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[Resolved]  BSNL Broadband Service — Complaint against officer of BSNL..reg

Dataone/2009-10/01 Date: 17th January, 2010

The General Manager Kind Attn.: Mr. Shivshankar Zha
BSNL, Dataone, Brodband Servies
Telephone Bhavan
Chati Galli, Bali Ves,
Solapur – 413 003

Dear Sir,
Sub.: Compliant against Mr. Chatuphale (officer sitting at CTO Sat
Rasta, Solapur, Maharashtra State….reg.
Ref.: My Telphone landline No. 2626305.

My brief details:

1. I have been a BSNL data one broadband home plan post paid service user since the beginning of broadband services in Solapur by BSNL, in fact I am the first customer to book for broadband service in Solapur. I use landline numbers one at residence with internet (No. 2626305) and other at my office[protected].

Brief details of internet connection problem:

2. I use internet through my home landline number. But since 11/01/2010 to till day I faced following problem while connecting to the internet:
• On attempting to connect internet several times a day of 24 hours, at one of the attempt I get connected to the internet then I use it after that I disconnect through menu. After few hours I again attempt to connect internet but could not be connected instead various messages are seen on my PC monitor such as error No. 676, 619, 691, 678 etc. Some times no DSL signal, some times good DSL signal but other errors even though I never changed my user name and password (As I saved them and connect from automatic short cut link from desktop) error No. 691 is displayed on my monitor. Strange fully when again at some other attempt it get connected automatically and easily. For example on 13/01/2010 in the morning I got connected, but in the afternoon I could not get connected and faced the above error messages (even error no. 691 too) but strange fully I got connected in the morning on 14/01/2010 again after 11.30 a.m. I could not get connected and faced the error no
……. 2
-- 02 --
691, even though I never changed my username and password. Thus, connecting problems and getting different errors at different attempts.

Brief details of my attempt to solve my problem:

3. First I got all my PC System, peripherals got checked from my hardware vendor and there was no hardware problem.

4. Then I lodged my complaint and explained the above problem:
• to the officials on the following phone numbers:
198, 2621555, 2721721, 2722181, 2721111, 2316799 etc.
but all in vein.
• On lodging complaint on 198 ( Docket No. 44681 dt. 11/01/2010), one Mr. Narote visited my home and inspected and declared no problem on 12/01/2009.
• On some numbers I got the reply of “Line is Ok”, “Tested found OK”, “Your internet connection has been reset or parameters have been reset” etc.
• On lodging complaint through 198, and personal visit/request Mr. Joshi from Chati Galli Bali Ves office has visited my house inspected my PC /modem etc. and declared there is no problem in the hardware and he too faced the same problem of error No. 691 etc as detailed in Para No. 2 above.
• But my problem has not been solved.

Brief Details of Complaint against Mr. Chatuphale working in CTO Sat Rasta, Solapur Office of the BSNL:

5. Then I decided to meet Mr. Chatuphale personally. I visited the Sat Rasta Office but I found Mr Chatuphale’s cabin /doors are locked at 5.20 p.m. on 11/01/2010. No body was present to listen to my problem. One Mr. Pathan who sits opposite to Mr Chatuphale’s wing/office met me whom I explained my problem. Thanks to Mr Pathan who respectfully guided me and requested me to use 198 and see Mr. Chatuphale on the next day if required.

6. Inspite of contacting many persons (of course Mr. Ashte, Mr, Talikoti, Mr, Joshi, Mr. Narote, Mr Shaikh from MDF) my problem has been till persisting,
…………. 3

-- 3 --

7. Then finally I decided to meet Mr. Chatuphale at his office at CTO Sat Rasta, Solapur. I visited his office at about 1.30 pm on 14/01/2010 and explained my problem and requested him to help me but instead of guiding and helping me Mr. Chatuphale behaved with very rudely and breaking all the protocols as detailed below:

Replies by Mr. Chatuphale are given below:

1. “ Mr, Kadadas your problem is in your hardware as they are more than 3 years old, you please buy new hardware from a vendor known to me thus your problem gets solved forever ”.

