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 rajendra saxena
1. Mr.Deepak Verma - AMBIT TECHNOCRATS, Sarvpriya Vihar,N.Delhi
2. Mr.Amit Sharma - Global Transcribe
3. Mr.Pramodh Gupta (Amit Singh) - Mission Technologies & E-Technologies, Surat
4. Mr.Sumit Charkraborty, Ankit Saxena, Atul Sinha - Hitech Solution, Indore
5. Mr.Umedh Doke - Golden Rays Technologies, Pune
6. Mr.Rahul Verma - N.Delhi
7. Mr.Anil Mehta, Ajay Mehta - Spectrum Technologies, Indore/Mumbai
8. Mr.Kamalesh - Earnself.com, Varanasi
9. Mr.Alok bihar. Varanasi now with new name(netscape communication) and new project(dream project)
10. Mr.Ravinder Doshi & Mr.Dheeraj Jetley.- Madhyam Infotech Pvt Ltd., Mumbai
11. Mr.Mukul Anand - Future Concepts Pvt. Ltd., N.Delhi
12. Mr. Prashant Kale of Nagpur
13. Mr.Dasgupta - WITSUN, Mumbai.
14. Mr.Rajesh Khare - Delhi and Kolkata
15. Mr.Rajiv - FAST TRACK COMPUTERS, Bangalore
16. Mr.Rakesh Patil - Eminent Technologies, Mumbai.
18. Mr. Sarang Kale of Nagpur
19. Mr.Manish Kedia -- Kolkata.
20. Mr.Shetty - Advance Computer Centre, Kolkata
21. Mr.Parthosen -- Bangalore/Mysore
22. Mr.Subhranil Banerjee -- Kolkata
23. Mr.Jai Prakash Garg -- Delhi/Kolkata.
24. Mr.Anirban Mazumdar -- Kolkata.
25. Mr.Rajesh Ganguly, N.Delhi
26. Shanark Industrial Company of Nagpur
27. Ms.Shivani Jha - E-LOGIX INDIA, Gurgaon.
28. Mr.Sailendra Godse -- Pune
29. Mr.Rajesh Jain - Surbhi Computech, Pune
30. Mr.Suranjan Bhattacharya & Mr.Pradip Roychowdhury -- Kolkata
31. Mr. Ranjan Kale of Nagpur
32. Emazic.com/org -- Indore/ Chennai
33. Datapoint-Uttam Nagar, Pankha Road, N. Delhi.
34. Helpine Software & System Development: kolkata
35. Mr.Sisir Ghose, Sapan Mondol, Subrata -- Regent colony, Kolkata/Delhi
36. Maithry Infotech, Bangalore
37. Mr.Balaji Bhandari - Pune
38. Mr.Kedar Pandey - M/s Root Call Consultancy, Muradabad
39. Mr.Shekar Narayan can be anywhere in India
40. Mr.Ashish Lunkhad--Visual Flex, Mumbai
41. Mr.Siddhartha Biswas -- Kolkata.
42. Mr.J.P.Singh -- N.Delhi
43. Mr.Rahul Singh -- Inox Solution, N.Delhi
44. Mr.Sajid Nakhwa -- Kolkata/Delhi.
45. Mr.Shiva - can be anywhere in India
46. Mr.Rajesh khare -- Delhi and Kolkata.
47. Www.bpoground.com
48. Mr.Anirban Mazumdar -- kolkata.
49. Mr.Argha Chatterjee -- kokata.
50. Mr.Satish Sankhe -- Mumbai.
51. Mr.Mumtaz Demello -- Mumbai.
52. Mr.Gurmit -- Panipat
53. Mr.Sankar Iyer -- Nasik
54. Mr.Sunil Rathore -- N.Delhi
55. Mr.Surender -- Allahabad
56. Mr.Alok Haldar - Micro Support Systems, N.Delhi(greater kailash-2).
57. Mr.Harsh Sharma - Source Horizon, Jaipur
58. Mr.Satish - Mind Vision Data Solution
59. Kcsindia.net is a fruad company – Pune
60. Mr.Shpriya Anna -- Delhi
61. Mr.Rahul Singh -- kolkata
62. Mr.D.P.Shethia - Accindia.com
63. Mr.Vinod Rajan (hyderabad/bombay/delhi)
64. Mr.Debasis Saha,Anirban Ghosh & Sisir Ghosh -- Kolkata. Agent of Mr. Mukul Anand, Future Concepts, N.Delhi
65. bpousa@rediffmail.com
66. Mr.Deep Sharma -- Nagpur
67. Teachlessontomadhyam@yahoo.com - court orders to file FIR of 420 against
68. Synapse IT Systems Pvt Ltd, N Delhi.
69. Techtrix Infocom, N Delhi.
70. Mr. Ekalayva Saxena -- N.Delhi/Uttar Pradesh
71. Mr.Ramesh & Sagheer
72. Mr.Aryan & Dev & Kishore
73. Salient Online Solution Pvt Ltd
74. Mr.Raj kumar of nagpur
75. Mr.R.Attal - Global Technologies, Bangalore
76. Winwin tech.
77. Mr.Radhe Shyam Agrawal -Jagat India, Jaipur
79. Mr. Deepak Verma & Mr. Amit Sharma - Winpac – Delhi
80. Mr Rohit Malhotra & Mr Rahul Bhalla- Cyberix Technologies, Gurgaon
82. Royal Computer - Lucknow
83. Mr.Sanjoy Saha – Kolkata
84. Mr.Nabin Chowdhury - Kolkata
85 Mr.Manos - Kolkata
86. Dataworkindia.com -- Aurangabad
87. Easyjobs.net – Nashik
90.vinayak chitlangi-yehmail,future technologies,jaipur

