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Dear sir/ Madam

please cancel my order placed on 14/01/2016 Euroline EL-1102 2 Cups Coffee Maker from KKretails My Order No.AB8982515 Becoze I changed my house from there so obilige my request and cancel my order

Thanking you

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    Shruthi Patel / Shruthi from Coimbatore, before was in Pondicherry, she along with her father TK Prasanna Venkatesh, mother Chitra, brother Subash, all family is total fraud, they reside in coimbat, flat number 404, tulip apartments, near Kurinji hospital, Peelamedu, Coimbatore .later will shift, this guys fraud through online, then in name of alliance will cheat, Shruthi/Sruthi/Shruthi Patel, this girl is total fraud she use to watsapp boys number or their parent number, after seeking through matrimony website or Email you, then soon if she gets the boys number she will talk like honey, will say according to how the guy will believe, if your interested in business she likes business or if your in some category she will tel like that, she will propose very soon, will fix like alliance through parents but they will talk in phone only will not come to guys home, she will tell you, her parents ready to put 4 kegs gold luxury cars, dad doing business in Dubai (TK Prasanna Venkatesh ) mother is running some business, she will also tel like owning Shruthi group of companies, owning Mercedes Benz, jaguar, etc but she truly owning one, skid and number ending 333she will take you shopping will make you spend lakhs and lakhs showing luxury in your money, then soon when guys parents call them home they start drama, saying waiting for her dad to return from Dubai, one more thing she will always switch her phone off, she will cal laterly, tel some stories like met some accident, need money for operation, mom and dad fight, suffering here that this, will say going to foreign for treatment mom is spending too much, you help me out to the guy, will tel him deposit money in the account, she will change dads and mom name and too say, like harikumar, Chitra, etc...wen she needs money she will cal, telling guy that she thinks as her husband and asking him money. She will behave in a manner as such a good girl.down is her photo have a look, you can also see them type Shruthi Patel in Google search she will be there, total family will lie accordingly her number [protected]
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    Jun 23, 2015
    Updated by Jai55
    It's true ... This girl is 100% fraud I have all the details anybody want to know the details or u want to make the compliment or u need to support to make the complaint I will support u contact [protected]
    She is the using this car only

    TN 37 ck 0300 Coimbatore registration. White rapid skoda,

    These guys posting rumers intensionaly for ruin a girl's life. so We were raised legal complaint against these boys who spread rumers and harrass about my client (shruti) and filed F.I.R in various sections as soon as possible these guys should b getting arrest.
    I was also contacted by this girl through whatsapp. She took my phone number from bharatmatrimony and pinged me in whatsapp. She will only answer in whatsapp. For me she told she was Urban design student studying in chennai and her father is a HDFC home finance business man and mother house wife. I spoke to mother and father both where not very responsive person and highly suspect-able

    Though shruti did ask me any money, she lied to me about her, her profession .Thanks to Google post i came to know her true identity.

    She has contacted so far 6 people in the name of marriage and tried to fraud them. All were NRI's. People please beaware of this small time model and actress


    திருமணம் செய்வதாக கூறி சிதம்பரத்தை சேர்ந்த என்ஜினீயரிடம் ரூ.50 லட்சத்தை இளம்பெண் மோசடி செய்துள்ளார். அந்த பணத்தை வைத்து தங்கம், வைரநகைகளை வாங்கி குவித்துள்ள இளம்பெண்ணிடம் விசாரணை நடத்த போலீசார் முடிவு செய்துள்ளனர்.
    திருமணத்துக்கு பெண் தேடிய என்ஜினீயர்
    நாமக்கல்லை சேர்ந்தவர் சந்தோஷ்குமார் (வயது 40). பெங்களூருவில் என்ஜினீயராக பணியாற்றி வந்தார். இவர் திருமணத்துக்கு பெண் தேடி, திருமண தகவல் மையத்தில் பதிவு செய்து இருந்தார். அப்போது கோவையைச் சேர்ந்த சுருதி (21) என்பவர் தகவல் மையம் மூலம் அறிமுகம் ஆகி உள்ளார். அவர் சந்தோஷ்குமாரை திருமணம் செய்து கொள்ள விருப்பம் தெரிவித்து உள்ளார்.

