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[Resolved]  Ducat — Fraud organization beware of this!

I have to inform you about the fraud which is going to be played by some big people here in Noida. By the name of DUCAT - IT Training cum Experience Certificate Provide of your wise. Take this as an opportunity to expose these people by you sting operation fund. They cheated student as well as big IT Giants here by giving them all kind of fake experience at the cost of 10k.
Following are the Fake companies name:

Gnix Infosoft

ERP Solution Asia

The Metric Soft

Hash Infosys

The Mosaic Technolgies

The Softtech World

Which is run by same HR Manager by the different Names i.e Menka Kapoor, Menka Suri, Ashima, Sonia Suri, Manisha etc. These firm all have different phone line for the purpose, for the verification of employees. And more over the signature for these companies did by Shikha Oberoi madam. And all the document created by Prateek Sir in conference room sometime by Mr. Dilip Jha and Gourav Sir too. These student having fake experience placed in big companies like Hewitt, Wipro, Xansa, SDG, Birlasoft and many other big names.

Now tell what about those people who are fresher, those have no money to paid to get extra experience. They gave as the admission by promising 100 percent placement promise. What still from last 6 month me and bunch of my friends have no support from them.

This my request you to bring these corrupt people in front of the public and show them there real face and tell how they cheated student and IT Giant by the name of education.

Here is the Address:

A-52, Sector -16, Noida - 201301
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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If you are not smart enough to grab a job why you are spoiling careers of other DUCATians. Boss simple funda "JAB GHEE SIDHEE UNGLI SE NA NIKLE, TO TEDHI KARNI PADTI HAI".

You can better understand if you will not get a job and if you have many resposibilities to look after ur family.

Some day you will thank DUCAT that atleast you learnt something that is technically helping u when you r working.

They teach so well that I learnt JAVA from a DUCAT student who was working with me 2 years ago.

Companies like Satyam is also did fruad but in a different manner.
Companies give money/shares (under the table ) to get a project.

Everyone one is not lucky to get a job in me.

I[censored] r not able to get a job...simply you are not efficient.

Stop this stupidity...This shows you r not well grown.

Our research team have detected some fake companies operating in Delhi/NCR area. We request you to please provide your comments. You can easily reply to these posts.

Fake companies are:, Meera Infotech, SR Infotech, Alien Softnet, Alien Technologies, Green Software, Softech World, TT Infotech, SO Infotech, CSE (ATS), ATS Infotech, Miracle Infotech, Ducat, Hash Infosys & Hash Infosystems. We have also found that IT Brainshapers have also created 4-5 fake companies.

Please provide the names of the fake companies here. It is important for the jobseekers like you to know because if they show the fake experience of these companies their career will be hampered.

Research Team
To the above poster,
Stop exhibiting your criminality and calling others stupid. If you were desperate to pay money and get a job by fake resume, there's no reason to be proud of it. We don't know if the person whom you are calling stupid is stupid or not. But we definitely know that you are criminal minded for supporting corruption. Stop making a joke of yourself and calling others names.
Looks like some competitors of Ducat or it's supporting firms like TheMetricSoft...etc.

Hi Akshay, a job is grabbed by proving your skills and knowledge at the time of interview... not by any experience certificate.

I can understand that this complainer was a bad trainee of Ducat who couldn't focus on enhancing skills and hence couldn't avail any opportunity by Ducat's supporting companies or other companies.

I have also been a trainee of Ducat and I did project under TheMetricSoft. I proved my skills in interview and now I am working in a multinational company.

For the comments of above "Research Team", you should correct the spelling of your username before showing your frustrated friendship with the complainer.

You all people are really a big illitrate scam !!

no comments on the ducat thing..

but m damn sure that this post just above mine in nt 4m
a guy rajendra..

rather its a girl-age around 23yrs and an average personality..

for sure...

so jo b ho ap..atleast show ur true id..
then we'll fight 4 ducat.

Ducat is the buggest fraudsters i have ever seen. This guy Nitin started this company with a fraud and it is still continuing.

All the IT companies beware...They issue fake experience certificates
Abe jab kam number vali londe ki as a fresehr job nahi lagti to tum salo uski madat to nahi karte ...agar vo fake exp laga kar kaam karne ka daum dikhata he to tumhari kyu ma marte ne exp froud jaroor lagaya he par uski knowledge to tum ne interview me check kar ke he job de hogi...sali ducate ko froud batate he...
i am disagree with this.
Really completely confused with all the comments .. Cannot judge who is fake and true... But in today's world if you get job by hook or by crook with the help of this institute then what is wrong about this institute .. atleast they are providing IT JOB...

