Bakson's Homeopathy — Fraud bakson's! Big fraud! A conglomerate of freshers from bakson's own house

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 narendra kurella
I had joined bakson's homeopathy for treatment of anal fistula at jayanagar bangalore but these people proved to be total cheats. They keep freshers in vital positions, these college graduates have literally very little experience.The doctor treating seemed to be fresh from college and had little practical experience.

He would keep trying combinations experimentally and if it works he will continue with it. He had zero confidence in his medicines and approach and never could provide any date by which things could be normal for me. It was always experimental and he kept extending time for treatment.

At the end of 6 months i feel cheated, these people just do not have much expertise and take patients for business sake and then keep dragging the time and show as if they are genuinely treating.

Also their fees is overboard and charge more roughly amounts to 500 per consultation which is normally of an experienced doctor and not freshers with little or no hands on experience

Stay away from bakson's for your own good, it started it;s clinics to provide employment to it's college freshers and not treat people
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I have visited their clinic at kalkaji, New delhi and got the impression that they are more intrested in to making money rather working with the patients.
Actually they even dont have a regular way of check ups or providing medicines, just doing the fraud practice in the capital of india.

I would reccomment to ban these clinics as they are cheating the mass people .

Totally unsatissfied with their services.
I have visited their clinic at Dwaraka Sector-5, New delhi and got the impression that they are more intrested in to making money rather working with the patients.
I have taken prior appointment of 4.30 p.m. and i arrived at their clinic on time.After waiting 1.00 hour it is seen that they are interested in checkup of only rich peopoles who can spent a lots of money.The Doctor available at the clinic started checkup of those persons who came 45 minutes after me because the person can soent money as their wishes.
I would reccommend to ban these clinics as they are cheating the mass people .

Totally unsatissfied with their services

A.K.Singh F/o Aniket
When i first visited... I too felt a little uncomfortable. However, I have now been taking their treatment for more than a year and for the first time in my life I can breath again. I have Chronic Sinusitis and I had tried everything including surgery before an aunt reccomended me to try Bakson.

I had tried homeopathy once 8-10 years ago but it had not helped. However, I am very happy as my headaches have practically vanished and I only experience mild congestion that too during season changes.

Rhea Malhotra
according to aph 1-5 single medicie at atime single dose. bakson medicines especially combinations are not authentic as a homoeopathic doctor for 7years of my practice i prescribed so many combinations like b68 b69, phytolacca tablets etc these midicines cost are so expensive but action is zero. plz stop combination medicines dont play with people and dont blame homoeopathic system. prepare original medicines, homoeopathic cures so many diseases but these type of pharmacies blaming and insulting in the society

dr. ramana reddy md
maruti homoeo clinic
gandhinagar colony shadnagar
pin 509216
Dr. Reddy,

Please do not use this forum for your personal publicity and dupe users like me who share our genuine experiences here.
You are bad-mouthing Bakson's and making baseless claims only because you are also a homeopathy practitioner and want consumers to contact you instead of going to a reputed doctor like Bakson's. Please stop misleading people and I am sure that you have shared your phone number so that consumers call you instead.

I have had an excellent experience with Bakson's. they do have minor problems as the clinics are crowded but the quality of treatment and medicines is unbeatable. My 8 year old son has been fully cured and he was suffering from serious asthma. It was very bad and nothing was helping. I dont know about other problems but for asthma cure they are the best.
I also met many other patients at the clinic during our appointments and many of them had exprienced significant improvement.
I have been Bakson's client and using their medicine for past 1 year now, with direct consultation to Dr Bakshi, Truly speaking I am not satisfied with the outcome. I would still not say NO improvement but yes only slight improvement in the prior condition and now its been a year and there is no effect or improvement in situation.
The most strange and important factor is that they do not share the medicine details with us (neither with any of their patients) so one cannot get a second openion on the medicines /treatment. what about RTI?
Now if I am saying this for Dr. Bakshi then others are not worth talking about.
I fully agree that this is a money extracting policy from patients by advertising or displaying SELF portrait /photogrphs getting hounoured by bigwizs. I fell in the same trap and booked for a year.
Still belive that the patients have right to know what medicines are given to them and if there is no benefit then have an option to quit from yearly /2 year package/5 year package.
I want to visit Baksons for a permanent hair removal. Can Baksons be trusted?
i want to start homoepathy treatment for childhood asthma...can backson be trusted??
never trust on Baksons
I have Allergy problem and i went Bekson noida and first they convinced me about 9000 Rs for yearly fees. anyway i have started with them..i have completed 1 year but no stability..Totally wastage of money and time..i got stability by Ramdev Yoga (Kapalbhanti)..even if anyone want my help can contact me @