    இதையடுத்து சந்தோஷ்குமார் கோவை அவினாசிரோடு நவஇந்தியா பகுதியில் உள்ள அடுக்குமாடி குடியிருப்பில் வசித்த சுருதியின் வீட்டுக்கு வந்தார். அங்கு இருந்த சுருதி, சித்ரா என்ற பெண்ணை தனது தாயார் என்று சந்தோஷ்குமாருக்கு அறிமுகம் செய்து வைத்தார். பின்னர் அவரிடம்சுருதியை பிடித்து இருப்பதாகவும், அவரை தனது திருமணம் செய்து வைக்கும்படியும் சந்தோஷ்குமார் கேட்டார்.
    ரூ.43½ லட்சம் மோசடி
    அவர் சம்மதம் தெரிவித்ததும் இதுபற்றி உடனடியாக சந்தோஷ்குமார் தனது பெற்றோருக்கு தெரிவித்தார். திருமண கனவில் இருந்த சந்தோஷ்குமாரிடம், விலைமதிப்புள்ள நகைகள், பட்டுச்சேலைகள், அழகுசாதன பொருட்கள் என தாராளமாக செலவு செய்துள்ளார்.

    இப்படியே ரூ.43½ லட்சத்தை கடந்துள்ளது. அதன் பின்னர் சுருதி திடீர் என்று மாயமானதால் தான் ஏமாற்றப்பட்டதை உணர்ந்த சந்தோஷ்குமார், இதுகுறித்து கோவை நகர குற்றப்பிரிவு போலீசில் புகார் கொடுத்தார்.
    சிதம்பரம் என்ஜினீயர் புகார்
    இந்த நிலையில் சுருதி மீது மேலும் ஒரு என்ஜினீயர் கோவை நகர குற்றப்பிரிவு போலீசில் புகார் செய்துள்ளார். அவர் கடலூர் மாவட்டம் சிதம்பரம் சிவசக்தி நகரைச் சேர்ந்த அருள்குமரகுரு ராஜா (28) ஆவார். இவர் பெங்களூருவில் கணினி என்ஜினீயராக மாதம் ரூ.1½ லட்சம் சம்பளத்தில் பணி புரிந்து வருகிறார்.

    இந்த நிலையில் திருமணத்துக்கு பெண் தேடி அவர் தகவல் மையத்தில் தனது விவரத்தை பதிவு செய்துள்ளார். அப்போது திடீர் என்று ஒரு நாள் அருள்குமரகுரு ராஜாவின் செல்போன் வாட்ஸ் அப்புக்கு ஒரு இளம்பெண்ணின் புகைப்படம் வந்துள்ளது.

    அந்த இளம்பெண்ணின் புகைப்படத்தை பார்த்து அழகில் மயங்கிய அருள்குமரகுரு ராஜா உடனே புகைப்படம் வந்த எண்ணுக்கு செல்போனில் தொடர்பு கொண்டு பேசினார். மறுமுனையில் பேசிய பெண் கோவையை சேர்ந்த சுருதி என்று அறிமுகம் செய்துகொண்டு அருள்குமரகுரு ராஜாவை திருமணம் செய்ய விரும்பம் தெரிவித்துள்ளார்.

    சுருதி நடிகையின் தோற்றத்தில் இருந்ததாலும், அவரது இனிமையான பேச்சிலும் மயங்கி அருள்குமரகுரு உடனே சம்மதம் தெரிவித்தார். பின்னர் சுருதி அவரை கோவை வரவழைத்து ஷாப்பிங் என்ற பெயரில் பல இடங்களில் சுற்றி ரூ.50 லட்சும் அளவுக்கு தங்கம், வைர நகைகள் மற்றும் பொருட்களை வாங்கி குவித்துள்ளார். பின்னர் திடீர் என்று ஒரு நாள் அவரது தொடர்பு முற்றிலும் துண்டிக்கப்பட்டது. அப்போது தான் அவர்தான் ஏமாந்ததை அறிந்து போலீசில் புகார் செய்து இருக்கிறார்.
    நடிகையாகும் ஆசையில்...
    சுருதி மீது 2 என்ஜினீயர்கள் மோசடி புகார் தெரிவித்து இருக்கிறார்கள். இப்படி பணக்கார வாலிபர்களை தனது அழகில் விழச்செய்து திருமண ஆசை கூறி பணம் பறித்துள்ளார். மேலும், சுருதி நடிகையாகும் ஆசையில் தனது ஆடம்பர செலவுக்காக பணக்கார வாலிபர்களை குறித்து வைத்து ஏமாற்றியதும் தெரியவந்துள்ளது.

