Indian Railways Customer Care

Indian Railways Customer Care

Ministry Of Railways

Rail Bhawan, Raisina Road, DL, India
New Delhi
New Delhi District
India - 110001

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

+91 11 2338 1213
+91 97 1763 0982
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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Indian Railway — Missed luggage in train

 gv_senthilkumar on Feb 8, 2016
Hi. I was traveling in the train 16340 coach S8 seat no 45&46 from Salem to Bangalore. I have to missed to take my utensil baggage kept under the seat....
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Indian Railway — Train status update blunder

 navink310 on Feb 8, 2016
I was travelling on train no 12351 - Danapur express. Its final destination is Rajendra Nagar. Train was stopped at a Gulzarbagh station which is not in its list and train status was marked as arrived at destination. Train was stopped for more than 2 hour. Later I came to know that this practice is happening regularly. My friend was also travelling on the same train and he also reported this anomaly....
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Indian Railway Ticket Checking Staff Organisation — Fine imposed for not having original id proof

 Narendra Kondeti on Feb 5, 2016
It brings your notice that i traveled from Hyderabad to Tirupati in Narayanadri Express by booking Tatkal Ticket. I forgot my purse at my home. but i have all the my id proofs scan copies in my mobile . i have shown my ID proof Scan Copies to Ticket COllecter during the Journey, He accepted it . but at the time of Leaving from Station TC asked Original ID proof i have shown Scan Copy of My id proof. he did not accept and Rs.720/- fine imposed. Train No 12734, PNR No 4836545544, Date of Journey, 04.02.15, Seat No S4, 17. I Have shown all my scan copies ( PAN, AADHAR, Driving Licence, Bank Pass book,...
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Indian Railways — Physical harassment by security staff

 Avra Ray on Jan 25, 2016
Today when i was returning from college at sealdah station at kolkata, west bengal.two security staffs at the southest corner (before the south ticket counter)with rifles in the barricade called me.i went there without knowing what was going to happen.they told me that i was spitting in station premises.though i was not.they told me to sit inside their trench like barricade. i asked them to take me to the authority and fine me.but they were not ready to hear not a single word from me.they beat me very badly.used slug language against me and my parents.they asked also money from me to leave me.then...
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Indian Railway — Theft of luggage in indian railway

 Madhurisi on Jan 24, 2016
I am travelling from ndls to indore jn in AC 2nd compartment and at around 2am some unauthorized person entered into that compartment and stole my luggage which contains my laptop, watch, other essential and my official documents. Now its been 7days and nobody is ready to even loged my FIR. Please help and guide me what to do. Please...
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Indian Railways — Always train delay from the schedule time

 Amarjeet shaw on Jan 19, 2016
Dear Sir

I and many more people suffering from the circular railway of princep ghat, all the train were delayed by the schedule time approx 1/2 Hrs. Almost all train on daily basis. Today i journey by ballygunj/Barrackpore local 7.22 pm at Bbd bagh. And reach at khardah by 8.55 pm, which schedule time is 8.10 and its happen all time 5 out of 6 days. If any problem with this route then please block this route.
Please look into this, i requesting you...
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Indian Railway — Refusing to give my parcel to me

 simadri on Jan 19, 2016
I have booked a parcel from Valsad to Bhubaneswar with the PRR NO 2001568506 on 16 dec 2015. Till i have not received the parcel. I went to parcel office several time by taking my parcel bill and valid id proofs and id proofs. But the names mentioned the bill is differ due to which he denied to give the parcel. After as per the suggestion i provided the documents. but still he is not giving my parcel . he told that i have get an authorization from the parcel officer of Valsad. but the parcel officer of Valsad told that there is no need of any authorization. and told that i can provide the original...
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Indian Railways — 3ac Seat allotment for single person always provided near the door

