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Kakkanad, Kerala, India
I hired an Auto from Kakkanad to Infopark ,Cochin.Usually no one is running their Rickshaws by meter in this area. I pay Rs.40 every time from Kakanad to Infopark.But Auto KL & BM 56, charged extra even after i reapeatedly said that rest of the peopleae charging Rs.40.
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In kakkanadu most of the auto drivers are impolite and collect more money from us. From kakkandu to infopark there is about 3km only.And they collect about 40- 45 from kakkandu from bus stop nearby the temple.NOBODY FLAG THE METER .Towards infopark buses are less., so we have no other choice if we miss the bus.So always keep silent seeing such harassment :)
Of course, something can be done re. this. The public in general, being polite, asks an auto driver “ If he is willing to come to such & such place? “ This question in itself gives him a choice to refuse, if the destination does not suit him. The general public henceforth should avoid asking this question. You tell him the destination, after sitting in the auto. It does not make you less polite, you are only exercising your rights & privileges as a citizen.

Next time, if you intend to travel by auto, arm yourself with a small HB pencil, paper & wristwatch tuned to the correct time. If an auto driver refuses to ply, NOTE DOWN THE AUTO REGISTRATION NO. TIME & PLACE in full view of the auto driver, you only need to register a complaint through this police website, found on the home page. As posted in my first post, the police will definitely take action & will inform you about it.

The traveling public seems to be ignorant about the various legislations, available to avoid such difficulties.

REFUSAL TO PLY CONTRACT CARRIER – Auto Rickshaw is an offence, chargeable with Rs. 200/- fine, under section Sec. 178 r/w Sec. 178 of MV Act
DRIVER BEHAVING IN UNCIVILISED MANNER attracts a fine of Rs.100 under Rule 46(2) (b) r/w 177 of MV Act



METER NOT WORKING attracts a fine of Rs. 100/- under Rule 299 r/w 177 of MV Act.
OVERCHARGE attracts a fine of Rs. 100/- Rule 46(P) of MV Act.

Like wise, rash driving Rs. 1000/-, Driver not in Uniform & a host of other legislation are available, you can read them all on the Traffic page of this site.

Further, there is no such thing as “Waiting Charges”; the meter is programmed to take the time it waits into consideration and the meter works to increment the charge. When the auto travels at a speed less than a defined speed, the timing device inside the meter takes over & if the speed increases, the meter increments as per the distance traveled. This is one of the pretexts, which the auto driver uses to extract more from you.

It is better to hire another auto, if you have to wait for more than 15 minutes, it is unfair to deprive him of any other trip, if he can get than waiting for you.
As per the travel & tourism page of this site, there is an extra of 50% if you hire an auto between 11 pm and 5 am. If you do not know how much is the actual fare, how will you calculate 50% of the hire charges?

Further, all complaints registered are well tabulated by the POLICE; Action will be taken only if the Statistics show that this number is on the rise.

UNLESS people like you come forward and complain; you yourself are encouraging them tacitly to cheat you and your fellow citizens. You also help to artificially lower the number of auto-cheating cases.

(An HB Pencil will write on any paper & under any conditions, and will not stain your pocket)
(If you note down the no. In full view of the auto driver, there is a 50 % chance in him agreeing to ply)

I completely agree with u Mr.Sanyam..No rickshaw walas are keeping their meters on running mode in this kakkanad area and they are charging much beyond a limit...Not only that, they act as if their autos are designed only for running on a national highway...their behaviour n their killing charge...everythng is juz ridiculous...I think itz high tym to introduce a Prepaid System in Kakanad area...Otherwise atleast police should check for those who do not mind to run their meters..

auto — Charging extra


Auto drivers are charging extra in kakkanad infopark area.
KL07 BQ 5521 charged RS:60 for travelling 4 kms
Absolutely right.Most of the auto drivers are bad-mannered and charging extra money as per their choice.We need an auto pre paid system here to abandon this one.
Now we have an auto prepaid system over here. But now they charged Rs:41 (40+1 for counter charge). I think this is an adjustment bet ween the counter and drivers. Now they charged Rs:41 for 2.8 km. Actual charge should be like this

minimum charges for(1st 1.25km)=15
remaining charges for 1.55km*8 =12.4
Counter charge =1
Total Charges =28.4

Now they are extra charged rupees 12.6

Everyone should be complaint against this.
I hired an auto from Chembumukku to Skyline villa and back to chembumukku which is hardly 2 km. I do this to drop my kid to her play school in the morning and pick her up in the afternoon. The auto charge me 30 rs everyday, if you ask them they say that dropping you will pay 15 rs and then when you catch another auto you again has to give 15 rs. I am fed up arguing with them, if you argue, they say that we will not come.None of the autos in Chembumukku area runs on meter. I think it is high time that police make it a mandate to have meter.

