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[Resolved]  Co-Operative Housing Society — Secretary's resignation

I have resigned as the secretary of my Housing society in Mumbai.
I find no one coming forward to take up the responsibility and be the secretary. There are a few members who have been responsible for causing this trouble to all the residents.Need help on how to deal with this situation.
I can take my resugnation back provided I am able to restructure the committee with a few new replacement in the members

Need advice
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I have a house in Mumbai (mulund) and it has been given on Rent, the society members have now decided to collect addtional charge of Rs 1000/- from the flat owner who have given his flat on Rent. The maintainence charge collected by the society is Rs. 3.50/- per sq ft.

Pl advise can the society enforce such as additional charge.
the society can charge max. only 10% of the service charges if the flat is given on rental basis. it can not over this. even if this was passed in the Annual General Body meeting of the society, it has to be approved by the Deputy Registrar of Societies. Or else to can file a complaint with the registrar against society.
I have placed a complaint of a tenant above my flat of redoing up the flat at the cost of damaging the slab i.e cutting through and laying the drain pipeline in the bedroom & converting the part portion into a kitchen. I have placed my complaint and had stopped a part payment payment of a major repairs due to the society non heeding to my complaints the matter was put before the Dy registrar of society under section 101 .I had placed my grievance before the Dy registrar also but till date no replay heard from their end. I would like to know that after the filing of my case under 101 of society act can the society charge me interest on the Principal amount even than the verdict from the Dy registrar is received can we put some information on this & help me to resolve the matter.
Niranjan Rao
Our society comprises of 3 buildings and 50 members. Out of these, 2 members are not paying maintenace charges from the days of exisitence of the society, and 10 members are also defaulters. Our society management has not taken any actioin against the erring members. AGM is not being held regularly and the last AGM was held on 15/2/09 to pass the auitiors report for the year 2006-07. I have seen the state of affairs of our society and I raised the issues with the socity management. But the society is not prepared to listen anything. During the AGM Chairman himself absent and AGM was held in the presence of Secretary and Treasurer. I requested the managing committee to postpone the AGM due the following reasons but my suggestion overturned by all members. Although 37 members were present, including proxies, no one raised a voice and hence my point of objection was rejected, on the ground that they will convene another AGM within 2 months to pass 2007-08 and 2008-09 accounts altogether.

During the year 2007 March, members contributed to a special fund for plastering work exclusively for one of our bldg. and contribution worked out was Rs. 23, 000/- for each member. Since the plastering work has not done properly, I asked the society the details of the plastering account, such as contribution of each member and money paid to the Contractor as I doubted that chairman, treasurer, and secretary whose stays in our bldg. not at all contributed or paid only half towards this fund. But the Secretary in the AGM said that he will give the account only after the next AGM which is due after 2 months.

Now I don't know how to go about it. Shall I go to Registrar to get the details or should I lodge RTI. If so, to whom should I put up the complaint/ RTI. Also I want to drag the society management to all their short comings.

1. No M 20 bond made even after 2 years.
2. Nothing done for recovery of dues from defaulters
3. No name of the society in the main gate
4. Defaulters are in the society management
5. Account is not transparant
6. IF any member makes any genuine complaint, no action is being taken.

Recently one of the tenants who stay in the 3rd floor above my apartment have renovated and made alteration in his flat without permission to the society. It was a major work. He changed all his flooring for marble which compromised and tampered with the orignal engineering work like removing the entire mud from the floor base and keeping bottom layer for laying down the marble with concrete mix and altered the bathroom and toilet in which the flooring changed only 2 years ago. Due to this, my ceiling started leaking and cracks appeared in the seal. Also near the beam in my hall, water dripped for hours during his work which I showed to the society managing committee and the miscreant tenant. Alhough the society is sympathetic with me, they said, being an internal work, society will not interfere. Then I wrote to the society to take action against the erring member who did the job without permission from the society on the ground that he has tampered with the original work. There were many people did flooring work, but there was not single cracks or leaks appeared in lower floor flats. Again I sent a reminder in which I cautioned them I would make the complaint to the Dy. Registrar, Kalyan if society fails to take action. Still, society didn't take any action, I complained to Dy.Registrar, Kalyan and their action is awaited.. I don't know whether it is in order to make complaint to the Dy.Registrar to this effect. But in my complaint I never mentioned any other irregularities of the society.