    இவர் தனது தந்தை பிரசன்ன வெங்கடேசன் என்றும், தாய் சித்ரா என்றும் கூறிஇருக்கிறார். அவர்கள் சுருதியின் தாய், தந்தை தானா? அல்லது மோசடிக்கு உடந்தையாக இருந்தவர்களா? என்றும் விசாரணை மேற்கொள்ளப்பட்டு வருவதாக போலீசார் தெரிவித்தனர்.

    இதுகுறித்து போலீஸ் அதிகாரிகள் கூறும்போது, சுருதி மீது ஏராளமான புகார்கள் குவிந்து வருகின்றன. ஆனால் அவர் கோர்ட்டில் முன்ஜாமீன் பெற்றுள்ளார். வழக்குப்பதிவு தொடர்பாக சுருதியை பிடித்து விசாரணை நடத்த உள்ளோம். அப்போது மேலும் பல தகவல்கள் வெளிவரலாம் என்று தெரிவித்தனர்.
    Video responding to Shruti Patel actress news ‪
    behalf of my client I shared the following statement to public . I kindly request everyone to spend a few minutes reading this which contains the truth about the issue that is now being spread on news media.


    This is CHITRA.P mother of SHRUTHI.P .For the past 2 weeks, false news about me and my family are being published on the newspapers, news channels and magazines. There are cases against my family for which we have taken Bail . When the police called for an enquiry, I tried explaining to them that we are just the victims and that the complainer’s have launched a false case. Yet, the police people on City crime branch, coimbatore, never choose to listen to us or to even take our evidences under consideration. They kept forcing me to admit to whatever the complainer has mentioned on the case even though we have done no such crime. They said that we either have to write a statement saying that we admit to everything that the complainer said or we have to bribe them more than how much the complainer has . They threatened me saying that if we don’t do like they mentioned, they would file a false FIR on my daughter and destroy her life to the maximum.

    At this situation we felt absolutely helpless so we sent a petition to higher officials including The chief minister regarding the harassment. We also filed a case on the police for harassing and for not investigating the truth but rather being very biased towards the complainers and asking us to admit to a lie told by the complainers . Although we sent many petitions and filed a case on the police, we received absolutely no reply or support from anyone.

    We were then advised by our lawyer to prove the truth to the court after getting a Bail for the cases. Using this period of time, the police along with the complainers have published false news about me and my family mercilessly . The news has been published on papers, magazines and TV channels for 2 weeks continuously . We have completely lost our dignity, our reputation in the society for something that we haven’t even done. My 19 year old daughter shruthi has been completely ashamed in front of the whole state as the News media kept publishing false information about her. It has been mentioned on the papers, magazines and channels that “shruti patel a is 21 years old actress who rented people to act as a family to cheat rich engineers of over 50 lakhs of money”

    I can prove with the evidences that the information mentioned by the media is completely false. My daughter’s name is SHRUTHI P not “shruti patel”. She is 19 years old and myself ( CHITRA P), my husband ( PRASANNA VENKATESH ) are her actual parents and we are not a made up criminal group like the media keeps saying. I have government IDs such as passport, driving licence, etc., to prove that we are a real family . I can provide her birth certificate and school certificate to confirm that she is 19 year old girl who finished her high school and is now doing Interior architecture. She is not an actress like mentioned by the news media.They mentioned the term “actress” to bring more attention into the news column . Yes, she did modelling when she got the chance at the age of 16 but later quit due to her higher secondary exams .
    Police, the complainers and the media has mentioned that my daughter has spoke to many men saying that she wanted to marry them and received over 2 crores and other things from them .
    I kindly request you to thoroughly check the evidences provided by those men who says that she has spoken to them saying she wanted to marry them and the evidences that they have given anything to her. Also, Please kindly check if they are even capable enough to give such large sum to anyone at all.
    My daughter has not spoke to any man saying such things and has NEVER received any valuables or cash or anything at all from those men.

