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I am Nitin. I have paid Rs. 105000 for lifelong membership in country club on 7April2012. The amount has been blocked from the bank account now.(HDFC). After reading all the reviews and witnessing unreliable, non-stable promises, I badly want to cancel this country club membership.

I have visited today only Country club office but decline to cancel the membership. How is it possible. Please, help me out.

My email id is[protected])
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I am ANEESH V JOSE from chennai. Last week I got a call from country club that I won a lucky coupon which I dropped in Big bazar, phoenix mall Velachery, Chennai and I can collect it from their office in the same phoenix mall. I have got around 10 calls repeatedly and I decided to go there and on reaching, they started explaining about their holiday package for hours and I refused to take and later they took to another room and started giving many offers and they claimed that I am one of the selected families and they are giving some privileged offers to us which we will not get if we are not taking that day itself etc. I have listed the offers below as a note and it is very attractive but unbelievable, they were pressurizing us to take the decision that point in time by brain washing left and right and it was almost 8PM in the evening and unfortunately I believed on what they said and paid 100000RS for the holiday package using my standard chartered credit card.

Later they have provided the agreement form to sign which I couldn’t read completely as my wife was carrying and she wanted to come out of the room. Later after reaching home I go through the agreement which doesn’t have anything they offered and some contents are completely opposite. They have told us that this membership can be cancelled but it is given exactly opposite in the agreement.

I started thinking about this poor marketing strategy that they played me to take this membership and browsed on internet and really got shocked. There are countless victims who offered the same from country club but they never could satisfy its customers. Considering the way the country club treats its customers, I could realize that the same is going to happen with me as well and I am now 100% sure that that the country club was bluffing about the lucky coupon, gifts (ridiculous), selected families, privileged membership which is for two generation and many more. I am sure they will not exist for long with this strategy to save me for my life-time and my next generation.

On realizing the fact I mailed to the concerned person that I don’t want this membership within 5 hours of the transaction (attached the Email discussions) but she claimed that their office is on holiday for two days. Then I contacted customer care and they says they don’t have any of my details and added that they will not support cancellation. As per the AIRDA ethics policy a cooling of
Period of 10 working days is recommended but country club is denying that. (please refer

I have contacted the standard chartered bank and came to know that there is no possibility to stop the transaction which is authorized hence I requested to raise a dispute on this transaction to get the money back.

The fraud company is still hunting the people to get their hard earned money and I seriously wish this should be stopped. Knowingly or Unknowingly the staff is becoming the part of this spam.

They offers given are,

1. Rent option if we are not using the vacation, the rent will be arranged by country club agents.
2. I can use the membership for 365 days a year(season independent)
3. There is pickup / drop/ sightseeing free service
4. 20% and up to 40% allowance in the flight charges (Domestic and international)
5. Renewal the same plan after 10 years for life time and transferable to next generation with 5% of the initial charge (Initial charge - 100000)
6. Using the country club membership lifetime for free
7. Free RCI membership by which we can use other resorts/hotel for 3000(Domestic) and 12000(international) – Fixed charge
8. My package Includes aall India + 5 Asian + Dubai
9. Free accommodation with free breakfast services
10. 20% discount on all the food in the country club restaurant or free cook services
11. No need to pay the maintenance charge for the year if the vacations are not used.
12. While renting the vacation using your agents there is no need to pay the yearly maintenance charge.
13. No other charge or Fee in the Country club membership for life time.
14. Collect the country club card for the Kid in future for free.
15. If I per book the vacation trip before 2 weeks, I can get the free 7 days trip for that year and I can use that for rent or I can extend that to next coming year.
16. I can maximum accommodate up to 8 persons using my membership if I book before 2 weeks.
17. I can use the country club / country vacation cards for my friends or relations with some additional ID proof.
18. Using the party hall in country club / country vacation with free of cost (including the electricity, decorations) for 5 times per year.
19.Free passes for the special events that are organized or happening in your clubs
20. HDFC insurance that covers 5 lakhs (Not sure on the amount)) and yearly medical insurance (hospitalization) for lifetime with zero premium for me and spouse for 50K each.
21. If I didn't use the vacation for particular year, then I can move that days to next year without any charge.
22. If I am not satisfied at any time, I can write a compliant letter to the office where I take the membership and I can cancel the membership at any time.
23. If I don't want to cancel, I can transfer my membership. The agents in country club will do the same for me, they will collect only the processing fees
24. I will get RCI membership and can book any resort/hotel through RCI for fixed 3000 for domestic and 12000 for international
24. I can get food coupons worth 3000 (Appx) every year.

