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[Resolved]  Brainpulse Technologies Noida — worst hosting and technical support

i am not sure about this hosting but yes i am sure about the brainpulse technologies based in india, the company is one of the worst company i have ever seen. The MD himself not a professional and all staff especially hosting guys are so and totally dump when it comes to support the client. when they dont see a solution for the client, they simply closed the ticket or simply ask client to shift their site any time.. piece of s*** they are ... servers are not secure. they change your site setting without information, they takes the sites down for many days and says down for server maintainence. headquarter is nothing but the home of an employee which is always closed and phone does not connected...

HAHAHAHA... what a hosting company

...Dont ever buy anything from brainpulse.

Office Address
Head Office
Brainpulse Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
C-102, Sector-65
Noida (U.P)
India -201301
Branch Office
Brainpulse Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
A-4, Sector-27
Noida (U.P)
India -201301
Office Telephone No.: +[protected] Ext. No.[protected]
Fax : +[protected]
Send us Mail
Sales : [protected]
Support : [protected]
Billing : [protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
cbbp's response Jul 14, 2014 Brainpulse Technologies has undergone a staff shiftover. Now the team comprises of really professional and experienced IT guys. Its is really shameful that due to few lazy employees the image of whole company is disgraced. Hence the company took this step to kick those employees out.
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Completely Agree

Not only Hosting they are the worst service providers for internet marketing and web development.

Sales executive...MY GOD they are A** Ho***, They are just interested to snatch money from clients and then let them go to hell, they are big fools as they don't know what kind of services their client requires.

Whoever is involved with this company, I would suggest to come out of there..else they will destroy you completely..BRAINPUSLE IS TEAM O[censored]NPROFESSIONALS...
I too have faced and infact facing a lot of trouble with them and looking for an another host. Can someone recommend a good one?
You are right what you told about Brainpulse. They are simple ediots . I cannot imagine who has given the Idea to open a company and harsh their clients . Suddenly in the middle of the year they will close their account and tell you have not paid the money. Suddenly you will find all the pages have been removed. I have never seen such useless fellow. One fine morning you will see the database is not working . No Support . Only the sales support is open . other support are closed . No one picks the phone up . I am really facing a problem buying their domain.
Very good review.. Even my websites and emails are suffering because of those .
Thay are undefeated in the worst services provider.
I also agree. I opted reseller hosting facing issues. When I try to contact support guys they say issue at your end.

Support guys are fully
They're so bad no one would ever promote them. Almost every review is terrible. They keep spamming me, as if I would ever hire an illegal spammer to "improve" my website. Losers.
I think you people are overreacting a situation. I have their dedicated hosting facility since May 2011 but didn't find such issues that you people mentioned. They are managing all my servers in the way a professional service provider can do. It may be the reason that you didn't escalate your issues with these guys in detail.
very true. My website is hacked again and again and now these bunch o[censored]n-professionals don't even reply my mails. It was one of the worst decision to pay them any money...
moving my site as soon as possible to some professional company...
Never ever rely on brainpulse for any serious work...
I was sold an email service with 3 months advance taken for Aug-Oct. Then started problems-they did solve anything - the email pack was a disaster with 75-90% bounce rate to all types of email ids. Gmail ids IP was getting blocked . In the demo emails to gmail were not getting delivered -they said that is only a demo account, on the live account emails will be in the gmail Inbox.

Tech support Dilip/Vishal came on phone initially and when could not solve, put different junior tech support each time to explain again and again. Now they say I was given only 4 IPs but on sale was told I will be given 200 IPs to rotate. In the first month Manish, Sales said those 4 IPs are rotating among 200 Ips -yet IPs are getting blocked.

MOST USELESS and WASTEFUL service, cheats right from sales. No account manager is provided - each time explain to a new person.
They say send email, after sending no reply. VERY FRUSTRATING. Called 30 times in August, gave up calling in Sept- they are so hardened.

Even when spam is low 1/5, emails are bouncing. On sale they said bounce email list will be given, but actually an email id is created [protected]@... and each bounced email has to be opened to see which email id bounced. How can one open each of 4 lakhs bounced emails to get the bounced email id- they said will provide a list - should be in excel or csv to clean the database.

Email service was taken for bulk email but now they say take 200 IPs - till date have not informed the cost.

Lying and misinforming starts at the sales stage I have asked for a FULL REFUND. They say things are not going well from their side too, but that is not my problem.

They deleted their own generated ticket saying have no info about problems - i have the email with ticket with me. Emails are bouncing and I am getting emails saying which email has bounced - but they are saying emails are not bouncing. Email open rate is 100 in 2-3 lakh.

When I asked for refund, billing calls in 10 seconds asking to renew the plan - such insensible company people.

Nobody picks up calls most of the time. They ignore emails and tickets.

Company staff seems discouraged too.

Taken my money for 3 months up front and calling and emailing to renew only. Not calling to solve any problem.

What is the way to get my money from Brainpulse?

This company is not a service provider, they are cheaters.They are not professional that is the reason their company is facing the financial
Crises and not even able to pay their employees salaries.They are talking about staff shift over, they have fired their employees because
they can't bear their salaries.Such a disgusting company.
Utmost horrible...
Paid them for whatsapp marketing..
But their messages dont get delivered...
Their staff arun tyagi has the audacity to threaten on emails...
Md - tarun gupta has no sense of reverting...
Inspite of their most nonprofessional and incompetent attitude, their is no solution... No refunds.. Nor any improvement...
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Guys I want to know that the Brainpulse company has been closed because neither their website works nor they are responding on mail so guys tell me how I can change host instead of Brainpulse.
Yes, they closed down their website is down, their support email is bouncing back, none of their numbers are reachable. Even the owners (Tarun Gupta) mobile is switched off. All of my 25 websites hosted with them are down. I am shifting to another hosting company. At least they should have been responsible enough to allow us to take a backup of our sites. So technically they have not closed down they have run away. I will be sharing my agony with others on the owners (Tarun Gupta) LinkedIn and Facebook page.
Brainpulse Technologies is marked as abanoded by District Administration solely by DM and his team.

Why:- Because the company is using this palace for narcotics, smuggling of e-cigrattes..All staff even the companies MD is currently languishing in Dasna Jail Ghaziabad.

Apart from this this company has not paid there staff salaries in the past years and all the hard earned money of the employees was miused by CEO.

As of current state this company is being sealed by district administration and narcotics bureau.

Brainpulse technologies is marked as abandoned by District Administration in a joint operation with DM and Narcotics team.

This company is in sealed stated or we can say is not operational till further notice. Check attachment for evidence.

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