (Kid). The train time in Tambaram is 8 45 PM, however the train arrived at 11:00 PM which is 2 hours and 15 minutes late. Further the train had stopped at various stations as follows to accomodate for other trains. Chengalpet - 1 hour and 15 minutes (11:30 PM to 12:45 PM) Virudhachalam - Around 1 hour As a result the train which was to arrive in Srirangam at 2 08 am eventually arrived only at 6 40 am which is...
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Indian Railways - readjusting timing of trains

 rajatagron on May 1, 2015
The Jaipur-Bandra train (Aravali express 19708) reaches Ahmedabad at 22.00 hours and the train 19221 going to somnath-veraval leaves at 21.55 hrs from ahmedabad due to which we passengers are unable to board train 19221 and have to go by bus or wait till morning for next train. Therefore, please reschedule the departure time of 19221 at 22.30. Please look into this request....
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Indian Railways - missing of luggage

 shyamroanla on Apr 29, 2015
sir I would like to bring in your notice regarding non delivery of my house hold luggage consisting of five items booked on 14 Apr 15 at 19:48 hrs vide forwarding note no:4000-148887 from Agra cant to Saharanpur on my ticket PNR no. 8134462161. But it has still not reached Saharanpur daily I am making querry regarding status of my luggage. Authority at Agra cant says they send it to Haridwar on 20 Apr 15. When I contacted Haridwar on 22, 24 and 27 Apr 15. Now on 29 Apr 15 Haridwar say they send it to Saharanpur but it was not off loaded at Saharanpur & reached Jammu. Now how can I get my house...
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Indian Railways - Railway parcel complaints

 jaipal singh mehra on Apr 28, 2015
Respected Sir,
I have booked my Hero Honda Splender Plus in Jaipur Railway Station at 12-04-2015, Receipt no. J 840192. I booked this bike Jaipur (JP) to Kurukshetra (KKDE). But till date I have not received my bike. I have much time called to Jaipur station, but they not give satisfactory report. First time they said your bike reached Jammu Station by mistake. Today also they said your bike in Indore or Delhi railway station.

Sir, I live at Kurukshetra (Haryana) I have face problem regarding my bike. Please give me status of my bike.

Thank and Regard
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