Mobile : [protected]

coutryclub — block sim

hi sujatha here, i lost my cell phone so please block my sim and the sim number is [protected]. so plese do the needflu to me. and we dont have customer care number also.

coutryclub — cancellation of membership

Dear Mr. Ananadbabu,
This is regarding cancellation of my membership. I applied for the cancellation almost 45 days back. Your representative in SURAT are telling me that in a day or two I will receive one letter which I need to sign and send it to them then I will get my refund, till date I havn't received any letter.Also now your office at SURAT is shut. The customer care number of surat on your website is not reachable. At times we get the numbers but then a same stero answer " You will receive the letter in a day or two"???? kindly inform
Greeting form central customer care.

Thanks for giving an opportunity to serve you.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have every desire to address your complaints and provide the best solution available. You can contact our Customer care executive team and we will be in contact with you to make our best attempt to solve your problem and regain your confidence and trust in our company.

Kindly provide your membership no., location, contact no. Etc

We appreciate your understanding and co-operation. We deeply value the relationship with country club. For further any assistance. Kindly feel free to contact us on given E-Mail ID -

Best Regards,
Customer care country club
archanaashok2011's reply, Apr 4, 2017
central customercare id is not replying any emails.. ots just fake. no answers at all
anilc1357's reply, Aug 23, 2018
Do you know that no one one reply to your E-mail if we write to I have written almost 10 times no satisfaction reply till now.
Finally good to see Country Club's customer care finally coming into the picture. Its good you are addressing customers' grievances. Its annoying how your unprofessional and lesser trained executives do this fraud just to make their commissions. They are bringing bad name for your company.


its a total fraud company and will not suggest anyone to take the membership.

have you got the issue settled ? i have filed a consumer court case at mumbai and got back the entire amount.

vicky bajoria's reply, Dec 8, 2017
could you refunded your total amount? plz tell me
Yes. Country club is a big fraud . Reaching the customer care by phone is really not possible. They keep on hold and put on the audio to listen about Country club.We had been communicating with them / given at least 10 calls on 13th March, 2013 and the issue still not resolved. Had given a notice and planning for consumer court for refund of Rs 1.50 along with interest. In last 2 yrs they had not given any confirmed booking, service.
Hi Customer care team,

I have paid an Amount of 90, 000 rs @ Begum pet Hyderabad office to Shiva by cash and now due to finance issue I want to cancel my membership, please do the needful

below are the details

Membership No :- MLM 8837
Name :- Ande Kranthi Kumar
contact no :- [protected]
Mail ID :-
Dear Sir, We just viewed your experience here & the inconvenience is deeply regretted. Kindly mail the complete details of your membership & issues if any to, so as to help you and understand the issue better.
i think country club membership is not for poor, middle cass people like u all .so dont even try to invest u people will always cry .
we want to cancel the membership in country vacations because at the time of taking membership they said some sergvices to us. but untill now they did nt provide any of that services.we asked the country vacations executives somany times about that services.but they are not responding we want to cancel that membership.
Hi all,

I am facing the same problem, I was committed gold coins & free flight tickets, out of which i received only 2 coins after so much of persuasion.

I tried calling the sales manager Mr. Chandan Shahi at country club so many times to address my issues but in vain.

Initially he asked me to have patience & wait till there management resolves the issue & now almost 3 years have gone by. Nor I got what was committed neither I was able to avail any other facilities like room bookings or holidays, due to unavailability.

however the call center of the club never forgets to call & ask for the AMC charges almost every week & i tend to have the repeated conversation's about the false promises made by them.

I seek refund of my amount with cancellation of membership, i really dont understand how did I fall prey to such gimmicks.

if any of the customer care is reading this please respond.

Thanks & regards

Tushar Kulkarni
Hello sir,
This is CHANDU VARMA M from Hyderabad. I had taken country club vacations membership on 12th July 2017 and due to some personal reasons with in 9 days I have requested to cancel my membership. I have contacted through mail and through phone, they said they will refund the amount in 2 working days after charging minimum adminstrational fee of 3800. But it's been 1 months there is no response and non of their numbers were working and no one is replying to my request on mail.
Plz help me by suggesting the process how to get my amount back. Iam planing to raise a complaint in consumer court will it help Me?