    I would like to tell people the real reason why these men have made up such a story and the reason behind their vengeance for destroying my family and my teenage daughter’s life.

    MR.SANTHOSH KUMAR was a good family friend who was introduced to us by SUNDER RAMACHANDRAN us back in 2012. As we had a good friendly relationship with his family, we lent him 25 lakhs when he told us that he is starting a software business and he promised to return the cash when he gets his profit. As promised by him, he retuned 25 lakhs in small instalments over the period 2 years. He seemed very trustworthy when he paid back the money as promised .So, we helped him more by giving another 50 lakhs for low interest and we got a document and his cheque leaf as an assurance. When he failed to return the cash saying that he is facing loss in his business, we told him we would go to the police with the loan document. He then disappeared along with his family and we were no longer able to contact him until recently when he filed a completely made up story against me and my family.

    You might ask if we are capable enough to provide such large sum to him. I can show the proof of my IT . But may I ask, IF all those “rich engineers” are capable enough to give 2 crores to anyone at all like mentioned on the paper? and If to my daughter, please people check their evidences thoroughly.

    He along with his friend SUNDER RAMACHANDRAN and others filed a case with a false story with no evidences by bribing the police and using influence as DSP MR.PANDIAN of nagpattinam and SI karuppaswamy of coimbatore are their close friends. They have now destroyed my family mercilessly just because of their vengeance. To back up the story that they created, they asked their friends to file complaint on my daughter saying she loved them and that she wanted to marry them and that she received gifts from them . They FRAMED me and my family for something we haven’t done by using false informations. We have evidences to prove that they have been giving false informations on us in the cases filed by them but we were never given the chance which is why we are now in this situation where our family dignity and reputation has been abused to the maximum extent without mercy.

    The complainers with the help of police have went to my flat in coimbatore where my 15 year old son stays with a maid at present . In the name of search warrant, they almost broke the flat door when he refused to open as he was scared. When he did open the door, they verbally abused him and physically hurt my 15 year old boy and also snatched his phone so he wouldn’t be able to contact anyone at that situation. The reason why they did that was to know my daughter’s whereabouts although my boy knew nothing about it. He was later admitted in the hospital for his physical injury and Post Trauma .He is now unable to write his 10th public examination due to this. This incident is true and I have medical reports to prove it .

    I do understand that these complainers motive is vengeance but what about the news media and the police? Why are they backing up the false story created by these complainers ? Why would the police harass us even though they are aware that we are the victims ? Why are the news media shaming us in front of the whole state? Is it money or influence or both?
    Does that mean that the ones who are the real abusers can get away easily by throwing the blame on victims if they have contacts and money? Or is it because we are WOMEN in a MAN’s WORLD?

    I been struggling to save my daughter’s life from these men ever since she was 15. I have been screaming the truth to the people yet we were never heard or received any support but these men, they say the lie once and the whole state is behind them. Where is the justice in this ?
    Im hopeless that there would be any justice at all but I do know that there will be an ultimate justice by god for all these men who have destroyed my family as a whole and the ones who have helped them in doing so .I have no idea what might become of me and my family in the near future as we have now lost our dignity, our finance and respect in society . The reason why I have taken time to write this is to bring notice to the people about the ones who are responsible for us if anything happens to my kid’s lives and mine.
    Kindly peoples note the following complainers sunder Ramachandran age 34, mayiladuthurai

    Save this girl from kidnapping group. We need people's support. Shruti and shruti family are genuine. Shruti group of companies nly for exports and imports and banking business. Many people's are cheated him but they didn't cheat anybody.
    They are one of the biggest fraud group, I am the recent victim of their trap and they are not stopping at any cost this is my story and how I was cheated by this fraud group

    I am currently working in US and I was contacted by them through Bharath matrimony in November 2016 with the identities as follows:

    1. The girl named as Manjula Rajashekar aka Shurti Patel- Studying B.E Structural engineering in Anna university
    2. Father named as Rajashekar aka Prasanna Venkatesh- Working in Qatar
    3. Mother named as Revathy aka Chitra- Business woman exporting coconuts to gulf countries
    4. Brother named as Subhash, I don't know at least they haven't changed the identity of this guy studying in Manchester school in ooty

    Address- K towers 1104, metro zone apartments, Anna nagar, Chennai-40

    All her mom's relatives are in pondicherry and her grandfather was some IAS officer and her mom's one brother was some doctor and another brother died in kargil war.

