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[Resolved]  CPWD — No work in time

This is ashish rawat on the behalf of my uncle Surender singh, to whome recently alloted a house in Kidwai nagar east, area of New delhi. After more than of two months of work we shifted to the house as we have to vacate the earlier one within time. At that time the junior Engineer said that you just shift the house and we will complete the work within few days. we shifted on 13-March 2009 and till now nobody is ready to listen us.Basic work like arrangements of the water supply is still not completed. Electricity work is also pending and when ever we complaind of the same either delay for other day or they say that the thekedar abhi nahi hai jab tak us se baat nahi hogi kaam nahi hopayega.
I just want to know that is there any ways of complaining against such person who are not willing to do there work properly and just playing the cards there all the time.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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My name is Anant D. Sutar. I am staying in CGS Colony, 62/626, Sector-2, Kane Nagar, Antop Hill, Mumbai-400 037 since last five years. Since then so many times I have complained for old windows. I am staying at Ground floor. There are thieves comes at night, opens window easily and steals valuable items. I complaint to repair windows, but CPWD workers just doing something and says that these windows are old. It can't repaired. Secondly, recently three months ago my house got repaired. Repairing work is very poor and they have not paint yet doors and windows. I remind Jn Engineer Mr. Mohan Agrawal so many times to come and see the work, but he have no time to see the work done. There is no cleanliness surrounding my house. Contractor's labours just come to take money (Bakshis) in Diwali every year. There is no Security Guard to protect our quarters from thieves. Contractors are very rude in talking. Junior Engineer Mr. Mohan Agrawal listens them only. workers of CPWD also not attending complaints in time and results also very poor. Necessary action may please be taken against such engineers and staff and detail non-corruptible staff to get done proper work in time of each and every complainant/tenants.
Yes I also had the same problem with the CPWD Laxmibai Nagar, one of the worst CPWD service centres. The JE gave possession of the flat in which lot of work was to be completed promising that he would complete them very soon. I had to literally request and beg to get some of the work done like fixing glasses on the windows etc. Bhagwan bachaye CPWD Laxmibai Nagar se. Who will listen to complaints and complaints to whom
This is to inform you that flush water tank installed at my residence in latrine is not working for the last 10 months. Water from this flush tank always flows continuously due to damage of rubber warshal inside the flush tank as stated by the plumber in November, 2008 which was not available at that time in the stock of store and assured by him that it will be replaced as soon as new rubber warshal will be available in the stock and provided to me for replacement. In this connection, I have lodged about more than 15 complaints in the CPWD Complaint Register, East Kidwai Nagar; some of which are on dated 18.4.2009, 22.5.2009, 6.6.2009, 19.6.2009, 26.6.2009, 7.7.2009 and 17.7.2009 but it is very strange that beside my repeated requests and personal visits to old and new JE, nobody has come so far to attend the above complaint. I want to know that is there any way of complaining against such person who are not willing to do there work properly.

It is requested to kindly look into the matter and arrange to repair the above flush water tank at the earliest which has not been working for the last 10 months and is lying shut.

Kamal Kumar, C-514, Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi-23
This is inform u that I am living in 1491 Laxmi bai Nagar-110023, we are facing so many problems, like water tape, electricity, Electronic Meter no working, but inquiry office employee's, they never pick the call or when we visited the office they always take lightly. What is this ?????
I m very disappointed about all these things

Please take necessary action.
I complaint several time for whitewashed but do not any ensuring the work and not to be done till date.
house no-764 Sector-d type -III, mandir marg New delhi-110001.
Mobile No-[protected]
I thought i will do compliant against CPWD employee of timar pur area but i read all the complaints given above, lateron i decided it means its wastag of time to lodge a compliants against CPWD employee because nobody taken any action against these guys..
So i request all the people who used govt flats guys do it himself dont depend on the CPWD employee becz they forget his duty .

Pawan Srivastava
CPWD Dept,

Dear Concern Person,
I inform you that your concern dept. not work properly because I was complained many time since first week of April that 3 nos. tube light not working conditioning presently but till date no action by you concern dept. (CPWD Lodi Colony New Delhi-110003)

Yours truly,
Praveen Kumar
23/180, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi-3
M: [protected]
I am the alloted at sec 7, Pushpa vihar. It is the CPWD zone. Since we hav shifted here, we saw there are irresponsible work on every complaints.whether it is urgent or a normal complaint. Irresponsiblilities are so high that they plays cards on duty time. If we aske about the complaints status, they demand money to sought out the complaints minimum 100/-.Even they say that they don`t hav tools or equipments.But i don`t understand where are the supplies goes? Also they don`t give complaint numbers.