Now I want to make a new complaint to other points I explained here, please advise me as to how to got about it. If I make a complaint against the society, I will be left alone by other members because they are least interested and interested only in their personal affairs. They say they have no time to go behind it. My case is also not different. I also don't want to go behind it for a longer period of time as I have aso my personal problems like other members. Also it is needless to mention if anything good coming out from my complaint will be benefitted to all society members. So, Is it possible to give a hint to Dy. Registrar about the affairs of our society, when I meet him next to follow up my first complaint? Will it work? Or pl advise me as to go about it without wasting much of my time and money for a common cause.
Our society comprises of 42 members, at M.G.Rd. Kandivli ( W), Mumbai.The society building is now 30 years old.
In the year[protected], the Society decided to collect Rs.40/- per sq. ft. in 4 equal installment to carry out Repairs of RCC structure, filling up craks / gaps of the external walls of the Building, plastering & coloring of the buildings.Work started in the year 2002,

Unfortunately, the repairs work was not proper, in the monsoon of 2002, the water leakage from the external walls of the building was increased. This problem was not solved.

Again, in the year[protected], members contributed to a special fund for Re-plastering work exclusively, but the problem has not been solved till today. Due to water leakage due to external walls of the building during the monsoon, many members have suffered in their flats. Now the society does not carry out this repiars.
Hence we four members of the Society have stopped maintenace payments due to the society non heeding to our complaints. We have informed the Societyseveral times that we will pay all our dues immediately if the Society gives an assurance to repair water leakage problem due to external walls of the Building.

Shall we put our complaints before the Dy registrar of society under section 101 ? We have already given our complaints to BMS R-ward west zone to look into the matter as the building life is in danger due to water leakage due to external walls of the Building. BMC has also serve a notice to the Society, but nothing has happended upto now.

Now we don't know how to go about it. Shall we go to Registrar to get the details or should we lodge RTI. If so, to whom should I put up the complaint/ RTI. Also we want to drag the society management to all their short comings.
I HAV A FLAT IN KANDIVLI. in the AGM the secretary has put up that along with proper maintenance and non occupancy charges i hav to pay an additional of Rs-5000 because my house is given on rental basis.
is it legal for the secretary to ask this amount and am i suppose to pay? thankyou. please advise.
1) what is the duty of chairman of co-op. hsg. soc.
please give me details?
2) if leakage persist in flat i.e in between floors
who has to pay for the repair?
sir/maam, as in every 17 members - 14 flats and 3 shops, on 30.3.09;the biggest trouble maker is a hon.treasurer ('dr.h.colaso') basically a 'real estate on commision', the next is hon.chairperson (mrs.ladak0 hand-in-glove;
all use contrary orders to watchman/plumber/sweeper
even back-bite on the hon.secrectary (capt.s.chagla) -which smear / even threaten the problems to me.

in this society is Topaz apt,, hill road
my tel:65824045
yesterday told me to resign, can it do so easily-as I have done a lot in 1.3year to improve the society
Our Building is not a registered society. I stay on 1st floor. There is a major leakage from the bathroom of above our flat. That gfentleman says that leakage is from the other house and not from his house.I can complain to BMC? We pays rent in Income tax so our landlord is not involved in this matter.Ours is a rented property.
as per old & model bye-laws of a Res.society
1.2 well-known lawyers basically, agree with my decision
2.due to a majority the are 'khoja' community is disagreeing (& for 'cash'-fooling the members)
3.nobody can 'sack on hon.sec' just on silly idea's, the treasurer & chairperson abused dirty language on me & later they tore 2 pages of the monthly minutes this correct to have a special meeting or no, shall I issue or sent a legal notice assumed mng.comm we have 3 women & 3 men; as per bye-laws just 1 women can be in a small society tendors & 'no dirty money is their basic frustration'
7.society was in a mess before me-15lac 'disappeared'
8.after me entire outside painting, both pumps ok, auto-water system, chemistik to full terrace, railing to senior citizen's; the hon.treas.had her nepali watchmen & he/friends an attempt of murder in next to our society, to a 79 year old bacheler
10.also on fitting compound tiles on best tender-...but they realised that this man(me) does not use
any (dirty money) they without informing me had a 'sly' meeting just on letterhead via to a yet 'nepali' watchman-I refused...but all at 28th april came to my door at 2.45pm