My details
Mobile: [protected]
Country Club
Central customer Care, 4th Floor, Asian Building
Begumpet, Hydrabad-50016

Date:- 27.08.2017

Subject: Un-stable and false promise by Country Club. Cancel my Membership and Refund my Money.
1. I would like to request for the cancellation of my membership from the country club. I am forced to cancel the membership due to some false promise given by the sales/marketing team manager Mr. Sanjib Nandi and I am not interested to use any club activities in the future.
2. In agreement paper, its clearly mentioned that I can cancel my scheme in the cool of period 10 days. I have taken this scheme on 20th August 2017. So, I am putting my papers for cancellation the scheme and I want my full amount (paid 10, 000 initial amount) to be refunded at the earliest.
3. Cancellation reasons are given below:-
a) I have purchased this scheme with 110000 Rs and Mr. Sanjib Nandi told me that this is the highest discount that I have got from the Country Club but the same scheme was offered to my friend with 70, 000 only. Then how could he charge the more money from us? Why will I pay the extra money? There is no fixed rate in country club membership.
b) He told me that I can visit Baruipur Resort anytime with this scheme and I can stay their also in the weekend. There is no charges for this. But whenever I tried to book, from resort they told me that there are additional charges for night staying. If I don’t pay that then it will deduct from my holiday package. Which was not informed me before taking the package.
c) I planned for the Vizak tour in the month of September. I asked them before taking the package that country club has any property in Vizak or not? They said yes, they do have. Now, when I tried to book the property I came to know that country club has only associate property in Vizak and we need to pay the extra charges for this while I informed before that it will deduct from my holiday package only that’s why I purchased this scheme.
d) They also informed me, I will get my payment receipt with in next day in my mail from the Hyderabad Head office but its been 8 days I have not received any mails from them.
e) Initially we have paid 10, 000Rs to Mr. Sanjib Nandi and we can access Country clubs membership and holiday package against money receipt copy. Now he told us that, Once we get the card only we can access the facilities otherwise we need to pay the extra amount. Which is totally different from his promise before taking the package.
f) Later they have provided the agreement form to sign which I couldn’t read completely as my wife was not feeling well and we wanted to come out of the room as its already 8.30 P.M. Later after reaching home I go through the agreement which doesn’t have anything they offered and some contents are completely opposite. They have told us that this membership can be cancelled but it is given exactly opposite in the agreement.
4. Now I felt country club is totally a fraud company due to some fraud promise given by your employers and I am really unhappy with your service and I will not suggest anyone to take the membership. If I am not getting my money back with in 10 days than I will take the legal action against the Country club and your employee.

Dhriti Sundar Kar
Membership Number – CVKK37CLUB241115
On 1.06.2016 we were offered to purchase Country Club International Holiday Club Membership with the facility for enjoying some benefits which includes 7 days and 6 nights vacations at their 4000 resorts spread over domestic and international destinations every year free of cost for 10 years,
The representatives of Country club made misleading statements and showed some fake pictures of resorts and clubs and lured us with the idea of having to avail the facilities free of cost on a one time investment of Rs.1, 20, 000 and made me sign several documents without giving enough time to go through the terms and conditions or do a through research about the company to decide if I wanted to purchase the membership.

It is noteworthy to mention that the country club representative assured me that I could revoke the agreement within 10 days “Cooling off” period since country club is a member of AIRDA. On believing the representatives of Country Club I signed the documents and paid the amount under the pretext that I would have 10 days time to revoke the offer. However, after a through research about the company I came to know about the fraudulent practices of the company and hence immediately emailed country club on 2.06.2016 that I wish to revoke the offer and requested a refund of of the paid amount.

Having detected the offers as per clause 39 and 44 it is stated that the offer made was a bogus offer since the representative gave an entirely different picture of the offer and mislead me with alluring offers and statements. The representative never informed us of the hidden costs, including the payments to be made at the properties when availing the holidays.
anujarora88's reply, Sep 18, 2017
Even though I was assured by the Salesperson that the membership can be cancelled within the 10 day cooling off period, I received the following response from Country club after sending them the cancellation email the very next day after buying the membership:

we would like to inform you that the membership fees is not a deposit and non refundable as per the company policy & we have generated your membership post finalizing all the benefits as listed and duly signed by you the agreement.

Is this not a direct violation of the AIRDA regulation?
To Country Club team,


I haven’t used the country club services till date since i became the member nor i’m not interested in using it because of witnessing unreliable, non-stable promises. Please cancel my membership and please do not disturb me by making phone calls anymore.

