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Alankit Assignments Ltd — alankit fraud truth revealed about the fraud complaints against company

Defamation cases of big companies are common in india. Talking about defamation, most of these firms are those into wealth management. But probing deep into the issues, we get to see that most of them are false complaints lodged to tempt the audience against that biggie. It’s true that alankit group of companies also had the fate of meeting such instances where there were complaints lodged against them in abundance - which in reality are nothing but lies! I have been a regular customer since the last three years now, and not once did i feel duped.

This company has a rich heritage of 23 years and it has now expanded to ten companies. They have a team of more than 2000 professionals and that has been very instrumental in making their services so efficient. But there are certain other biggies who in order to pull down their potential rivals, simply go ahead stating them a fraud. Well, they could not succeed with alankit group because posing alankit as a fraud would never be true because it has some promising customers who have already proved that these are nothing but unreal. Complaints have been lodged of them misleading the customers and not providing them with their deserving amount, but in reality, the business partners of this group have stated that despite being associated with them for a really long time, they have never heard about any customer complaining like this.

This whole thing has been plotted against the company who was facing the game. The very grave mistake the rivals did was to post the unrealistic complaints online and tried to lure the customers of alankit group. But they missed out on the fact that anybody who has been betrayed by the company would prefer confronting them directly rather than making a scene out on the internet. This thing instantly proves that they are nothing but got-up cases produced by hired people.

This group has services laid out in different sectors like financial services, health services, government to citizen services, health care insurance, registrar and share transfer agent, investor education and protection fund. One can very well understand as to how and why the rivals envy them which is not just because of the proper functioning but also for supplying various services in a single place.
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Having been a client of Alankit group for a year now, I can only conclude that it’s a very promising place to work with. Not for once did I face any difficulty in working with them because they are very punctual about payments. Recently, many complaints have been lodged against them stating that the company Alankit is a fraud and did not return the deserving amount of money to the customers but those are nothing but false claims against them by their rivals.
Alankit assignments ltd is an amalgamation of 5 major companies now. Kicked off in 1995, it has reached great heights. I have been a patreon of their services. I can never forget my years with Alankit. It is a shame to see all the Alankit assignments ltd complaints which are completely biased in nature.
These Alankit complaints spread all over the internet are baseless and totally fake. Never get carried away by them. Many people known to me are part of the Alankit assignment ltd themselves and the thing I can assure is that they are very dedicated and they never ever get themselves involved in any kind of laundering. You can trust them with your eyes closed.
I have taken up the services offered by Alankit keeping in mind that the services provided for the share market are dynamic. I am a recipient and would like to tell you the truth that all the claims of Alankit fraud are biased in nature. The people who claim to have lost their money had invested in stocks of dying firms, though being repeatedly warned by the consultants.
I have been using the services of Alankit Financial Services for a number of years and they have been by my side for a long time now. Their ground personnel are really courteous and know what they are doing. I would highly recommend their service to anyone who is confused by the financial side of their business.
Alankit has been an industry leader for several years and is always a source of
trusted services. Their personnel go above and beyond their call of duty and
complete the work with utmost satisfaction. All these Alankit Assignments
Complaints are dubious and suspicious in nature.
An industry leader and innovator Alankit Assignments Ltd have changed what one can expect from a financial services firm every year since its establishment. They have been an invaluable part of my business and I was shocked to see such bad reviews online. As one can think most of these Alankit complaints are fake.
The company that set the bar for every other financial service is now faced with the peril of redeeming its online image. An act by its rivals most of the complaints related to Alankit are not even true as I have been a regular customer of theirs for years. My Alankit feedback is extremely positive.
A trusted firm for several years, Alankit group has gone above and beyond their call of duty whenever I have needed them. Recently I came upon some negative Alankit complaints that in all sincerity looked like a malicious attack by a rival. I stand by Alankit Group and their commendable work.
Alankit Assignments Ltd has been a leader in the industry for several years and prides themselves on being a ‘pleasure to work with company’. This is why Alankit feedback is extremely positive. Negative Alankit feedback may be an attempt to sabotage the company’s online image.
Alankit is a 25 year old company having its operations in several countries. It has a wide PAN India network consisting of 21 regional offices, spread out at 8000 business locations in 673+ cities, catering to over 21 million customers. I have been using their services since a long time and never did I experience any inconvenience. Alankit always puts their customers first! These allegations are baseless and false, planted by the competitor brands.

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