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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] Customer Care

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

Bharat Sanchar Bhavan, Harish Chandra Mathur Lane Janpath
New Delhi
New Delhi District
India - 110001

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1800 345 1500
1800 345 1504
1800 425 1957

Additional info
Assam +91 94 3502 4365
Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad) +91 94 4002 4365
Andaman & Nicobar +91 94 3402 4365
Bihar +91 94 3102 4365, +91 94 3122 4365
Bengal +91 94 3402 4365
Chhattisgarh +91 94 2520 1234, +91 94 2520 1041
Chennai +91 94 4402 4365
Goa +91 94 2202 4365
Gujarat +91 94 2602 4365
Haryana +91 94 1602 4365
Himachal Pradesh +91 94 1802 4365
Jammu & Kashmir +91 94 1902 4365
Karnataka +91 94 4802 4365
Kerala +91 94 4702 4365
Kolkata +91 94 3302 4365
Rajasthan +91 94 1402 4365
Punjab +91 94 1702 4365
Madhya Pradesh +91 94 2502 4365, +91 94 2512 4365
Maharashtra +91 94 2202 4365, +91 94 2212 4365
Orissa +91 94 3702 4365
Tamil Nadu +91 94 4302 4365, +91 94 4402 4365
Uttar Pradesh (E) +91 94 1502 4365
Uttar Pradesh (W) +91 94 1202 4365
Uttarkhand +91 94 1202 4365

BSNL Head Office
Bharat Sanchar Bhavan, Harish Chandra Mathur Lane, Janpath, New Delhi
Tel: +91 94 4002 4365

BSNL Mobile Complaints Number – 198

DataOne Broadband:
1800 424 1600
Sancharnet Help Desk Service: 1957
CellOne all India Helpline: 1 800 180 1503, 1 800 180 1503
BSNL BroadBand Helpline: 1800 345 1504 1504, 1800 345 1504

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] Customer Care related pictures (591)

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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Incoming call detail

 chitra markose on Jan 18, 2017
Sir i want the incoming call details of my landline no 04651 261597 to my email from 1st december 2016 to 15th january 2017 because in the last month in this landline phone i received lot of unknown calls, so please give me the call list of the specified duration then i can eliminate such unwanted calls so please proceed it, urgently, thanking you in Anticipation...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Additional charges

 Devadas.A on Jan 17, 2017
I am having bsnl brad band connection phone no 04651276000. ln june 2016 bill (may usage) some unwanted persons used my telephone number from bsnl, kattathurai office to some persons and l have paid additionaly 300 rs, such l have paid before some months, for that l compliant at thuckaly bsnl office atonce, but still no action, so take action on kattathurai exchange and return my additional amount l paid by their uses nearly 3 months of rs 1500 atonce
Also on my december bill u have charged 100 rs as higher speed charge, but l did not ask any request still to u, without my permission...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Need broadband connection but they don't

 sam.pandian2006 on Jan 17, 2017
Dear sir,
We are from coimbatore near IOB colony. I need broadband connection but they gave the lineman's number (no: 9489940573 and his name is Mr Ravichandran). But he said the cable is not comes there. And in our compound there is more than 10 houses are there . Everyone need landline connection. A local cable person gave broadband connection here. But the BSNL refused to give connection to us. Every month you can get 10 thousand from our compound it's good BSNL. Please consider about this and let me know as soon as possible.

SITE NO:12,...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Request for deactivation of Hungama Games, movies & music On Demand Plans.

 Madam rama krishnaiah on Jan 17, 2017
Dear Sir,

I want you to deactivate the BSNL hungama movies, games and music plans immediately.
Customer Id 4021944129
Account Number 9035894953
Phone Number 08554227553
Bill Number & Date 554935185 - 06/01/2017
Bill Period 01/12/2016 to 31/12/2016
It is informed that unnecessarily the following Hungama plans are being charged to my bill account.
Hungama Games On Demand 01/12/2016 70.00
Hungama Movies on Demand 01/12/2016 249.00
Hungama Music On Demand 01/12/2016 170.00
Total 489.00
Kindly deactivate the...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Deactivate one time charges

