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Indian Railways — Injustice with me

 gurprit saluja on May 24, 2016
I am a student of pharmancy college. today morning when i was travelling through bagh express from asansol for my college. i tarvelled asansol to durgapur in search of a seat so that i can seat and study because today i have an exam in my college. As the train reach durgapur i find a vacant seat and seat there in sleeper class. suddenly a ticket checker( name-abhilash) comes to me and asked for ticket and i produced the ticket to him. after seeing the ticket he told me that he will give a fine of sum 310 rupees. i told him that just now i have got the seat in this coach though there were many person...
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Indian Railways — Ticket collector

 sachin guman on May 24, 2016
Train no 12531 on 24 may 16 from gorakhpur to lucknow, two seats no C-1, 41 & 42 were booked from gorakhpur to gonda junction.After gonda seat were empty so tc take some money from some other person and give seat to him instead of seat can give to me.i was WL 5 in train CHAIR CAR.
Its a corruption plz do some needful action.otherwise india is going correct day by day in all fields..
I m also a defence personal.

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Indian Railways — Abused language by lady railway staff in platform 1 of upper class waiting room newdelhi

 Rocks India on May 21, 2016
Pnr:2862173858, executive class, shatabdi. Day 21/05/16. I dr anand acharya along with my father retired commissioner cmpf, mother and sister who is also a doctor, we had come from airport at 3:40pm, we had been here to upper class waiting room, the lady at the entrance had not seen our ticket properly and started yelling at us, she abused us, she pushed up my elderly father. She pushed me.. Started yelling at me saying dogs and all... She manhandled with all of us, sir being an employee of railways that too in our capital city is it the way they behave like this, she used slang words... If we face...
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Western Railway — Chair car first class coach: keeping seat reserved for other friends and not allowing people to seat

 Mr.Shaikh1010 on May 19, 2016
Western Railway Valsad Fast Passenger, Chair Car First class coach— Every morning i observe few people coming from dahanu and vangaon are reserving seats for their friends who board in train from Palghar, Kelwa and saphale.
As an individual person i am unable to do anything, if i am paying for first class and i am not getting proper seat to travel then what is the use of my first class pass payment. I am paying more than double.

I request the concerned person to look into the matter....
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Indian Railways — Missing mobile

 Kaushalendra Bhardwaj on May 18, 2016
I was in the queue to buy a ticket to travel bilaspur at counter no.6dt.22-04-2016 on06.23. I bought ticket and left counter and went to platform no.6and to inform my family i searched mobile but it was not in my pocket. I rushed to counter and asked police all about this. I complaned at railway police station and then went to cctv control room for watching the footage but cctv covered only 1&2counter. So i want to complain to district consumer court....
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Indian Railway — Regarding non-refund of my money against tdr file

 abhijeet6636 on May 18, 2016
I have booked a ticket from pnbe to anvt on 20th july 2015 and i have to cancel the ticket but the train departed from its source station and i was unable to cancel the ticket so i have filed the tdr against this issue but i haven`t received my rest money till now kindly refund my money as soon as possible and mail me the required information asap...
Pnr no-6743927275
Train no-12487
Doj-23 july 2015

I haven`t travelled on that ticket because i have filed the tdr at about 8 pm at night and my train was in morning 6 am, i think it was a fraudry done by tte as he...
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Indian Railways — Refund not given by irctc against trd file

 singhrahul23 on May 18, 2016
I booked a e-ticket on irctc 24jan 2016 details are gievn below
Transaction id : 100000421319602 pnr no. : 2759482731 train no. & name : 12506 / north east exp. On 7th of march trains is late more then 4 hr and i filed a trd in evening around 6 pm. Now its more then 2 months past still am not getting the refund but the ridiculous response given by irctc that after cancellation of my ticket still i traveled on e-ticket so i ask irctc how it possible for a passenger who canceled e-ticket and still traveled did tte didn't check the id proof forget the id how it possible after cancellation...
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Indian Railways — Worst service regarding train schedule

 tirthankar_82 on May 17, 2016
The time schedule of train arriving at sealdah & leaving sealdah is irregular. All the trains are 15 minutes late whether arriving or leaving. The passengers get harrased daily as there is no management system. The personnel are very lazy & relactant to their work. They have no knowledge regarding how to manage the total system. As they are in the same position at their job for last 6-8 years that's why they only look after at their own seek. There is no passenger comfort zone in the all stations of sealdah division. The no. Of passenger is increasing but the level of service is decreasing day by...
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Indian Railways — Online ticket booking

 gavish on May 15, 2016
Today (15/05/2016) when i tried for Tatkal tickets from Mumbai to Nagpur. i was given this message " Bin range not enabled. [ Transaction Id: 100000349820610 ] You can choose another payment option and try again." tickets were available but i could not make payment because of the above error. I searched on internet about this error and came to know that this error occurs because IRCTC has removed few banks from payment process in Tatkal situations. This information is not provided to user before selecting the payment option. This is clear case of fraud that IRCTC is doing with its customer. Please...
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Indian Railways — Ticket booking through IRCTC

 Pawan Lko on May 11, 2016
I have booked one tatkal ticket from Rajendra nagar terminal to Ranchi for tomorrow, transaction completed, amount deducted from my account but got message that transaction failed try again, I tried again but got message that you can book only 2 ticket by same ID between 10am to 11am, I have booked only one ticket which was failed then why my the same ticket booking request rejected?
Please convey my complain to MR for this kind of irregularity at this site.