Lets see i will personally visit and check the institute .. Then i will come to know about the intense of this " FRAUD CERTIFICATE" issue...
hi, i am currently studying java in ducat. i was getting my training by Hassan Sir but due to the misbahvior of HOD JAVA of ducat, our Sir has left the job, now we are getting trainig from a very poor faculty named as Manish Bhatia, he is good for nothing. He has no knowledge of jse6 but he has a lot of stories to narrate. his behavior is vey cheap. out batchmate are going next week to complain the Manish bhatia to the the owner of ducat named as gorav rakaa. I SUGGEST YOU, , , , , , PLEASE DONT JOIN DUCAT, , , , , , , , , ,
Hello all. Dont join DUCAT. Their managment is very misbehaving. Specialy SURYA is a kind of a JERK. He is in DUCAT to confuse the student. Whenever a good faculty joins the DUCAT. Manish bhatia feels jelous and then he tries to push the good faculty out of DUCAT. This same thing is happend with NIRAJ SIR, ADITYA SIR, ARVIND SIR, and now The latest is The legend of java The Hassan Sir. SHAME ON MANISH BHATIA AND THE MANAGMENT OF DUCAT. We spit on Manish bhatia (the jerk) and Surya (son of a ). These 2 guys have ruined the life of many persons. SHAME ON DUCAT.




PLZ GUYS "ducat kabhi mat jana agar aapko aapke ghar valo ke paise pyare ho to"
DUCAT Institute is completely fraud and is not not concerned with the education.
The only thing about which DUCAT is concerned is their fees.
In my case the counsellor gave me wrong information about the fees and the accounts people were asking for a higher amount when I asked them to check it with her she was not available in the office and even her phone was switched off. I simply ask them to let me attend my class that day as we could confirm with her the next day but they denied me to attend my class which was scheduled after being delayed for 2 weeks by the institute. I also came to know that the faculty was also changed on the same day by the institute.

So, if you are serious about the study/training don't join DUCAT as it would be only a waste of time and money.

I again request you all please don’t join this fake institute and please do not recommend DUCAT to anyone in future.

Tushar Garg,
Sector 25,
Friends This is Archie shrama, who has been cheated badly by Ducat, . Me and my 4 friends have been cheated. They are only focussing on making money and not giving any eductaion and value. They know how to fool people and nothing else.

PLEASE avoid even looking at DUCAT as its a cheap fake training institute.

and same time one of my friend did a training from aaditsystems i dont know much about aaditsystems but the knowledge of my friends proved that she got quality from there ...and me n my friends just waste our time n money.

Archie sharma
ghanta...i am a Manish Bhatia student and i know the management there are money minded .. but that doesn't matter to me as long as they are imparting me with quality education. Yes some of their promises failed to get fulfilled but i didn't find any place where java could b taught like manish bhatia here teaches...He makes it a complete fun. I was a programming and look at me now, i own three websites made in JSP by me.. it only was possible after i joined in Mr Bhatia's batch .

Padne se hota hai, agar itna bekaar hota to roz 1000 se upar bacchhe mare nahi jaate manish bhatia se padne k liee ..
hey guys look every organization is having some positive and negative points ... the main concern is about training and knowledge, acc me i have gone through with all comments my few friends have done .net and java the hod's are really teach very well ... guys don't go on roomers ... go self there meet trainer then judge self ... i think you are much mature to judge the things .

I'm completely disagree with your comments. As I know I've taken classes at HTS, CoreDatabaseSystem for php and oracle and I did Testing From Ducat. The support and knowledge given to me was best in the Industry. In Testing the support which was given to me in terms of Classes, Practicals, Live Exposure is tremendous. No one can beat even meet the standards of the DUCAT.

Ducat is the best institute for IT traning specially for java by MANISH BHATIA.
I[censored] r intreasted in IT sector so plz come as soon as possible to join DUCAT.
Nd every thing that is mantioned in previous messages and mail are totally fake.
I think that the positive feedbacks are coming from the ducat administration itself because i was studying in ducat... they were fine like in studies, teaching etc(I got a job on MY OWN because of the skills). They give you a good base(anyone can provide that) but all the other things like placement assistance, experience certificate, etc they are liers bcoz they don't provide any such things.SO u can join ducat there's no problem but they are frauds in some ways.

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