After my humble refusal to Mr Chatuphale he replied me as:

2. “ There are 9000 customers I cannot solve each and every body’s problem
and I am helpless ”.

I again explained and requested my problem then Mr Chatuphale replied me:

3. “ Most of the BSNL customers are facing the same problem, please do not
disturb me as I (means Mr Chatuphale) am studying for examination ”.

Again I humbly requested to help or guide me to solve my problem then Mr. Chatuphale replied me as below:

3. Mr. Kadadas this is BSNL you (Mr Kadadas) better leave BSNL and go to
some other ISP, and do not disturb me as I (Mr. Chatuphale) am studying in cabin alone. Please leave my cabin. Of the 2.36 lac landline connections 1.39 lac are disconnected, it does not make any difference if you leave us. Mr. Kadadas you may file a complaint against me and do whatever you can do against me.

8. After getting frustrating replies from Mr Chatuphale I decided to meet Mr. G. Ramesh (DGM) at Telephone Bhawan, Chati Galli, Bali Ves, Solapur (at about 3 pm on 14.01.2010) but in vain as he was not in office (out of station).

9. Then again I requested Mr. Ashte who with respect directed me to contact Mr. Talikoti who was sitting in MDF section ground floor beside Mr. Shaikh. Thanks Mr. Ashte and Mr Shaikh who spoke to me responsibly
….. 4
-- 4 --

10. Mr. Talikoti assured to solve my problem within 2 hours. Thanks to Mr. Talikoti who by changing port and password solved my problem (temporarily) from Chati Galli office.

11. Mr. Chatuphale’s rude, autocratic, non-coperative, irresposible etc. behaviour has compelled me to make this written complaint. Your are therefore requested to look into this.

12. My problem is till persisting & lodged complaint through 198; docket No. 45003 date 16/01/2009 time 10.55 pm.

Thanking You,
Yours truly,
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Aug 14, 2020
Complaint marked as Resolved 
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Our telephone no is 24863800. We registered a complaint with 1500 on 29.04.2009 and from bsnl technical we got a call and tried to connect the broad band. and then we have been informed that bsnl technical person will visit our premises to solve this problem.

We have been informed to call 248600 and we called today (04.05.2009) at 10.45 AM and been asked to call 24861001 where the concerned JE is there then we tried three four times but that number is repeatedly ringing nobody is lifting then we informed this to 248600 and then asked to call again they will inform to lift the phone then we tried repeatedly but no body is lifting the phone.

Nobody visited so far and we have the problem to be solved till today kindly do the needful at your end to solve this issue.



Home/Residence — Internet services not (Broadband )not commissioned

Inspite of registering a request with BSNL Madipakkam for a Broad Band coneection,the same has not been provided,till date.kindly expedite the same as soon as poossible
BSNL' s broadband service is not up to the mark. They hardly heed to the complaints made to them. They are reluctant to solve the problem and do not care about the consequences that we may face because of their service.
Error 678 has been appearing for quite some time area in the laketown, kolkata area. All they say is the problem will be taken care of. But the net result is null n void. I am at a loss now not being able to establish contacts and carry out my regular work which is hampering me in a bad way...BSNL seems to be least bothered.
hello sir,
my name is pravin khandke mob no.[protected]
my[protected] A/P palaspe TAL panvel DIST RAIGAD 410221
I am regular customer of BSNL. In last three year my internet speed very weak/poor. always error 678. in current month july 2012 my phone is dead 3 times. always phone is dead twice in a month. i pay bill reguraly. SERVICE IS VERY BAD OF BSNL. Please note that above think and take a action as early as possible.
thanks & regards
u can do one thing.dial a no(ur own no) from ur lan dline which u use for internet and keep busy ur phone line n after dialling u can hear a engage tune.the call can not be connected because u r calling a no from the same no.after dialling do not keep the creddle in the right place.i mn hang the phone thn may be ur internet line will be okay n can connect.i have faced the same prb tht time i used to do tht thing n i can connect easily

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