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Indian Railways Complaints & Reviews

Indian Railways - Complaint for Misbehavior by T.T.E.

 Vipulkumar on Jan 29, 2015
With reference to the above I would like to State the following points about the treatment provided by T.T.E. on duty.
a) Total 7 passenger of the family to travel Bandra Terminus (BDTS) to Marwar Jn. (MJ) on dt. 15.08.2014
b) Tickets were booked online as per the Reservation Slip Provision 6 persons in single form.
One extra person (7th member) ticket booked by separate R/ Slip as per the format through window
c) 6 Passengers were confirmed in coach S/7. Remaining name was confirmed in coach No. S2/6 passenger name Miss. Tanisha Ganpat Lakhara Age 8 years (Female).
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Indian Railways - TTE mistake and cheat

 kishorekjs1979 on Jan 26, 2015
I booked four passengers first class AC in yercard express 22650, pnr no 4824190248 for travelling from MAP to MAS, 3 passengers confirmed and fourth is waitlisted-1, after boarding train, eventhough vaccant in my firstclass HA-1 cabin, The TTE voluntarily given to other person of different class, as told me the fourth passenger is WL-1 and since it's my 7 year kid, he told to adjust..But as per rules, For the partially confirmed E-ticket, the WL-1 in the same PNR should be given first preference..i complained to commercial manager, chennai central at destination, after the train reached, he called...
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Indian Railway - no water in train, no display of platform on pune Rly station,filthy surrounding along tracks near station

 radhika123 on Jan 26, 2015
Respected sir I travelled today 26th Jan 2015 frm Nagpur to Pune by Garibrath, before daund there was no water in my bogie G6 which caused lot of inconvenience to all the passengers, later on we came to know other bogies had water kindly investigate & do the needful there is no display of platform no of Garibrath, whereas passenger train platform is displayed which is quite later dirt surrounding the tract is alarming, people working in the railway offices walk frm it. I hope u will look in the matter and do the needful here j...
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Indian Railways - Delay Train - western Railway (Mumbai)

 piyu... on Jan 24, 2015
Dear Sir, We are local Resident of Mira Bhayander a suburb in Mumbai, we have been observing that since last 3 months all the trains are not working as per the scheduled time of which we are facing discipline issue in the Corprates. All the trains which should ideally take 45 minutes to reach to a destination is any where taking time between 65 - 85 Minutes which means delay of almost 25 to 30minutes everyday which is hindering our corporate performance. I am planning to forward this to Mr Narendra Modi keeping Mr Prabhu in the loop. Request you to do the needful. Warm Regards, Piyush Mehta 9870195336...
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Railway E-ticket - Refund cancel ticket

 sugrim on Jan 23, 2015

i am ajay prasad i am boking e ticket my personal id train no 19269 PBR MOTHARI EXP D O J 22.01.2015 because ticket is not conform then i m go to cancel ticket pl give me my refund my account
Thank u

Your Faithfully
Ajay Prasad
mob: 9662055934...
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Indian Railways - Encroachment

 D.K.V on Jan 23, 2015
Sir, my Rly
quarter is 6A1/Unit-1 at Golebazar, Kharagpur. Nobody was interested to take
that quarter but I took that quarter because I had been staying on rent outside
the railway area from 02 to 03 years which was far from my working place. I
came to know that previous occupant (doctor)’s wife was beaten by an
encroacher. There are about 15-20 Rly
quarters while in a reply of RTI of 23/5/2011, it was said that total 40
encroachers are residing behind my quarter i.e one tongue within 40 tooth and
more than 02 times of Rly quarters. These15-20...
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Indian Railway - give me ticket a cancel train by railway,than i have pay a excess fare ticket in my distination station by ticket cheker

 pratap choudhary on Jan 20, 2015
Sir, in 15 janvary i m going to jaipur to this day the train nub.14311 are cancel than i am travel in other train 12916.this train(nub.-14311) already cancel than in Gandhi nagar railway station by ticket master give me a ticket on cancelation train.than i am pay a fine in my station Falna due to ticket checking by a station master. Sir i am don't know about ticket fare of jaipur to falna.only a fine pay due to travel in super fast train the fare deference is 15 rupees of junral ticket....
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Indian Railways - Parcel Not Received