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r r infotech — countdown for vinayak starts!!!!!

hello..................now countdown for vinayak begins.the commited dates are due.he has given time between sep5 to sep10 to clear the payments.next week is very decisive for him..september 10th,is the last chance given to this fellow to clear the payments..THRUSDAY SEPTEMBER10 is fast approaching................let us see wat he will do...but im sure he will cheat as he is a cheat!!!
hello menon,

wat u said is true, vinayak chitlangi of yehamail will not pay...his office in jaipur will be shut down by sweptember 10th...

Spectra computech Pvt. Ltd — Name mistake

Dear sir,

I am facing the problem regarding the name not correct in my pan card.
My certificate, Bank A/C and other document are same name which is ABHAY KUMAR MISHRA
But the pan card name is ABHY KUMAR MISHRA.

Please correct and reisssue the new pan card.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhay kumar mishra
please beaware from frauds who take money from center and never gives them any kind of work centers have been cheated by the following people.

Sunil tripathy ===== SR Infotech Lucknow email id:sunilparallel@gmail.com cheated centers for nonvoice process in Pune, Bombay, Delhi
Amit Singh======== SR Infotech Delhi email id:amitsingh@gmail.com cheated centers for nonvoice process in Pune, Bombay, Delhi
Mohit yadav=======Delhi email id:Mohityadav@gmail.com his ph num [protected] cheated centers for nonvoice process in Pune, Bombay, Delhi
Subhashish dutta======Delhi cheated people for outbound proceses in Banglore, Bombay, Hyderabad
Navaz Bulsara/ Palkiwala======Pune Inez infosolutions email id:naz1969@gmail.com cheated centers for nonvoice process in Pune, Bombay, Delhi for medical form filling and other processe her ph num: [protected] /[protected]

David jason his real name mohd abid sabeer ====Pune Omega solutions email id: david.jayson86@gmail.com and abid_mohd100@yahoo.com cheated for UK and US leads took money from center and never gave them leads and also for UK Survey process his ph num:[protected]
Amit thakker ph num: [protected] For inbound process
Jack Allen his real name Ravi agarwal ==== Delhi vibgyor buiseness solutions email id: jackusa12@gmail.com cheated centers for nonvoice, UKDebt and other processes

Siddharth Singh ======Kolkatta his mail id siddharthnatural@gmail.com
Hirav Shah ====== Ahmedabad Bindra Infotechfor non voice process his mail id shahhirav@gmail.com
Harkeet singh=======Delhi Saffire international his email id saffireinternational@gmail.com cheated centers for HTML Tagging process and Rogers outbound process in Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bombay
Anirudh Bhatia ==========Delhi emailid Anirudhbhatia@gmail.com
Kunal Bromo========from M/S One step ahed consultancy
Neha Sexxena======from M/S One step ahed consultancy
Khushi events hyderabad .