Now a day, they have started toll free no [protected]. they don`t work, even after this facility is started, they are free to not to work because this no does not responce.there are lots of illegal work they do if they are bribe.Even you can take a electricity connection without meter directly to the main supply.
The complaints against these CPWD employee, nobody taken action against these government employees?
Dear Concern Person (CE Elect)

I wish to inform you that your electrical dept. done the underground electric fitting in the Qtr No. 24-H, Sector-IV, DIZ Area, New Delhi-110001 in the month of Oct/Nov 2008, but in the case of balcony no elect. fan switch given by the contractor, I lodged the complaint in the month of Dec 2009. The CPWD inquiry issue the ceiling fan for balcony in the month of Jan 2010, but they do not given any switch point for fan. I already contact to JE, AE and SE (elect) in this regard but no action action taken tiil date. I written an application to SE(Elect) on 28 Apr 10, but no action taken till date.

I request you the concerned dept. HOD please taken the immediate action in this matter.

Yours truly,
AB Sundriyal
24-H, Sector_IV, DIZ Area, Raja Bazar, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg New Delhi-1
Toll free number or their portal does not work...all are busy minting tax payers money.
CPWD is the worst department I have seen in delhi. All the officers JE EE and other officers are very busy only in talking to tekedars and entertaining them. I had given my complaint to JE GUPTA and also to earlier officers of J-Block Enquiry office Kali Bari Marg, regading wardrobe which have been eaten by the termites and the widows which have been completely broken. Even after two years no action has been taken. Whereas esate office is deducting rent and other maintenance charges from our salary. Nobody dares to take action against these officers? Can you somebody help me. I am staying in H-292, kali bari marg, new delhi-110 001
I am giving complaint for the past two years regarding the wardrobe which has been completely eaten by the termites and changing of windows ( seven) which have been
completely broken. I had given complaint in writing, and visiting your office regularly and I have also given lot of complaints through telephone. Eventhough my complaint in the file it has not been attended by the concerned tekedar?. The complaint given recently has been attended by the tekedar?. I don’t know the logic in leaving behind the old complaints and attending the new complaints. I am facing lot of problems in
keeping the things. I have already lost my cloths and other important things due to the termites which has spoiled our things.Mr. Gupa JE, is a deaf person. He does not listen to our complaints. Eventhough my complaint has been entered in the register no action has been taken so far?
Jahan bhi dekha jaye sarkari karmchari apne kaam ke badle mein free ki sallary utha rahe hain, , , jyadatar ye bade padon par kaam karne wale hi paye jayenge, inke khilaf na to shikayat ki ja sakti hai aur na hi kuch bola ja sakta hai, , sarkar akhir kahan tak har chiij ka dhayan rakhegi.manlen ki koi kanun ya vibhag ko bana bhi diya jaye in sab ki dekh rekh ke liye, toh yeh kahan tak safal hoga ya iske karmachari bhi shwechchachari ho jayen kuch bhi kah pana thik nahi.aj tak toh yahi sunane main ata hai ki phalan vibhag thik se kaam nahi kar raha, ya wahan ke karmchariyon ki manmani hai ki koi bhi kaam karwane ke liye razi nahi hain.yah sab aj aam bat ho gayi hai, kyonki puraprjatantra hi apne liye ji raha hai toh ye bhi toh isi ke ang hain ye kaise apna kaam karne ka dhang chod denge, wakai mein is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta jab tak eshi sarkar eshe buddhjivi aur eshi janta hai. han ek baat toh yeh saaf hai pahle ish desh ka prajatantra bahri shakti ka naukar tha aur aj is desh ke sarkari karmchariyaon ka gulam hai cahe woh shashan ke kshetra mein ho ya sarkar ki anya sakhaon mein padaseen adhhikari, koi bhi dhodh ka dhula nazar nahi ata?
bhalai ishimein hai ki jitna in karmchariyon ki chatukarita kar lo wahi kafi hai. kyon ki sarkar inhe tankhwah hi kaam na karne ka deti hai to bechare ye kaam kahan se karenge..han paresaan jarur kar sakte hain, yeh inka janmsiddh adhikar jo hai