 Mukeshsharma1976 on Jan 20, 2015
Dear Sir We have have booked parcel for Jallandhar cantt from Kota on 15.1.2015 bearing PRR no 2409-117624(PWB/JRC-JRC-Jallandhar Cantt Train No : 12471 Swaraj Express : F/SLR NO 99711 Jallandhar Cantt Parcel employees did not bother to drop the parcel from the train. On 19.1.2015 we complaint in Parcel kota office then came to know that the material is lying at Delhi. with their help and support, the parcel was again boarded on Shahid Express but this time again the careless parcel employees of Jallandhar Cantt did not bother to drop and again we did get our material. Sir,...
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Indian Railways - Around 200 unreserved passenger occupied each 2nd class sleeper coach(S1-S13) in train no 12515.

 RameshkumarCBE on Jan 19, 2015
I was traveled in GUWAHATI EXP - 12515 yesterday(18/01/2015) night from Coimbatore to Chennai central. I reserved my ticket and got seat number S8-29. But in that train, ticket verification not happened and lot many unreserved people's (there are from north) are occupied to all seats. TTR was not cleared that crowed from the reserved coach and didn't take any action on that. Reserved coach look likes unreserved coach. I was very much disturbed by that people and didn't sleep well not only me other passenger ladies and kids. There is no space for breath. Around 200 unreserved people occupied in each...
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Indian Railway - Taking Unauthorised Service charge of Rs 11.25

 Amruth M D on Jan 17, 2015
I took 4 railway e tickets on 9 Jan 2015 from IRCTC website using my SBI account. Tansaction Ref numbers are: 100000151337685IG00KTXMK6 100000151316840IG00KTYPR7 100000151316856IG00KTZCQ6 100000151316870IG00KTZLH9 But on 11 Jan 2015 they took Rs.11.25 for each transaction as shown below without my approval. DEBIT-ICI03577600000000IG00KTZLH9Commission of IG00K-- DEBIT-ICI03629620000000IG00KTYPR7Commission of IG00K-- DEBIT-ICI03636720000000IG00KTXMK6Commission of IG00K-- DEBIT-ICI03642880000000IG00KTZCQ6Commission of IG00K-- I took another e tickets on 13 Jan 2015 from IRCTC...
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Indian Railway - TDR Refund Not Received

 Gauravgod on Jan 16, 2015
Hi, I have filed a TDR on 28th December as i wasn't able to cancel the ticket because chart was prepared. Since then the TDR Status is "CR Registered" and i am not sure when am i going to get the refund. I tried contacting irctc for it and they mentioned that they can't do anything with respect to TDR as these refunds are processed by zonal railway offices. I have no idea whom should i contact to get update on my refund. Here are my TDR details: Reason For TDR: Party Could Not Cancel Because Chart Prepared At Originating Or Previous Remote Location. TDR Filing Date: 28-Dec-2014 21:55:07...
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Indian Railways - non refund of ticket fare

 nrajeshkumars on Jan 14, 2015
Dear Sir, We booked tickets from Vishakapatnam to Secunderabad for 10/12/2014 vide ticket bearing PNR numbers 653-3644237, 663-2195159, 653-3644125 and 6732228312(e ticket). From 10/12/2014 to 14/12/2014 the total coastal region was demolished and severely effected by HUDHUD due to which our train was cancelled. The total coastal region was demolished and severely affected due to which our train was cancelled. We TOO were stuck at Araku valley without any proper facilities like food or transport to get out of the valley along with communication network for cancellation of tickets. As a result...
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Indian Railway - IRCTC - Refund has not been done for RAC ticket on which passenger did not travel.

 saurabh1509 on Jan 13, 2015
TDR refund has been rejected for RAC tickets (TDR filed within 3 hours of actual arrival at source station): I have filed TDR for RAC tickets and it has been rejected and reason provided is : "Invalid TDR Timestmap : RAC" which is not the case in actual. TDR has been filed within 2 hours of actual arrival of the train at Bhopal Jn. Below are details of the same: Transaction ID: 100000104096785 TDR Filing Date: 24-Dec-2014 09:24:19 HRS TDR Status: CR Repudiate Cancellation ID: 100000027125205 Reason For TDR: Passenger Not Travelled Due To Ticket In RAC After Chart Preparation. Also, train was late...
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Indian Railways - Delay in train without any reason.