 Touheed3 on Jan 16, 2017
Recently I have been receiving extra charges on my broadband bills with plan 1091. the additional amount of Rs.500/- one time charge higher speed for 20GB. please deactivate my account from one time charges plan.I am paying nearly Rs.2, 000 monthly so please deactivate one time charges plan in my account as soon as possible.
phone No: 08282-269669
Thank you......
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Excess Billing

 Jitendra Raj bhandari on Jan 16, 2017
Sir, we have disconnected our land line on dated 30/11/16 and applied for reconnection on 1/12/16 after that I have been billed on same telephone no.2434486 and A/c no in this bill BSNL charged RS 600 for the installation charge rather they do not performed any activity for connection or disconnection and i have contact to BSNL but they are not properly responding and each person whom i have contacted is giving me next person no....
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Dactivation of hungama plans

 PSLEbohara on Jan 14, 2017
I have never activated any hungama plan but three types of hungama plan charges are being charged in my BSNL landline/ broadband monthly bills since October, 2016. I have already submitted written complaint/apllication for its deactivation to DET, BSNL, Nainital, in the last month but above charges have been again levied in my landline/bro0adband bill for December, 2016.
Kindly dactivate hungama plan immediately.
My landline is 05942-237811.
Kindly refund all hungma plan charges illegally charged in my above landline/ broadband bill from the month October, 2016 to December,...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Request for deactivation of BSNL hungama movies, games and music plan

 Madam rama krishnaiah on Jan 14, 2017
I want to deactivate the BSNL hungama movies, games and music plan immediately . My land line number is 08554227553.

Activation was started for bsnl hungma plan from 18-09-2016, Account Number 9035894953, Bill Number 537597929, without my permission and assure that I have not taken even a single trial from the start date itself.

Kindly deactivate the same and order to refund or adjust the amount what you have collected from the start date 18-09-2016 in the forth coming bills towards my landline number 08554227553.

with regards
Madam Rama Krishnaiah,...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — BSNL Landline Refund of deposit on surrendering Land Line

 Mohammed Irshad P on Jan 14, 2017
Dear sir
I have submitted my application for disconnecting the telephone land line number 8254 254358 3 years back in Byndoor, Udupi telephone office as per the instruction. After few months when I enquired about my refund, the telephone officer gave hope of getting refund very soon. As I continued visiting the office in 2-3 months interval, everytime they said me to wait. But recently they gave me the news that my refund amount was released (Check number: 904751 Amount: Rs1607) and it was dispatched on 24/05/2014 to my current address. Further I contacted the Accounts Department and Grievance...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — No internet service for 5-8 days every month

 Srijith Nair on Jan 14, 2017
I have complained for each connection and the response from customer care is that the issue will be fixed in 24 working hours i.e. 3 days.
I do not understand why my bill is not also generated for 31/30 days * 8 hours rather than 24 hours for 30/31 days, when you do not commit to keep the internet services up and running or at least start working immediately when the complain is registered.

I submitted a request about 2-3 months back to disconnect the connection via and asked to tell me the procedure to return the phone and modem instruments. There...
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BSNL — Overcharging in Telephone No. 08322229923

 Manoj Ravindran Goa on Jan 13, 2017
I have forwarded a written complain to the Accounts Department of BSNl Panaji Goa stating they have overcharged my landline bill /Invoice 10229035410026 by Rs.539/- dated 04-DEC-2016 by activating some “ HUNGAMA” service without my knowledge and approval.

At the time of submitting the written complaint, I was informed that the excess amount will be subtracted in my next bill, but to my surprise I have again charged an excess amount of Rs. 274.97 where as the previous amount is also not been deducted ( invoice no 10229035410027).

Please look into this matter as...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Correction in Name

 sibabrata_c on Jan 12, 2017
Dear Sir,

My landline no. is 033 24320274 and my name is SIBABRATA CHATTERJEE but in the Telephone bill it is wrongly written as Mrs. SIBABRATA CHATTERJEE, it should be Mr. SIBABRATA CHATTERJEE as gender wise I am a Male so before my name it should be Mr. instead of Mrs.
Kindly do the above mentioned Correction which happened due to clarical mistake from your end.
Kindly do the needful.


