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Central Board Of Secondary Education [CBSE] — business studies paper leak

A tutor with the name of dhruv babbar in a facebook post came up with a very serious allegation that the class 12th question paper of business studies was leaked today before the exam.

The facebook post read ‘nobody seems to be bothered about this news and till now no action has been taken. So, i’m only left with the option of posting all the evidence here. Kindly share this post as much as possible so that some action can be taken.
My students have worked hard all year and in the end i won’t allow some undeserving students score more marks just by paying money and cheating. Please share this post and help me.’

The facebook post with pictures is available here
business studies paper leak
business studies paper leak

Complaint Status

[Mar 10, 2018] Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE] customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Yes! The paper was leaked. @bhavyagandhi If you are not aware what’s happening out it’s not our problem. We are not spreading rumours. If we wanted to do so it would be very easy for us to gossip upon it . Nobody is so free to take so much pain and finding any link possible to rectify what happened. SORRY IF YOU FELT BAD BUT THIS IS WHAT CAME TO MY MIND AFTER READING YOUR COMMENT.

Paper were leaked . People were boasting about there intelligence that they could easily managed to get exam paper 2 hours before. Moreover this time it’s not only about leakage. It’s about the future there is no means of scoring 90s if you aren’t aware what you read the whole year. Children who managed to get the paper had learned every question but they don’t know what the actual concept is talking about...
It’s my suggestion to CBSE that strict checking won’t make any difference it will still remain unfair . Let’s take an strict action towards it afterall it’s about our education system too.
It is fake
Paper was not leaked
It is just a rumour of all student who didn't study
SHARMILA CHAWLA's reply, Mar 11, 2018
Dont favour the culprits.Leakage of test paper is painful only for those who put hard work for the whole year..It doesn't matter for those who dont study..
This complaint is not a rumour at all.It was very well observed after the exam that many students were already known to the questions in papar.Culprits must be punished and paper must ne camcelled..
this news is not a rumour, don't allow undeserving students to score marks by just paying money .
People who call this news 'Mere a rumour' are no less than the real they are supporting students who didn't study and would still score because they bought paper by paying money beforehand.. And students who work hard whole year long and put their efforts... Shall all those efforts go in vain like this... Just because of some students and educational officers who were indulged in this malpractice..Action should be taken against culprits and re-exam should be conducted for Business Studies..
Yeah this is right. I have also seen that many students were talking about the leakage Of the paper Before the exam. They got it 2 hours before the exam and that is very bad and culprits should be punished. We studied hard to score more but those who got it with paying just money which is nothing for them would score higher marks and that's how our country is becoming hollow. Students Without having much knowledge about the things and without any practical knowledge gets the chance on the basis of marks and creates a bad environment and captures the seat of a deserving candidate. It's important to take a legal step against those who have done this to make the future of deserving students bright.
This is not a rumour. Children who already got it were gossiping about it all around. They got it in the morning itself.This is unfair for those who've been studying for the whole year.
We Ask for a deexam as some the culprits are telling this a rumour as i am not a student of dgruv sir but i strongly suppport him in this n would like to ask CBSE are they provoking other non culprit students n the students who have been preparing n trying thier best to score is CBSE provoking them to do the same as spending money n getting the question papers before the exam conducting as all o[censored]s aree capable of spending that much money uh must take action against them n shpuld comduct re-exam as the real deserving students are being affected by this biasness n worstly affected kindly refer to it please conduct re exam the students who would oppose would be the only one who have leaked ppr because whosoever have done with fair means would never mind for restest because of this purpose
Yes the paper was leaked . Many tuition teacher had leaked the paper . A re exam should be conducted . As all undeserving students will now be to get marks by just paying money and the deserving who have done hard work will not get the chance they deserve. According to me all the students who didn't have the paper will have no complaint about the re exam.
Start a petition now this matter will be taken to the higher authority.we want decision.we will not sit silent.they(culprits) think that no one will not take any action and just do their work unfairly.
Yes the paper leaked. I also came to know from many friends that they got the paper 2-3 hours before the exam. The retest should be conducted
Why we should just protest about it??
As according to me and everbody this is bad the leakage of paper is not just unethical but also illiegal so why instead of showimg our views on social media we should start protesting about it??
Why complaints in a proper manner were not subimmted
As all undeserving students will now be to get marks by just paying money and the deserving who have done hard work will not get the chance they deserve. According to me all the students who didn't have the paper will have no complaint about the re exam
It is very hurting specially for the students who put their best efforts...😞
Let's start a huge protest now.we have to stop this unfair work.we want justice.we should not sit silently .this will continue if no action has to be taken. Start a huge protest.

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