 RajeshSaxena on Jan 18, 2016
I have always suffered travelling as a single passenger in 3ac indian railway trains. They always allot me the seat near the door. It is so disturbing throughout the journey. People moving in and out disturb us so much that it is difficult to extend our legs coz of not getting entangled in the door. Indian railways have least taken care of this issue where a passenger suffers like anything due to door coming in the way of upper berth. We cannot keep our legs straight due to frequent door openings. Kindly do something and why this railway reservation system allocates a single passenger upper...
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Indian Railway — Refund of ticket money

 mvaib on Jan 15, 2016
I have booked ticket PNR No. 87343451398 from Ratlam to Nimach for my brother Piyush Mittal departure on 16/01/2016 at 6:40 am. But the train he was travelling from Mumbai PNR No. 8743450903, train No. 01705which was scheduled arrival at 06:10 am was late by 80 minutes and arrived at Ratlam station on 07:40 i.e. 1 hour after the departure of the onward journey train. Also no alternate ticket or seat was provided in place of the missing boarding of train in any other alternate train by the railway. I tried to claim refund under TDR online but it is not allowed as the train has already departed. Kindly...
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Indian Railways — Refund being rejected

 Prashant Oberoi on Jan 15, 2016
I had booked for 6 passengers on the on 14th December with PNR Number: 6749513677 where 1 ticket got confirmed and Mr. Suvabrata Ghatak traveled and the rest could not travel since the 5 tickets were wait listed. Then i booked 5 more tickets tickets on the same dates on a trains which was 2 hours later with PNR Number : 6247510817. 1 out of 5 tickets got confirmed and again rest 4 remained wait listed therefore only 1 passenger named Abhijit Sarkar traveled and the rest 4 could not travel since passengers cannot travel on waitlisted etickets. I waited for quite a few days before filing a...
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Indian Railway — Missing a train due to the late running of the connected train.

 Darla Ramachandrarao on Jan 14, 2016
We're a 10member group of passengers had reservation to travel from Visakhapatnam to Madurai on dt.25/12/2015 by train no.12841&12637.The train 12841 reached chennai at 2200hrs late by 4.30hrs.Due to this we missed the connected train no.12637 from Egmore to Madurai which is left the Egmore station as per it's scheduled time 21.20hrs.No efforts were made from the Indiana Railway to send us from chennai to Madurai. We're not able to cancel the tickets because the connected train left the station. We have lost money, faced lot of difficulties and agony in reaching Madurai by road.kindly look in to...
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Indian Railways — Regular delay in arrival of mumbai express 12134 at suratkal, mangalore

 pdsouza on Jan 14, 2016
There is a regular delay of departure of train No.12134 (Mumbai Express) train from Mangalore to Mumbai by atleast 2 hours everyday and accordingly delay in reaching Mumbai later by two hours due to which passengers at every railway station have to wait for the train for two hours. Although the Matsyagandha Express train is scheduled for departure after Mumbai Express as per time table but Matsyagandha Express leaves Mangalore perfect as per time table without delay and also reaches LTT Mumbai as per schedule only and Mangalore Express departure is delayed regularly for 2 hours every day and also...
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Indian Railways — Theft in neelachal express on 02/01/2016

 Manoj Kumar Jai on Jan 13, 2016
With lot of happiness we were returning home from the Parasnath Thirth Yatra on 02/01/2016. me and my wife with my two kids boarded the train at Parasnath at 1.00 am on 02/01/2016. I fastened the one suitcase & one Bag we had ( one blue & one green) with a chain under the seat in S 7 coach at our berths were no 50, 51 & 52 (02 middle & upper).Both the suitcase & bags were also safely locked itself & also locked with chain & padlock. After around two hours later at 3.00 am i woke up before gaya junction to check the suicase & bags are at their place. I found suitcase was stole by someone forcefully...
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Railway — Railway products