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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Prepaid Call Details of Mobile No9481908550

 hegdeprahlad on Jan 12, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam

I request You to send me Call details of My prepaid Gsm mobile phone from 01-02-2016 to 28-02-2016.
Sir I required incoming outgoing and missed call details for above said period.
I required far this is for sum proof of documentation purposes.
Please help me to sending this details to my mobile no.9481908550 or my email Id

Thanks And Regards

Prahlad Hegde...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Official

 sanjib kumar gupta on Jan 12, 2017
Dear Sir,
I have lodge a complain on 10.01.17 regarding refund of security money of Sanjib Kumar Gupta, Ph. No : 2544 1725. after 10 minutes, I have got a phone call from 7065683126, she told me that ready to pay the security money i.e. Rs. 1, 745/- and asked for the Debit / Credit Card No. I told her only my Bank A/c no. We notice that you have send the acknowledge mail and a reply mail on the same day.
Please tell me is the above mentioned mobile no. of your representative and was the message from her true or false.
Please inform me or find out how she got my mobile no....
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BSNL — Hungama subscription deactivate

 Boopathi Manoj on Jan 11, 2017
One day a mobile call came from bank hungama and they asked me to subscribe. I said I am not interested and disconnected. To my surprise I was charged Rs. 499/- by bank for hungama download. Next month in December 2016 bill also charged. All all downloads were effected on first of every month. Whenever I call their toll free No 1800 209 7010 they ask to wait for their executive to attend. But no body is attending even after 5 minutes. I can't understand what bsnl I'd doing in collaboration with hungama . Please do needful to deactivate this hungama plan immediately from my bsnl land line...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Payment

 Akash Kamalia on Jan 11, 2017

I took BSNL broadband connection around 1 month back and I paid Rs 500 security deposit alongwith Rs 250 as seperate charge to the engineer. Thereafter, I paid Rs 2100 as installation charge to the executive and Rs 730 for the first month which includes Rs 600 security deposit. Now I am using the broadband connection for the first month under 1199 unlimited plan and the billing amount that I have to pay is Rs 2700. When I inquired about the excess billing amount, I got to know that I have to pay the plan deposit Rs 1200 and Rs 500 for the 995 plan which was activated beyond my...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Landlines in our campus not working past 10 days

 bscf on Jan 11, 2017
Guhan Garden, Lakshmi Nagar, Bharathiar University Post, COIMBATORE – 641046

10th January 2017
Bharathi Park Street,
Mettupalayam Road,
We the residents of Brindavan Hillview are constrained to bring to your notice the enormous suffering pushed down our throats, by the sudden stoppage of telephone connection WIFI and computer internet for the past 10 days.
While a day’s disconnection is understandable and tolerable...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — Bsnl local excange staff not responding since 6 months

 cahschool on Jan 11, 2017
This is inform to my area ch.satya narayana, near T.V station, ITDA Quarters, chinthapali.
my land phone 08937238009 not workable along time. But phone bills are highly.The telephone bills are payments regularly.The topic told the so many times concerned local BSNL TELE - EXCHANGE staff But they were not responded. We are too suffering from this problem since 6 months
MY humble request you to consider and solve problem....
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] — New connection delay [Resolved]

 Yathendra on Jan 11, 2017
Hi All, We requested new BSNL broadband connection on 28 December 2016. But till now they didn't provided connection. We calling everyday to get connection. But they telling some stories whenever we call them like people are on leave, they have lot of work, other department have some pending work and So on. I am sure weather they really have work or not. I don't know why a new connection setup required 2 weeks time. For every request there should be timeline to complete. Do they have any such timelines.

They just proved that government people won't do any work on time. We are really...
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BSNL — I want call list 9436410489

 Toge Nyodu on Jan 10, 2017
I want call list of 9436410489 hurry .because my family act ridicously against i want call list of this number to make good result..i fully trust BSNL company which are here to help those consumer who bearing i hearthly requested to act marveleous action against my complaint and as soon as possible provide me a call list of 9436410489...
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