 jasmeet Narag on Jan 12, 2015
To whosoever it may concern . This is to bring to your notice that I and my family were travelling back to amritsar from new delhi in a well known n executive train new delhi amritsar shatabdi (12013) . It has no schedule to stop at jandiala but it stopped there for about 25 minutes and at manavala for 10 minutes. On the other hand it stopped at ludhiana for 15 minutes whereas the stoppage time announced in the train itself is for 3 minutes . I think trains like shatabdi charge so much because its a priority train . is it a consumer friendly train or a consumer harrasment train Regards jasmeet...
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Indian Railways - Train ruuning unnecessary late

 v2222 on Jan 12, 2015
Hello sir,
Iam right now travelling in train no. 12987 from sealdah. This train was late for about 1 hr 40mins from their only. After crossing mugalsarai it started to get more late till now it is 18km before allahabad and late by 4hr 45 mins. Though it is unnecessarily holding every forth place. It would be logical for holding when passing for trains, but it not at all. Only 1or2 trains been passed during this holdings. And also their is no such fog to hamper running the train. As it is morning to noon time for this u can verify weather report.
I am travelling regularly in this route...
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Indian Railways - not availability of retiring room

 manojkumarjaju on Jan 8, 2015
i booked one retiring room at delhi railway station with tran id 0001046141 and ref no. DL1RR108423 through ircturourism .com on 02.12.14 for check in on 05.01.14 but on arrival at retiring room it was informed that the room allotted is under repairing hence you may apply for refund. it is requested to refund the money in my bank account after confirmation from concerned railway zone....
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Indian Railways - regarding non renewal of mst as date of exp was earlieras on 1/1/2015

  Singh BaldevYadav on Jan 7, 2015
sir, i asked booking clk of satrod to renew of my mst as 6/1/15 from satrod to hisar.firstly refused to renew the My MST, and when i complied to do so, he tell me your i card issued to u must be laminated first further I asked to show me rule he said that to know the said rule apply RTI. .AS shown on web site (2007) of railway as on date showing that it should be given covered a plastic which to be covered to be issued to customer on payment of Rs 1/-( i have already paid for same on initial stage Rs 5/-), Then i went to to station master of satrod for complain regarding matter and i further asked...
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Indian Railway - not received my RMS speed post

 dpk verma on Jan 5, 2015
SIR. I had send my registry through RMS speed post at 25 DEC 2014 from- CHANDRAMANI KUMAR SINHA IN FRONT OF KHOKHA BABU WARD NO-28 KAYSTH TOLA RAILWAY COLONY SAHARSA PIN-852201 TO- KANCHAN KUMARI REG NO-GIN/103633 ROOM NO-330 GIRLS HOSTEL NO-03 SLIET LONGOWAL PUNJAB PIN-148106 and my RMS registry no-RH115613210IN and till this time i am not got it so please help me to identify mt registry. thankx... DEEPAK KUMAR MOB NO-9872254569...
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Indian Railways - Refund of tickets

 Jophil on Jan 5, 2015
We were traveling from Udampur to Thrissur in 12446(UTTAR S KRANTI) on 27th December 2014 at 19:50. The train was about to reach New Delhi station at 06:50 am on 28th December 2014. But the train was running eight hours late. So we missed the connection train 12432(TRIVNDRM RJDHNI) from H NIZAMUDDIN (NZM) station, which was about to depart at 10:55 am on 28th December 2014. So we kindly request you to refund the money(PNR : 273-9902576) Rs.7310/-. We faced many difficulties to reach our home. Hope you would do the needful....
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Indian Railways - passengers seats and dirt in bogi

 princezz on Jan 3, 2015
i m travelling with family for new delhi to gaya on 3 jan 2015.. train no is 22410... train name is garib rath... i am very disappointed facility of indian railway.. i m suffering lots of problems firstly it has been given handicap seats.. .. there r too dirt here there, seat also not comfortable, there is also problem of air and also not good environment because of attached staff seats.....
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