President of Kartik
"To be Strong, make other people Strong"
STING !! - As a responsbile media personel (I work for a media company), I want to inform you of the so called cheating happening at your centres before i take the case further in news channels (CNBC awaaz - khabardaar).
I've been getting 'TREATED' in your faridabad branch for psoriasis for the last 13 months. I was prescribed a 3 year treatment by Dr Abhishek and was told all sorts of positive things and commitments (ofcourse i've got all of it recorded). There was a doctor by the name of Sarita who used to be a junior doctor. apparently she is the centre head now as dr abhishek has moved. Today, after 1 year (33% of the total treatment time), i can say that i've been cheated and am being cheated. There is no improvement who so ever in my condition. Infact it has only worsened.
The doctor seems least knowledgible, the compounder who makes medicines is nothing less that a corrupt theif (i have videos where i can show you medicines being made without putting anything in them - patients are just given sweet pills)..Whenever i say that I want to meet Dr Bakshi, they say dont worry, we will cure you...phoraisis takes 10 years...blah blah blah (if it takes 10 years, why did you prescribe a 3 year course ) ??

Honestly i wanted to get treated for psoriasis. Infact now, after dragging you to court for harrasement, i will go to some other treatment company which can cure me for my disease.


medical yoga — fraud

medical yoga course is just waste of time and money, the person incharge talks big, but has neither intention nor capability to actually impart the skills required for the therapy.
Please anyone let me know whether Bakson is good at treating hairfall or just a drama????
I have the similar experience
Bakesons is a total fraud. I have been taking their medicine for last six months now for psoriasis but the symptoms are getting worst everyday.they seem to prescribe a medicine called"graphite" and a cream skin aid OUt which is more like a low grade, cream... I am really disappointed with their treatment. They absolutely no good I will not recommend any one.I am not even the composition or the long term side effect.Can somebody teller these drugs are even safe... I am still continuing hoping someday it will be cured..will appreciate some comments
I am getting treatment of body pain specially severe pain in my legs for past 9.5 months from Bakson Homeopathy Indirapuram from Dr. Neha and now from Dr. Lokesh. (I joined one year program of Bakson's in Sep 2011) however after 9.5 months of treatment there is no relief in my pain and it is infact more worse than it was last sep 2011. On Day one I was asked to pay Rs 11000/- (Eleven Thousand) for a one year homeopathic treatment which though definitely is a HUGE AMOUNT but I paid as I was in a impression that Bakson will cure my disease. These people only spend money in advertisements however they just give you few sugar pills (not sure if there is really any medicine in those pills as there was no relief). They are big cheaters and people should avoid going to Bakson homeopathy as you will only loose your money and time but you will definitly not get any relief atleast I have not seen even 10% of improvement in my condition.
I have asked Bakson Indirapuram to return back my money If not full amount atleast the money for 2.5 months as I have stopped taking their treatment.

I am planning to file a case in consumer court.
I was planing to visit Bakson in Bangalore for Psoriasis treatmnet. However not sure abt the doctor experience. Idally if they take money patiene should get the prescription and all history of the treatmnet.
Not sure to go to them or not after readting review ?
and their cost look more thne Allopathic
is baksons good for hair fall treatment ?

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