PK Singh
Transection ID 100000505730169...
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Indian Railways — Ticket booking at railway stn

 kddixit on May 8, 2016
I asked for one general ticket from meerut city to ambala cantt on 07may2016 at 2100hrs at meerut city railway stn window no 3 being manned by mr krishan pal.
However i was given a ticket from meerut city to ludhiana and the operator told me that you can not take ticket from meerut city to ambala, you have to take it till ludhiana. I want to know why is it so? and i want my money to be refunded for journey from ambala to ludhiana which i did not do....
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Indian Railways — Tdr generated for pnr no. 2760398897, refund not received till date since feb, 2016

 Parmod Aggarwal on May 5, 2016
Tdr generated for pnr no. 2760398897, refund not received till date since feb, 2016 as the train was late by more than 3 hours, since last several months upon checking status of claim is under process. No body is taking care of the claim and we are not getting resolution for the same.

Booked tickets history
Pnr number: 2760398897 transaction id: 0987060152 train no: 14712
Train name: sgnr rksh exp from station: ambala cant jn(Umb) to station: haridwar jn(Hw)
Date: 16/2/2016 class: cc boarding: ambala cant jn(Umb)
Resv upto: haridwar jn(Hw) quota: general booked...
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Indian Railways — Overpricing

 utkarshmani1997 on May 5, 2016
I am travelling on BSB-BBS route from almost two years and each time when i visit MUGHAL SARAY JN, shopkeepers overprice everything as my train never halt more than 5-10 min so i never got opportunity to complaint about this.
they sell packaged drinking water at 20 rs (RAIL NEER) and if you ask about why they are overpricing they say If you want then then give 20 rs otherwise leave, same case with brittania cake and i am not very healthy so i never tried to mess with them but their behaviour is so rough, this is not the case with only one or two shops but every shops sell things...
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Indian Railway — Train late by 6 hrs in total 13 hrs journey and no action.

 harish301276 on May 5, 2016
Train no. 12581 maruadih to new delhi running late regularity, on 2nd and 3rd may, this train reached delhi by 6 hrs late, if such kind of train got late regularly then why there is no action plan to short out this problem, people are paying supper fast charges and getting facility of worst class passenger train.
When i send mail to irctc care center but none any response from there....
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Indian Railways — No refunds

 pb2304 on May 3, 2016
I booked rail e-ticket for
02 passengers
Train no- 12536, lko gareebrath exp.
From katni
To lucknow
Doj-22/04/2016 in tatkal.
Only 1 passenger got confirmed sat other was in waiting list.
Since waiting list tatkal gets automatically canceled so i did not cancel it online but it has been 10 days and i havent recieved any refunds yet.
Please look into the matter....
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Indian Railways — Tdr filed, cr registered but money not refunded yet

 saurabhs4 on May 1, 2016
Hello sir/madam,

I had travelled from new delhi to lucknow on 16-apr-2016 from train number 12430/ndls lko ac sf in b5 coach, but ac was not working in this coach. Your ticket collector said it was our fault and gave refund receipt to each person inside this coach . We have registered complaints for railway helpline number and also tweeted honourable rail minister mr. Suresh prabhu about that. I have filled tdr for this but, from that day till today it is showing 'cr registered'.

Please refund my money i am waiting more than a month.

Tran id :- 100000484938293
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Eastern Railway — Ticket money refund

  Irshad Ali on Apr 26, 2016
Eastern railway,

Dear sir,

Our team of 13 heads from punjab kesari group, kolkata office made a counter ticket for 19th and only two ticket made into the rac list and hence we have to cancel the ticke.Our office bearer when he went to canel the ticke at 4.30 pm ( since we came to know about the status only at 3.30pm) because of the long que could reach the counter only at 5.30pm and the counter person refused to do the cancellation.

Sir, we were in delhi and hence the peon do not have the knowledg what to
Do about...
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Indian Railways — Railway ticket from patna jn to koderma jn for journey dt 27.04.17 through janshatabdi

 Kamleshwari Prasad on Apr 24, 2016
My account has been debited by rs.135/ today - but no sms or email has been received as year. Kindly cofirm the mishappening at your end and arrange to refund my ticket amount rs.135 /- as soon as possible to have trust on your your credability of your system.
Thanking you,
Kamleshwari prasad
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Indian Railways — Very rood behavior of employees

 Yash Yash on Apr 23, 2016
I was present in railway 20min before to the departure, i asked RPF staff that which platform the samark kranti train will arrive, they said pl no.1 so was waiting and looking at the desplay also hearing the announcement.there is no information about my train and past 15min announcing only two trains, ranichennamma and train no.22290(not sure)which has depaarture at 22:30 and mine was 22:20.I was totally confused then i asked a TT he said your train already arrived at pl no.3 then i ran away to catch the train, but i coudnt catch it.
I discussed near about 1hr with railway staff...
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Indian Railways — No trains announced from silchar to dibrugarh (assam)

 Hasina Parveen on Apr 19, 2016
Though bg line has been started in barak valley(Assam), no trains have been announced till date from silchar to dibrugarh or tinsukia.There are also no connecting train unless one waits for 10-12 hours.Assam government has not taken any initiative till today for any announcement of such train.Students and people are facing a lot of problems.I want this matter to be taken seriously and take any urgent steps as early as possible....
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