3 Free Gifts — already renewed--what are the 3 gifts?

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 Mrs. J.F. Smith
Tried to get www.readersdigest.com/3 free, but I couldnot find out what the 3 free gifts are!
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No wonder they are filing for bankrupsty. They used to be honest...guess it isnt the way to do it.
whats going on? Is readers digest playing with there customers? I won, t play there game, an will not subscrib anymore.
I also wonder, where are the "3 Gifts"? Did the cards go out before the Bankruptcy?
I'm sure by now everyone knows Reader's Digest has filed for bankruptcy, so no free gifts.
i also havenot recieved my free gifts
Just checking. Where are the promised gifts? What kind of waiting period is involved.
Thank you,
Laura J
Paid for my subscription. Got a card for 3free like everyone else. Link is to "no where". Sent an email to the editor and told he/she about all these complaints. Don;t expect a response although good customer service would provide one. Their main page doesn't even have an email for customer service. I'm beginning to think RD works for our government.
I also received a post card for 3 free gifts. I have not been able to find out anything about the gifts.Whats going on here?
Got the card for 3 free gifts... So now what????
Add my name to the list above. I too cannot find how to claim the gifts.
No wonder Readers Digest filed Chapter 11!!!
no free gifts, why bother to send postcard. you are not going to honor it anyway
These gifts are not free. You get the book (which is now paper back) and get signed up to receive more books for which you are expected to pay. I have over 300 of your hardback Condensed Books and never paid over $23/$24 for over the years.
I tried to print out the Taste of Home recipes, but all I got was the cover sheet.
OK RD, what's the scam. Where are the 3 free gifts? My guess is you guys better come clean or you're going to get a truckload full of cancellation subscriptions. Your magazine is no longer "all that" anyhow. It's gone way downhill.
i guess nothing is free. to bad. not HAPPY
Yep! can, t find it.. Pretty damn crappy of them Id say.. been a loyal digest customer for over 10 years now.. I say.. just mail them to us? can, t find it>> IT FIGURES!!! Is any thing really .. really .. free. without some strings attached?? yep! digest this is pretty damn shabby of you all!!...
What a disappointment from a company so many of us had confidence in!!!
why isnt RD reacting to all this ? Is it arrogance they are expressing to its sincere readers
~~~I got a couple cards from you, saying to go here to find out about 3 free gifts. Well,
I have everything worth having. I don't need even one gift. I recently heard that my dear
Readers Digest is going bankrupt. Horrors! You are a part of the family. You shouldn't
waste your money on unneeded gifts. Plow the money back into the company; be more
thrifty; save your money; and save that wonderful company. Too much wasteful spending
is going on all over the country right now. Enough already! Time to batten down the
hatches!!! A word to the wise is sufficient. :-)
~~~You may tell the whiners and complainers to have a little cheese with that whine. :-)
(Just wish I had been the one to originate that expression !!! :-)
~~~As I was clicking through a Wildlife newsletter a couple days ago, I came across
a terrible tornado in Greensburg, Kansas. The devastation was complete and horrible.
My heart ached for those unfortunate Americans. After people renew their subscription
to our marvelous Readers Digest, they should sit down to write a juicy check to poor
Greensburg, Kansas. They could send it in care of the Police Chief. He should be
honest, I'm sure!!! I was first attracted to the video about Greensburg, because we
had a Greensburg near us back in good old Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After living in
Pittsburgh, Roanoke, Virginia, and Cincinnati, Ohio, I am now plunked down in lovely
Lansing, Michigan. I am the Poor Man's World Traveler. :-)
~~~Have a scintiallating day, and now let us make like Luke and get our Acts together.
~~~~~~~~Grace Baumeister
~~~~~~~~Somerset Apartments, 120 A
~~~~~~~~1401 West Holmes Road
~~~~~~~~Lansing, Michigan[protected]
~~~~~~~~[protected] amazinggracezb@yahoo.com

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