David jason his real name mohd abid sabeer ====Pune Omega solutions email id: david.jayson86@gmail.com and abid_mohd100@yahoo.com cheated for UK and US leads took money from center and never gave them leads and also for UK Survey process his ph num:[protected]

I want a serious explanitaion on this how do u know tht i have done a fraud as i have not yet given leads to any center and if u think tht you wana catch hold of me plz give me a prof even a mail of mine tht i am giving leads ill give any amount of money you want

I have just written this pragaraph to let Arti Gupta know That if Some one has guts to come and catch hold of me plz come to my office at

the full address is
Office No. 20, 21
Parmar Pawan
Pune - 40

And take one more cell no. of mine [protected]
And Bring your at my office with a prof of my fraud
If you have a prof ill close of my center then and there

David Jayson
arti gupta wat u think are u capable of giving single rupee as a upfront.. if u have that much courage come infront of me .. u r good for nuthing just wasting times of other.. if u have any proofs so to ppl..
this is a wat a mail she replied to me..

Dear all,

I am really sorry for whatsoever was mentioned in that mail as even i was not aware of whod did that, and what was the intention behind this.

i being with jack (ravi) from past 2 mnths found him highly genuine he is always ready to help and to provide support for me he is the picture of my elder brother as i am new to this industry i really wanted to learn a lot from him i really dont know whose intention was wrong.

But still i really appologise for all the wrong things mentioned in that particula amail.

i m really sorry for all that

i ll surely chck who did this and will take actions for sure...

I am sorry ravi for evrything ...

Thanks & Regrds
Arti Gupta


Jack Allen
Well, David You have cheated many including me,

Dont try to fool anyone by sending a self typed email. If art would have wanted to do that, she could have posted a comment here, and she is not being foold by you again.

We have already raised complaints against you in a PS here and also are lloking to see if TRAI can do something on it + i am seeing to it that everyone know how genuine you are. I came to Pune and visited your office too.

Anyways You are a fraudster and that has to be agreed
With love and respect
Arti & his mothers boyfriend Shridhar

Yes so how come your police did not come to me to arrest me if they know my cell no my address and in all that who are you...??? yet dude do u have a head and if u have a head do u have brain's in it jack like you also don't know what is a call center ok if u can see the address over there come hear meet me as soon as possible ill give your accommodation and traveling charges if u are son of one mother will come and try it out your self or els go and sit under your mothers _ :-) __ hahahahahahaha...


any time prepared for people like you

David Jayson
Hey...Arti.. Where r u? Why r u not replying me????
what you are you looking for???
what is your aukat?
i have given you the money for process and i haven't get the work after 50 days yet.
i have the transaction slip and everything.
you are making prestige down for me...
i will file FIR against you and if anyone know the home address of arti then kindly let me know.
Now its time to take ACTION against these kind of people.
if we will not take this type of steps then these kind of people will make Industry as Dustbin.
Hey David,

People here can simply understand things when you use such good language, well that can only be a language of ... I dont have to mention that. If anybody wants proof I can provide that, Infact, On given date I can come to any Police station with all the documents. Please let me know which PS do You want me to come and the time too, I invite others too to see the proofs at the time decided by Mr.David.

Glad to see your comment i would like to meet u where ever u are plz dont take the head ake of comming till me ill come to u to know what i have done plz give me a call on ma no. or just leave me your address ill deffinatly come to meat u i have given u ma no. in ma previous comment plz do a favour of calling or if u cant give me a mail ill deffinatly reach u where ever u are and be bold enough...!!!

With lots of love
David Jayson

I am bold enough to come to any police station . Thats what I mentioned in my previous post.
Let me know the Police Station Details and I will be there along with all documents.

You are asking me to come to Your office. Infact, if you are so genuine why dont you show your face to the policemen.

Just provide me the details of any police station and time and will be there.

BPO — salary

To, consumer complan

My name is ankit tiwari my ID no... 2121064
one monty salry not paid by company......
( mpasis An eds company )
company not paid by my saley, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
please tell me something abt jackusa12(ravi agarwal ) from vibgyor solution
Please add Abhilash BS from Bangalore in abovelist, Power Info tech, Provided Automobile Project
mail id <abhi_powerinfo@yahoo.in,
Cheated at least for3000 people in Karnataka.
If you would like to know anything about us plz revert to my mail id id

we always there to prove our genuinity.

We Do What We say!!!
Steven richerdson alias saumik das from kolkatta is big cheat and fraud...

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