I’ve tried to reach customer care several times to cancel my membership. Reaching the customer care by phone is really not possible. They keep on hold and put on the audio to listen about country club.

So, here i’m dropping a mail to you guys to please cancel my membership and do not disturb me through phone calls else legal action would be taken on you.

Membership no: DT13HYD-ZING5L-0819
Issue date: 09/March/2011.

BRV Nikhilesh Babu.
Hyderabad, Telangana.
HI Sir,

As I have taken membership on 16-Apr-2017 with 55000, within one week i have spoke with sales manager for cancel membership, due to my personal problems i don't want to continue with membership, i spoke with manager update, He said, transfer team will transfer to some other people for that 5% they will take remaining amount will be credit to my account, he said this process will be completed by 45 days

almost 6 months over no replay and no money back.

kindly help me for this issue.

Menbership ID : CVBG2CLUB235742
i have taken the membership for 30 years since 2011. By brainwashing by sales executive to convinced and asked to pay the money 1 lakh.all ready i have paid the 1 lakh rupees in the time of taken the membership your sales executive said that only you have to pay the AMC when you use the Property also gave the false promises.till date i am not using the country vacation property . Now i getting multiple calls for amc charges. I have not utilized any service and want my complete money back.i want to sale my membership.

As they said that we can use it for party hall and many more false promises.
If anyone not interested then money refund must be done.

Membership no- CVSU1KLL95235
mo -[protected]
Dear Sir / Madam,

Name : Mahesh Kundalik Pisal
Membership No- CCMU206TCLUB30LB56149
Employee Id- 768

I took membership on 02/02/2017 at Mulund west Mumbai- 400081 during a meeting organized by country club people namely Mr Atul Rai Mobile No- [protected] and I have opt membership by paying Rs 2, 00, 000/-, at the time of membership discussion in presence of me & my Wife and also our office staff they offered us various benefits and we trust them. We told him our purpose for getting this membership is to plan our honeymoon at a best location as on 12th Feb 2017.

Mr. Atul Rai said that don't worry just pay your membership fees of Rs. 2 Lacs and then Country club will serve you 5start delux resort at various country club location.
We have decided to go to Kerla & told them to plan for 12th Feb 2017 to 17th Feb 2017 but Country Club Tour Package executive Ms. Kajal Mobile No- [protected] told us that there is no availability of Resort on the same date, we consider this matter as genuine and postpone this trip to next week as per there guidance.

Ms. Kajal get back with the date 19th to 24th Feb 2017 & we told her to confirm our Honeymoon trip as early as possible with best services.

But She had not booked our tour & also not planned our trip till 16th Feb 2017 after taking so much follow up from Mr. Atul Rai & Ms. Kajal She booked resort for the same date & told us to pay extra utility charges of Rs. 3500/- asap which were not communicated to us at the time of taking membership.Still we have paid the money

At the time of taking membership Mr. Atul Rai told us that country club is also having there in house Flight ticket booking services at the lowest rate and if we booked our membership on 02/02/2017 they will give us Rs.12000/- flight vouchers free which we can redeem against our honeymoon trip flight fare. We took all this commitments as a genuine & took Country club membership but we are now feeling cheated by your Country Club & executives Mr. Atul Rai.

Ms. Kajal & Mr. Atul Rai has not booked our air tickets till 18th Feb 2017 when we are expected to go to trip on 19th Feb 2017 even after taking so much follow up on Calls & Messages.

On 18th Feb 2017 at 7 Pm Ms. kajal & Mr. Atul Rai told us that they are failed to redeem Air Fare voucher of Rs. 12000/- of country club and we need to make entire payment of Flight from our own pocket for 19th Feb 2017 Honeymoon trip.

We are really very disappointed with your service & want to terminate this membership as ap, we communicate this with Mr. Atul Rai but he is now not responding to our messages & calls.

Our Money is fraudulently taken by country club against which we have not even used a single % of membership benefit, kindly manage to cancel our membership & return our whole payment of Rs. 2 lacs plus 3500/- Utility charges plus Rs. Rs. 344/- service charges.
I want my total money back of Rs. 203844/- and terminate my membership as i have not availed any benefit so far, the county club is not an organization which could be trusted they do not keep their words and shift responsibilities on one to another official of country club.

Now I am feeling cheated by taking the membership of your club.
I request you to check the entire matter and do the needful.
Can anyone help me how to take back my money from country club

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