[Resolved] — Fraud!! Fraud!! Fraud!!

Guys don’t believe this site it has fooled me i trade with 20 lacs capital in 12 days my capital was 8 lacs, this site simply a liar, forget charts this person not even have a office operating from cyber cafe, no address, no bank details, only looter of people money ask him free trial his website not even receiving 1000 click and he will lie to you he is having 2 lacs pending trial. Main person is anshul who is incharge friends do not pay single penny, u put that money in bank and you will receive 8% annual return, he is the biggest fraud
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Complaint marked as Resolved customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.
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Equitymaster do all the claims but cannot give timely indications of associated or emerging risks related to their past recommendations. That also means they blow the whistle but too late where we end up loosing 30% to 40% of that particular investment. Hence DONT subscribe to this site unless you have lots of money and time to invest. — FRAUD MADAR CHOD

Dear friends,

I subscribed 8400rs super trader jackpot bhenchod full tips bogus hitted stoploss on my 1st day itself i loosed 48, 900rs i called 1000 times he not picking phone chor . Pls dont subscribe this cheater u will loose all capital.
Sale bhenchod anshul, madarchod Jabalpur me baith ke tu mera paisa mara na, sale ab dekh terko nanga kar dunga, bhenchod ki aulad teri gand kyu fat gai, gand me dam hai to apna bank detail dobara website pe daal .Sale bhadwe mai tera pura pol khol dunga .Chuze ki aulad gand me dam hai to rok ke dikha, bhenchod mera 4 lac loss karwata, sale budget ka matlab bhi pata hai, bhen ke lode bolta hai budget pe market giregi.kide ki maut marega sale.
Dear Mr. Kishore,

Equitymaster is a website that is owned by Equitymaster Agora Research Private Limited. We are a company registered under Indian laws.

Our website, carries all information pertaining to our contact details. You can view the same here –

We work out of our offices at 103 Regent Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021. At the time you posted this email our offices were located at 3rd Floor Khetan Bhawan, Churchgate, Mumbai – 400 020.

Also, Equitymaster does not offer any trading service. We offer only long term stock recommendation services, where the investment tenure is anywhere between 2/3 yrs and 10 yr.

Finally, there is no “Anshul” who has ever worked in our organization.

From what we can ascertain from your email, it appears that you have been a victim of a fraud/misrepresentation.

If you would like to be in touch with us to discuss this matter further, please write in to us at [protected]

Warm Regards

Malav Shah
AVP – Legal
Equitymaster Agora Research Pvt Ltd
Equity master is providing good recomandations for Investors. i got lot of benfit from them. I think its not good for traders. Traders need do to their own technical analysis. Equity master giving detailed fundamental research for every recomandation. is legit web site however they are . If you follow their recommendation god can only save your capital. I am an active member and i lost 16000 on bluestar recommendation. Its not just one stock if you see performance of stocks recommended by them, you will find they are down 50%-80% since their recommendation. Here is the performance overview of their midcap select recommended stocks. Don't follow their recommendations, if you are too dump to find your own shares, invest in mutual funds instead. search for 5 star rating mutual funds on money control.

MidcapSelect recommendation review (All unique open positions as on 30th Dec. 2011)
Company Reco Date View Price on the
Reco date (Rs) Target Price (Rs) Curent Price*(Rs) Gain/Loss** (%) Current View
* Current Price as on 27 December 2011 ** Calculated by dividing CMP by Recommendation price
^ Based on our revised estimates
#Adjusted for bonus/split
$ Target price under revision
***Note: It should be noted that quite a few stocks have corrected very significantly and are thus looking strong BUYS instead of the HOLD that we have given them. This has been done because of the increased risk profile of such stocks. Subscribers are advised not to buy further into them.
Fully agree... Its a fraud company with many of their calls being copied/borrowed from other sites
I think Equitymaster is a very good research house producing quality stock recommendations. They state very clearly in their emails / communications that the time horizon is 2 - 3 years. But in any case, if you dont have the risk appetite for a loss of Rs 16, 000, you should be considering taking out all your investment for single stocks and putting it in a balanced / debt - oriented fund
I had worst experience with Equitymaster, they claim that you can see all our previous stock reco but what is the use of those stock reco because when I logged into their site after paying 5000rs, what I saw is almost 100-150 stock reco of last 5 years but boss we are paying you to tell me best 10-12 stock not 100-150, if that is the case, I can go to BSE or NSE website and read the mid-cap list. It looks are they kept on recommending many stock and end of the on performance ground they are ZERO. I have also joined power your trade of money control and bullsbook both are very bad, these bulls book guys are cheating by saying that get 9 years of subscription at 6000, think about the quality of their reco if they are charging penny for their stock reco. If you ask me to go for one company, I will always advice and strongly reco a bangalore based company hbj capital. They are wonderful in stock, performance and customer support.
i am recent subscriber to equitymaster so nowhere near to judge them and will definitely share my experience once i see a definite result after a while.So far lost around 2 % of investment based on the reco. from this site but i dont want to judge them based on this as the time period is so small and loss is also not so huge.i am not sure anyone from equitymaster looks into this and if some body looks in i have one suggestion that they better show current market price as an extra column which will give the latest price in every analysis .e.g. in quarterly performance analysis they provide the reco price and price on performance analysis date .But some one opens it after one month of the performance analysis i face a tough time knowing the current price vs performance analysis date price.After all a stock is only worth of today's price.
--Thanks Santosh K.
Rajan dalal recommends hbj capital bangalore. I paid Rs. 5000/ for cash jakpot. FIrst they said it is for 2 months. but sent only six recommendations in one month and stopped therafter. 4 recommendations gave me a loss of Rs.4000/ making total loss to Rs. 9000/ BEWARE Gopalasamy S Srirangam.
All these agencies are riding high on gullible investors who want to get wealthy too soon but have low risk appetite. Just imagine...if you can identify stocks which can earn you anywhere b'ween 100-1000% in 2-5 yrs today and be so sure about it...would you shout from rooftops or just invest silently. Secondly, by circulating the news to all, the stock becomes a `BUY' and these people along with their affiliates liquidate their holdings in such stocks when they appreciate. What happens to your stocks after 2-3 yrs...who cares! so beware!
Capital booster is one of the fraud and cheater firm from indore.Dont believe on them.i paid 81k for 3 months servIce..they made a loss of 3 lacs in my account. Mr.Javed, mr.peeyush mr.vivek will call yu..dont trust them..
None of the views r concreate and helpful has someone a better explanation with facts to cleae confusions. That is view without emotions n with grey material.
I have doubt whether these company make their research or not and at all if they do then where is the mishap. Pls don't pay your heart and soul money to these buggers. In the stock market I am new one but I can tell U nos of stock which has performed well. Don't pay any penny to them. Do your research at your home. Ek site banake crore kama rahe beacause we give them chance.

