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Alankit Assignments Ltd — fraud allegation to defame alankit ltd, a globally recognized company

Started in the year 1995, Alankit has come a long way. From a simple Registrar and Share Transfer Agent to a conglomeration of ten companies that cater to Financial services, Wealth Management, e-Governance, Health care and Insurance, Alankit has emerged as a major business group not only in India but also in the global market. The company has been consistently delivering exceptional services to its customers through its countrywide network. They use state of the art technology and provide innovative solutions to their clients.

Alankit has been introduced to me by my father and have been their customer for more than a decade. I avail their healthcare and wealth management services. They have been prompt in responding to all my queries and delivering the best results. Apart from using latest technology, the company is also hiring highly qualified and dynamic professionals who provide best services in the industry. Whenever I visited their office, I have been received with warm and their staffs are always courteous to me. All my issues are sorted then and there and I never have any complaint against them. I am very much satisfied by their services that I recommend Alankit to my friends, acquaintances and family.

Under the circumstances, I was shocked to hear about alankit fraud. I couldn’t believe this and only came to a conclusion that this is the work of their competitors. Their competitors are jealous of the growth of the company and the high reputation it has earned. Hence, they are spreading bad news about Alankit to defame it and bring down their reputation and business.

Here, I would like to bring certain facts about Alankit and want to reiterate that they are the best. First of all, you should see that they have been in the business for more than two decades and have also grown into a big conglomeration. This longevity in the business is possible only when they are successful and the success comes only when they earn the goodwill of their clients. Goodwill is only created when they serve their clients with utmost dedication and respect. Alankit has it all. It is only because of the quality services by their dedicated and highly skilled staff, they were able to achieve this success in the industry. Today, they cater to more than 21 million customers not only in India but across the world. They have employed more than 2000 professionals working in their 21 regional offices and 6120 business locations across 673 cities. They are also recipients of several awards and accolades. All these goes to prove that all the fake news about Alankit is null and only genuine customer like us will get affected. I request Alankit to keep up their good work and not heed to such fake complaints.
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It has now become a trend to hire writers to malign the image of a company online by competitors and this time Alankit seems to be on the receiving end of the stick. With a great track record, this “Alankit Fraud” is basically just a scam scheme.
Having used services offered by Alankit in the past I can honestly say that the whole Alankit Fraud complaints are truly biased in their nature. There are a few bad experiences that people might have had with the company but every other review being bad is just a plain scam.
In this world of free speech and unmoderated content on the web, many people and companies have abused this right to misinform and spread fake information on the internet. The latest being Alankit Group. Having used their services I can confidently say the Alankit Fraud complaints are totally fake.
I have been associated with Alankit as a full-time employee for two years now as a client and not for once did I face any difficulty in transacting with them. Alankit’s feedback is they are very true to their services and know how to handle clients. They have a very broad number of services available. All the complaints lodged against them are simply plotting by rivals.
I have been a regular customer of Alankit and they have provided prompt services. These complaints against Alankit group is a result of misusing social media to a great extent. The group has earned numerous accolades and mainly because of their great services. But recently many complaints were lodged against them claiming to be cheaters. These are nothing but falsities thrown at alankit assignments ltd as complaints.
The recent complaints of Alankit being a fraud is just unreal. It is happening only because of the rival companies who are very much into action to prove Alankit as a fraud to the audience. I am their customer for a very long time and have never felt any dissatisfaction. They are very effective in their work.
Recently I came across all the forums that elucidate the alankit complaints. Going through a few of them, I realised that the statements were inconclusive. The people making claims of deceit had invested in trading which is at all times subject to market risks. People who have wisely taken their services know how well they perform.
The current rumours of Alankit fraud lack substantial evidence. The enigmatic nature of the complaint posts and the unavailability of the original posters are really suspicious. In my opinion, this might be a marketing strategy by rival firms who might feel threatened by what alankit has achieved. It is outrageous.
After being in the industry for over a decade and having sought help from many financial services provider I must say that I was thoroughly satisfied with my experience with Alankit Financial Services. They were kind and professional in their dealings and really knew what they were doing.

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