I staying in MHADA Building at Malad (East) at 3rd flr, My Society has ask me to pay Rs.1000/- towards they have done plumbing work in between my flat & external wall of society.

Society plumber has told to the committee member that there is leakage between my sink pipe joint in society common pipe in society external wall.

Please advise me who is responsible to pay this amount Society or member?
I am a flat owner in registered co-op. housng society in district of Navsari, Gujarat State. The share certificate issued to me in the in the month of may'2000. The builder is still acting as a promoter / secretary of the society. He has collected all the maintenance charges from flat owners before the possession of the flat.
Now, i want to sale my flat.
Do i require to make dastavej of my possession before selling. The local city survey office is not accepting my application to enter my name in city survey and insisting me to carry out dastavej according to present jantri.
As i know, earlier, co-operative hsg. society norms didn't insist upon to carry out dastavej, the issue of share certificate is considered as transaction of sale and no stamduty is lvied thereof.
As local city survey office insisting me to carry out dastavej and thereby to pay stamp duty, i am confused by the law.
kindly guide me by narrating supporting law.
28th March came to me as that last night had already decided-I was not called!
so the watchman was 'sacked' why the told me.
a trouble hon.chairperson & the hon.treasurer are siphoning cash, I used to put sealed tenders
for leakages of terraces, entire painting, railing to senior citizens, genuine watchman, water pumps were being leaking-so the chairperson & treasurer changed a new contractr on a 'buck'
NO Best tiles shown to them dut for any silly excuse's to 3 managing commitee and 3 are men...that itself is in 6 mng.members only 1 can be a woman (as bye-laws)
So eventually I STEPPED DOWN BUT PAGES BY THE 'DRUNK' TREASURER HAD TO TORE THE MNG COMMITEE PAGE-it self is a libel-mow immediately each making a 'good whack'
C) APLLECATION UNER RI ACT, FOR AUDIT REPORT FOR 2004-5, 2005-06, 2006-07, FM 6.10.2007
**important document tearing & destroy minute book.members o/s list meeting letters ext.
hi, respt.sir,
so please take proper action agaist society's mananging commitee as per rulls and reply to me on my
E.mail addres "[protected]
i[censored]nble to verify societys douments and proper action than give me advice where go for problems solve

i don't know why you not verify, and
conf code.e14ca

fm.suresh sawant
b.9vidya dani plot no.120,
rsc-3mhada, malad-w, mumbai.95
hi, 31.05.2009
can give me E-mail Address cell number of aditional registrar -pune,
co.op society, (housing(

suresh sawant

I think this mail not reading by proper action officer
OR he don't do work/action against this matter.
suresh sawant
I want a sample letter of resignation from the post of Secretary
Myself and my wife live on the first floor of a 1BHK flat at Borivli West. I own the flat and am a member of the Cooperative Housing Society. Below we have some space around the stilt which is mainly used as parking space. Now the problem is that the grown up children in the society have started plahying cricket just below our flat very close to our windows. This is such a nuisance that they make loud noise and many times there were instances of cricket balls being thrown into our flat, fortunately the window glasses have so far not broken, but there is every chance of the same. I have not only talked to the Secretary and the Managing Committee of the housing society but even submitted a complaint in writing. However, they dont take proper action as their children are also involved in this. It would be a kind help if anyone can advise and guide me as to what course of action I should pursue. Many thanks.

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