 Jatin Rathore on Jan 12, 2016
I have visited old delhi railway station last month, as i was thirsty i went to bought a ' rail neer' bottle from shop inside station . i asked how much price for this . shopkeeper said - 20 rs., i checked m.r.p. that was 15 rs. i showed him that, he gave a smiley response and asked ' bhai change h to 5 rs de de ' problem is that people are unaware and these people are taking more price on govt. product . i think railway department is going to think upon this ( 5 rs per head is a big thing ) and thank you so much to make such platform for registering complaints easily ....
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Indian Railways — Reserved ticket sold by tte

 ppalit_deb on Jan 12, 2016
On 27/12/2015 myself along with my mother were travelling from Debagram to Sealdah by Lalgola- Sealdah passenger vide train no. 53178. Our PNR NOs are 6146387841 and 6345895375. Our reserved seat no were 30 and 08 in Coach S1. But after boarding the train at Debagram R/S at coach no.S1the TTE of coach no S1 refused to provide us the seats at seat no 8 and 30. He said that our seat at on the bunks which are meant for luggage. After much persuasion he allowed us at seat no 70 for both of us after almost two hours. Though I showed the print out of the online ticket. I realized that the said TTE sold...
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Indian Railways — Misbehaving of ticket collector towards passengers in train

 ravitejamrkp on Jan 11, 2016
I have reserved train ticket in circar express (17643) from Gudur to Tanuku (11-1-2016) and I got reservation in S1 coach. But I stepped in S10 and stepped down after next station i.e Nellore has arrived and again I entered in S1. But in the mean while the ticket collector sold my ticket and getting against me and misbehaved on me. This is very rude behavior towards passenger and it should be take serious and I need immediate action towards that ticket collector....
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Indian Railway — Ticket cancellation charge is more than refund amount

 Er Devendra Kumar on Jan 8, 2016
I Booked two journey ticket from Aligarh jn (ALJN) to Kanpur Central (CNB) on 30th december 2015, But the train is Cancelled then I Cancel my ticket cost of Rs. 410 but the railway refund only Rs. 170 they Charge Rs. 240 as Cancelation charge . May I know is it my mistake the traine is cancelled . Few Details :- Train no :- 14056 Journey Date :- 21-01-2016 PNR No :- 2858375336 please Help me for this issue ....
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Indian Railway — Refund not received for tdr filed almost 5 month gone [Resolved]

 Jackson Nikalje on Jan 7, 2016
Ransaction ID: 100000285926205 Train No./Name: 11201/LTT AJNI EXPRESS PNR No 8525564989 Date of Journey: 04-Aug-2015 Date Of Boarding: 04-Aug-2015 Date of Booking: 02-Aug-2015 From: JALNA (J) To: AJNI (AJNI) Boarding: JALNA (J) Resv Upto: AJNI (AJNI) Quota: GENERAL (GN) Class: SLEEPER CLASS (SL) Ticket Amount:390.0 Ticket Type:E-ticket Cancellation ID: 100000060576732 Reason For TDR: Party Partially Confirmed/Waitlisted And All Passengers Did Not Travel TDR Status CRCR Repudiate please refund the amount soon as already more than 5 month finished. and the customer care of indian...
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Indian Railway — Refusal of TDR

 Rajanmarbel on Jan 2, 2016
PNR 4732943680 our train 12295 was showing cancelled on the date 07/12/2015. This cancelled train restored. Due to "IRCTC system problem" we passenger are not able to cancelled the ticket before 7 December 2015. Now they refuse to accept our TDR....
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Indian Railway Ticket Checking Staff Organisation — Misbehavior of TTE

 rushabh1990 on Dec 30, 2015
Dear Sir, I am travelling by Suryanagri express from Bandra to Mumbai today I.e 30/12/2015. We are in a group of 17 people all together with one of the PNR number as 8639034928. TTE Mr. Ashok Kumar(as per the name told to us) came to check the tickets and seeing all ladies sitting together, he started harassing them. When I came to know about I directly went ahead to get all the tickets and passenger verified, he started misbehaving saying who is Anil where is he sitting, you people should sit as per the order and we cannot check each individual. To which I replied, that ticket does not reflect...
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