    Initially she started messaging me in whatsapp and we started talking and she pictures of some innocent girl claiming it was her and we spoke for about a month once she knew she gained my trust she started sending me her actual pictures, when I started questioning about that she would claim that she had some kind of surgery and she had changed since then and when she knows I still had doubts she will start fighting with me and make me feel like I did something wrong and not trusting her was hurting her more and she would create so much fuss and drama, she will make sure you I don't talk about her or her family to any of my friends and don't share any of her pictures to anyone except my family as her dad wouldn't like sharing her pictures to anyone when I asked what's wrong with that then she said she was abducted once during her childhood for money and some bul*[censored] stories so she had to be safe. She never gave me a number where I could make normal calls to her, I always use to call her via whatsapp and she wouldn't leave me alone she use to talk to me all the time even when I was in office and she would engage with me so much I was completely into her and trusted her and she used to tell me every time I meant the world to her there is on else needed for her except me and She already started living her life with me as her husband and she had told her friends that I was her husband, they met my parents on Nov 20th 2016 in an ice cream shop in anna nagar, they promised my parents saying she will finish her studies by May and they want to send her to US for higher studies and that's why they are looking for a guy settled in US they would take care of all the expenses required for her higher studies but the guy should support her. After all this one day she came up with a story saying her uncle's son was in love with her from childhood and wants to get married to her and her uncle was pressurizing her mom, she sent me videos like the guy threating her to commit suicide and beating himself with his own footwear, due to this pressure her mom had an heart attack and she had to undergo some operation and since her dad was in qatar and she couldn't get hold of him she started asking money from me, she told me none of her relatives came to their help as she had told them that she was in a relationship with me and can't marry uncle's son so I was the only one she could reach out for help, her mom was admitted in JIPMER hospital pondicherry and needed money immediately for her operation, I transferred about 6 lakhs for the operation and she would return it as soon as her dad comes to India, they had planned all this so well they sent me pictures of her mom lying as a patient in hospital bed, she constantly kept calling me and I hardly had time to talk to someone about all this, I couldn't tell all this to my parents as she would tell me that my parent's dignity and respect will be at stake if they had borrowed money from me and they can't face my parents if they knew all this. Between all this they came up with one more drama saying some business enemies of her mom entered her house and had threatened them asking for money, she use create so much drama that she was not safe and someone might kidnap her so they wanted us to get engaged asap and I was pressured so much I had to travel to India, on December 2nd 2016 I landed in chennai same day her dad also would come from qatar and the plan was to get engaged on December 5th(she had told me that Dec 5th was her birthday) we both first met in phoenix mall guindy on Dec 3rd, she made up some stories and both her mom and dad spoke to me over the phone and I was under a lot of pressure I couldn't think straight, they came up with more stories saying they can't conduct the engagement on Dec 5th, they wanted to move the engagement date to Dec 9th as her uncle was creating lot problems, on her birthday December 5th she took me out on shopping and her mom also came along and they bought jewels, sarees and some personal stuff of worth 15lakhs I spent all my saving that I earned from the day I started working on that day on this shameless creatures and they told me her dad as gone to buy engagement rings and dress for, the tradition was I have to buy jewels for the girl and they will buy for me, they didn't wanted to wait till my parents come as they didn't had enough time so they wanted to finish shopping. They didn't even buy me a needle they couldn't even pay for their own food I had to take them to a restaurant and had to buy food for them every time I met them such shameless creatures they were. After all this drama, they finally decided they both her Father, mother and brother will come to our place and meet my family it was supposed to be us who had to to go to their house and meet their relatives but again same drama that they are not in good term with their relatives and they can't invite us home instead they will come and meet us in Bangalore (My parents reside in Bangalore). I travelled to Bangalore on Dec 5th after buying all the stuffs they needed and They came to meet us in Bangalore on Dec 7th, they came prepared with everything they had planned everything perfectly after meeting us, there was more drama as they were not sure if their daughter will be comfortable with our family as our background and their background was different, again this added more pressure on me and I had to convince my parents they didn't like them from the very beginning because of me they had to bare this fraud people, we were back to square one where her dad asked me to come back to chennai and wanted to talk to me alone and he convinced