invest your money safe.

First of all why take advice of these peoples. Do your research on your own. look for only your known companies whose headquarter you can trace in reach and have direct/indirect news source of company. then do online track of company stock, balance sheet, order book details.

I guess equitymaster is product of baniyas (GOEL, agrawal, shah, garg, mehta etc.) who like to chat (fool people) on their predictions on market. but we all know never 100% predictions go right.

btw i am victim of digital advertisement service provider getting emails from Richa Agarwal, Equitymaster where sender is hired by equitymaster to route inquiries(trap clients).

think yourself or go buy some mutual funds. trust LIC of INDIA for investment (low return compared to trading but guaranteed) other than insurance.

I hate cheaters, so i gave my opinion.
100% agreed with the view shared by MKJ. The basic thing to remember, if someone can give recommendation that can make you rich, why he will recommend you. Is he a fool?? No, he is a fraud.

From my past 5 years experience, I tried lots of tips provider, and all are fraud. I lost total around 5 Lakhs, like slow poisoning, in the hope one day I can recover my loss. But that is the biggest mistake. Also be aware friends, now another kind of treachery has started by sending free recommendation SMS. Like: Rai Agro, All are garbage script to suck your heard earn money.

From my experience, I have learned that..
1. Trading is gambling, but investment is an instrument to make money
2. Trading will make you greedy, but investment will make you wise
3. Doctors are best for treatment, teachers for sharing knowledge. Unless you are a professional, don't invest
directly without research. Give the job who are best to do that. Go for MUTUAL FUND ( Direct Plan).

Disclaimer : I am not from any MUTUAL FUND company, nor a financial adviser.
Dear Sir,
You have charged Ra's.2450/- to my credit card for subscription to Equitymaster, without informing me regarding this debit. Moreover your research studies were not regular and also not useful at all. You had guaranteed about moneyback. I now request you to refund the money you have debited for subscription in advance. Please also unsubscribe me from the subscriber list as, I am no more interested in your subscription.Please do not debit/charge any amount to my credit card without informing.

Lal Mohan Patnaik
Dear Mr. Patnaik,

Thank you for speaking to us at
Further to our conversation we here by reconfirm that your refund request that you had placed on 3rd October 2016 was responded to and acted upon in the expected time frame.
Same was communicated to yon on 4th October 2016. We have resent the same email communication to your registered email address with us.
We apologies for all the inconvenience caused
Do let us know if there is any other query you would want us to address.

Trupti David
Team Equitymaster.
Mr. Pankaj Patelarya,

Equitymaster Agora Research Private Limited (Equitymaster) provides honest and unbiased views, opinions and recommendations on various investment opportunities across asset classes through its website Equitymaster is registered under the SEBI (Research Analysts) Regulations, 2014 (Registration No. INH[protected]

First and foremost, entire content posted by you is full of blatant lies. Equitymaster does not recommend that its subscribers should trade and is not liable for any direct or indirect losses. Equitymaster DID NOT OFFER any chart based recommendation service. Moreover, Equitymaster is a private limited company with its registered office at 103, Regent Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400020, India, CIN:U74999MH2007PTC175407.

Secondly, we do not accept any money from our subscribers except the subscription fee for a paid service. We receive millions of clicks during a month (you may check this with any publicly available database). We're proud to say that over 1, 764, 790 registered readers of Equitymaster, across 72 countries worldwide, trust Equitymaster with their need for honest, unprejudiced and reliable research.

Third, Equitymaster NEVER had an employee named Anshul.

In the light of above, we can ascertain that complaint made by you is false and misrepresentation of facts. Therefore, you are hereby called upon to delete such false and misleading content which has damaged the reputation of our organization.

Do let us know if there is any other query you would want us to address.

Trupti David
Equitymaster Agora Research Private Limited

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