any [protected]
Sabko maar dalo
maar dalo ye sab desh ke dalal hain
Yes you all are right, cpwd ke officer ki complaint ke liye inki official website tak par koi portal nahi bna rakha hai choron ne, that is why all they are very currupt and no one is ready to listen because they know ki inki complaint ka koi chennel hi nahi hai to koi kya bigad lega in choron ka...raise voice against currupt cpwd official so that they will make any chennel to complaint against official
Dear Sir,
I would like to bring to your kind notice regarding a renovated house under the automated allotment system in CPWD. In other countries like USA and Japan, they allot houses only after complete renovation of houses, unlike in our system where a house is allotted and we are after the CPWD enquiry office day in and out and the contractor personnel asking for "chai paani" and works related to house renovation getting stalled up for weeks. Is there an uniform policy for a renovated house to be given for allotees in the first instance ? An uniform policy is needed where houses which are empty and ready for allotment get repaired and the competent authority should instruct the JE under the respective CPWD offices to get the house habitable and give allotment instead of alloting a house full of repairs and the allottee running pillar to post inside the CPWD office and taken for a ride both administratively and paying extra money where a full contract has been done by the Nirman bhavan through the CPWD office.

In my particluar case I was allotted F block 17 in Pragati vihar, I went to the JE for changing the WC, as it was in a broken condition and he told me that it would take 2 months to replace it, and after this prompt reply I asked him to replace the kitchen sink and granite slab in kitchen and mentioned the same time frame of 2 months. was told by the CPWD officials en masse to occupy the house first and side by side repairs would be done. My wife is pregnant and how can I do this? Why do we have to allot houses in a poor condition? Instead get all the necessary repairs done and then allot? Why dont we have an SOP for houses which are empty and check whether they are habitable or not? Who is the authority for deciding whether the house is ready for occupation or not?
A system should be place where a list of repairs to be done in a house should be drawn and approved and the JE should ensure that all these repairs are done in the house and then the house may be alloted unlike the system in India where Govt acco is alloted which is incomplete. My friends are working with Governments in USA, UK and Japan they dont face these issues of post allotment travails which we face in India. I am sure that you are quite approachable unlike the junior babus in the department and striving for change and betterment in the system. I have the hope and belief that this mail may be discussed in the right fora so that the agony after allotment may be relieved.

Warm regards,

T.Kabilan, IDAS
Asst.Controller General of Defence Accounts,
O/o The CGDA,
New Delhi.
hum quarter allot hua hai M.B.Road Nirman Bhawan wale licence fee ki detail maag rhe hai online par department wale kabhi kahte hai division jao kabhi kahte hai sub-division jao 8 din ka process ka time hota hai yaha 20din ho gaya par kissi ko samjah nhi aata hum to pareshan ho gaye hai agar kissi ki complain kare to kaha jae koi help line number nhi hai jo number hai use koi uthata nhi hai sab free ki salary utate hai apni duty koi nhi samajhta sahi kahte hai CPWD choor hai
I am the allottee of Qrt N0-910, Type-4 Laxmi Bai Nagar, New Delhi. Since allotment from June. 2009, continuously CPWD request for repairing of roofs and crack walls in two rooms are still pending. I had have been lodging a number of complaints with their call center. Sometimes, mr babu Lal and others officials came but no fruitful action/results have been taken. Yesterday, one barrier(wall) is being fixed between two resident area on the roof. In the evening, suddenly tank's water had been flooded into the cracks from roofs in two rooms and spread over in my residence. All four water tankers of roofs were overflowed and water was floating from the wall's cracks into two rooms. Immediately, I lodge complain to service centre over phone. Now complaint No. 3991067 and 398779 have been register on local CPWD service center, But still no response till now.
It have been happening a number of times. Every time it was converted into major repair or no body came to see. Sometime sh babu lal mis-represent evidence as he must be shown attendance without attending and without taking allottee signature. Two year ago, one vigilance officer called me and enquiry about pendency of works but no result come out in this regard.
I would be highly appreciate if this work can done as urgent possible.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Murli Dhar)
910, Type IV, Laxmi Bai Nagar, New Delhi 23
Reg No. 10004485
[protected] (mobile) /[protected]residence)
no water supply has been received in my Qtr for last 41 days due to non functioning of water supply line, lodge complained to make the water supply functional and to provide me water supply through on line complaint no. 3855907, 3866863. after approaching personally to JE(Civil) and AE(Civil) but complained has not yet been attended. my .Qtr No. 84. Type-I. Sec-3 pushpvihar. new delhi
water supply line in my qtr has been blocked and no water supply has been received in my qtr for last 41 days due to non non functioning of water supply line. i lodge complained through on n line vide complaint No. 3855907, 3866863 and 3885074 but same has been not yet attended by representative of CPWD even after approaching personally to JE(CIVIL) AND ae(civil) but nothing has so far been done to make water supply functional my Qtr No. 84 Type-1 sec-3 pushp vihar

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