me that he can't do the engagement now as there was lot of pressure from their relatives and he needed time to convince them so we will conduct the marriage in month of March, on the other hand this female created more drama by not having food and she pretended she was fasting and we had to take her to hospital this happened on Dec 10, on the same day night she and her mom told me that we will exchange rings in vadapalni temple on Dec 11th morning and her mom his doing this against her dad's will so we both alone will go to the temple and exchange rings, next day morning she took me to GRT jewelers in Anna nagar we bought the rings and went to vadapalani temple and exchanged rings, she never allowed me to take any pictures o[censored]s together, she would say if dad gets to know he will be angry on her and we were allowed to take pictures together only after engagement or marriage all this raised some kind of doubts in my mind and I decided I needed to start collecting some proof of my own in case if something is wrong so I had taken pictures and videos when her parents came to my house in Bangalore and I had to switch on the camera and keep it on my shirts pocket to take the video in temple when we exchanged rings as she wouldn't allow me to take any pictures or videos and she took the video o[censored]s exchanging rings and some pictures together in her phone and told me she would share them at the right time but good that I had decided to switch on my phone camera and keep it in my shirt pocket facing her. She took my debit and credit card as she didn't want to ask money from her parents anymore and we were engaged and I was her half husband so I had to trust her and gave both my debit and credit cards to her After all this I had to fly back to US on Dec 13th.
    After I reached back US things started changing slowly she used to fight with me for small things and create so much fuss that she is having second thoughts now as she had made some wrong decision by choosing me and I had to convince her and fall on her feet but little did I know this was all part of their drama and trap. But she used to shop a lot with my card. On fine day she called me and asked that she is appeared for GRE and she had secured good marks and she got admission in Denver university but she is short of money and I had to lend her 7 lakhs again for her fees as she had to show so much balance in her account before going to embassy for VISA stamping, this went on for a while and she used to keep asking me money for shopping, They were not talking anything about marriage at any point and even my parents tried to call them they started giving some reasons, one day I felt it was getting out of hands and I started questioning her and told her that I cannot transfer any money to my India account and blocked both my debit and credit card and told her if she needed anything I can't give her any money as we need to start thinking about saving money for marriage and her studies as I had already lent her so much money close to 30lakhs. This is when they realized that they can't loot any more money from me and decided to dump me. The reason they gave was that they spoke to one my friend and they have an audio recording in which my friend has told them everything about me and I don't have a good character and she completely blocked my numbers and I couldn't contact. now I decided to tell my parents and when my father went to her address they had already vacated that place and moved somewhere else. When I started enquiring about her and her family that is when I came to know she is a small-time actress and model she had acted in 2 movies called 'Aadi pona Aavani', 'sozhavamsam' and she is no student but it was too late for me, I know even now they are trapping some guy who is working abroad, this is their main business and they plan everything well. I request all the victims to come forward and share all the details they have about this fraud group. I am collecting all the details about them and we will be sharing that in social medias and news media’s so that people are aware of this fraud gang and no one else falls for this girl again, I want to be their last prey. She is hiding behind the sympathy that she is a woman and she can get away with all the crimes she is committing but that's not right just because she is woman she can't go on cheating innocent boys in the name of marriage. We have to expose her and the people with her mainly Chitra and Prasanna Venkatesh.

    you can refer below you tube and newspaper links to find out more about them and their cheating techniques:

    All India women's association, and all india human rights commissions investigate this case and taking legal action against Santhosh Kumar, Sundar ramachandran and their group of friends, the case against Shruti will be squash soon as per court order.
    Rajendraprasadh babl
    We will take severe action if anyone spread fake news
    These frauds have started cheating boys again in the name of matrimony, so this is her new identity to trap NRI guys.

    Girl name Anupriya Prabakaran
    College- IIT Mumbai from[protected]

    Brother doing MBBS in Harvard, and she is living new york with permanent resident status. Guys please be careful they have started their cheating business again.

    Check sathiyam news!!! she is arrested
    Dear All,

    After arrest, Still she was not changed.Started doing her cheating job again.I hope this kind of peoples are never been change.We citizens/boys should give her better punishment.Here is her contact number +91-[protected].

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