I would like to mention a very indecent behaviour which some of the autorikshaw drivers in Ernakulam city are showing. Once I went with family from Ammankkovil road to Savitha theatre and we gave 30 Rs. as we were 4. The driver was happy as he knew it was more than the actual. He said a thank you with a sincere smile. Nice person. After watching movie at 11:30 PM, we hired another auto from theatre to Ammankovil. We gave 30 Rs. He argued to get 50, telling its night and you are 4 in number. Since it was night we gave 10 more and thus gave 40 to him. He started behaving badly and threw the cash telling he will take 50 only else he won't. I collected the scattered 10 rupee notes on road and calmly gave it to him again. He again threw the money telling he don't need our cash. He started talking very badly and finally he showered some very indecent kind of words and took his auto and left. This kind of behaviour I have been seeing ftom many auto drivers. They argue for more money and throw the money which we give (they think its some heroism) speak some bad language and leave the scene (which is just cowardice). I don't know how to complaint such incidents. We are family people. We are helpless in India. :-(
I hired one auto from high court to vadathla opp to lord hospital he agreed for Rs.80/- when i asked for meter he said meter is not functioning. after reaching the spot he demanded Rs.120/- and my local relatives were so much afraid of auto drivers that they do not want to argue with them . It seems auto /taxi business is being run by some goonda elements in ernakulam and other parts of kerla. this is not my first visit to kerala but this time I felt people of ernakulam are being harassed by these drivers and particularly working class and middle class of ernakulam are helpless in absence of any police control. Kerla govt call its state as GOD OWN COUNTRY, but do you think really it is so? I request Kerala law authorities to take appropriate action and see that these bloody buggers should not bring a bad name to such a beautiful state as it some 20 years back.

g k acharya
I am an Infopark employee, here prepaid auto pays 40Rs to kakkanadu. On what basis they are charging this much money. To take prepaid auto we have to pay extra 1rs and 40Rs for auto. Once when I got an auto from the Atulya block, he put the meter on it, from the Atulya building to Kakkand, the meter showed only 32Rs. Then I came to know that the prepaid autos are taking more money from us. Where should we complaint, where we will get the justice. Where should we complaint against them.

Auto Rickshaw Kochi — Kakkanad To InfoPark RS 40!!!!!

Each and every auto drivers are charging Rs 40 from Kakkand auto stand to Infopark ie. around 2.4 Km while actual fare is Rs 25. They dont drive with meter on, even if it is on and show Rs25-Rs30 the charge Rs 40. Why no body is taking any action? Why no body complaining?
here city police says they will take action if the complaint numbers are huge...isn't all these comments here enough evidence??I guarantee that these are true.In kerala the issue is worsest in ernakulam. ITS a shame such a metropolitan city has a system with zero regulation. I am at the same time proud to say that THRISSUR is a very very decent place where they even give back 1 rupee..
Development is not just building superstructures, metroes malls etc., its meaningless if it doesn't take care of such basic needs like this.
I hired an Auto from Kakkanad to panchayath block office Road, Cochin. Usually no one is running their Rickshaws by meter in this area.The diastance is less than one kilometer and the charges should be 15/-. KL 07 BW 7529 charged extra money from me repeatedly .The charge is 15, twice he charged Rs 20 from me. Please provide the helpline number if anybody knows..
Absolutely agree with extra charges taken by the auto drivers from Kakkanad to Infopark. And now the amount has gone up to 50/- !!! I paid that much last week and till Atulya now its 60/- Where do we complain so that some action will be taken? I can see many posts across different sites, posts starting from 2011 and so. But even after 3 years also we are still paying the same extra money. Does someone really looking into these posts?
I normally hire an auto from kakkanad to Eechamukku and then to olimugal. For the past 2 months 1 was paying 50 rs. Yesterday onward auto people started asking 60rs. this is jst for less than 4 kms. they are arguing I need to pay 1.5 times of the meter reading .Meter reading is 47 rs and I'm supposed to pay around (47*1.5=70) and they collected 60rs from me. They are telling its legal to pay 1.5 times of meter reading in city. Is there any such rule ? Auto peole in kakanad behave so badly(exceptiosn are there).

Normally I hire an auto from Palachuvadu(Near NGO) to Infoapark. For the past 2 years 1 was paying 60 rs. The meter charge showing 47, Today the auto driver started ask 70. They are arguing I need to pay 1.5 times of the meter reading .Meter reading is 47 rs and I'm supposed to pay around (47*1.5=70) and they collected 70rs from me. They are telling it's legal to pay 1.5 times of meter reading in city. Is there any such rule? Auto people in kakkanad behave so badly (exceptions are there). They can make harthal for getting their auto fair increment. If road is not good then people needs to pay 80 or 90. Then why they are calling them self as “Pavangalude vandi”. If they can ask more money as per their needs they why Government making rules.
Can you provide the details for registering a complaint against an auto driver who is not willing to take us to a short distance that too at 7.30 p m in the night.. They are charging us RS 30 for 1.5 kms and we have to hear all the nasty things too for coming to such a short distance.
KL 43
H 3846 i taken this Auto my autostand near to my home 100meter . I taken auto to go atm 1and return home 100meter to atm 1minute to used atm return home 200meter, Total 300meter 1minute waiting, No meter used for charging ok, i given 25Rs He said 30Rs ... i ask him why? HE TOLD ME I HAVE TO 35 BUT AM TAKING ONLY 30RS, i ask him again y? HE SHOUTING AT ME N SAID I[censored] stepout from auto and re enter it will charge second trip🤔..
He is shouting like gunda n i given 30Rs

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